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Chapter 18

Return to Avalon

In the vast darkness of space, far away from the Cylon home world, the Battlestar Olympia appeared in a blazing flash of light. Seconds later, a hyperspace window opened, and the Titan came roaring out. The smaller ship took position next to the aged Battlestar. On the bridge, Captain Chu turned to look at Thor.

"Damage report. She said.

Thor looked at the board, then back up at the Captain. "Shields are at twelve percent. We have minor hull damage, as well as damage to the long range communication's array. Life support is function within nominal levels. Missiles are depleted, as are your primitive gun rounds, but beam weapons are functioning normally. ZPM is at 85%."

Chu shook her head in amazement. "That is incredible. So much power used, and the ZPM is depleted so little."

"It is an intriguing device." Thor agreed.

Chu looked to Bre'tac. Please open communications to Olympia." Bre'tac nodded and did so. "Olympia, this is the Titan. Do you read, over."

Titan, this is Olympia. Cassie Frasier replied. It's good to hear your voice, Captain.

"Likewise." Chu said. What's your situation?

Over on the Olympia, Cassie stood alone at the DRADIS console. "Ship is secure and fully operational." She said. We have 73 survivors of the Prometheus on board, and Admiral Adama is directing them to posts that need filling."

Colonel Pendergast? Chu asked hopefully.

Cassis sighed. "No, ma'am. He didn't make it." She said sadly, and then continued her report. "Weapons are not functioning at this time- the Cylon's kept the guns in place, but took out all of the ammo."

We, too have limited weapons at this time Chu said. We should not linger here.

"We have Sharon plotting the jumps back to Avalon as we speak." Cassie said. "Give us ten minutes, and we'll get the hell out of here."

Copy that. Keep me informed. Chu out. the line went dead. She looked up at Ramsey, who had come to stand across from her.

"How's the ship?" he asked.

Cassie smiled wearily. "Banged up, but alright. Kind of like us."

Ramsey snorted. "Yeah." He looked at her seriously. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"Why wouldn't I be okay?" she asked irritably. "Just because my dead mother is in the infirmary right now patching our people up…"

"Colonel Carter filled me in." Ramsey said. "She also told me that Janet was the first human form Cylon, and that they never made any more of her because she was too close to human."

Cassie glared at him. "My mother DIED in the line of duty." She hissed angrily. "She died doing her job and saving a life. That THING down there is NOT my mother. Not now, not EVER!"

Ramsey nodded at her. "All right, Cas. That's fine. I'll leave it alone." He sighed. "I have to go make the rounds; you stay up here and coordinate with the Titan." He walked around the DRADIS console, but stopped next to her. "I know this is a unique situation, Cassandra. I know you're angry, and confused and hurt. So I'll let things slide. But you remember this, Cadet," his voice hardened. "You are an Air Force Cadet. You are studying to become an officer of the United States Air Force. There is a certain level of professionalism and decorum that you are to maintain at all times. And if you ever speak that way to me again, I'll snap you back so fast that you'll think you're a first year cadet. Am I clear?"

Cassie swallowed nervously, but brought herself to attention. "Yes, Sir!" she said at once. Ramsey nodded approvingly, then walked out of the CIC.

In the infirmary, Janet was adjusting the brace on Jack's knee. "How's that?" she asked.

Jack stood, wincing in pain. He moved his leg back and forth, working out the kinks in his knee- or what was left of it. "Good enough." He said with a sigh. "Hey, got any spare knees lying around?"

"Sure." Janet said with a wry smile. "Just let me get my scalpel and my set of extra-large needles."

"I'm good." Jack said, rapidly limping away. "I'm good."

"God, we really have missed you Janet." Daniel said with a smile.

"I've missed you too, Daniel." She sighed. "So much has changed… Sam's a Colonel, Cassie's a cadet-" she paused, then looked at Daniel in shock. "What the hell is a cadet doing on a field mission?!" she exclaimed.

Daniel chuckled nervously. "Funny story, that…"

At the far end of the sickbay, Jack stood with Carter, watching Daniel and Janet talk. Sam shook her head in wonder. "Isn't it amazing how many seconds chances we've been given?" she asked. She reached up and lightly rubbed her re-set nose. "How many of us have come back from the dead? Daniel, you, Teal'c- even me." She sighed. "I'd always hoped…"

"I know." Jack said, putting an arm around her. "Me, too."

"I don't know how Cassie is going to handle this." Sam said worriedly.

