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Finding Avalon

A Stargate SG-1/Battlestar Galactica '03 Crossover


Dramatis Personae


Major General Jack O'Neill (retired)

Lieutenant General George Hammond, Commander Homeworld Security

Major General Hank Landry, Commander Stargate Command

Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter, SG-1

Lieutenant Colonel Cameron "Shaft" Mitchell, SG-1

Teal'c, Free Jaffa Nation Representative; SG-1

Dr. Daniel Jackson, SG-1

DSC-304 Commanders and Crew

Colonel Lionel Pendergast, BC-303 Prometheus

Colonel Steven Caldwell, Commander DSC-304 Daedalus

Hermiod; Asgard Engineering Expert/Liaison

Dr. Lindsey Novak; Chief Engineer, Daedalus

Colonel Paul Emerson; Commander DSC-304 Odyssey

Colonel Chekov, Commander DSC-304 Korlev

Atlantis Expedition Team (AET)

Dr. Elizabeth Weir; Commander AET

Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard; Military Commander, Atlantis

Dr. Rodney McKay; Chief Science Officer, Atlantis

Teyla Emmagen

Ronnon Dex

Dr. Carson Beckett; Chief Medical Officer, Atlantis

Dr. Radek Zelenka; Civilian Scientist, Atlantis

Allied Alien Leaders

Bra'tac, Free Jaffa Representative

Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet

X-305 Titan

Major Elizabeth 'Hawkeye' Pierce; Commander X-305 Titan

Captain Lin Yao Chu; Helms Officer, 2IC

Lieutenant Jennifer Hailey; Chief Engineer Titan

Cadet Cassandra Frasier; Medic Trainee, Science Officer, Titan

Captain Douglas Ramsey; Weapons Officer

Cadet Kailee Robson; Engineering

Doctor Alexei Kostya; Chief Medical Officer

Twelve Colonies

Admiral William 'Bill' Adama, Commander Battlestar Galactica

Commander Lee 'Apollo' Adama, Commander Battlestar Pegasus

Captain Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace, CAG Galactica

Lieutenant Shari Valerii; Cylon Resistance

Lieutenant Karl 'Helo' Agathon

Colonel Saul Tigh

Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol

Lieutenant Felix Gaeta

Petty Officer 2nd Class Anastasia Dualla

Laura Roslin; President of the Twelve Colonies

Gaius Baltar; Vice President of the Twelve Colonies, Presidential Candidate

Tom Zarek; Vice Presidential Candidate

Number 6; Cylon


A/N: Here we go again…..

I recently got that hankering to read some good Stargate SG-1/Battlestar Galactica crossovers- only to find that straight crossovers didn't really exist. Sure, there was The Thirteenth Colony on FanFic. Net, and Derelict on Star Destroyer. Net, but that was about all I could find. So of course, I had to write my own.

So here is where I screw with the chronology. This story is set during Season 9 of Stargate SG-1, and at the end of Season 2 of Atlantis. Everything that happened on the show in Atlantis happened, HOWEVER- this is an Alternate Season 9. The Ori and the Aurthurian mythology of Season 9 didn't happen. O'Neill was reassigned by the Air Force to a special assignment, Mitchell took command of SG-1. What happened during that year will be revealed throughout the story.

As for Battlestar Galactica, everything up to the last episode of Season two happened, but we're changing things from the time they find the planet on out.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-! And Stargate Atlantis, along with all characters, vehicles and technology within, are owned by MGM Studios and Double Secret Productions. Battlestar Galactica (new series) is owned by Univesal Studios. No profit is being made from the publication of this story.

Special thanks to my beta for this story, Chris Malone and to Fallenstar2 for her help on this chapter.


Chapter One

Remember the Titan

"Incoming wormhole!" Walter Harriman, the sergeant in charge of dialing operations, called out as the alarms sounded. The usual bustle of activity started as Marines positioned themselves in the gate room. Major General Hank Landry came down the stairs into the control room just as the wormhole formed behind the iris.

