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Eighty stitches for Dean's back, a personal best he bragged. Thirty for Jack's many cuts and treatment for a broken rib and a broken wrist and malnourishment. She couldn't walk till her wounds healed properly, but the doctors were sure the cuts wouldn't scar. Internal stitches for Sam. His calf muscle was sliced clean through and the added activity after cutting it put him off his feet for at least a couple of weeks, by Sam's estimation, the doc thought it was more like a month, but what the hell do they know. His hand had to have a surgical pin put in, the bullet taking a chip of bone when it hit.

Against doctors' orders they signed themselves out the following night.

At the motel in Vinita Sam and Dean packed their things quietly while Jack waited in the car. Every ten minutes like clockwork Sam or Dean would drop whatever they were doing and rush outside to make sure she was still sleeping of the painkillers in the backseat.

"Is this how it felt after the Benders thing?" Sam asked after another panic fueled check.

"Yep." Dean answered. That memory burned like an open wound.

"Sam." Dean looked up from zipping his pack up.

"Hmmm?" Sam looked up at him.

"You did good back there, saved all our asses." Dean said, nodding to his brother.

"What? No, I had a plan?" Sam asked with a small smile, waiting for the punch line.

"Nope, no plan. I just wanted to keep you guys safe. But you kept us safe this time." Dean said running his hand through his hair.

"Th-thanks." Sam stuttered. He cleared his throat, slung his bag over his shoulder. "You finish Jack's room.?"

"Yeah." Dean said.

Back in the car Sam took Jack's newly cleaned choker from his pocket and fastened it around her neck careful not to wake her. He swore he saw her smile but it might have been his imagination.

They drove till they hit Kansas and stopped at the first motel they found. Jack was wide awake but refused to be carried, instead using one of her crutches to walk. Sam used the other to support his bad leg, grumbling about it being too small for him.

They staggered inside, exhausted, Sam collapsing on the first bed and Jack on the second. Dean followed looking them over seeing if they seemed okay. They looked tired and not just from the last few days but from hunting for months straight without a single break Sam had lost weight Dean saw, mentally chastising himself for not paying enough attention to it sooner. There were deep circles under his eyes from not sleeping enough. Sam was dozing already, catching himself every time his head fell and jerking awake, darting worried glances at Jack as though expecting her to be gone whenever he opened his eyes. Dean felt the same way.

Jack was already pale, but her pallor beneath the bruises, was ashen and exhausted. She looked raw and exposed. She curled her hand around a gun she hadn't let go of since they left and followed the boys' miniscule movements. At the hospital she refused to sleep more than a half hour or so at a time and though it went unspoken, only if Sam and Dean both were near.

Dean still wanted names and addresses, he wanted to kill every one of the bastards slowly and painfully. But the important thing now was putting the girl back together again.

Dean scrubbed his hand over his face, headed towards the bathroom. Once there he caught a look at his own reflection. It shocked him. His eyes were dull and tired, he looked as haggard as Sam and Jack, like he hadn't slept in days. He rolled his eyes at himself, you haven't slept in days genius, he told himself. Dean looked at the injured face in the mirror, out the bathroom door at the ragged hunters on the beds and came to a decision. Dean used the bathroom, splashed some cold water on his face and walked back into the bedroom with new resolve. He even felt his smile come back the more he thought about it.

Dean rifled through his bag, took out the bag of meds they were each supposed to take for pain and to prevent infection the next few days and tossed it on the dresser with a loud clatter that startled Jack and Sam awake. They looked at him with twin confused frowns as he grinned at them and took out his cell phone. Sam sat up frowning deeper.

"Dean, can't we rest a day or two before heading out-" Sam was cut off by Dean's upraised hand. He fell back in the bed assuming Dean was checking his messages for a new job.

"Hello this Dean Winchester, if this is an emergency call my father John Winchester." Dean recorded the new outgoing voicemail message leaving his father's number. Sam and Jack looked even more confused now.

"Why did you do that?" Jack asked slowly.

"We're taking a vacation." Dean said closing his phone. He turned his back to them taking the prescription pill bottles out of the bag.

"Lay the salt lines while I do this Sam." Dean said. He turned around when he got no response.

Sam and Jack were carrying on a silent conversation behind him. 'Is he serious?' Sam mouthed to Jack. 'I don't know' She mouthed back. She darted her eyes to Dean and back to Sam, raising her eyebrows in question. Sam shook his head and bit his lip. Dean tried very hard not to roll his eyes at them.

"Vacation Dean?" Sam asked with a look of disbelief and a hint of hope.

"Did I stutter Sam?" Dean asked. "We're going on vacation as soon as we can move without the use of painkillers."

"Now shut up and take your meds." Dean said tapping out each of their respective dosages into his hands and handing them off, followed by a bottle of water each.

"Take yours too." Jack insisted downing her pills. She watched Dean down his medication. 'Happy' his look said. She nodded, smiled and winced because it hurt to do that so soon. He picked up the remote control and flicked on the t.v.

"So um…what do normal people do on vacation?" Jack asked after a moment.

"Beats me." Dean said flopping sideways across the foot of Jack's bed. "What do people do on vacation, Sam?"

"I don't know either." Sam said shrugging. He wondered if that was weird, none of them knowing how to take a proper vacation.

"Guess we'll wing it." Dean said.

"Could always convince someone at Disneyland that its haunted and we need to get in free to check things out." Jack suggested.

"Can't. Dean scared of mice." Sam teased.

"Dude, it was a rat." Dean said. He blanched. "And I wasn't afraid."

"We'll figure out something." Jack said nudging Dean with her toe.

The boys nodded and they pretended to watch t.v. before Dean told Sam to carry his lazy ass over to the door and lay the lines down. When it was safe and just the three of them again they fell asleep.


AN" Obligatory Author's Note here. Next story had our favorite Trio going on vacation but being them, it won't go as planned, but I gotta give them some chance to heal right? For some reason I feel compelled to write down the songs that pushed this story along, cause really I'm useless without music.

CCR- Bad Moon Rising

Three Doors Down- Love Me I'm Gone

Nickelback- Someday

Silent Hill 4- Room of Angel

Silent Hill 4- Tender Sugar

Nickelback- Too Bad

Chris Isaak- Wicked Game

Breaking Benjamin- Diary of Jane

Evanescence- Whisper

Eminem- When I'm Gone

Jem- Missin You

Korn- Alone I Break

Korn- Coming Undone

Muse -Hysteria

Three Days Grace- Animal I Have Become(strangely this was more an inspiration for Jack than the bad guy)

Nonpoint- Alive and Kicking

Nickelback- Savin Me