"We'll help her through it." Jack said.

Sam snorted. "I don't know if we'll all even survive." She said honestly.

Jack gave her a squeeze. "We'll get back to Avalon." He said. "I'll have a pointed conversation with Macmillan, and then we'll plan how to destroy the Replicators, the Cylons, and save everyone." He sighed. "Somehow."

Admiral Adama walked into the sickbay. He glanced at the stasis tubes- that was a decision for later, he decided- and walked over to Jack and Sam. "I've put your people where they could best be used." He told the Air Force officers.

"Will they be able to actually do anything?" Jack wondered aloud.

Adama shrugged. "A ship is a ship. And your people are pretty smart. Besides," he added, "They only need to get us back to Avalon. After that, I can get a Colonial crew in here."

Suddenly the growler phone blared to life. Adama, CIC Cassie's voice said.

Adama walked over and hit the intercom switch."CIC, Adama." he replied.

Sir, Specialist Agathon has finished her jump calculations. We've fed our course to the Titan. The plan is to let the Titan arrive first to wind Macmillan up, then jump in behind her to surprise him.

"Good plan. Execute." He ordered.

Yes, Sir. she said. Suddenly her voice came out over the ship's intercom. Now hear this, now hear this. All hands, prepare to jump!


It was nearly seventeen hours after the Titan had been stolen that Colonel Emerson finally arrived in the city. Seventeen hours it had taken to bring main power back online after the stunt that Rodney McKay- it could only have been Rodney, of course- had crippled his ship so thoroughly that it had take over an hour just to re-establish communications with the ground to tell them what had happened. And while Mr. MacMillan (his people simply called him REMF under their breaths. He didn't' bother to correct them) had wanted Emerson down on the ground to give a report immediately, he had flatly refused, saying he wouldn't leave his ship until main power had been restored and she had landed for repairs.

Seventeen hours later, she finally had.

So now his crew rushed to repair the hyperdrive engines on the Odyssey, and he should have been their to help, but instead he had to take the time to report to the REMF in charge!

As he approached the Director's office, he heard a raised voice. Seconds later the yelling stopped, and Colonel Walter Hardy stepped out, his dark face even darker as he tried his best to reign in his hatred for the man in the office. Emerson sympathized with the man- the Marine had been in charge of security on the station, and it was under his watch that a group of junior officers (and cadets!) had managed to break into the power plant, steal a ZPM, and then steal a billion-dollar space craft. It hadn't helped things that Hardy knew he was being replaced in a week, and that thanks to the REMF, he wouldn't have gotten a good write-up even before the theft.

Hardy walked down the hall towards him, bringing his temper back under control as fast as he could get away from Macmillan. "Watch your Six." He muttered to Emerson as he passed.

"Roge-O" Emerson replied, heading into the office.

Macmillan sat behind his desk and glared at the Colonel as he enter his office. "It's about damn time!" he spat.

"My apologies, Mr. Macmillan. But as I stated, I wouldn't leave my ship until it was safely docked for repairs." Colonel Emerson replied coolly.

"What the hell happened up there, Paul?" the former General demanded.

Emerson stood casually in front of the desk, not at attention. While he was a professional, he wouldn't show this asshole any respect. "Well, Bill," he said, smiling internally as Macmillan's scowl deepened, "the Titan managed to download a virus into our main computer. It altered the programming for the hyperdrive engines in a way that duplicated the Colonial's FTL drives. It must have been McKay," he added. Macmillan tiredly nodded and gestured for him to continue. "Anyway, when we engaged our hyperdrive to pursue, the engines instead initiate an FTL jump, and we ended up in high orbit back around this planet." Emerson sighed. "Unfortunately our engines weren't meant to operate like that, and the process blew out our power plant. It took u seventeen hours to get main power back on line so we could land for more comprehensive repairs."

"Damage estimate?" Macmillan asked next.

"We're going to have to pull the power plant off-line again. It was too close to red-lining while we were landing; I don't even want to think what would happen if we tried to go to hyperspace. That won't be a problem, though; because we can use a ZPM to power the ship and bypass the power plant altogether." Assuming you give us back our ZPM. He thought harshly. Macmillan had pulled ALL of the ZPM's out of the earth ships. "It will probably take a week to fix the hyperdrive engines-"

"A WEEK!" Macmillan exploded.

"Yes, BILL. A week." He said tiredly. "The engines need to be pulled and completely replaced. Another week for various other repairs."