"Receiving IDC sir, it's SG-1." the sergeant announced. Landry nodded.

"Open the iris." He commanded, then watched as the iris spun open to reveal the water-like substance of the wormhole behind it. Even after a year an a half, the Stargate still amazed him. He could still recall the day when then Major General Jack O'Neill came by his office at the Pentagon, carrying a folder so classified he should have been arrest for carrying it out in public. Landry had stared at his friend, his clear blue eyes wide in astonishment as Jack had told him about his most recent assignment- the Stargate. How he had traveled across the galaxy, how he had forged alliances (okay, how Daniel had forged alliances) with alien races, and how the United States Air Force now not only had fight-interceptors capable of space combat, but also had starships. Starships, or all things! And then Jack had dropped the bombshell- how he was finally retiring, not only because of his age (and knees), but because he had fallen in love with his second in command and no longer wanted to deny his feelings.

Strangely enough, of all of the things he had heard in their meeting, that last bit had surprised the stocky general the most.

So now here he was, a year and a half later, the commanding officer of the United State's, no, the world's most top secret project watching as his flagship team stepped through the gate.

There was Teal'c, of course. Former First Prime of Apophis, Teal'c had helped the original SG-1 escape from Chulak and had been a part of the unit ever since. He had briefly left the SGC before he took command to help Bra'tac set up the new Free Jaffa government, but had eventually returned and become something of an ambassador between the two organizations.

Then there was Daniel Jackson, the man who had opened the gate for the first time, and the man who had arguably given up the most in its use. First his wife, then his 'family' on Abydos, not to mention his life (at least twice, which was something Landry was still a little fuzzy on), the archeologist had been moments away from leaving the SGC forever to go to Atlantis when fate interceded in the form of Vala Mal Doran. He hadn't been too upset in the long run, though, as her interference had led Daniel to evidence of yet another Ancient City that he and the rest of SG-1 had spent the last year and a half trying to locate. Judging by the look on his face, Landry was guessing they had finally found something.

Next was Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter, one of the most brilliant women on the planet, a founding member of SG-1, and the current love of Jack O'Neill's life. She had been distracted though over the past few months since Jack had suddenly disappeared. While she didn't think anything bad had happened (that was life in black ops), she couldn't hide the worry, especially from her friends.

And lastly there was Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell, hot shot pilot, one of the heroes of Antarctica, and current commanding officer of SG-1. Mitchell was everything Jack O'Neill wasn't- down to earth, almost always followed his orders to the letter, but still improvised enough to give him and his team a staggeringly high success rate. He was also less abrasive than Jack had been, much to the relief of the brass.

Landry nodded to Walter, who shut down the gate, then proceeded down to the gate room.

"Welcome back, SG-1. I take it something…." He trailed off as Daniel mumbled a greeting and rushed out of the gate room. "Was it something I said?"

"Sorry about Daniel, General." Mitchell said with a small smile. "But I think he found something interesting."

"You think?"

"We didn't have a chance to find out, sir." Carter replied. "He found a tablet, then said we had to get back immediately. But if I had to guess, I'd say he found a clue to the city, as well as a name."

"What name would that be, Colonel?" Landry asked.


Before he could say anything more, alarms sounded. "Incoming wormhole!" Harriman called out over the PA.

"Close the iris!" Landry yelled as he ran up to the control room, the remaining SG-1 members behind him. The wormhole opened as they made their way into the control room.

"Receiving a signal. It's Atlantis sir!"

'They're early." Landry noted, then turned to the Sergeant. "Put it on the screen."

The computer screen next to them flickered for a moment, before coalescing into a visual of the Atlantis control room. Front and center was a worried-looking Dr. Elizabeth Weir.

"Stargate Command, please respond. This is Atlantis. We have an emergency, please respond."

