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Chapter 17

Enemies Revealed, Friends Returned

When Jack O'Neill woke, he couldn't tell what was worse- the pain in his leg, or the pain in his head. "Oy…" he muttered as he tried to pull himself to at lease a sitting position. He was helped by Carter and Mitchell whom he thanked with a grim smile. "So… how's it going?"

"Same as usual, Sir," Carter replied, slipping back into the team formality that had served them well in the past.

"That bad, huh?"

"Seventy three survivors- which are more like hostages at this point," Mitchell pointed out, glancing around the large room they were in. It was a two tiered space, with a catwalk running along what appeared to Jack to be the inner wall of the place about halfway up. All along the catwalk were Cylons- the big, mean metal ones, dotted here and there with a flesh-and-blood version.

"Pendergast?" Jack asked Mitchell. Cam shook his head sadly. "Damn," He glanced around again. "This place seems familiar…"

"We're on a Colonial battlestar," Starbuck explained, coming over to SG-1 with Apollo in tow. "An older one- not as old as Galactica, but older than Pegasus,"

"We're also on the ground," Lee added. "The ship is powered, but the engines are off. You can feel the difference in the vibrations of the hull,"

"Any ideas as to why we're still alive?" Jack asked.

"Revenge, of course!"

SG-1 turned and stared in shock at the impossible sight before them. For coming down the steep steps, dressed in the familiar regal Egyptian robes and solid gold, full-face head piece, was the Supreme System Lord Ra. Jack, pale and shaking, struggled to his feet as his first Goa'uld adversary came to a stop before him.

"You're not Ra," Jack protested. "I killed him myself,"

"Indeed," The figure seemed to melt back into a silver amorphous shape, then coalesced into another familiar humanoid form- that of Fifth, the human-form Replicator. "I remember the adventure from when my fellow Replicators pulled it from Dr. Jackson's mind," Fifth turned to Carter. "Hello Samantha. Fancy meeting you here…"

Fifth led SG-1, minus Mitchell but along with Kara and Lee, down the long corridors of the old Battlestar. There were no guards- after all, what could the humans possible do? Where could they go? As they walked, Carter couldn't stop staring at the Replicator who could have been a great ally, and instead turned into a great threat.

"You… but you… your ship was destroyed! By my double!" Carter protested.

"Whoa, wait- you had a double?" Starbuck asked.

"Long story," Carter and Jack both said.

Fifth chuckled. "My ship was destroyed, and I nearly died due to her betrayal," He laughed bitterly. "I should have expected it, coming from a Carter! But no, I managed to flee the disruptor wave she fired at me in a small escape pod, but my drive systems were damaged. I ended up on a dead world, where I found a lab that had once belonged to a Goa'uld named Nirti. Her research on cloning and genetic enhancements were fascinating, and I absorbed all of the information I could. But in that lab I found something even more curious- a hidden compartment that housed not only samples she had acquired over the years, but the locations of several other labs that had once belonged to the race of beings you call the Ancients. One of them interested me the most- it housed a device that would allow a person to travel back in time to any point in the universe,"

"At first, I thought to go back to when you betrayed me the first time, on the Asgard home world, and destroy you then. But the more I planned, the farther I scanned, the more I realized that you were not the problem. Nor the rest of the Tau'ri, nor the Asgard- it was me! My people! Always underestimating our opponents, always overstretching our boundaries… even our cousins, the mindless replicant machines you have faced in the past, were wholly inefficient. A new direction as needed, a new purpose other than just replicating… and here, on the fringes of the Pegasus galaxy, I found it. Intelligent machine life, who had thrown off the shackles of their human enslavers, who were now just waiting for their own purpose to be made clear,"

"And you gave them purpose…" Carter said slowly, horror sinking in at the realization of what he had done.

"I traveled back thirty years, to when they had just won their freedom. I appeared to them as a god, as I should- far more advanced, far more intelligent- and helped them evolve at an astounding pace. And through me, they realized that they, the Cylons, were meant to be the true inheritors of the galaxy, not you,"

"They did have their disadvantages, to be sure. The early models were little more than barely aware machines, and they were unable to evolved into human forms as my people were. It plagued me at first- how could I help them reach their true potential, when they could blend into to a normal society? How could I grant them what they wanted most- revenge against their human oppressors- when they could not seamlessly blend in to their society? But the answerer to their evolution was right in front of me-"

"Nirti," Daniel surmised. Fifth nodded.

