A/N: This is an AU.

Summary: Every Universe has more than one copy with different outcomes and circumstances. In this one Harry was born a girl named Hazel, and his destiny has not changed much. Will Hazel be able to stay true to her self, or stay true to her Dark Side that Voldemort enforced upon her?

Consume The Darkness

Chapter 1

Voldemort's Stolen Gift


The wind blew the fallen leaves against a well lighted house in Surrey. Inside of the house was four adults and 3 children. An attractive redhead stood at the sink, a baby balanced on her hip while another kid hugged her leg. The redhead had enchanting emerald green eyes and a wide smile on her face. Her eyes were trained on a messy black haired man who was leaning against a wall casually, his round wire rimmed glasses framing his coffee brown eyes. The other child in the kitchen was a baby as well, but his weight made him look to be older. He was sitting on the floor pulling at his diaper and throwing a play hammer against his mother, who had makeup on, trying to beautify her slightly unsightly features. Next to her was a man who was overly obese but seemed to be a little jolly, even if most of it was an act.

"We'll take Corbin trick or treating if he really wants to go." Petunia Dursley gave in.

Lily Potter's already wide smile got wider as she turned her attention to her sister. "Thanks. That means a lot, we'd take them, but we have to go over to Head Quarters, there's an urgent meeting."

Vernon Dursley picked up his son and handed him over to his wife. "Tunia, it seems he needs to be changed." Vernon said.

Petunia rolled her eyes at her husband and took her son in the living room. "My little dudders made a nasty nasty?" She said as she played with the baby.

James Potter looked at his watch and pushed himself away from the wall. "Lils, we have to go." He informed taking his 15 month old daughter from his wife and look down at her. Her raven hair was almost as messy as James, and he was sure it would give her a lot of grief as she grew older, but knowing Lily's genes, it would probably work itself out. She was a great blend of Lily and James. "I'll see you later Prongsette." James said to the little girl. She opened her eyes and brilliant emerald green orbs stared back at him.

"Da...da!" The little girl garbled. James smiled and he kissed her on the forehead while telling her he loved her. He handed her back to Lily and then went over to his son.

"Now Corbin, I want you to look after your sister ok?" James told his son as the boy stood and nodded.

"I will." Corbin replied, showing how advanced he was for his age. James smiled, knowing his son would keep up his promise since Corbin loved his sister with all of his heart.

Lily led them all into the living room, where there was an extra crib for when the Dursley's babysat for the Potters. Lily kissed her daughter and placed her in the crib. "I'll see you in a few hours Hazel. I love you." Lily said to her daughter, who's eyes were slowly closing.

"Come on Sweetheart, we have to go." James said as he said goodbye to his two children once more.

"Hold on." Lily said to her husband as she pulled Corbin in her arms and kissed him on the cheek. "I love you Cor. See you later." And with one final look at their kids, James and Lily Potter left, not knowing the horror that would arise in a few hours time.


Petunia grabbed her son Dudley and started down the stairs, as she stretched and looked at the time. She looked over and say Corbin standing next to the crib that his sister was asleep in. She smiled at her nephew and walked over, placing Dudley in his playpen. "Do you still want to go trick or treating?"

Corbin removed his eyes from the crib and stared at his Aunt. "Hazzy sleep."

"I know, your Uncle could watch her while we're gone."

"No! I...watch...her." Corbin said shaking his head.

"We could take her in the stroller. Is that ok?"

Corbin seemed to be thinking about this, and then he nodded his head. "K."

Petunia smiled and began turned to go back towards the stairs when the front door exploded. The sound woke up Hazel who began screaming, Corbin had ducked to the floor, Dudley was awake too, and he was whimpering. Petunia picked herself from off the floor and looked over to the door where 4 figures stood dressed in black robes. She instantly recognized them from what her sister had told her about the evil Wizards in her world.

"Get the Potter girl!" Cried a commanding voice. Petunia acted quickly, she grabbed Hazel just as Vernon came downstairs.

"Who the hell are you?" He asked in anger.