"So two weeks." He said, his voice dripping acid. "I am VERY disappointed in you, Colonel."

"I could care less, Bill." Emerson snapped.

"You watch your tone with me, Colonel!" Macmillan shouted. "I am the head of the I.O.A.! I run this city! And I can break your damn career."

"You runs this city?" Emerson scoffed. "You ran the Prometheus into the Cylons. You ran a bunch of kids into stealing- successfully!- a US warship. You ran the smartest minds in this galaxy to turn their talents against you to do so!" he laughed mirthlessly. "You wanted us to stop that ship- how? Blow it up? You wanted us to recover stolen property to destroy it?" he scoffed. "I don't know who you were sleeping with to get this job, but I'll make damn sure you won't have it when I get back to Earth!"

But you won't be going back to Earth. Macmillan thought viciously. Ever. Before he could reply out loud, though, a message came over the intercom.

Control room to Mr. Macmillan.

He hit the coms button on his desk. "What" he snarled.

Sir, the Titan has just appeared in orbit!

Macmillan jumped up and ran out of his room, Colonel Emerson following close behind. Moments later they were in the man control room. "Where?" he demanded.

Lieutenant Davies showed him on the display. "He's approaching the planet. Daedalus will intercept in two minutes."

"Well, let's hope Colonel Caldwell does a better job." He said sarcastically. The lieutenant glanced over to the Major sitting next to him on the console, and she nodded subtly.

'REMF' they both thought.


Colonel Caldwell watched the Titan warily as it approached. He had his hyperdrive shut down in case they tried that stunt again.

"Hail them." The Colonel ordered.

Lt. Stuart opened the com link. "Titan, this is Daedalus. Respond." Nothing. "Titan, this is Daedalus. Respond." He tried again. He frowned, and looked back to Caldwell. "Sir, I'm picking up something, but it's faint. I think their long range communications array has been damaged."

Caldwell stood up and walked to the window, staring at the smaller ship as it approached. He nodded. "Looks like it took a hell of a pounding. Try-" he was cut off as there was a sudden flash of light, and directly behind the approaching ship appeared a Colonial Battlestar. Similar to Galactica, it almost looked brand new. "Shit!" he exclaimed. "Battle stations!"

"Sir, I'm receiving a communication from the Battlestar." Lt. Stuart said, his eyes wide in surprise. "Sir, you have to take this."


The crew in the control center were surprised by the new ship, but they were also Air Force officers and acted accordingly.

"Sir, I'm reading a Colonial Battlestar, Caprica class." Lt. Davies reported.

Macmillan snarled. "Something the Colonials forgot to tell us about?"

"I don't think so, sir." Lt. Wells said from communications. "I'm picking up a lot of excited chatter from the Colonial ships still in orbit."

"I'm reading a launch from the Battlestar." Davies frowned. "Sir, it appears to be one of the Titan's Puddle Jumpers."

"What?!" Macmillan exclaimed.

"I've got an incoming communication for you, Colonel." Wells told Emerson.

"Put it on the screen." He ordered. A moment later, Captain Douglas Ramsey's face appeared.

"Colonel Emerson, sir." He said.

"Captain." Emerson replied coolly.

Ramsey winced. "On a scale of one to ten, exactly HOW pissed off are you at me right now?"

"It'll take two weeks to fix my ship. Take a guess." He replied harshly.

"In our defense- that was all McKay's doing."

"HEY!" Rodney yelled from the back of the Jumper.

"SHUT UP RODNEY!" a chorus of voices shouted in reply.

Emerson shook his head, trying to hide his grin. Ramsey smiled briefly, then turned serious. "Colonel, my crew and I are prepared to surrender to you for disciplinary action."

"You will surrender to ME, Captain!" Macmillan snarled.

Ramsey gave him a disdainful look. "Why don't you do everyone a favor and stroke out you son of a bitch."

Macmillan's eyes flared in anger. "Do you know who I am?"

"You're the juggernaut, bitch?" Ramsey replied laconically. He turned his attention back to Colonel Emerson. "Sir, I'll be landing at the East Platform in five minutes. I'll surrender to you then. Ramsey out." He cut the connection.

Macmillan stormed over to the communications board and punched a button, angrily shoving Lieutenant Well's aside to do so. Wells looked back to Emerson, who just gave her a subtle shake of the head. "Colonel Wilkes, have your security team at the East Platform in two minutes." He called out.

"Mr. Macmillan, Colonel Hardy is in charge of security-" Emerson started. Macmillan cut him off.