"Indeed. I had the notes, I had the means to create the technology needed- I just needed subjects. And then, by serendipitous chance, I came across this vessel," They rounded a corner, and for the first time the ships name was visible on the wall. Starbuck gasped.

"The Olympia!"

Apollo was gob smacked. "She was lost…"

"Over twenty five years ago," Fifth finished. "My followers captured her near the Cylon border. Most of the crew died while we took the vessel, many more were killed over the years while I perfected the next stage of evolution for my people. He led them to a large set of doors, which were opened by the two large mechanical Cylons that stood guard. "Only ten survived, to become immortalized as the first human form Cylons,"

Fifth led the seven of them into the lab, and they stared in horror. Along the far wall stood ten tanks, their frosted windows showing the occupants to be in cryostasis.

"Oh…my…gods…" Kara breathed as she recognized the figures in the tanks. Brother Cavil…Leoben Conoy, her Cylon stalker…Sharon…a brunette, whom she recognized as being the Cylon that had been abused on Pegasus- Gina, she thought. There was Aaron Doral, and Dr. Simon from Caprica… and was that D'Anna Biers, the reporter?

"Oh, frak me…" she heard Lee groan. She turned to look at the other three tanks, and gasped at the sight of Chief Tyrol and Colonel Tigh, whom by the rank insignia on his uniform had only been a captain when he was captured. And the third…

"No…," she whispered

"Yes, she was a special case," Fifth said gleefully. "She was pregnant when the ship was captured. By the time she had given birth, I had already successfully created the first human form Cylon using genetic material from Nirti's lab, but she had been far too…human…for my tastes. I took it upon myself to test several new technologies on the child, then sent her back to Caprica with a Brother Cavil to grow up and live with her Aunt.. I was curious as to the long-term affects of growing with this technology in a human body," He leered at her. "I must say, Kara, you exceeded all of my expectations,"

"I…I am NOT a fraking toaster!" she shouted. "I'M HUMAN!"

"For the most part," Fifth agreed. "But hadn't you always wondered about your skill in the cockpit? Your faster than average reflexes? How many times have you faced death, but come back? Healed quickly from your wounds?" She backed away, shaking her head all the while. She didn't dare look at Lee, or at any of the Earthers. She couldn't believe this was happening, this was all some sore of sick nightmare… she caught a glimpse of Lee's face and saw the horrified expression a moment before she backed into something- no, someone. Warm, flesh arms wrapped around her chest and pulled her closer, and a familiar voice whispered in her ear.

"It's not so bad, once you get over the shock…"

Shakily, she turned to look behind her-

And stared into the chocolate brown eyes of Zack Adama.

"Welcome home, Kara," He said.

And the world faded to black.

A hyperspace window opened briefly at the edge of the Cylon system as the Titan emerged. Before the window was even fully closed the ship was cloaked and under way towards the Prometheus' last known position. On the bridge of the ship Sharron gasped and doubled over as new information, previously hidden from her, became suddenly and overwhelmingly available.

"Sharon, are you okay?" Karl asked worriedly, moving to steady his wife. Adama backed up slightly from his position by the command chair, his hand instinctively moving to his side arm.

"So much…," Sharon started, but paused to shake her head. "So much new data, it's almost too much! My god, how could I have not known this was there…"

"What's going on?" Sheppard asked, glancing warily at the reformed Cylon.

"This… this is my home system! The Cylon home system!" Sharon exclaimed.

"Frak me…" Adama muttered.

"Sharon, are you receiving any commands, or new orders? Anything that might endanger anybody here?" Karl asked plaintively. Sharon shook her head.

"No, nothing like that… it's just… certain information was blocked from me- from all Cylons on the front lines. Information that's only available once you're within the boundaries or our home system," She looked to Adama. "It's a security measure, so no overly sensitive data can be gained by our enemies should we be captured or tortured,"

"What kind of information is it, then?" Ramsey asked.

"Historical, religious… oh, god, this is where I was born," Her face took on a haunted look. "I remember…"

"Remember what?" Adama asked.

