Consume The Darkness

Chapter 6

...You Scream...


Thunder boomed loudly throughout the night. Knockturn Alley was slick with gentle drops of the drizzling rain. Adrian Tarish was leaned against a brick wall, guzzling down the bitter liquid from a bottle that he held tightly in his right hand.

"Tarish! If I told you once I told you a million times, she doesn't want to see you." A tall bouncer looking guy said from the building across the street from where the slightly tipsy man stood.

Adrian's eyes narrowed in anger. "What do you mean she doesn't want to see me? I gave her everything. YOU HEAR THAT OPHELIA, YOU BITCH!"

"Tarish, go before you get into more trouble, she's not leaving here until you're gone so I suggest you leave."

Adrian took one last long guzzle from the bottle before he tossed it to the ground and laughed as it broke into millions of small pieces, scattered around the dark alley. "Fuck her! Tell her I want my fucking ring back." Without another word he walked away, quickly disappearing into the darkness that surrounded the alley.

"Bad breakup?" A female voice called from a few feet away. Adrian turned to the direction of the voice and was greeted by a warm smile and unnaturally alluring emerald eyes.

"You could say that. Bitch thinks she could just leave me after everything I did for're hot..." Adrian said, the alcohol finally taking it's toll.

Hazel laughed and ran a hand through her curly hair. "So I've been told...I'm sorry but I only indulge in men with power."

"I have power."

Hazel laughed once more and pushed herself away from the wall she had been leaning against. "You look like a angry drunk to me."

Adrian shook his head and moved forward. "I'm going to be one of the most powerful men in a couple weeks."

"Oh really? And how is that?" Hazel asked as she moved further from the man, beckoning him to move to a darker part of the alley.

" father is about to become the next Dark Lord."

Hazel's eyes flashed for a brief second and she stopped walking at once so she could turn around and stare him in the eyes. "I doubt your father has what it takes to overthrow Lord Voldemort."

Adrian seemed to be getting more excited as their conversation continued and he moved closer to the girl, his eyes twinkling with merriment. "Oh no...that's where you are mistaken my sweet. You father is close to foiling the Dark Lord's plans. He's going to start turning the Death Eaters against their master, and with their support, he's going to kill him."

Hazel forced herself to laugh through her urge to kill him right at that moment. "That sounds oh so exciting. It's giving me goose-bumps, I think I had you all wrong, you just might be as powerful as you claim...but...I think there are some holes in your story...if your father is nothing but a Death will he get the power to destroy Voldemort?"

Adrian touched her waist and pulled her body close. "He's going to find someone with enough power, and then he's going to drain them magically and soak all of their magic into him. It's a damn good plan...and I will rule by his side...if you stick with me babe...I could make you a Dark Lady."

Hazel smiled at him and pushed him backwards until his back hit the wall. When it did she rubbed his chest and let out a small giggle. "I'm sorry...but you're a little too late, you see...I am a Dark Lady. The Dark Lady." Her wand was pointed at his throat before he could even comprehend what she had said. "Lumos."

Adrian's eyes grew wide as he saw her. "You're the Dark Lord's..." He stopped abruptly as he turned his head and threw up. Hazel made a disgusted face as she moved a few steps to her left to avoid any green chunks from hitting her favorite pair of heels.

"That's right...and thanks for telling me all about your Father's plans. I've always told Voldemort that men are much easier to control when they're inebriated."

"What are you going to do to me?" Adrian asked in fear as he wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm going to kill you." Hazel said nonchalantly.

"Right here in public? You wouldn't dare! You'll be found out and you'll go to Azkaban."

Hazel laughed merrily and smacked him across the face. "You forget my dear boy who I am. I have already made this alley completely safe, it will hide my magical signature. It will be as if your body was dumped here, no evidence, no traces, no're as good as dead."

"My father will succeed, he'll overthrow Voldemort, and if you're lucky he might spare you. We all know what a good little slut you are you fucking-"

"Avada Kedavra!" And with a flash of green light, that was exactly the same color as her eyes, she watched as the man's lifeless body slumped to the floor and he fell in his vomit. With a sneer Hazel slid her wand into it's Holster and apparated to the edge of Hogwarts' wards.


