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Sometimes I go to Gotham, and just sit on the street in civilian clothes, and watch everyone go by. Nobody there looks happy.

Sometimes I dream I'm Batman's sidekick again. Sometimes I dream my friends have left me and I'm all alone. Sometimes I dream I'm alone with Starfire, and everything's just right. Sometimes I dream I'm in the circus again, at home amongst the bright lights and neon colors.

Sometimes I dream all crime has vanished from the world.

And I don't know what I should do anymore.

Beast Boy

Sometimes I go visit the Doom Patrol, and we play Go Fish like we used to when I was little. It was my favorite card game.

Sometimes I dream I'm doing stand up comedy and everyone is booing. Sometimes I dream the whole world is green, and I fit right in. Sometimes I dream I'm in the jungle again, with my parents. Sometimes I dream I'm having a pizza party with my friends.

Sometimes I dream death doesn't exist anymore.

And everything goes on forever.


Sometimes if I meditate hard enough, I can speak to my mother, for a few seconds. I don't know if she's real, or a hallucination.

Sometimes I dream I'm trapped in Azarath, and none of the monks can hear me when I talk. Sometimes I dream I'm a normal girl called Rachel, and I live in the suburbs and I hate it there and I wear fishnets for some reason. Sometimes I dream I can't walk and my friends have to carry me everywhere…I hate it and I think they'll drop me, but they never do. Sometimes I dream everybody is laughing, and so am I.

Sometimes I dream I'm in love.

But with someone I can't explain.


Sometime I will go to that warehouse my sister once took me to. I will sit there and watch the people dance, and wonder how she fit in so easily.

Sometimes I dream I never kissed Robin, and cannot speak English, so nobody on Earth understands me. Sometimes I dream I did kiss Robin, and never stopped. Sometimes I dream I go back to my planet, but they have changed so much they do not want me anymore. Sometimes I dream I am a queen.

Sometimes I dream I can speak perfectly, and I am not gullible in the least.

Yet I am somehow not happy.


Sometimes I'll go by my old high school and watch a football game. The team is pretty good.

Sometimes I dream I never had the accident, but I twisted my leg in a game, so I couldn't play anyway. Sometimes I'll dream my grandparent visit town, and quiz dad on vaudeville acts while he's trying to invent gravity. Sometimes I dream I save my old girlfriend Marcy from a speeding train, but she's too busy laughing at my cybernetic implants to care.

Sometimes I dream I'm leader of the Titans.

But I feel bad bossing everybody around.

But no matter what we dream, we always have our friends to wake up to.