Title: A Perfect, and Somewhat Dysfunctional, Family

By: bokayjunkie

Summary: Luke and Rory has always had a special father/daughter bond that no one can break. But what happens when someone comes along to ruin that bond. Set in Season 1. Luke and Lorelai are NOT together…yet.

Disclaimer: Do I really have to say it? It's bad enough that I don't actually own it, just the concept of this story.

A/N: I know, I know. Another story. But it's been a long time since I've written a father/daughter fic about Luke and Rory. And I'm bored. I'm halfway done with Jessica Alba's In Town anyway. And I'm still looking for the rest of my draft for Homeless No More. So, those are still to come.

A/N: So, anything you need to know about this story is, well, basically, Luke and Lorelai have known each other since Rory was two. Ever since then, Luke has fell completely in love with Rory, and with Lorelai, but a different kind of love. Chris has never contacted the girls whatsoever. The last time Chris saw Rory was when she was born, and then hightailed his way out of Connecticut. And Rory has always admired Luke as a father.

-Now, this will not be just all about Luke and Rory. There will be plenty of java junkie stuff too.

A/N: Ok, this is just the prologue. A series of scenes, when Rory was a kid, and Luke being there for her, as a father should be.



1990 age 6

A tired Lorelai stormed into the diner and crashed on the counter.

"Jeez, what happened to you?" asked Luke, as he poured her a cup of coffee.

"Rory." she mumbled as she took a sip.

Luke suddenly became alarmed. "Rory? What about Rory? Did something happen to her? Is she alright? Is she hurt? Is she in the hospital? Speak."

"She's fine." Lorelai stuttered, a bit frightened of Luke at this moment. She hadn't seen Luke this panicked since last year, when Rory didn't immediately get home after school. And he had thought soemthing had happened to her. "She just has the chicken pox right now."

Luke sighed from relief. Then panicked again. "She has the chicken pox? Is she ok? What am I talking about, of course she's not ok, she has the chicken pox. How is she? Where is she? What are you doing here? Who's with Rory? Don't tell me you left her alone!"

"Luke calm down." said Lorelai. "She's at home right now. Babette's watching her while I'm here to get her some food."

Luke now really calm, but still worried. "Food. I can do that. I can get her food. What food does she want? And if you say burgers I will immediately say no, cause a little girl as sick as her cannot and will not eat greasy food like those."

Lorelai rolled her eyes. "No. actually her request is mashed potatoes. She's been asking for it all day. But seeing as how I have no culinary skills at all, I have to wait until Sookie's off her shift at the inn so she can make it for her."

"I can make her the mashed potatoes."


"Yeah. Anything, as long as Rory gets better."

Lorelai smiled at him.


"And they lived happily ever after. The end."

"Thanks Babette." Rory smiled politely at her neighbor.

"You didn't like it?"

"Oh I loved it. It's just that, I'm a bit hungry right now, and I want to go to school." she replied sadly.

Babette patted her head. "Aw suga, don't worry. You'll be back at school in no time."

"Thanks Babette. I really did like the story though. I always love a good Luke and Lorelai story." she said with a smile.

"I knew you would. And remember, it'll happen soon."

Not soon enough Rory thought sadly. "Oh, look, your mom's back. I better get going."

"Bye Babette." Rory waved at her as she left. She sighed as she rested her head back on the pillow.

"Rory?" came Lorelai's voice.

"Rory?" Rory suddenly perked up upon hearing Luke's voice.

"Hey there chicken head." joked Lorelai as she appeared in Rory's bedroom doorway.

"Knock it off." said Luke sternly. "Hey Rory."

"Luke!" she shrieked.

"Luke brought you some mashed potatoes." said Lorelai as they entered.

"Really." she asked excitedly.

"Yup." Luke said, smiling, as he sat down on a chair next to Rory's bed.

"You feeling better honey?" asked Lorelai as she sat down next to Rory in her bed.

"A little." specially since Luke's here.