Voldemort's blood red eyes watched as Lucius walked into his study. The blond was holding the Daily Prophet in his hands and he looked angry. "Problems with the wife Lucius?"

"Yes My Lord. I don't think we'll be able to overcome our differences." Lucius answered as he handed the Prophet over to the other man.

"Perhaps if you stop spending most of your nights at The PurePussy, you and the wife would stop bickering." Voldemort replied as he opened the paper to the front page and smiled at what he saw. "It looks like my fiancé has been busy."

Lucius made a sound in the back of his throat, obviously still hung up on what the Dark Lord had just said to him. He cleared his throat and picked up a bottle of Firewhiskey that had been sitting on the table. "She's very evidence what so ever...they think it someone with a grudge against the family."

"Not far from the truth."

"They also think it could be the one has heard from him and a second son of his has been killed..."

Voldemort nodded his head and tossed the paper down to the table. He watched as Lucius poured himself a large glass of Firewhiskey and drunk the whole thing down in one gulp. "That had to be the most undignified thing I've seen you do in years. Isn't it a little early for that?"

"You don't live with Narcissa My Lord...she'd make anyone drink. She actually threw a very expensive vase at me this morning. It was an antique I picked up in Italy."

Voldemort stood and went over to his desk where his papers were lying about. "I suggest you try to find a way to deal with her. Divorce her if you can't control her. But do it on your time...right now we need to go make sure we're set for when he comes here for his son."

"Shouldn't you wait to see if she can even get his son here?" Lucius asked as he took another glass of Firewhiskey.

"There's no need...she'll get him here. I have no doubt about it."


"Are you feeling any better?" Pansy asked Hazel as they zoned Hagrid out. "I was concerned when you skipped dinner last night."

"I'm fine Pans, no need to worry. Just a little overwhelmed that's all.'s you and Blaise?" Hazel asked as she ran a hand through her hair tiredly. Pansy began to speak on and on about the awesome time she and Blaise had when they snuck out last night. When Pansy spoke about her boyfriend, it was as if she was in her own world, and Hazel only asked when she didn't feel like being pestered. Later on today she was supposed to be hanging with the Potter/Lupin-Black family and even though she enjoyed spending time with them, she was still tired from last night.

Putting up all the wards and magic concealment Charms over that alley had worn her out. It didn't help that she had spent a considerable amount of time early that day trying to figure out who the third son was. She finally found him and she was planning on getting him to the Mansion today so she could be over and done with the whole thing. She needed sleep and some down time with Draco.

"Sorry to interrupt Professor, but Dumbledore wishes to see Hazel Potter." And speaking of the blonde there he was busting her out of class. How did she know he was busting her out? Well, he had an evil looking glint in his eyes that he only got when he was lying and when he was going to be doing something that he enjoyed immensely. This happened to deal with both so his eyes were about as evil as Dumbledore's were giddy.

"Gotta run Pans, talk to you later." And she walked over to Draco as Hagrid nodded his consent for her to be dismissed. They walked in silence until they were out of seeing distance from the class and then Hazel turned to the blonde and gave him a radiant smile.

"Thanks for getting me out of there, I was dead on my feet."

Draco smirked at her and pulled her close. "Yeah I figured you would be, I saw the paper today did it go?"

Hazel groaned and cocked her head to the side as she let the sun dance upon her skin. "It went easy of course...he nearly peed himself when he realized who I really was...I learned some information though..."

Draco's eyebrow rose in interest. "Like what?"

"According to the son, they were planning on turning the Death Eaters against Tom...then the Father would get someone with a good reserve of power, and drain them. After he got the stolen power he would kill Voldemort with the traitorous Death Eaters on his side."

"You think there are some Death Eaters still at the Mansion that are not entirely faithful?"

"That's exactly what I think. When I bring the son tonight I will talk to Tom about it. After we take down Tarish, we'll screen the Death Eaters, and Merlin help any of those traitors cause when I get my hands on them..." Hazel trailed off and Draco watched in fascination as her eyes burned a dark jade color. It was like Emerald Fire was spitting from her eyes and Draco had to admit that seeing her like that always turned him on. He looked around really quickly, pulled her near a tree and connected their lips. The impromptu kiss took Hazel by surprise and it took a few seconds for her to melt into the blonde's arms, but when she did she wrapped her arms around his neck and meshed their bodies closer. The kiss lasted a little longer, until finally they pulled away from each other and touched foreheads.