"Open a channel." He told Harriman, then looked into the camera over the screen. "Dr. Weir, this is General Landry. What is your situation?"

"We were discovered by the Wraith." Elizabeth responded without preamble. "In order to keep our existence from the other Wraith, we were force to work with them on developing a weapon. You received our file on the drug Dr. Becket had been developing, and the file on Michael?"

"Yes, we did."

"They wanted to weaponize it. To keep our secret, we worked with them. It was the only option open to us at the time, and we even seemed to benefit from it- they gave us everything we needed to know about Wraith technology. Unfortunately, the files they sent were a Trojan horse which has compromised our computers."

"Do you still have the files?" Landry asked, looking for something good out of all of this. His hopes were dashed when Elizabeth shook her head.

"No, they corrupted themselves. But not before they sent information on us back to their fleet. Information that included the location of Earth."

Silence reign in the SGC for a few moments, before Mitchell spoke up.

"How long do you think we have before they get here?"

"We know their hyperdrives aren't as advanced as the Asgard hyperdrives we use." She replied. "There were three hive ships, and several cruisers in their fleet. We're estimating that it will take them about a month to get to Earth. The Daedalus is already en route and should be there in two weeks."

"What about your defenses?" Landry asked.

"We're clearing our computers as we speak, and all systems should be operational by tomorrow. Plus, we have been able to re-arm the city with the drones from Eldred's planet, and we now have the Orion. Dr. Zelenka is hard at work finishing repairs on her as we speak. One last thing, General. Dr. McKay and Ronan are being held on one of the Wraith ships, and Colonel Sheppard is MIA. If you can manage, please try to get them back."

"We'll see what we can do, Doctor. Now if you excuse me, I have a few phone calls to make."

"Of course. Atlantis out." Weir replied, then severed the connection. A few moments later, the Stargate shut down once more.

"Well, this is a problem." Mitchell observed. "At least we have some lead time"

"Only a month. And right now the Prometheus is dry-docked for an overhaul. The only operational ship we have right now is the Odyssey; and the Russians have the Korlev. But two ships will not last against three Wraith hive ships."

"I will contact the Free Jaffa Council on Dakara." Teal'c announced. "Hopefully, we will be able to put together a fleet in time to stop the Wraith incursion."

"Good. Thank you, Teal'c." Landry said, then turned to Carter. "What about the Asgard? Do you think they can protect some of those protected planets now that the Replicators are gone?"

"We haven't been able to contact them for the past few months, sir." Carter said sadly. "So I wouldn't count on them."

"What about the Titan?"

Carter shook her head. "It's still at least four months away from completion."

Mitchell looked confused. "The Titan, sir? Another 304?"

"X-305, actually." Carter said. "Mid-size tactical recon/attack vessel. Heavily armed and armored, but nowhere near battle-ready." She turned back to Landry. "Sir, even with Lieutenant Hailey working on her, I don't see the Titan being combat-ready in a month."

"Well, unfortunately that's all we have." Landry said with finality in his voice. "Colonel, you and Mitchell go to the dry-dock. We need that ship operational in less than a month. Teal'c, please contact the Jaffa Council, and get as many ships as possible. Dr. Jackson," he turned, only to remember the Doctor wasn't with them, and then sighed. "Okay, I guess I'll contact the Russians. Let's get going, people.



17:00 HOURS


"Any chance of the Prometheus being ready in time? Mitchell asked as they rode the service elevator deep underground. Much like Cheyenne Mountain, the SGC Dry-dock was concealed deep underground in a massive, heavily reinforced chamber that had taken years to hollow out. Once the home of the Prometheus, it had been enlarged over the years and now housed several ships, including the Odyssey, the Daedalus, and the Titan.

"No chance." Carter replied, shaking her head. "It took them nearly two months just to pull out the hyperdrive generators, which was made all the harder when the Asgard stopped responding to our calls. There's simply no way to put them back in, tune them up, and get the vessel space worthy in the time we have."