"Hardy allowed the Titan to be taken by a bunch of kids." He spat. "I'll have my own hand-picked men on security from now on. "

Emerson sighed. "All right, let's go-"

"You will stay here, Colonel." Macmillan snapped. "I'm the commander of this base, and if he's going to surrender, he'll do so to me. Besides," he looked at the Colonel disdainfully, "How do I know you wont just let him 'escape' again?" With that, Macmillan spun and headed for the exit.

As soon as the door closed, Emerson walked over to the com board. "Excuse me, Lieutenant." He said politely, and she nodded, moving aside. "Colonel Hardy, come back on channel 7." He called over the radio, then switched the board's frequency to a secure line.

Paul, what gives? Hardy asked.

"Walter, get a group of people you trust and head to the East Platform." Emerson said. "Ramsey brought back the Titan and is going to surrender, but I'm worried about what Macmillan is going to do." He shook his head. "Something's going on here, but I just don't know what."


"Charlie-Foxtrot" he confirmed. He cut the line and stood back up. "Where's the Titan?" he asked.

"Sir, Daedalus is escorting the Titan back down to the shipyard." Davies replied. "They should dock just as the Puddle Jumper docks."


Doctor Keller did her usual rounds, checking on the few patients she had at the moment. Her last patient was Elizabeth Pierce, and she gave her a quick check up to make sure everything was okay. As she finished, she straightened and sighed. "Why won't you wake up?" the muttered, mostly to herself. She turned and walked back into her office to go over some notes and fill out some requisition forms.

She never saw Elizabeth open her eyes.

East Platform

William Macmillan walked up to the main doors of the East Platform, pleased to see Wilkes and his men all around. He had hand-picked these men- they were loyal to him, and would do what he ordered, no questions asked. Macmillan looked at his watch, and frowned.

"Where are they?" he demanded.

"Sir, the Titan and the Daedalus docked along with the Jumper." Wilkes replied. "It's slowed down the process somewhat."

"Why did the Daedalus dock?" he wondered.

"Colonel Caldwell didn't want them to risk bolting." Wilkes replied.

"Is that a fact?"

"That's what he told me, sir."

The door suddenly opened, and Wilkes men all raised their weapons. They lowered them slightly when they saw Colonel Caldwell walk out. Behind him walked several technicians.

"Whoa! Stand down!" he barked. Loyal to Macmillan or not, they were trained soldiers and did just that.

"Colonel," Macmillan started, "It was very admirable of you to escort the Titan in, but what are you still doing here?" he asked.

"While we were coming in through the atmosphere, I noticed our hyperdrive generators were fluctuating. I decided to dock to run a full diagnostic." Caldwell replied, and then gestured to the technicians. "They just need to grab some tools from the West Platform- apparently they were never transferred to the dock." He sighed irritably. Macmillan nodded, and the men stated moving off, slipping in between Wilkes' men.

At the end of the hall, Colonel Hardy quietly approached with twenty of his best Marines. He gestured fro them to stop, and he peered around the corner, watching as the Daedalus tech weenies wormed their way through. Then he stopped, and squinted, looking at one in particular. His eyes widened as Cameron Mitchell looked right at him and winked. He quickly assessed the other people- he spotted three more people from Prometheus, and there were those two Colonials- the Agathons, all dressed up in Daedalus flight suits with caps pulled low over their faces. Hardy grinned.

There was a murmur of conversation suddenly, and all movement stopped as Captain Ramsey walked out of the East Platform. Macmillan was furious- he couldn't take care of these people now with so many witnesses. Oh well, I guess there'll be some kind of accident in the Brig. He thought. Maybe a gas leak… Captain Ramsey stopped right in front of Macmillan, a ball cap pulled low and his face cast downward, not looking at the administrator. "Well, Captain." Macmillan began. "That was some stunt you pulled. Disobeying a direct order, stealing a government warship. Mutiny… the list goes on." He lowered his voice so only Ramsey could hear. "I'm going to enjoy breaking you." He hissed, then stepped back. "Well? What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Oops?" Ramsey replied mockingly. Only- the voice came from behind him. The man in front of him raised his head, revealing himself to be Daniel Jackson. "Now!" he cried. Suddenly, all of the tech spun, drawing either Zats or Alteran stunners and fired, taking out Wilkes' men in a matter of seconds. Simultaneously, Hardy led his Marines down the hall at a fast trot to secure the fallen men.