"You ready to eat?" asked Luke. Rory nodded enthusiastically. Lorelai was about to get herself ready to feed Rory, "Hey, why don't you go upstairs, and rest a bit. You look like you need it." offered Luke. "I can take care of her." Rory didn't have a problem with this.

"Are you sure? You don't have to do that." said Lorelai, though she really was tired.

"It's ok. I'll handle this. I took the rest of the day off anyways. I can keep her company."

"Thank you so much Luke." smiled Lorelai grateful. She gave Luke a hug, which he returned uncomfortably. Rory watched the two and smiled, as she took the bowl of mashed potatoes and ate.

Lorelai kissed Rory on the forehead and went on upstairs to rest.

"So kid, what do you want to do?" asked Luke.

"Can you read me a story?"


Rory told him what book to get then he sat on a chair and began to read.


1994 age 10

"I'll be down here, ok?" said Lorelai to her daughter.

Rory nodded, trying not to tear up from the loss of her former friend, Larry the caterpillar. Lorelai watched as her daughter, clad in her sugar plum fairy ballet outfit, went on up the staircase, leading to Luke's apartment. She prayed to god that Luke was in a good mood today. He could be such a grouch sometimes. And if he ever make her daughter cry by saying no, then you can bet that Lorelai will personally make sure that he'll never live to see his own kids sadden by the lost of their own caterpillar.

With each step Rory made, she felt more and more nervous. Luke has always been known for his grumpiness. She just hope he was in a good mood.

She stood in front of the door with the glass panel that said William's Hardware Private printed on it. Just as she remembers from the many times she's been up there before. She took a deep breath and braced herself. She put on her brave face and knocked on the door.

She could hear grumbles from inside. She got a bit scared but immediately hid it. Then the door opened and an annoyed Luke came to view. At first, he got a bit fumed, not seeing anyone there. But Rory cleared her throat and Luke looked down and his face softened.

"Yes?" he asked, his gruff tone present.

Rory drew in a shaky, nervous breath. "Would you like to come to my caterpillar's funeral?" she asked, her voice quivering a bit.

Luke stood there, brows raised. In an instant, he would say no and throw out whoever the stupid kid was that asked him. Like he would actually got to some stupid caterpillar's funeral. He knew this town was crazy, but not totally crazy enough to have a funeral for a caterpillar.

But this was Rory Gilmore in front of him. He adored this little girl. So much as if she were his own. And besides, she looks so cute with her hair up in a bun, a caterpillar painted in glitter on her upper left cheek, or at least it looked like a caterpillar, and in her sugar plum fairy ballerina costume which was a waste, cause she never really was good at ballet.

"Ok." he says.

Rory's smile was extraordinary. "Thank you." she said shyly.

Luke just smiled back. "Where's your mom?"


Luke nodded and picked her up and carried her in his arms. Downstairs, Lorelai was already down to her fourth cup, scared for her daughter's life. She was biting her lip so hard, that it felt like it was gonna come off. She was about to order her fifth cup, when Luke came to view, with Rory, smiling, still in his arms. She sighed from relief, and her heart swelled up at the sight.

"So?" she asked.

"Let's go." he said and the three of them left the diner.


1995 age 11

Rory walked in Luke's Diner with a frown. She slouched down on a stool and sighed heavily.

"Rough day?" asked Luke as he poured her a cup of coffee.

She smiled at his gesture. "Not really." she said, taking a sip. "It's just hat, I have this assignment. And I really hate it."

"Is it something for P.E. or Home Ec? Cause you never hated an assignment before."

Rory smiled. He does have a point. "No, it's not for any of those class. We have this 'Take your father to school day' at school. We go to work with our dad's the day before, and then the next day, we take him to school and give out an oral report in front of the class."

Luke understood, and hated Christopher's guts more than ever. "I see. But why does it have to be your dad? Why can't you just take your mom?"

"Because it's for Father's Day, duh."

"My mistake."