"Do you have any idea why the Asgard have cut off communications?" Mitchell asked. "I was under the impression that you and General O'Neill saved their entire race; Several times."

"Whatever the reason, I'm almost positive it's the reason Jack's disappeared." Carter scowled. "He's supposed to be retired…"

The elevator finally stopped and opened to reveal a maze of catwalks. As the two Colonels stepped out and started walking towards the far eastern corner of the complex, Mitchell glanced down and saw that they were several hundred feet off of the ground, and a glance ahead showed the massive hull of the Prometheus, which was laid open as technicians pulled out older components in their quest to upgrade the flagship with the latest technology. In the Southern end of the complex sat the Odyssey, another set of techs swarming over its hull, inspecting it for any flaws. The Daedalus' bay sat empty, its occupant still in space, en route from the Pegasus Galaxy.

And sitting in the far corner was the Titan.

The SGC's answer to the Al'kesh, the ship was similar in design to the F-304, only about half the size. Instead of hangar bays on either side, enhanced engine pods were slung on either side for increased speed and maneuverability. Rail guns lined the sides, top, and bottom of the main body, along with six missile tubes. The front of the Titan was littered with sensor nodes and energy collections spires, while bridge slightly protruded from the slanted nose.

"Jack wanted to name her Defiant, but the Joint Chiefs shot him down."

Mitchell chuckled. "Who's the CO?"


"No kidding!" Mitchell exclaimed. "Hawkeye! I thought she was teaching now."

"She can't fly 302's anymore," Carter corrected. "Doesn't mean she can't command the Titan."

Mitchell nodded absently, lost in the past. Major Elizabeth Pierce, under the call sign 'Hawkeye', had been in his squadron that had flown to the aid of SG-1 during the battle over Antarctica. She had been responsible for downing an Al'kesh that had been harassing SG-1's shuttle. In the process, her own 302 had been shot down and her copilot had been killed and Elizabeth herself had sustained grievous injuries, which had been much worse than Cameron's and had been laid up a full six months later than him. Her injuries were unfortunate on two fronts - on one hand; even fully recovered she would never be able to fly jets again. On the other hand, it had been discovered during the sweep testing of the Ancient gene that she possessed it- but she had been in a coma when the Atlantis expedition left, so she was unable to go with them. That little fact grated on her nerves even more than never flying anymore.

The last Mitchell had heard, Pierce had been teaching at the Air Force Academy, showing the next generation of 302 pilots how it's really done. And now here she was, commanding the latest SGC battleship. Mitchell couldn't help but smile and wonder how his old friend was handling her new assignment.

"Does nothing on this fucking ship work?"

Major Elizabeth Pierce sank back into the command chair and once again pushed her long brown hair out of her grey eyes. Grease and sweat marred her otherwise pretty face. Her BDU jacket was strewn on the floor by the chair, and her bare arms were covered in grime. Tiredly she looked over to the engineering console. "Can you please tell me why I just blacked out half of the ship when I activated the main sensors?"

Lieutenant Jennifer Hailey, resident genius and equally as dirty as her CO, leaned heavily on the console. "Looks like another bug in the power distribution network."

"How many bugs does that make it?"

"Three hundred and forty seven."

Pierce sighed. "Wonder if it's too late to get a transfer to the Odyssey." She mused, and then sighed. "All right, let's jiggle some wires and see if we can either fix it or come up with bug three hundred and forty eight."

"Surely it can't be all that bad." And amused voice said. Pierce spun around to face the intruders, and then smiled when she saw who it was. She pulled her self up out of the chair, wincing slightly at the stiffness in her leg, and stood at attention, offering a smart salute to the two Colonels.

"Colonel Carter, Colonel Mitchell."

"Major Pierce." Mitchell replied, smiling. "How've you been, Hawkeye?"

"Been better, Sir." Pierce replied. "Frankly, I'd rather be back in Antarctica then on this flying deathtrap. Actually, that's being too kind, as this thing can't even fly."