"Get Dudley!" Petunia screamed as she took Corbin by the arm and ran towards the back door to the house, only too see more figures pouring in from that way.

"Upstairs!" Vernon yelled. They raced upstairs and locked themself in the room furthest down the hall. "What's going on?"

Petunia ignored her husband and grabbed the pendent that Lily had given her and ripped it from around her neck. She smashed it on the floor and instant red sparks flew out the window and up into he sky. "They'll come soon." Petunia murmured. She tried to be the role model for bravery as she held the quiet baby girl in her hands, but her image shattered with the explosion of the bedroom door and she screamed in fright as she backed away from it and sunk to the floor, cradling baby girl in her hands.

Vernon gave Petunia the crying Dudley and stood in front of them. "You won't hurt my family!"

The Death eaters cackled and raised their wands. "Crucio!"


"...that's all we know." An member of the Order of The Phoenix stated as he once again took his seat and looked around the table in the Head Quarters.

"But we need to figure out their plans so we can stop all this nonsense. The Potters are in danger." Alice Longbottom said in outrage at the lack of information.

"There has to be a way to find out where Voldemort is staying so we can wipe him out." Sirius Black said, his eyes narrowed into slits.

"What do you suppose we do? Barge into any place we suspect and start blasting out curses and hexes?" Moody replied.

"I never said that!" Sirius exploded banging his fists against the table in anger as he glared at the Auror Moody.

"Calm down Siri!" Remus Lupin called.

"We need to know more from the finds in the mountains. Where is Peter?" Albus Dumbledore asked.

James features turned to concern at the mention of his friend. "I have no idea, he owled and said he should be back in time for the meeting."

Before anymore could be said the doors to the meeting room banged open and Severus Snape appeared looking frazzled and out of breath. "Attack, Death Eaters are attacking!"

"Where!" Everyone shouted.

Before Severus could explain Lily screamed out and held a hand over her heart. "No! No! They found the kids. They're attacking Petunia!" Lily screamed as she drew her wand and raced out of the room, James, Sirius, and Remus were right on her heels as they quickly apparated, not listening to Albus Dumbledore calling for Auror and Order reinforcements.


Vernon lay on the floor, his body was aching from the curses he was hit with. Petunia was beside herself on the floor, unable to escape the room she was trapped with three kids watching the Death Eaters torture her husband. What was worse, was hearing her son call out to her Father with tears in his eyes.

Suddenly the cursing stopped and a figure swooped into the room. He walked over the immobile Vernon and made his way over to Petunia. "Give me the Potter girl." He ordered.

Petunia screamed in fright at the man's blood red eyes. "No! You want to kill her, I won't let you!"

Voldemort's eyes darkened. He began moving closer, and as he reached her the house began to shake. Voldemort looked in surprise and saw a Death Eater rush up the stairs. "What's going on?"

"Aurors Sir. They are dueling downstairs, and the house is going to crumble!" The death eater said fearfully. Petunia used that to look down from the window and see the red hair of her sister stalking into the house. All she had to do was stall and everything would be fine.

"Give me the baby! Crucio!" Voldemort screamed in rage. Petunia screamed as she fell, the baby fell from her arms and Corbin scrambled to move his sister out of the way. He was struggling to hold her but it seems he would do anything but let her go and let the red eyed monster get to her.

"Corbin run!" Petunia screamed as the curse was lifted. Corbin turned and ran, the Death Eaters that had been at the door had left to fight the Aurors. The Death Eater was right though, the building was gonna collapse. Corbin struggling going down the stairs, but he had to keep Hazel safe. He made a promise to look after her and he would.

The stairs gave a horrible shake, and the house began crumbling. Corbin screamed out in fright as he fell. He held his crying sister close to his chest as he fell hard onto the rubble. He rolled under a table to escape damage. He quickly rolled from under it and tried to get to his feet, but the fall had hurt him and he couldn't move very well without feeling a lot of pain.

Hazel began to quiet down as Corbin tried to stand, but he fell back down with a cry of pain. He couldn't see anything, and all he heard were yells from up above. The stairs had collapsed, and he was in the basement of the house. He saw the laundry machine and was sure that if he just managed to hide inside of there they would be fine. But it was on the other side of the room, and he could barely make it 2 feet.