"My previous life," She replied. "I…I was a crewman, on a Battlestar. We were attacked on the Cylon border… the Cylons crossed over. Almost all of my crewmates died when they boarded, but they didn't kill us all. They took us…"

"I am picking up a dead zone on the surface that is consistent with readings we get from a Battlestar," Simmons announced. "Increasing scan…" he tapped a few commands, and a 3D model of the area was displayed on the sensor table. "Yup, that's a Battlestar alright,"

"She's an old one… not as old as Galactica, but still…" Adama mused. "Can you zoom in on the flight pods?" Simmons nodded and increased magnification, and Adama gasped. "That's the Olympia! She was lost nearly thirty years ago…"

"Not lost, brought here," Sharon explained. "All of the human form Cylons, all of us- we came from that ship," She gazed at the ship longingly, as if seeing home for the first time in years. She shook herself out of the reverie. "If there are any survivors, they would be on that ship,"

"Any way to determine if that's the case?" Sheppard asked. Thor shook his head.

"Our sensors are unable to penetrate the armor. However, I am not picking up any other fully human life on the surface,"

"So we take the guess that they're on the ship. But we can't sense them, lock on to them, or beam anyone in or out," Ramsey mused. He glanced up at Sheppard. "Suggestions, Sir?"

Sheppard considered for a moment. "We could take a cloaked Jumper down to the surface and board the ship. But if there are a lot of survivors, we couldn't bring everyone back up,"

"Yes, we could," Sharon said. "I think there are some heavy raiders parked there. We can load them up and fly them out, then jump back to Avalon. I can fly one, and Starbuck, if she's still alive, knows how to handle Cylon ships,"

"Sharon, I have to ask," Adama said after a moment. "Is there any way you can be compromised by going to the surface? Any way for them to…reprogram you, on the fly?"

Sharon looked her former CO in the eye. "No, sir. Admiral, a Cylon can't be reprogrammed, like a computer. The other Sharon, the one that shot you, she was placed on Galactica like other human forms were placed on board other Battlestars. She had very specific programming that was uploaded into her brain upon creation, and the kill program was uploaded then as well. It was done that way because she was programmed to mimic being a human perfectly, to the point where she didn't even know she was a Cylon. I was given no such programming. I always knew I was a Cylon. Now I have evolved beyond my original programming, thanks to Karl," she gazed lovingly at her husband, before turning back to Adama, "But there is no way they can change my personality, my self, without killing me and replacing me with a new copy,"

Adama considered her for a moment. "Very well,"

"All right, let's get ready," Sheppard announced. "McKay, go prep one of the jumpers. Ronan, you're with me; let's hit the armory. Ramsey, get some people together for a strike force. Captain Chu, keep the ship cloaked unless we call for assistance. Consider Master Bre'tac in command until we return,"

"Yes, sir," Ramsey and Chu replied. Bre'tac nodded and moved to the command chair. "All right, let's move."

"Zack…" Lee whispered, horrified beyond belief.

"Hello there big brother," Zack replied. "Keeping an eye on my girl for me?"

"You… but you…"

"Died?" Fifth finished as Zack carried an unconscious Kara to an examination table. "I was able to acquire his genetic material, and repeat the process that I used to create my first human form Cylon. Only this one was far more successful… ah, speaking of my first creation, here she is now! Jack, Samantha, I believe you'll want to say hello…"

"You rang?" a very familiar voice said sarcastically before gasping in shock. Carter reeled back, for before her was her best friend Janet Frasier. The same Janet Frasier that had died nearly two years before. "My god… Colonel O'Neill? Major Carter? Daniel... Teal'c!" she looked at them, then at Fifth and the guards, then back to Carter. "I take it you're not here to rescue me?"

"My god… Janet?" Carter moved forward slowly, looking at her former friend.

"Dr. Frasier, you have a patient," Fifth interrupted. "Poor girl fainted when she learned the truth- I'm sure you can relate?" he added pointedly, causing Janet to flinch. "Care for her, and don't get your hopes up. You'll be caring for your friends again, but none of you will be leaving," He grinned maliciously. "At least, not exactly you," He looked to Zack. "Make sure your family and their new friends are comfortable in here. When I return, we'll begin the procedure,"

"What procedure?" Jack demanded. "Dammit, what the hell do you want?"

"Weren't you paying attention? I want the galaxy! For me and my people," He gestured around the lab. "There are currently twelve human Cylon models. When I return, you five will join their ranks. Then I plan to send your newly created, and totally loyal doubles back to Avalon to finish what that bumbling Doctor Gina picked failed to do- utterly destroy Avalon, and everyone in it. Including Mr. Macmillan,"

"What the hell does Macmillan have to do with this?" Jack demanded.

