Title: Hunters: Bad Moon Rising

Author: BlazeorFade

Rating: M

Summary: What happens when the hunters end up investigating a job in a small town Jack lived for a few months? Bad memories, old faces and a painful revelation about her past.


Jack spit the mouthful of blood and one of her molars on the ground to her side. She could barely keep her eyes open, she'd lost the energy to really struggle against the ropes binding her arms to the chair behind her back and her feet to the legs of it. She gasped for breath and looked her captor in the eye.

"I don't care what you do to me." She wheezed through the bloody mess of her face. One of her eyes was starting to swell shut and she was pretty sure one of her ribs was broken among other things.

"I've been tortured before and by people a lot more creative than you." She snarked defiantly. He through back his head and laughed cruelly then backhanded her hard. He grabbed her throbbing cheek in his hand and brought his face close to hers stilling her as she tried to pull away from the close contact.

"You see that's all right. Because I know what scares you." He whispered against her cheek. "I know how to make you scream."

Jack stilled and he chuckled against her ear, his breath ghosting over her skin making it crawl with revulsion. He took out a length of black material and tied it hard around Jack's eyes, effectively blind folding her. She willed herself to stay calm, before she could see what he was going to do to her. She saw which blades he planned on cutting her with, where he would slide his hands before tearing at soft skin.

"I think I'll leave you here for a bit. Go and visit your friends." He said from behind in her ear. Jack started to struggle anew.

"Don't you touch them! I'll kill you if you hurt them you son of a bitch!" Jack roared. She felt herself being dragged backwards in the chair. Then she was thrown backwards her chair hitting a wall so hard her remaining teeth shook. She got a stifled feeling, heard a door close near her and then another door further away. She rocked back and forth to get a feel for where she was. Her shoulders bumped walls only an inch from either side of her and her panic level rose.

Alone in the dark, unable to see, in a tiny enclosed space. She started to hyperventilate.

We shouldn't have split up, she thought trying to grip on anything to keep her from thinking about where she was. We should have stayed close.

AN: This Prologue takes place a week after the start of the hunt. Also this story is rated M for torture, violence and sexual themes. Its going to be pretty dark. You've been warned. I'll have the first chapter up tonight probably… Till then happy reading.