Rory explained. "We already had 'Take your mother to school day' on Mother's day. And now, I have to take my father to school, but I can't cause I have no idea where he is."

Luke sighed in sympathy for her. He remembered the same project when he was at school. He had the same problem on Mother's day. But as a solution, he took Maisy as stand in. then a thought came. "Couldn't you just have a stand in father?"

"Yeah." she said grimly.

"Well, what about your grandpa? Why not take him?"

"I would, but last I heard he was away on business for two whole months. So, he's no option."

"Oh." he said. "Well, isn't there anybody else that can be your stand in? any male figure that would be best suit to stand in as your father?"

Rory thought a moment. Then looked up at him and smiled. "Well," she started shyly, "asides from you, no."

Luke blushed and looked away, trying to hide his reddening face and smile. But Rory saw. "I don't know." I don't deserve to be called Rory's father.

Rory sighed dramatically. "Well then, there's nobody else that I can think of. You're as close to a father I have ever had. But, I guess I'll just tell Miss. Cruz that I wont be doing the assignment and that she'll just have to give me an…F" she choked.

Luke rolled his eyes at her dramatic ness. So like her mother. "Fine I'll do it." he grumbled, but really, everyone knows he'd do anything for this girl.

Rory squealed. She jumped and hugged him tightly and thanked him repeatedly.


1998 agae 14

Lorelai was at the diner, sitting at a table near the window. She was staring out the window, looking like she was in another planet. Luke came up to her, a bit concerned. She has not once asked or demand for coffee ever since she came in.

"Coffee?" he asked. But she didn't hear. Either that,or she's ignoring him. But why would she, he hadn't done anything, not that he knows of. He knew something was up. He sat the cffee pot down and sat in front of her. Still she hadn't noticed. "Hey." he said, touching her earm slightly.

This brought Lorelai back on earth. She turned her head towards him and saw his concerned eyes. "Oh Luke, it's horrible. Just horrible." she spat out.

the worst possibilities came to his mind. "What's horrible? Did something happen? Is it Rory? Did something happen to Rory?"

Lorelai shook her head. "No. It's not Rory. She's fine." Luke calmed down. This woman's gonna be the death of me someday. "You know that I'm doing my business calss in Hartford, right?" he nodded. "Well, there's suppose to be this award ceremony this weekend and I'm one of the students that gets an award."

"Congratulations." smiled Luke.

Lorelai smiled back. "Thanks." she said shyly. Then turned serious. "But, this is an overnight thing."


"I don't know. They just said it would be overnight and that I should bring clothes and toiletries."

"Well...what's the problem then?"

"It's an over night thing." she repeated. He didn't get it. "For adults only." Still nothing. "With booze and dope. Probably not the last part, but I'm sure there will be booze." nothing. "Over 18 only." oh for pete's sake. Lorelai rolled her eyes. "I can't bring Rory." she said more clearly.

Now Luke understood. "Oh. Well, couldn't Sookie or Mia look after her?"

Lorelai shook her head. "Mia's in California. And Sookie's visiting her parents for the weekend."

"What about your parents?"


"Babette and Morey?"

"Gig in New York."


"Grounded." she sighed. "And besides, she has relatives over." she started to panick. "What am I gonna do Luke?"

"Well, isn't there anybody else who can look after Rory?"

"No, they're all busy or out of town at the time." she sighed heavily. "Maybe I should just skip it."

"No!" he said quickly. "You can't skip it. It's an award ceremony Lorelai. You have to go."

"I'll still get my award. I just wont be there to accept it." she explained. "It's better to miss it than have my kid left alone for the weekend." even though I would love to get an award. And show to everyone that I'm smart.

Luke thought for a moment. "She could stay here."

Lorelai's head snapped up. "What?"

"Rory. She could stay here with me." then added "If that's ok with you."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah. Look, you don't have to miss this thing. I know how important this must be for you." oh how well does he know me. "You can leave Rory here. That way, you'll know she's safe, and well fed cause I have food, and coffee."