"You're hot when you're angry." Draco said as he kissed her cheek affectionately.

Hazel smiled warmly at him and leaned in for another kiss when they heard a tree branch snap. They pulled apart and turned towards the noise, wands at the ready in case of attack.

"Didn't mean to scare you." Ron said with a nervous laugh.

"You didn't." Hazel and Draco said in unison.

"Right...that's why you have your wands out." Ron said eying the wands with trepidation.

"It's called being prepared Weasley...something I'm sure you know nothing about." Draco said as he lowered his wand and took a hold of Hazel's arm. "Lets get out of here."

They walked away and left Ron staring after them. The redhead sighed as he watched the two disappear, his eyes fully trained on the object of his affection. There had to be some way to get her attention so that she could see that he was way better than Malfoy.

"Ron what are you doing over here?" Hermione's voice called to him.

Ron turned around and saw the girl standing behind him with concern in her eyes. "Did you follow me?"

"Well I-"

"Save it Hermione. Just stop, ok? I mean're going a little too far with this and it's bloody annoying."

"Ron!" Hermione called as she watched the redhead storm away from her. She sighed and leaned against the tree feeling hopeless, which was an emotion she wasn't used to feeling, and she refused to feel it any longer.


A brown shoe sailed through the air at lightening quick speed and Hazel ducked quickly to avoid getting hit in the head by it.

"Fuck! Siri!" Corbin cried out as he rubbed his head and picked up the offending shoe.

Sirius pulled himself from the closet where he was throwing things from and looked apologetically at the Potter heir. "Sorry Cor...I just can't seem to find my lucky pair of shoes."

Hazel sat down on the edge of the couch and popped a jellybean in her mouth. "What color are they?"

"Well...they're blue with red motorcycles flying around on them...they have purple laces..." He trailed off as he grabbed another shoe but soon he tossed that one as well.

Corbin shook his head and nudged his sister. "Look at what the ole dog is wearing." He said with a chuckle.

Hazel looked at her godfather and a laugh escaped her lips before she could stop it. "Siri...look at your feet."

Sirius pulled himself from the closet once more and gave his goddaughter and incredulous look. "Now why would I do that?"

"Just do it." Corbin said biting the inside of his cheek.

Sirius looked down and looked back up at the two Potters with a sheepish look. "Well whadaya know...I was wearing them this whole time."

"James pay up!!" Remus said with a laugh as the men came from out the kitchen.

"Goddamnit Padfoot! Couldn't you have waited 10 more minutes so I could have won!" James said as he began searching in his pockets for the money he had just lost.

Corbin laughed at his father and clapped him on the back. "Come on Dad, you know better than to go up against Remus when it comes to Sirius. That's just not smart."

"Listen to the kid, he knows what he's talking about. 2 hours and 50've made me a little richer with your stupidity." Remus said with another laugh.

"Glad to be of service." Sirius said with a smile as he kissed Remus on the cheek and sat down on the couch, throwing an arm around Hazel.

"Sirius you better clean this mess up!" Lily said as she came out of the kitchen with her hands on her hips.

"Oh come on Lils! This is my room!" Sirius complained as if he was a child getting scolded by his mother.

"And it looks like a hippogriff went amuck in here! Clean it or you don't eat!"

Sirius started grumbling under his breath as he took his wand and began banishing everything to the closet. Hazel laughed as she sunk down into the couch and relished the moment. It wasn't as if she was going soft, she just really enjoyed spending time with her newly found family. She had gotten to know all them very well and she tried hard not to remember that it won't be this easy forever. They may share blood and family ties, but they were on different sides and there was nothing that could be done about it. She really would miss this time with them, but she told herself earlier on that she would enjoy it while she could.

"Hazzy come over here and help me with this." Corbin called from the kitchen.

Hazel sighed dramatically and stood up. "Coming you lazy sod! I swear what would you do without me?" She asked as she walked into the kitchen.

Corbin turned to her and hugged her tightly. He planted a kiss on her forehead and gave her a smile. "I have no clue Hazzy. And I hope I don't find out too soon."