Hardy looked up and grinned at Mitchell. "Colonel." He greeted.

"Colonel." Mitchell replied, then looked over at the newly arrived Colonel Emerson. "Colonel."

"Colonel." Emerson replied. He looked over at Carter, who had also been disguised as a tech. "Colonel." He said.

Sam grinned. "Colonel." She looked to Caldwell, who held a Zat as well. "Colonel."

"Colonel." He replied.

"Really?!" McKay said, annoyed.

Ramsey walked around the gaping Macmillan, who was staring in disbelief at the fallen men all around him. "You really should have read those mission reports more carefully, Willie." Ramsey said. "Colonel O'Neil was using this trick before there even WAS an SGC." Macmillan glared at the young officer, but his face paled as he saw Jack O'Neil himself limping down the hall towards him.

Jack stopped right in front of him and glared at him with raw hatred in his eyes. Then he hauled off and slugged him hard in the jaw, sending the man crashing to the ground. "Did you miss me, you son of a bitch?" he growled, and then kicked the man, who howled in pain. "Because you sure as hell didn't miss Pendergast, and the 42 other people that dies on the Prometheus!"

"General!" Carter cried, holding him back.

O'Neil laughed humorlessly. "And you know the sad thing, Bill? It was for nothing! NOTHING!"

"General, I don't know—"

"Cut the crap, Fifth told use everything." Jack said, and Macmillan's eyes widened in fear. "Yeah, that's right. And you know what else he told us? That the first new Replicator he was going to build would be a copy of me, so it could kill you first! Just so you knew how stupid you had been!"

"I…I…I…" Macmillan gasped out.

"I,I,I- spit it out, Bill. I ain't got all day." Jack said mockingly.

"I…can't…breath!" he gasped out.

Suddenly the lights went out.

"What the hell!" Caldwell cried out in alarm.

"Control room, this is Hardy. What's going on down here?"

I don't know, sir! Power levels just switched…off.

"Well how—" he cut off when the lights suddenly came back on, and he gasped in surprise. "Mary, mother of god…"

William Macmillan was hanging eight feet in the air, clutching at his throat. And standing before him with her arm raised was Elizabeth Pierce.

And she looked PISSED.

As the others watched in shock and concern, Elizabeth pulled her arm back, bringing Macmillan close to her. She leaned in close, and his eyes widened in fear as he saw her own eyes, which were black as pitch.

"Remember me?" she snarled. Then threw her hand forward, opening her fist as she did so. Macmillan slammed hard against the rear wall, cracking his head. His arms and legs were pinned out wide like a entomologist would pin a moth. Ignoring everyone around her, she slowly walked forward, each step putting more and more pressure on Macmillan's body. "You damage my city." she growled coldly. "You persecute my friends, send them off to die? You endanger the lives of everyone in TWO galaxies, and for what? Your own personal ambitions?"

Daniel looked on in alarm as blood began to seep out of Macmillan's nose and ears, joining the thin trickle for the back of his head. "This is getting serious…" he warned.

"Most Ascended's can't use their powers," Pierce continued. "But I got a free pass." She grinned evilly as Macmillan watched in terror. "How about I use that power to flay the skin from your bones?"

"Major…" Jack warned.

"Leave me alone." Pierce hissed.

Carter walked over and put a hand on her arm, trying to lower it. "Pierce, stop this—"

Pierce spun her head and looked Carter dead in the eyes. "BACK OFF!" she screamed. Suddenly an invisible hand gabbed the back of her jumpsuit and tugged, throwing her back into Teal'c's arms. Pierce looked back to Macmillan, who was setting himself in fear. "Your mine!" she growled.

"Hawkeye, stop this." Pierce shifted her eyes over to see Mitchell standing there. He had his arms at his sides, palms facing up, showing her he wasn't threatening her. "This isn't you."

"This isn't me?" her voice had taken on a strange reverberation. "Yes it is. This is as me as it gets."

Mitchell shook his head. "No, it's not." He insisted. "You've been unconscious for days. You're still tired, and confused."

She turned to stare at him. "I'M NOT CONFUSED!" she shouted. Mitchell winced, but when he wasn't thrown back, he decided to persist.

