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Mark didn't know why he didn't know why he did it, but every day he put whatever loose change he could find into a jar. On a good day he could manage a couple dollars, while on bad days it coulbe as little as a few pennies. Nonetheless he had odne it since high school and as long as he could afford Roger's AZT h never touched it. And now since Mimi and Roger could both afford their own AZT he could add more a day in his little stash. Now he just needed to find a way to spend it.


Roger didn't notice the small flicker of excitement that went across Mark's face when he told Mark that Mimi was pregnant. But he did notice the anger on Mark's face when they told him they were going to try and put the baby up for adoption. And he noticed Mark's diappointment when they told him Mimi was having twins. Roger din't notice the amount of phone calls Mark began making or the longer hours he spent away from the loft. He didn't see anything odd in it, nothing to notice. However, he and Mimi were all to aware that two weeks before the babies were due, they came home from talking the adoption agency, and Mark was nowhere in sight of the loft...and neither was his stuff.


So, here's the prologue...I hope you enjoyed the next chapter will be up tomorrow...hopefully as I go along with this other stories will grab some inspirations.

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