"Then I got bad news for you, Hawkeye." Mitchell said wryly. "Because we've got one month to get her space worthy."

There was a pause, and then Pieces spoke. "Permission to speak freely, sir."


"Are you fucking NUTS!"

"I don't think he meant THAT freely." Carter said sarcastically. Pierce eyed the Colonel.

"Colonel Carter, with all due respect, it is not possible to get this vessel ready in a month. Hailey, sound off!"

"The power distribution grid is full of bugs." Hailey said at once, ticking off of her fingers. "The sensor grids have yet to be properly aligned, the hyperdrive generator is only operating at 43 efficiency, and we don't know why, the weapons systems have yet to be fully integrated into the ships systems, we've had to install the Asgard transporter systems ourselves, but we can't test them until the power grid problems have been rectified. The shield generators have yet to be properly aligned and that's just the important stuff."

"The only thing at one hundred percent on this ship is the hull." Pierce finished. "Look, I know command wants its fleet, but seriously-"

"Three Wraith hive ships are en route to Earth, Liz." Mitchell interrupted. "The Prometheus is laid up, and all we'll have is the Daedalus and the Odyssey. Teal'c is looking for more ships form the Jaffa, but it's not a lock. And the Asgard are MIA at the moment. We need every ship we can get our hands on, including this one."

"Colonel Mitchell and I will remain here, to help with getting this ship into service." Carter added. "But we've only got a month, so we need to stop debating and start getting to work."

Elizabeth ran her hand through her hair and sighed. "You're right, Colonel. In that case, you and Hailey should get down to the engine room and see about getting the power grid on line. Colonel Mitchell, you can assist me getting the tactical systems up and running. We'll concentrate on power, engines, weapons, and then everything else. Agreed?"

"Yes m'am" Mitchell replied amusedly. Pierce just glared at him.

"Then let's get to work."

The next month on the Titan was especially hectic. Upon a thorough examination by Carter and Hailey, it was deemed that the entire power distribution grid had to be replaced, which took up the bulk of their time. To compensate, repairs on the Prometheus were put on hold so the techs could be transferred to the Titan to assist.

Mitchell and Pierce managed to finish integrating and calibrating the weapons systems and had moved onto main sensors by the second week. Also around that time, the Titan's crew were officially transferred to the ship and started pitching in with repairs. As befitting the new international agreements that the SGC had to adhere to, the command staff was multinational. There was also one very special addition to the crew…

"Cadet Cassandra Frasier, reporting as ordered, m'am." Cassie said, standing at attention and snapping off a smart salute at the once-again grimy Major. Pierce grimaced, then reached up, pulled down her hand and slapped a wrench into it. "Welcome aboard. You can help Shaft with the sensor array. Next!"

"Don't mind her; she gets a bit cranky when her ship doesn't work." Mitchell said, waving off another salute. "I'm Colonel Mitchell. Sam's told me a lot about you."

"She's told me some things about you, too." Cassie replied. "Don't worry, they were all good things."

The two moved over to the main control terminal for the sensor array, and Cassie went to work on the cover with the wrench. Mitchell looked at the girl curiously.

"So what's an Academy cadet doing on a ship of the line?" he asked as she popped the cover off of the console.

"After my mom died, I threw myself into my studies. My mom got me interested in medicine; Sam got me interested in science and technology. When I graduated high school, I enrolled in the academy's Medical program, while still taking classes in starship technology."

"You were planning on serving on one of these, then?"

"Yeah. It appeals to me. Traveling through space, fighting rouge Goa'ulds, patching up the crew…" Cassie shrugged. "Taking mom's work to the stars, in a way.'

"How'd you figure you get assigned to the fleet?"

"Well, my godfather is a rather high-placed retired General with a lot of favors to call in, and I'm friends with the head of Homeworld Security. I put in a call." She said modestly. Mitchell grinned.