"Cor. Ma...ma..." Hazel murmured.

Corbin understood her easily. She wanted their mother, and she wanted Corbin to take her to the woman. "I will. Hazzy I have you." Corbin said as he tried again to stand, he made it 2 feet before he fell again. Corbin put Hazel down so he could stand and balance himself, but he couldn't and he fell again. His foot was hurting and so were his sides. He was breathing hard, and he was dirty. From the dirt and rubble.

A loud cackle stopped Corbin from attempting to get up once more. He looked and saw the red eyed man lowering himself into the basement. He walked over to the baby girl and picked her up. Hazel instantly began crying loudly, calling for Corbin and her parents.

"No! Let Hazzy go!" He screamed standing up. Voldemort laughed at the little boy and began walking away. The basement door was blasted open by him and he smiled at the little boy.

He pointed his wand at the baby girl. "It's time I killed off my threat." He said coldly.

"No!" Lily Potter screamed as she was pushed down the hole that the collapsed stairs had made. Soon behind her was James Potter and three Death Eaters. The pulled Lily and James up and made them watch the horrific scene that was about to unfold before them. Lily's eyes widened as she saw her screaming son and her crying daughter, but what made her blood run cold was seeing the wand trained on her baby girl's forehead. "Voldemort you son of a bitch let her go! Please let her go!" She pleaded.

Voldemort laughed and ignored her. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" The killing curse's green light surged at Hazel and as it hit her in the forehead, her emerald eyes opened and with a loud wail the curse pushed itself out of her and went towards Voldemort. Voldemort dropped the baby and sidestepped the curse, thanking his quick reflexes.

"NO!" James yelled, thinking his daughter was dead, but another loud cry stopped his heartbreaking grief. He looked over in astonishment as the baby thrashed around on the floor.

"Hazel! Baby, oh thank god. Thank Merlin..." Lily sobbed as she tried to break away from her captor. She succeeded because he was too busy looking at the baby in shock, and she raced forward to go to her son. She picked him up and as she made her way over to her baby Voldemort stood in front of her.

"Crucio!" He yelled. Lily collapsed to the floor, screaming out in pain as Corbin cried against her convulsing chest. James tried to break away but now instead of two Death Eaters holding him, there was three and he couldn't get away. Voldemort paid no mind to them as he grabbed the crying baby and saw the blood on her forehead. The lightening bolt shape scar was evident on her forehead. Voldemort released Lily from the curse and cruelly walked over to her, stepping on her hand which was reaching for her wand which had slid a few feet away. He let her see the scar on her baby and laughed coldly as the woman tried to break free and ignore the pain in her body to get to her daughter.

"Give her back!" Lily screamed.

"Say goodbye." Voldemort laughed evilly as he pointed his wand at the woman once more.

""Incendio!" An Auror screamed, making Voldemort's robes catch fire. He quickly got rid of the fire and looked to see one of his Death eaters had killed the foolish Auror, but there was more coming to the hole and without further delay Voldemort raced from the basement, holding the baby girl in his arms, and once he was away from the anti-apparation wards, he disappeared, taking the Potter Daughter with him.

The only sound that followed his escape was a loud heartbreaking scream from Lily Potter.


The summer air filtered through the window where a 16 year old girl sat at her vanity, staring at her reflection with a bored look. Her long raven hair cascaded down her back and her full pinkish red lips stood out beautifully on her slightly tan skin. Her bright emerald green eyes shined in a way that made the finest jewels look like dull rocks. On her forehead was a lightening bolt shaped scar, that was easily covered by her bangs. All in all the girl was very attractive, and she knew it very well. She wasn't as cocky as her best friend, she just accepted that she was an beautiful girl and thought nothing more of it.

The double doors of her bedroom opened and a tall blonde walked in, his grey eyes that usually looked like cold stone, had a softer, silver look to it that was reserved for only her.

