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Notes: Yay for random drabble ideas that come to you in the middle of history class. -deadpans- I've been rewriting this thing all day, and I think I'm mostly happy with this version.

Takes place a little after season two.

What Friends Are For
By: Daystar-chan

Miyako was his girlfriend; Daisuke was his best friend. (Daisuke, Ken; implied Kenyako)

Miyako was his girlfriend; Daisuke was his best friend. They both meant the world to him, and every last waking moment that wasn't spent working on homework or talking with his parents was dedicated to spending time with them. Unfortunately he couldn't keep them in the same room together for more than a few minutes without them trying to kill each other.

Daisuke was usually the one to start it verbally; Miyako made it physical. That left Ken in the middle, trying to break it up. Thought lately he stopped bothering and just let them fight it out of their systems. He was tired of going home with bruises from their elbows knocking into him.

But there would be none of that this weekend. Miyako had made plans by herself, and that left Ken to do whatever he wanted. And thus, here he was, knocking on Daisuke's apartment door with only a box of pocky and a spare outfit in his hands. (Most of his overnight things were still in Daisuke's spare room, if he remembered correctly.)

Daisuke answered on the third knock, looking confused when he realized who was outside. "Ken?" He blinked once, then poked his head out into the hall and looked around for a minute. Eventually he looked back at Ken's face, suspicious. "...where's Miyako?"

"She's spending the weekend with Hikari. I thought we could hang out for the night, if you didn't have any other plans."

When Daisuke merely looked at him, a skeptical expression on his face, Ken sighed and held up the pocky box. Brown eyes immediately lit up, though he noticed a small scowl crossed Daisuke's face right after.

"No fair," he muttered, taking the box from Ken's hand. "You always have something to bribe me with."

Ken gave a small laugh. "That's what friends are for, Daisuke."