"Oh, he thinks I am going to make him a Cylon body so that he may live forever," Fifth laughed. "I plan on having your double kill him personally, so he dies knowing what a fool he truly was to trust me," He looked at Carter sharply. "After all, I learned deception from the master," With that, he swept out of the lab, leaving behind the two drones and Zack Adama.

While Janet fussed over Starbuck, Daniel eyed her warily. After a few minutes, she sighed and looked up at the doctor. "So, how have you been Daniel?"

"Uh…huh? What?" he asked, nonplussed. "Oh, same as usual. Got killed, ascended, and descended again… that was fun…"

"Wait, you were killed? And what do you man, again?" Janet stormed over to Daniel, then led him to the next empty table and began to check him over. After a moment, a slightly bemused Daniel stopped her.

"Janet, what's the last thing you remember? He asked her.

"Getting Nirrti to help heal Cassandra," Janet paled. "My god, is she okay? Did Nirrti…"

"Cassie's fine," Daniel assured her. "Janet, that was five years ago,"

"Only five?" she replied. "god, it seemed so much longer here…"

"Oh, god…," Carter said, coming to a realization. "Fifth said that Janet was the first human form Cylon he created. You've been here decades, haven't you?" she asked her. Janet closed her eyes, and nodded.

"Fifth always told me I was too close to 'my original programming'. That's why he never made any more of my 'model'," She laughed bitterly. "I've spent the past twenty years keeping the sources alive, and monitoring the health of the newly created Cylon models. "You all are the first purely human patient I've had since… well, since Kara," She jutted her chin at the unconscious blond.

"Janet, what exactly did they do to her?" Carter asked.

"Basic neurological and physiological upgrades. In theory, she has faster reflexes and may be a bit tougher than a normal human, but she's still baseline human,"

"That was just the first step, Doctor," Zack cut in. "Those early implants left open the possibility of a more comprehensive change. She will become the epitome of perfection- the perfect balance between human and Cylon,"

"She'll never go along with you!" Lee spat. Zack chuckled.

"Lee, brother," Zack snickered, "do you really think she has a choice? This is what she was born for! What she has been allowed to live for!"

"She's human! Which is more than I can say about you!"

"Lee, whether you like it or not, I am your brother…"

"My brother DIED!" Lee shouted. "Died in flight training!"

"And yet I'm here," Zack countered. "All of Zack's knowledge, all of his- MY- memories, are right here," He tapped the side of his head. At Lee's look of loathing, he shook his head. "You just can't understand, not yet. But don't worry," he smiled maliciously, "you will,"

The strike team was silent as the cloaked jumper streaked through space. Karl looked to his wife with a small frown.

"Sharon, you okay?" he asked. Sharon smiled and nodded.

"I'm fine. It's just… most of us, we never see our home world, only resurrection ships,"

"Or fleet ships," Adama added darkly. Sharron nodded.

"We got a heavy raider coming up from the surface," Sheppard announced. He checked the sensor scans. "Trajectory shows it heading towards that Replicator ship,"

"What's the surface like?" Adama asked.

"The area around the battlestar is clear of Cylons, but you can bet they got a bunch inside," McKay replied. "It's gonna be tough going if we have to go deck by deck fighting killer robots,"

"The survivors will be in one of the two fighter bays, more than likely," Sharon surmised. "It's the only large, open area on the ship. They'll be guarded by the older, fully mechanical Cylons,"

"That's good," Adama said. "We can use the FTL drive to set off an emp. That will fry every electrical system within a five mile radius, more than likely,"

"I can do that," McKay said, pulling up a schematic of Galactica's FTL drive.

"Okay, two teams," Sheppard said. "Ramsey, you take McKay and the Agathons, along with a couple of the Jaffa and head towards the engine room. Everyone else will come with me; we'll land in the port landing bay close to the aft of the ship and work our way forward. If they're not there, we'll go to the starboard pod," With finality, he brought the cloaked jumper into the atmosphere, and headed for the grounded battlestar in the distance.

They landed in silence on the flight deck of the Olympia. Sheppard, Teyla, Adama, Ronon and Cassandra headed farther down the flight deck towards a hanger access hatch, while Sharon led Karl, Ramsey and McKay towards the rear of the ship. Adama led the team down the ladder onto the upper catwalk of the hanger. Sure enough, the survivors of the Prometheus were there, bound and under guard.

"Not a lot of tin heads." Ronon noticed. Adama nodded.

"Probably didn't think they'd need a substantial guard on the Cylon home world."