"I thought so."

"Major, do you have a moment?"

"Not really, no." Pierce said, not looking up from the engineering console. "You need something, go bug Colonel Mitchell."

"I'm sorry Major, but we were told to report to you."

Pierce sighed and looked up from the console to the divers group of people before her, and was immediately surprised to find the woman who had spoken to her was dressed in a Chinese military uniform. "Did I miss something?"

"I am Captain Lin Yao Chu, of the People's Liberation Army Air Force. I've been ordered to report as your new XO." The striking woman announced. Five foot seven, with short-cropped black hair and a slim build that was only accentuated by her tailored uniform, Pierce could tell the lady would be turning the male heads of the crew in no time. But she doubted that Chu was just another pretty face; you had to be the best of the best to get on one of these ships, and she doubted the Chinese would send anybody who wasn't imminently qualified for the post.

Pierce pulled herself up and wiped her hands off on her pants, lazily returning the salutes from the officers in front of her. "I know who you are, Captain. But I was under the impression that all of you were still in heavy training."

"They decided that, under the circumstances, it would be a better idea for us to continue learning on board." Lin replied. "This is Captain Douglas Ramsey, our weapon's officer;" she pointed to the tall, well built American dressed in army fatigues who nodded in greeting, "the new chief medical officer Dr. Alexei Kostya;" the somewhat elderly Russian smiled and nodded, his short, salt and peppered hair gleaming in the harsh overhead lights, "and this is Cadet Kailee Robson." She pointed to a rather mousey looking cadet with short brown hair and a slight build that looked like she weighed about 97 pounds.

"Cadet? Why the hell is there another Cadet on my ship?" Pierce asked harshly, looking to gauge the young girl's reaction to her perceived hostility. To her amusement, Robson smiled lightly.

"I've spent most of my time at the Academy studying the technology behind the 302's and the 303's. I also spent time taking apart that Puddle Jumper SG-1 recovered. I have the ATA Gene," she said quickly before Pierce could ask, "And I seem to have a natural affinity for Ancient technology."

Pierce nodded. "Good. In that case, report to Lieutenant Hailey in Engineering, she'll need your help. Doctor," she turned to the Russian, "Cadet Frasier has been working on our sensors, but she's mainly a medic. She can assist you in setting up the medical bay. Ramsey, Colonel Mitchell's busy trying to get our weapon's systems to work, go lend him a hand. Captain Chu, you're also my helmswoman, right?"

"Yes, Major." She replied stiffly.

"Good. You can help me get the navigation computers and interfaces on line. We have two weeks left till deadline, people. The SGC needs this ship in the air, and that's exactly where I intend to have it."

"Yes, Sir!" the four officers intoned. Pierce nodded in satisfaction.

"Good, then let's get to work."

The next two weeks were a flurry of activity as more and more people arrived to prepare the SGC's small fleet for combat. Efforts were even being made to ready the Prometheus, though everyone pretty much agreed that it was a long shot for the flagship vessel to be operational.

The Titan, however slowly, was still coming along ahead of schedule. Cadet Robson, despite initially clashing with Lieutenant Hailey, were able to put aside their egos to bring the ship's power grid on line, and soon most of the other ship's systems followed.

"This ship's greatest strength," Pierce explained to Captain Chu one day, "is also its greatest weakness. This ship is loaded with Ancient technology recovered by various SG Teams, as well as the Atlantis expedition. That includes sensors, enhanced shields, engines, and even a pair of drone launchers we salvaged off the SG-1 time machine puddle jumper. However, it's a bitch to interface the Ancient technology with ours in the manner that we are doing it."

"But we have interfaced with Ancient technology before." The Chinese officer stated.

"True," Pierce replied, "but never to the degree we are at now. This ship is essentially an Aurora-class warship run by a Dell running Window's Millennium Edition. A vastly superior piece of technology with a substandard processor being controlled by an obsolete operating system that will crash at any given time."