Hazel wrapped her arms around him and stood on her tiptoes so she could kiss his cheek. "Me either."


Jensen Tarish was pissed off. No...he was more than pissed off, he was enraged and angry, he wanted to kill someone. His 2 sons were dead and even though the daily Prophet were speculating, he knew exactly who killed them. He stood in front of his followers, most of them Death Eaters, and he addressed them with anger.

"It's time to act out our plan. I want The Dark Lord out of the picture! He will regret what he's done. I've sent an alert to my youngest son and he will be portkeyed directly to me when he touches it. You all have your orders, fall out."


"Can't believe I left Draco's warm embrace to go traipsing around dark and dank corridors, freezing my ass off and risking my bloody neck in the middle of the fucking night." Hazel grumbled under her breath as she turned another corner and stopped. She pressed herself against the cold wall and reach out the wall in front of her and let her magic seep through to her fingers. With practiced ease she let her hands rove over the wall until she felt her magic click, she quickly drew it back and tapped her wand to where her magic had indicated.

A small portion of the wall creaked open slowly and Hazel let out a self-satisfied smile. "Lumos." She whispered as she walked into the passageway and waited until it clicked closed behind her. With the light of her wand guiding her she continued down the secret passageway, swatting away cobwebs and dust as she went. When she reached the end of the tunnel she tapped her wand against the wall once more and it opened slowly to reveal the Boys' 3rd year Hufflepuff Dormitory.

"Ok...where are you Patrick?" She whispered as she let her magic leap out to find which bed belong to the last Tarish son. Her magic pointed out the boy laying in the third bed and with the ease of a cat she slowly made her way over to the bed and pulled the covers back gently. "Bingo!" She put a hand over his chest, whispered a spell that would force the boy into a deep sleep and then she grabbed the Portkey that she had made especially to work inside Hogwarts. It was a stopwatch and it was password voice sensitive. "Mansion." She said and closed her eyes when she felt the familiar pull behind her navel.

The boy crashed to the marble floor of the Portkey Room in Voldemort's Mansion. She opened her eyes as soon as the doors to the room opened and Voldemort strode in with the Death Eaters right behind him. There had obviously been a meeting that she had interrupted when the wards around the Mansion told Voldemort that someone had just popped in.

"Happy to see me?" She asked with a coy smile as she moved away from the boy so the others could see that she had completed the task.

"And this is how it's done. I gave her an assignment and she finished it with the ease and swiftness of a professional." Voldemort said with praise as he looked at his Fiancé.

Hazel smirked at walked over to him. "I have some information for you that I received from Adrian Tarish..." She looked warily at the Death Eaters and back at Voldemort.

Voldemort nodded and turned to his followers. "All of you will go without me. I'll see you all back here when the job is know the consequences for failure." The Death Eaters bowed and walked out of the room. Voldemort turned back to the girl and kissed her passionately. "How long has it been?"

"Too long." Hazel answered as she felt his power coming off of him in waves. This was the Tom she wouldn't mind marrying...the Tom that showed his power and spoke powerfully and sensibly. But when she thought of her feelings toward the man...that's when it got complicated. She liked him...but could she love him?

"Come, lets go to my room and discuss this matter."


"So want us to believe that Hazel is engaged to the Dark Lord?" Remus asked with a calm voice.

"Impossible!" Sirius snarled out.

"Don't try to deny what you already suspect Black. I know you've seen the ring." Severus said as he sat back in his chair with his arms folded.

Lily shook her head in denial and James sat there, his usually warm brown eyes were hard with anger. "That demon poisoned our Daughter! I'm sure she has no choice in the matter!"

"Oh come James! You know that sneaky bitch is loyal to-"

James had Moody pinned against the table in a matter of seconds, his wand was pointed at the man's throat and his eyes were hard with anger while his face was twisted with rage. "Say one more bad thing about her and I swear I will rip your insides out!"

"James stop!" Dumbledore ordered.

"You're trying to turn us against her!" Lily screamed in anger as she stood and knocked her chair over.

"Mom, please..." Corbin trailed off as Lily walked over to Moody and slapped him across the face. James let go of him and moved his wife away from Mad-Eye.