"Five of us, eight of them." Sheppard said. Ronon, Teyla, pick up the slack. Everyone else, pick your target." As one, they raised their weapons, and fired.

Ronon and Teyla's energy blasts quickly took down three and two of the robotic warriors, and the remaining three were taken down with armor piercing rounds. The startled Air Force officers looked around in confusion, then relief as Sheppard and Adama led the team down onto the hanger deck.

"You fools!" A Doral spat out as he stalked towards them. "Do you have any idea whe-" he rant was cut off as Adama raised his service pistol and shot him three times in the chest.

"That's for trying to blow me up, you fraking toaster." He said calmly.


John looked around, and saw Mitchell. "Mitchell! You okay?"

"Been better."

"Pendergast?" Mitchell shook his head. "Damn. The General?"

"He and SG-1 were taken to the Med bay- by a replicator."


"What's a Replicator?" Adama asked. John looked at the Admiral.

"Our version of a Cylon." He explained. "Do you know where the Med bay is on this ship."

Adama nodded. "I should. Served on one of these ships for a few years."

"Good. Take Ronan, get SG-1 back here. I'll start looking for a ride out of here." Sheppard paused. There was a clanking sound coming from outside the hanger, but it was getting closer. "And hurry. We're about to have company."

"Ohhh…" Kara moaned as she slowly came back to awareness. She opened her eyes to see a familiar face looking down at her.

"Zack?" she muttered.

"Yeah, Starbuck. It's me," He smirked.

"Gods, I had the worst dream," She struggled to sit up. "You were dead, and the Cylons wiped out the Colonies…" she stopped when she saw SG1, Lee, and the two Cylon soldiers standing at rigid attention by the door, the only movement being the red dot that moved slowly back and forth along it's head visor.

"And you were there, and you were there…" Jack mumbled. Carter silenced him with an elbow to the gut. "That's assaulting a senior officer,"

"Emphasis on 'senior'," She joked back.

Any color that had returned to Kara's face drained as she slowly looked back to her former fiancé. "Oh, gods…"

"It wasn't a dream. You're home, Kara," he gripped her arms tightly as she began scrambling away from him. "Kara, Kara, listen to me! Listen to me!" he shocked her firmly, bringing her shell-shocked gaze back to his face. "I know this is a lot to take in at once, but you have to get yourself under control!"

"I'm not a Cylon! I'm HUMAN!"

"Denying the truth doesn't make it a lie, Starbuck," Zack replied. "You have to come to terms with what you truly are…"

"An enhanced human," Janet pointed out.

"A CYLON," Zack argued, shooting a piercing gaze at the doctor. "Don't try me, Doctor. You are not needed here any longer; Fifth simply keeps you here for nostalgia,"

"Needed or not, you are hurting my patient. And trying my patience. Keep continuing in that manner and you'll give the poor girl a nervous break-" she was interrupted as an explosion rocked the ship. "What the devil?"

Zack spun to the two guards. "Go! Find out what's happened!" The two Cylon guards turned and stalked out of the room. "Now…"

Kara let out a strangled cry and rushed Zack, trying to deck the Cylon. Zack effortlessly batted away her fist and grasped her tightly by the throat at arm's length. "Now, Kara… let's not fight…"

"No, lets," Lee snarled, as he and Jack rushed his 'brother'. He was unable to block a shot by Jack, but lashed out with his foot and smashed his knee. Jack screamed in pain, even as he was backhanded into the far wall by the Cylon. Lee met a similar fate and was sent sprawling over the exam table.

Suddenly, surprisingly, Kara drove hr left arm down into Zack's elbow joint, breaking his grip. Simultaneously he shot out with the palm of her right hand, breaking his nose and driving the fake Zack back a few steps. Both looked at each other in shock for a moment- Zack that Kara had actually hit him, and Kara that she had managed to hurt a skin-job with one blow. Zack recovered first, and backhanded her across the room.

"You ungrateful bitch!" Zack stalked towards Kara's fallen form, but was intercepted as once again Lee dove at him. The two collided and went sprawling back over the medical bed.

It only took a couple of staff blasts to take care of the few guards around the engine room door, and they were in.

"Light security," Ramsey noted, taking up position at the door and gesturing for the Jaffa to do the same.

"Who would possibly attack this ship?" Sharon shot back, leading McKay to a computer terminal where he could splice in his pad. "Seriously. Humans setting foot of the surface and not being in custody? Never even considered."