"And this is the reason there has been so much trouble bringing this ship on-line." Chu reasoned. "And why every person with the ATA gene that wasn't on the Atlantis expedition has been assigned to this ship."

"Exactly. Otherwise, we wouldn't have so many low-ranking officers in charge or cadets in important positions." She paused and made some adjustments on her console. "Try it now, Captain."

Lin typed a few commands into the navigation console, and then smiled. "Mani engine status is green. Maneuvering engines are green. Navigational controls are green. Hyperdrive…" she frowned. "Hyperdrive is still off line."

Pierce turned to look at Ramsey, who sat next to Chu at the second forward station on the bridge. "Weapons status, Captain?"

"All rail gun batteries are showing full operational status. Missile tubes one through four and tubes five through eight are green across the board. Shields are reading as fully-functional, but we really need to test them."

"Drone launchers?"

Ramsey shook his head. "We had problems incorporating the Puddle Jumper's power plant into the ships power grid. As you know, it takes a lot of power to launch drones, usually necessitating the use of a ZPM. The puddle jumpers incorporate a unique power source that powers all of the jumper's systems, and is then recharged when it docks with the city. We pulled the generator, but we were unable to successfully integrate it into the Titan's power grid and we had to pull it out all together. Hailey hooked the launchers into the main power grid, but she has warned me that any attempt to fire them could blow the entire power grid."

Pierce considered that for a moment. "Well that sucks." She finally said, then turned to Cassie. "Cadet, how are our sensors?"

"Not entirely aligned, but working at 98. Hailey also told me that the transporters were on line and fully functional."

Pierce raised an eyebrow. "I thought the Asgard didn't finish installing all of their stuff." She said.

"They installed it, just didn't finish installing it, sir." Frasier said. "But between Colonel Carter, Lieutenant Hailer and Robson, we figured they were equal to at least one Asgard."

Pierce laughed. "Yeah, I don't doubt that. In fact-" she was cut off as sirens started blaring through the ship and red warning lights started flashing. "Ah, hell." She jabbed a key on her command chair, opening communications between the bridge and the engineering compartment. "Hailey, for cryin' out loud…"

"It's not us, Major." The young Lieutenants voice came back. "The Titan's at about 85 and no glitches are popping up."

"Well then what the hell's going on?" Pierce demanded. "How the hell do you have a red alert in dry dock?"

"Incoming communication from the SGC!" Frasier said. "It's General Landry."

"Put it on the big screen." Pierce said turning in her chair as the schematic of the Titan on the left wall was replaced by the face of General Landry. "General." She said formally.

"Major, what's the status of the Titan?"

"We're at 85 operational status, sir. Shields and weapons are on line, engines are good to go."

"Glad to hear that, because the Wraith have arrived." There was dead silence on the bridge. "Three Wraith hive ships have exited hyperspace at the edge of the system. Teal'c has several Free Jaffa mother ships in orbit, and the Korlev, Odyssey, and Daedalus are en route. I want you to join them, ASAP."

"Yes, sir." Pierce said, and the screen switched back to the schematic as the connection was cut. Elizabeth sat back in her chair and tuned on the general communications button. "All hands, this is Major Pierce. The Wraith have arrived in system and our forces were moving to intercept. We have been ordered to move into orbit to join the task force and protect this planet from the Wraith. Now, I know this ship is not fully operational, not at all tested, and that the crew is untried; but I know that each and every one of you will do this ship, this command, and this planet proud today." She paused to take a breath. "All hands to battle stations. Colonel's Carter and Mitchell to the bridge. Captain Chu, contact control and have them retract the roof, then set inertial compensators and shields to maximum and engage launch sequence." She sat back in her chair as the powerful engines lifted the ship out of its berth and up through the retracted opening above. "Let's go be heroes."


Next chapter- Earth and its allies engage the Wraith over Earth, the Titan makes its presence felt, and Jack O'Neill returns.