Lorelai smiled at him like he was an angel sent from god. Of course he was! "Oh Luke!" she squealed and hugged him from across the table. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she repeated as she let go. "You have no idea how much this means to me."

"I know." he smiled.

"Are you sure though?"

"Of course."

"Do you have any room up there for her? Where is she gonna sleep?"

"She can sleep on my bed, and I can sleep on the couch."

He's so sweet. "Luke, you can't sleep on the couch, you'll have back cramps in the morning."

He shrugged. "I don't care. I'll sleep on the floor if I have to."

Lorelai just couldn't believe how lucky she was to have Luke in her life. "Thank you so much Luke."


"Now, if there's anything you need just tell Luke ok?" Lorelai asked her daughter as they headed their way towards Luke.

"Yes mom." replied Rory, rolling her eyes. They've gone through this at least ten times since they left.

"And if you miss me, or just want to talk to me because Luke's being mean and wont give you coffee, call me."

"I know, I will." she assured

"And remember, if you see anything embarrassing that we can mock him for years, tell me! Even if he swore you not to." Lorelai said seriously.

Rory giggled and nodded her head. The girls entered the diner, which was now closed. Luke had told them he would close early. Even after they had kept on insisting he didn't have to.

"Be there in a sec." came Luke's voice from somewhere. Sounded like he was in the kitchen.

Lorelai turned to Rory. "I don't want to go."

"Mom. We've been over this before, you have to go." she said. "You've never received an award before. This'll be your chance. And I know you want to go and just gloat to people that didn't get an award. I'm not gonna let you miss that."

"Me too." said Luke as he appeared from the kitchen.

Lorelai clung on to Rory and hugged her tightly. "But I don't want to leave you."

"Mom," Rory said, pushing her mom away slightly. "I'll be fine. Luke will take care of me."

Lorelai looked doubtful. "She'll be fine." assured Luke.

"Ok." Lorelai hesitated. then hugged Rory once more and thanked Luke again before leaving.

Rory let out a heavy sigh. "Thank god, I thought she'd never leave." she joked, holding on to her duffel bag.

"Yeah." Luke agreed. "Come one, let's go upstairs and then you can freshen up."

Rory nodded as Luke led her upstairs. "Did you eat yet?" he asked as they entered Lukes apartment.

Luke took her things and placed them on his bed. "I had a bowl of Rice Crispies at home. That's about it."

He looked at her horrified. "Isn't that cereal?" She nodded. He sighed. "Come on, I made lasagna."

Rory brighten. "Really? Yummy!" She sat down ont he kitchen table and Luke served her lasagna.

Minutes lateer, Rory was eating her third serving of lasagna, as Luke was already halfway done with his second. The two were laughing and giggling as they took turns telling stories.

"And then Mom rearanged all of the things on the shelf then we ran out the door before Taylor could catch us." Rory finished her sentence.

Luke couldn't stop laughing. "Aw man. I wish I could have been there to see Taylor's expression."

"It was priceless." they kept on eating and laughing. "Luke, thanks again for looking after me while mom goes to her award ceremony. I wish I could have been there to see her."

"I know. And don't worry about it, I'm happy that you could be here."

"Really?" he nodded. "Thanks." she said shyly. She looked around the room. Noticed some of the stuff that was left behind from William. "How come you live up here?" she asked before she realized what was coming out of her mouth. "I mean, if you don't mind me asking." she added quickly.

"I don't." he said. "I don't know. Asides from the fact that the diner is just downstairs, I don't know. I just like it up here. Enough room for me. If I had lived somewhere else, then it would just be me all alone, in a big empty place. I'd just be lonely."

Rory nodded. "Yeah. Living alone just isn't fun."

Luke smiled. "Hey Rory?" Rory looked up. "I'm glad you're here."

Rory smiled back shyly, "Me too."

The two went back on eating and chatting away.


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