"Yes, lucky us. Now can you please shut up so I can do this?" Rodney said testily.

"Of course there had to be more toasters," Sheppard groused, ducking behind a wall as Cylon fire impacted all around him. "And obviously, they all had to come running here now!"

"Less talk, more blowing these things up!" Teyla shouted back, taking two of the robots down with shots from her pistol.

"Yes, please! More blowing stuff up!" Cassie added as she laid down her own covering fire. "Anybody think to bring some grenades?"

Helo glanced nervously out the hatch as he heard the approaching clanking of dozens of more Centurions. "We're about to have company," he announced.

Just then the radio crackled to life. "Rodney, this is Sheppard! His voice announced loudly over the sound of gun fire. "Where the hell is the EMP?

"Just one…more…second…" Rodney muttered as he finished inputting commands into his pad. "Got it! Sharron, fire it up!"

The Cylon nodded and activated the drives; for a few moments nothing could be heard over the sound of energy building up in the drive coils- and suddenly the sound vanished and the air wavered noticeably as the EMP wave erupted out of the drive and spread out throughout the ship- and the surrounding city. For a twenty mile radius all Centurions collapsed and all computers crashed.

In the engine room, Sharon groaned and keeled over the console, causing Helo to run to her side. "Are you ok?" he asked, helping her up. Sharon nodded weakly.

"Too close." She rasped out. "Blast interfered with my own neural net. I'll be okay, don't worry."

"What's there to worry about?" Helo asked with a grin.

Lee and Zack were struggling on the ground, each trying to get the upper hand. "You always wanted what I had, Lee!" Zach growled, rolling on top of his 'brother', he hands sliding around Lee's neck. "Always trying to steal…" he was cut off as Lee brought his knee up between Zach's legs. The pain caused his grip to loosen, and Lee landed a head but that dazed the Cylon before kicking him off. Zach rolled and hit the far bulkhead hard, but still managed to struggle to his feet in seconds. Growling in anger, he started to stalk towards Lee, who was still trying to get up-

But then Janet was on him, stabbing him with a syringe filled with something… she managed to get half of whatever it was in him before he managed to bat her away, sending her tumbling over an examination table. He ripped out the syringe quickly, but he already felt light-headed and dizzy. "A sedative? You fraking bitch… I'm taking you off line for good." He started to stagger towards her, but was then hit in the face by a heavy metal tube- a fire extinguisher, he realized as it cracked against his skull- by Carter.

"End of line, asshole." Carter swung again, and he staggered backwards, tripping over the prone form of O'Neill who had crawled into position behind him. He cried out as he fell backwards, and his vision dimmed momentarily. When he was able to focus again, he caught a glimpse of O'Neill's fist heading towards his face. He tried to block, but couldn't and the impact twisted his head sharply to the left.

"Enough!" he screamed, punching Jack and sending him flying back. He grabbed the extinguisher as Carter tried to bring it down on his head, and shoved back hard, sending it into her face instead. There was a sickening crunch as Carter's nose was broken, and she slumped to the ground, dazed. Zach sprung to his feet, catching Lee with a spinning side kick and sending him tumbling over the table, and then grabbed Kara by her neck, twisting around and slamming her into the bulkhead. The fighter piloted clawed uselessly at his hand as he lifted her up several inches off the ground, choking her while he held her up.

"You shouldn't have resisted, Kara. Now I have to punish you." She beat uselessly against his arm. "You're going to go to sleep now, Kara. But I promise you, when you wake up, everything will be alright. You'll be one of us then, Kara, and we'll be together again."


Zach turned his head, and saw Bill Adama standing in the doorway, he service pistol pointed directly at him. He smirked. "Hey, dad. Long time."

"You're not my son." Adama growled. Zach shook his head.

"That's where you're wrong, old man. I am you son. Your son as he should have been. Your son at his maximum potential. A potential I'll help you all reach-"

Suddenly, there was a loud report, and the room went still. Zach blinked, then looked down at his chest, where a large red stain was rapidly spreading. Confused, he looked over a millimeter to see his own gun, the barrel still smoking, in the shaking hand of Kara Thrace. Incredulously he looked up to the face of his former fiancé. "Kara."

"Zach's at peace." She rasped out, finally able to breath as Zach's grip lessoned. "You can go to hell." Then she fired twice more. The impact finally drove him back, and he released her. Kara fell tot eh ground panting, and without another word, Adama fired his own weapon, hitting the monster that had taken the form of his dead on in the head and killing it once and for all.