"I refuse to sit here and listen to this. Hazel has given me the impression countless amounts of times that her loyalty to Voldemort is something that has been ingrained in her head since she was old enough to understand, it's not her fault that he's manipulated her. Once we destroy him she'll be free of his hold."

Dumbledore sighed and sat back down in his chair after Lily finished her outburst. "I don't know how we'll managed to destroy him."

Severus rolled his eyes and stood. "If you will excuse me I must be leaving. They are sure to notice if I am gone from the raid for too long."

Sirius's eyes darkened as he watched Severus leave. "If you ask me I say he's a double agent. I don't see how you trust him Albus."

Albus made a noise in the back of his throat and waited until everyone calmed down and sat back down. "Lemon drop?"


"Traitors in my mansion!" Voldemort exploded. He would need to call the Death Eaters back quickly to find out who dared to betray him. "Wormtail!"

Hazel grabbed him by the arms and looked up at him with hard green eyes. "Don't be stupid! If you do anything right now it will throw everything off. If we wait it will throw them ff their game. When we kill Tarish, they traitors will think that they got away scott free and they won't be guarding their thoughts as hard as they should. When they slip, we'll shock them with our knowledge of the deception. If you do it my way it will be more effective."

Voldemort let what she said sink in. They stood in silence for a few minutes, until there was a knock at the door. "Enter."

Wormtail walked in the room looking jittery as always. "You needed me My Lord."

Voldemort looked down at Hazel who walked a few feet away from him and folded her arms across her chest. "Did you put the boy in the cell?"

"I did My Lord."

"Umm-hmm...that will be all Wormtail."

Wormtail quickly left the room, shutting the door behind him quickly as if he was expected an Unforgivable to come sailing at his back.

"You're right...who do you think he'll use to drain?" Voldemort asked as he sauntered off into his thoughts coming up with possible suspects.

"Someone with a substantial amount of power. It could be anyone...he could have done it already." Hazel said as she rested her hands on her hips, pushing her Velvet blood cloak back to reveal her bare leg that was exposed due to a very high cut in her floor length black dress.

The act had caught Voldemort's eye and he couldn't help but close the distance between them and begin devouring her lips while he ran his hands over her legs. After a few minutes Hazel pulled away and smiled. "What is it?"

"We can't continue this. I don't want it to be rushed Tom. I know I'm a cold-hearted bitch sometimes, but please remember I am still a girl...I still have some silly girl fantasies."

Voldemort cracked a rare smile and kissed her chastely on the lips. "And that's what makes you unique. That's why I want you with me. You're not all the way hardened by our lifestyle, you still hold compassion and that's what attracts me to you. You're a nice balance."

Hazel laughed and rolled her eyes. "I told you about going soft on me Tom. But right now I have to go and get back in bed...breakfast starts in 6 hours."

"Stay here."

Hazel raised an eyebrow at him and laughed. "Yeah right! I know what's going on in that dark and sadistic head of yours."

Voldemort chuckled. "I promise I'll behave."

Hazel snorted and shook her head up and down. "Uh-huh...yeah...I'm sure...but ok. Let me go and get my bed clothes from my room and I'll be back in 15 minutes." Hazel didn't know exactly why she agreed, but she really didn't see a problem with spending a relatively innocent night with her fiancé...what could possibly go wrong?


"Where were you last night?" Draco asked with concern.

"Nothing, nothing. I got the boy, went to the Mansion and spoke to Tom. Nothing big." Hazel said with disinterest as she bit into a carrot stick at lunch that next day.

"Well...I hope you are looking dolled up for tonight honey." Draco said with a grin.

"Why?" Hazel asked in confusion.

Pansy's mouth dropped and she looked at her friend as if she was crazy. "Are you nutters! Tonight's the Halloween Ball...remember!"

Hazel's eyes widened. "Holy shit! I completely spaced!"

"Didn't you get the hint when you saw the pumpkins hanging overhead?" Blaise asked with a laugh.

"Pumpkins?" Hazel asked as she looked up and she broke out into giggles. "I guess you guys will think I'm completely crazy if I told you I'm now noticing that."

Her friends laughed at her and she threw a carrot stick at each of them. "Oh shut up! Good thing I already went shopping for it."

