Reefside: The "AAR" Chronicles – Part 1

School Or Bust

By Justin Jack

Author's Notes and Spoilers: This story takes place in the "Always A Ranger" Universe created by

Jeannine Trevizo. Fans of this series, and the sequel "Duty & Honor" will already know the storyline.

If anybody reading this doesn't get the plot, I strongly suggest you read the series mentioned above first. By doing that, you won't be lost during this part of the saga.

This story takes place 16 years after the birth of Tommy and Kim's daughter, Elizabeth Trini Oliver on April 14, 2007 as stated in the epilogue of "Duty & Honor". She's all grown up and ready to take on the world. Only one thing stands in her way...High School.

On a side note: Since this story takes place in the future, SPD does not happen in my version of this fiction. The DT/SPD fic "Revisionist History" also doesn't take place. (No offense, Jeannine. Great story though.)

Author's Notes 2: I would personally like to thank JT for her blessing and her guidance in the formation of this series. She saw promise in the imagination of one of the many fans of her work, and decided to take a chance in helping me. You rock JT.

One more thing...I promise. Power Rangers Dino Thunder and its many incarnations are property of Disney. "Always A Ranger", "Duty & Honor" and certain stories in The AAR Anthologies belong to Jeannine Trevizo, while the rest of the Anthology fics belong to their respective authors. If you plan to use any of these characters, ask them first. This story is for fun and not financial please don't sue me. Now that all the legalities are out of the way...let's get this party started.

The next (and hopefully not the last) chapter in the life of the Oliver family is set in motion on Elizabeth Trini Oliver's first day of Reefside High. Now, the story continues...

August 23, 2023

Reefside High School

Reefside, California 8:15 A.M.

A familiar black jeep pulls up to the front entrance of the newly re-modeled Reefside High. The vehicle in question belongs to the 'Greatest Ranger Ever' Dr. Tommy Oliver. For a man of Tommy's age, he still looked as fit as ever. As many battles as Tommy has been in over the years, it didn't show at all on this former Ranger Leader. Except for the streaks of white hair that accompany his sideburns and goatee, he made a pledge to himself long ago that he wouldn't let old age slow him down...and it hasn't.

Sitting next to him in the passenger seat is Tommy's pride and joy, the 'Golden Child' Elizabeth Trini Oliver. She stares at the entrance doors and then pans around the parking lot at all the kids scrambling to get to class before the bell rings.

"So this is it, huh?" Beth asked as she looked at her father with the 'do I have to go' look on her face.

"I'm afraid so Princess. Time to put on your learning cap and broaden your horizons." he told her with a slight smile.

"You couldn't have just home schooled me?"

"Beth, your mother and I have already discussed that with you. Besides, you already passed Elementary and Middle School with flying colors, four more years should be a breeze for you. You know the old saying...'Knowledge is Power'."

"Dad no offense, but it's only the first day and you're already acting out a scene from a bad 'after school' special." she commented dryly.

"Hey, I'm still your teacher here young lady, so cut me some slack okay?" he joked defensively.

"Sorry Daddy. I better go, I don't want to get detention on my first day here." she grinned devilishly.

"Touch e'." her father answered, bringing back the memory of the first time he met the future Dino Thunder Rangers by being forced to watch them by then Principal Randall.

"Go on, get to homeroom. I'm gonna drive around to the teacher's parking area, and I'll see you in Science class." Tommy told her as Beth exited the Jeep.

"I was thinking of skipping Science this year. I heard they had an opening in Cosmetology and an internship position at the campus television station." she ribbed at him.

"We've already had one Cassidy Cornell here. I don't think we need a second one." he chuckled back at her.

"Dang it! I thought it would work."

"I'm afraid not Princess."

"Do you love me Daddy?"

"Only on every other day, and sometimes on holidays." he joked.

"Daddy!" she smiled as she playfully slapped his arm.

"Just kidding. Always sweetie, you know that."

"Thanks Dad, love you too. Don't worry, I'll be the first one in your classroom."

She backed away from the curb and waved as Tommy pulled away around to the faculty parking lot.

Beth starts up the long staircase toward the front doors. "Reefside High School: Monster, Mutant and Evil Free Since 2010." she joked to herself in a mock T.V. Commercial voice. Just as Beth reached for the push bar to the door...the bell rang.

"Aw, Man!"

-End of Part 1