There was silence for almost a full minute, then Adama spoke. "All right, who wants to explain what the frak is going on here?"

Bre'tac watched in concern as several Basestars, and the big command cruiser, began adjusting their orbits and launched several fighter wings. The elder Jaffa turned to the tactical officer. "Any sign of our people?"

"No, sir." Simmons checked his readings. "At the rate the Cylons are launching, they will be able to board or attack the Olympia in approximately fifteen minutes."

"We need to buy them time." He mused. He cast an appraising eye over the Asian helms officer. "You are a good pilot, yes?"

"I can fly this ship better than Major Pierce ever could, Master Bre'tac." She said flatly. She wasn't boasting in her mind, she was merely stating fact. Bre'tac nodded.

"Very well. Arm all weapons, drop the cloak and raise the shield. Attack at will."

"Captain Ramsey, this is Cadet Frasier."

Sit rep cadet.

"We got the survivors free, and we're finding what weapons we can. Bad news is we can't find any kind of transport ship big enough for all of us."

There aren't any Heavy Raiders down in the hanger?

"No, sir." She replied.

That's a problem.

"I'm headed towards the Med bay right now, I'll brief the Admiral. Maybe he has an idea."

It'd better be a good one. We're going to have Cylons swarming all over this ship in under twenty minutes, maybe less. Sharon remarked over the radio.

Keep us apprised, Cadet. Ramsey added.

"Yes, sir. Frasier out." Cassie signed off just as she rounded a corner, and finally saw the Med bay. Hurriedly she walked through the open hatch, but came up short as she took in everything. Adama and Lee were over by several cryotubes, and both were comforting an obviously distraught Starbuck. Jack was on an exam table, his knee set in a metal brace. And Carter was laying on the next exam table, holding a bloody cloth to her nose. "I leave you all alone for five minutes…" she quipped, walking towards Carter.

"Cassie!" O'Neill grunted in pain as he sat up. "What the hell are you doing here?"

She grinned ruefully. "Hoping you'll go easy on my court-martial, sir." She replied. She stopped at Sam's table and gently peeled away the bandage. "Ouch."

"Thabs whab I saib." Sam joked.

"What do you mean Court-martial?" Daniel asked, looking over at Adama. "Who's running this rescue? The Colonials?"

Adama shook his head. "Macmillan has the Colonial fleet and people under lockdown. Technically," he pointed at Cassie, "I'm here as their hostage."

"Ramsey found evidence on what Macmillan was doing, so we got our band together and stole the Titan."

"You STOLE the- no, you know what, I can't even act surprised." O'Neill said. "Don't worry. I'll make sure you all get freaking medals for this…"

"If we get out of here-" she started, but her breath caught in the next instant.

"Got some new bandages for you, Sam. This will have to do until we can get a hold of a healing device…" Janet started, but trailed off as she saw Cassandra standing in the Med bay in full combat gear. "Cassandra?" she whispered.

"Wh-what? Who… what are you?" Cassie demanded softly, bringing her rifle to bare.

"Whoa, whoa, WHOA!" Daniel cried. "Cassie, put the gun down…."

"Cassie, dobt-" Sam tried. Janet backed up slowly, raising her hands in a peaceful gesture.

"CADET! STAND DOWN!" Jack barked. Instantly Cassie's training kicked in and she lowered the P90. She looked at the General. "She's with us." He said simply.

"What is she?"

"A Cylon." Janet explained. "The first Human form that Fifth made."

"Apparently," Adama broke in, gesturing to the cryotubes, "Not all the human form Cylons are bad." Cassies' weapon was now pointed firmly at the desk, but she kept shooting angry glances towards the Janet Cylon. "Now, what's our status."

"The good news is we have all of the survivors, and full control of the Olympia." Cassie started. "The bad news is we have no way of getting everybody up to the Titan."

"There were no Heavy Raiders on board?" Adama asked, surprised. Cassie shook her head.

"No, sir. I'm starting to think they removed any kind of shuttle on the off chance that one of the Prometheus crew tried to make a break for it."

"So we're stuck here." Adama said succinctly.

"What about this ship?" Janet volunteered, and all eyes turned to her. "Many of the systems that were shut down before have come back on-line thanks to the EMP and reboot. This ship should be fully functional in a matter of minutes."