Dumbledore had told them that they didn't have to wear a costume because he was going to make it a ball, so they would have to wear evening wear.

"What color is your dress?" Draco asked.

"You'll just have to wait and see my dear sweet Drake. Just be prepared to be blown away."

Pansy giggled and nodded her head in agreement. "She's not kidding, her dress looks fabulous on her!" Pansy gushed.

A loud ruckus came from the Gryffindor table and everyone turned around to see green, orange, and black confetti burst out of a big puff of smoke in shape of a lion and the confetti quickly formed big words.


Hazel's eyes widened and she quickly erected a shield over herself as the confetti turned into Balloons filled with different substances. The balloons launched themselves across the hall and caused every student in the hall to dive for cover under the tables. Hazel laughed as a Balloon filled with Pumpkin Juice hit Pansy over the head and another Balloon filled with liquidized vomit flavored Beans smacked Ron in the face and spattered over in Hermione's eyes.

"Happy Halloween indeed!" Hazel said with a laugh as she looked up at the Teacher's Table where her mother was angrily yelling at her Father, Sirius, and Remus, while Corbin scooted away from them slowly. Halloween seemed to be getting off to a great start.


The ball was extravagant. The Teaching Staff, the Prefects, and The Head Boy and Girl outdid their selves. At the moment Broomsticks Anonymous were playing and everyone was having a good time. Hazel was wearing a long shimmery emerald dress that was about half an inch from touching the floor. Her hair was done in curls and she had on a sparkling diamond chandelier necklace with matching earrings. She looked gorgeous and Draco reminded her of that every 3 minutes.

Draco had left to get them some punch while she was talking to Pansy, who was wearing a black dress with two calf length slits up the sides and her hair was done up in a bun with a few strands out to frame her face. He got the cups and used his wand to make sure there was nothing in it. When he was sure it was clean he turned away from the table and instantly narrowed his eyes. Ron was staring a little too hard at Hazel, completely ignoring Hermione who was talking to him adamantly about something.

Draco walked by the red head and got in close to his ear. "If you want to keep your eyes Weasley..." He didn't need to finish his sentence cause Ron snapped his attention back to his girlfriend and Draco continued on his way to his own. He gave her the punch and smiled at her as she took it and quickly downed the contents.

"Ok...I'm ready to hit the dance floor, lets do this!" Hazel said with a light laugh as she grabbed Draco and pulled him onto the dance floor, where they stayed for a few songs.


Voldemort sat in his study with his Inner Circle as they went over last minute details of their plans. As they sat and deliberated the alarm went off. "Go, I'll call the others." Voldemort ordered. The inner circle was out the study with their wands drawn, ready for battle. "Wormtail!" Voldemort called. The short man came running, having heard the alarm. He presented his hand and squeezed his eyes shut in pain as Voldemort called the Death Eaters.

"My Lord!" Lucius called running back into the study a note in his hand.

"What's this?" Voldemort asked as he used his wand to check for any spells or incantations before he touched it.

"It's from Tarish." Lucius informed.

Voldemort took the note and opened it quickly. You have something of mine, and now I'm going after something of yours. Her power will do the trick I'm sure...I heard the Potters are an extremely powerful bloodline.

"I've already sent word to Draco."

"We're going to the school." Voldemort said, his anger was rolling off of him in magical waves as he crumpled up the paper. "Gather the Death Eaters."


"I'm feeling a little dizzy, I'm going to get some air." Hazel said to her brother who she had just been dancing with.

"I'll go with you." Corbin offered as he guided her through the dancing bodies and the mingling students. They reached the Entrance Hall and walked outside and leaned against the doorway.

Hazel could feel her vision begin to swim and she wondered what was wrong. It dawned on her quickly that she had consumed something that was meant to cause her disorientation. She swayed and grabbed on to the stone wall for balance.

Corbin turned to her and his eyes clouded over in concern. "Hazzy...are you ok?"

"No...something's wrong Cor...someone drugged me. Get me to safety quick!" Hazel said as her vision blacked out of focus and she lost her footing. Corbin caught her swiftly and picked her up in his arms.

"Hazzy say something to me."

Hazel groaned and turned her head, and suddenly a sharp pain hit her in the forehead, causing ear piercing scream to filter past her lips as her hands covered her scar in pain.