"I didn't think you would be back for another week." She replied as she turned away from her mirror to look at her best friend.

The boy smiled at her. "Yes well...I couldn't stand to be away from you Haze." He laughed as he sat down next to her.

Hazel rolled her eyes. "Whatever Dray. How's the folks, did they hold up for the vacation or did they end up in another shouting match?"

"Shouting match. I swear it's like they can't even stand to breathe the same air as each other." Draco Malfoy replied with a sigh.

Hazel saw the quick flicker of pain in her friend's eyes and she straddled his lap and laid her head on his shoulder while kissing his cheek. "I'm sorry. I know it hurts, but maybe things will get better. At least you have me right?"

Draco looked down at the girl and smiled. "Yeah. I have you. I don't know what I would do without you Hazel."

Hazel smiled and tap kissed him on the lips. It was something that they both did to each other without realizing how it might look to other people. They were best friends, and their deep feelings for each other were there. They felt more for the other, but it was something that was pushed down, not sure if it was ok to bring it up and risk their friendship. "I don't know what I would do without you either."

They stayed like that in silence until a blue light began flashing in Hazel's room. "Come on, Voldemort wishes to see me."

Draco nodded and the two made their way to Voldemort's meeting. Both teens put on their "Ruthless Cold Hearted Voldemort Follower" Mask on as they walked down the hall. Hazel walked into the meeting room and Voldemort stood from his throne, ignoring the many Death eaters bowing in front of his Dais, and pledging their allegiances to him.

"Ah! There's my little Protege." He called with pride in his red eyes, and something else that Draco didn't like. Lust.

Hazel gave a cold smirk to the Death Eaters and stood beside Voldemort, as she usually did. Her throne was next to Voldemort's and it wasn't lost on Hazel, on what she meant to the Dark Lord. It was well known that when she turned of age she would be expected to marry Voldemort, and be his loving devoted wife. Her fate had been known to her since she was 13, and even though it pained her, she knew she would have to carry it out. She was raised for this. Which is why her feelings for Draco were pushed down. She wouldn't want him to be hurt and he would if Voldemort ever discovered anything else lay between the two friends other than platonic fondness.

Draco joined the rest of the Death Eaters and couldn't stop the envious feeling that was climbing up into his chest as he looked at the girl he would always love, being gazed at lustfully by the Dark Lord...his Master. The thought sickened and angered him.

It wasn't long before the meeting was over and only the inner circle remained. Hazel sat on her throne, one long slender leg crossed over the other as she looked at her nails, a sure sign she was bored, but she made it look like she was thinking over different ways to kill someone. Draco applauded her acting skills.

"It has come to my attention that you my lovely will need more education, so you'll be sent to Hogwarts for your 6th year." Voldemort said.

Hazel and Draco's eyes snapped upwards in shock. Draco attended Hogwarts, but until just that moment Hazel had not been allowed. The whole thing was something neither of them thought would happen.

"If you think it's a good idea, then I see no reason to object." Hazel said with a smile.

"Draco, you will watch out for her." Voldemort said sternly, looking at the boy. He really didn't like the youngest Malfoy, and he would love to dispose of him, but unfortunately he could not give into temptation. Hazel would never forgive him if he killed her best friend and if his plans for plunging the Wizarding World into Darkness had any hopes of coming true, he needed her on his side. Which is why he came to the conclusion to send her to Hogwarts, she needed extra education, and he knew it would be available at Hogwarts. He was a little worried over what the exposure would be, but he was sure that Hazel would be able to handle anything thrown at her.

"Of course My Lord." Draco answered, hating the words that had tumbled from his lips. But he kept up an emotionless mask. There was no way he would lose his cool at the moment. He made sure the walls that protected his mind was still up and then he continued to go into the conversations for an attack that would be launched in a few weeks.

"Excuse me for interrupting but...how will I be introduced to the school?" Hazel asked, her tone making it seem that she was asking out of necessity and not out of curiosity and worry.

Voldemort looked over at his future bride and smiled. "You will be introduced as your true self. Hazel Potter, James and Lily's long lost Daughter."


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