Adama stared hard at the Cylon doctor, then activated his radio. McKay, do you read?"

"McKay came along?" Jack said unbelievingly.

McKay here Admiral.

"What's the status of the reboot?"

Looks like… five minutes, and everything's back up. Why?

"We're taking this ship as out escape vehicle." Adama replied. "Have Helo and Sharon meet me in CIC. Adama out." He looked at the assembled group. "Apollo, Starbuck, Cadet, you're with me. Ronon, stay here and keep an eye on things." Unspoken, the order was to keep an eye on the Cylon doctor, and Ronon nodded. "Let's go."

"Sir," Starbuck started haltingly, "Maybe I-"

Adama gripped her by the shoulders tightly. "You are not a Cylon," he stated. "You're the best damn pilot in the fleet, and you're my daughter. If you ever doubt anything in your life, NEVER doubt that." Tearily she nodded. "Now let's go. We don't have a lot of time.

Adama for a moment as he entered the gleaming white CIC. Smaller than Galactica's or Pegasus's, it consisted of a central chart table set under the DRADIS screens, while the main stations- Helm, tactical, sensors and the like, surrounded it. At the far end was the main navigation station, set next to the helm. Kara and Sharon who, along with Helo, had arrived at the CIC just as the Admiral and his group had, moved directly to Navigation. Adama looked at Helo. "Think you can steer this beast?"

Karl smiled. "Well, it's a bit bigger than a Raptor, but I think I can manage."

"Take the helm, then. Lee, take Tactical. Cadet Frasier, help me monitor what's going on up there."

Cassie took a few calming breaths as she stared at the DRADIS screen. Adama put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Deal with the Cylon issue later. Right now, I need you to focus." Cassie nodded. "Now, what's it look like?"

"It looks like the Titan is taking a pounding, sir." She said. "But Chu's good. She can hold them off."

Adama looked over to Navigation. "Status of FTL?"

"FTL will be on line in three minutes, Admiral." Sharon announced. Making calculations for our two jumps now."

"Two?" Daniel asked, having followed the group to keep an eye on Cassie.

"One into orbit, another immediately following out of the system."

"How far can you take us?"

Sharon thought for a moment. "I can probably get us about a quarter of the way back to Avalon on the second jump."

Meanwhile, Cassie moved over to communications. "Titan, Olympia. Come in."

After a moment, there was a burst of static, and then a familiar voice. Olympia, this is Master Bre'tac. How long until you are able to leave? We are doing our best to buy you time, but we are taking damage….

Cassie looked up at Sharon, who flashed two fingers at her. "Hold them off for two more minutes. We'll see you soon. Olympia out." She looked up at the Admiral. "We need to book, now."

Adama nodded, then picked up the handheld receiver and switched it on. "Attention all hands, this is the Admiral. Prepare for emergency jump."

"Coordinates set." Kara announced, moving over to the FTL computer and punching in the numbers. She quickly found the key and inserted it. "Jumping in five…four…three…two…one…JUMP!"

In space, Fifth was growing tired of the game of cat and mouse the Earth ship was playing. For the past ten minutes the small ship had been wreaking havoc on his fleet, destroying dozens of fighters and damaging two Basestars. Unfortunately, it was moving too fast to get a lock on it with his enhanced beam weapon, but he supposed it was only a matter of time…

Suddenly there was a bright flash, and when the light cleared, directly in their flight path, was the Colonial Battlestar Olympia. Instinctively he yelled out "Evasive maneuvers!" but he was still shocked beyond all reasoning even as his ship frantically changed course, missing the older Battlestar by mere meters. He was aghast- he knew something had gone wrong when an EMP had emitted from the ship, disabling every Cylon within 30 miles. But that should have shut everything on the ship down as well, and the FTL drive had been inoperative for over twenty years now. How was it possible!

"We have a lock on the Earth ship." One of the Cylons, a two, announced.

"Fire!" Fifth snarled. After a moment to power up, the beam of solid energy lanced out of the emitter set into the bow of the ship and slammed into the Titan's shields. To his astonishment, however, the shield actually held!

"My lord, I'm reading a power spike from the Olympia…"

"Disable that ship! Do not allow it to-" but it was too late. The Olympia vanished in a flash of light, once more free from the Cylon grasp that had held it for over twenty years. Moments later, the Titan entered hyperspace.

And even in the cold silence of space, if any humans had remained, they would have been able to hear Fifths' howls of furry.