Draco came out of the bathroom and made his way back into the Great Hall to take Hazel from her brother and continue dancing the night away with his secret girlfriend. As he wove through the crowd he felt something hit his shoulder and he caught it in surprise. He looked up and saw his Father's owl retreat back out of the Great Hall. His curiosity grew as he unfolded the note. What could his Father possibly think was urgent enough? danger...Tarish...RUN!

Draco's eyes bulged and he set the note in flames and took off towards the woman with the long flowing red hair as she was twirled on the dance floor by Sirius. "Mrs. Potter...where's Hazel?"

Lily's smile dropped as she noticed the panicked look in Draco's eyes. Even Sirius stopped his hate towards the blonde when he saw the desperation in the his eyes. "I saw her and Corbin go out...I think they went to get some something wrong?"

Draco didn't answer her, he just tore away from the two and pushed his way towards the exit. Lily followed and Sirius motioned to James and Remus, who were conversing with Hagrid some 20 feet away, that they should follow him as well.

"Malfoy! What's going on!" Sirius called after Draco as he followed close behind Lily who had taken off her heels so she could keep up with the blonde.

"Paddy what's going on!" Remus called as he and James broke from the Great Hall and began sprinting after the trio.

Before anyone could say anything a loud piercing scream that everyone recognized as Hazel's floated through the corridors. Everyone picked up speed and continued running towards the Entrance Hall.


"I got you Hazzy, I'm going to take you to Dumbledore's office. That's the safest place in the school." Corbin said when she had stopped screaming. He turned from the doors and held her close to his body. Suddenly Hazel's eyes snapped opened.


Corbin didn't bother to question her. He slid on his back, so she wouldn't get hurt, just as a purple spell whizzed right past where he had been standing.

"Give us the Potter girl, and you'll live." A man with light blue eyes ordered as he made his way up to the school's entrance.

"No way!" Corbin said getting up from the floor and standing in front of Hazel.

Hazel got to her feet dizzily and saw as another man pointed his wand. Hazel pushed Corbin with all her might and he hit the floor as the Cruciatus Curse his thin air.

"Tarish! Just as cowardly as your was fun watching the light leave their eyes." Hazel said with a cold laugh. "You still have time to save your last remaining heir...unless of course you're too cowardly."

"You bitch!" Jensen Tarish sneered out. He raised his wand in her direction and she tried to erect a shield around herself, but whatever she was drugged with had made sure she couldn't even do that. She felt herself float over to him against her will and she tried to fight it, but she couldn't. The drug had weakened her power and it would be 24 hours before her powers were back up to it's normal peak.

"You were too scared to face me at my full potential so you drugged me. Congratulations you fucking twat!"

"Hazel!" Five people called out at the same time that Tarish smacked her across the face.

He grabbed he tightly and pulled her in front of him. "I wouldn't go and start firing off might hit your precious Potter."

"TARISH!" An enraged voice called out from the night.

"You fucked up Tarish. Tom is going to kill your sorry ass!" Hazel said with a laugh as she tried to fight her way out of his arms. He tightened his grip on her and pointed his wand at her temple.

"I don't think so sweetie. You're my ticket out of here." Jensen said with a laugh as he pulled her out of the school. Remus enervated Corbin and followed everyone outside, wands drawn and waiting for a moment when it was safe to strike.

"Well if it isn't the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters. See something you want?" Jensen laughed and Voldemort and his followers got closer. Voldemort's eyes were trained on Hazel as her head lolled to the side.

"He fucking drugged me! He gave me a magic grounding potion. And I'm guessing he's stealing my that the plan?" Hazel said as she elbowed Jensen in the stomach and he tightened his hold on her.

"Yeah that's the plan. I believe that I have overstayed my welcome so me and my...friends will be leaving now." Jensen said with a grin as he pulled Hazel backwards as she struggled against his hold but there was nothing more she could do since her magic was grounded.

"You're making a mistake Tarish." Voldemort said, his red eyes blazing.

"Says you."

And with a pop Jensen vanished, taking Hazel and his followers with him. "Death Eaters retreat!" Voldemort ordered and with a glare towards the Malfoy heir, he apparated as well, and the wards around Hogwarts re-instated themselves.


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