"Yes you are." He said. "And I don't blame you. You have so much crap going on right now, it's turning you three ways from Sunday. There's no shame in that. But this," he gestured to Macmillan, still pinned to the wall, "this IS shameful. Macmillan is scum." He admitted. "He's vile, and most of all, he's a criminal. And he will be brought to justice. He will stand trial for his crimes, and he will be punished. It's our duty to see that that happens." Pierce looked at Mitchell, then back at Macmillan, them back at Mitchell. She looked confused and undecided. "We took an oath, remember? Do you remember our oath? I Cameron Mitchell…"

Elizabeth remember the oath she had taken. "I Elizabeth Pierce…"

"Do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Mitchell continued.

Elizabeth looked at him with wet eyes. "That I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion."

Mitchell nodded. "And that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. "

A tear ran down her cheek. "So help me God." She finished in a whisper. She let her arm drop, and Macmillan crashed to the floor with a groan. Elizabeth looked at her friend shakily. "Cam, I don't feel so good…"

Her knees gave out, but Cam caught her. "I got you, Hawkeye. I got you."

There was a collective sigh of relief that the ordeal was over. The power swirling through the room had. been oppressive. Janet made her way over to Pierce and stated looking her over. Pierce looked at the Doctor in momentary confusion. "Janet?" she asked.

Janet smiled tightly at her. "Sort of…"

Pierce's eyes widened. "You're a Cylon!"

"Good guess."

"I'm not guessing, I can see it!" she exclaimed excitedly. Looking at Janet, she could see the cillica pathways laid out the through biomechanical body. "I can see the synthetic pathways running through your body. Whoa!" she laid a hand on her chest and looked her in the face in wonder. "I can see your soul."

Janet stepped back in shock, and Sharon came up to her. "Can you see…" she asked hesitantly.

Pierce nodded, and then winced. "Okay, no sudden movements of the head. Yeah, I can see inside you, too. It's incredible." She looked over at Mitchell and grinned drunkenly. "Kind of reminds me of when, you know, in the Academy, you scored some 'E'…."

"Hush, Darlin'." Mitchell tried, looking embarrassed, Jack gave him a look, but Carter just shook her head and grinned.

Jack motioned to Hardy, and he had two Marines go over and pick Macmillan up. "Take him to sickbay, but keep him under guard at all times." Jack ordered. "As soon as he's able to leave, throw him in the brig."

"You were right," Pierce said quietly to Mitchell, watching as two Marines hauled Macmillan to his feet.

He looked at her in confusion. "About what, exactly?" he asked.

"That wasn't me." She said, moving away from him. Suddenly she spun around and kicked Macmillan in the balls HARD. He fell back down to the deck, groaning in agony. Pierce turned back to Mitchell who, like all of the men present, were wincing in gender sympathy. "THAT was me." She said.

Cassie came up to her and took her by the arm. "Okay, boss. Let's get you back to sickbay." She said warmly. "Before they decide to put you in the brig."

Mitchell watched them walk off, and then turned back to O'Neil and shrugged. "Women." He said simply, before turning to follow.

Jack saw someone else turning to follow and stopped him cold with one word. "Ramsey."

The young Captain, swallowed anxiously, but turned and faced his commander. "Yes, sir?"

Jack looked over to Emerson, who walked up to the young officer. He stared at him hard for almost a minute, letting his sweat. "McKay, huh?" he said finally.

Ramsey straightened. "In Doctor McKay's defense, sir, he was just augmenting my own plan. And any actions he took were my responsibility."

Emerson nodded thoughtfully. "And the rest of your 'crew'?" he prodded.

"We all knew the risks, sir. And the probably outcome. We are all willing to accept punishment for what we did. But I would ask that you be lenient with them, sir. Again, ultimate responsibility is mine and mine alone."

Emerson looked to Jack, who looked over to Adama, who was standing near the Agathons and watching with interest. "Admiral, as an impartial observer- despite the fact that he 'kidnapped' you," he added with a smirk, "What do you think."

Adama stared at the Captain for several seconds before looking to Jack. "I think he makes a damn fine officer, General."

Jack looked at Emerson. "Colonel."

He nodded. "I'd say the same."

Jack walked up to Ramsey and held out his hand. Ramsey sagged a bit in relief, but quickly took the hand and gave a firm handshake. "Good job, Captain."

"Thank you, Sir." Ramsey replied, back at attention.

"Go see to your crew, then oversee repairs to the Titan." He ordered. "I have the feeling we'll be needing it soon." He saluted.

Ramsey returned the salute. "Yes, Sir!" he said, then ran off to sickbay.

Jack turned back to Adama. "Admiral, on my authority, you're people are free to move about once more. If they feel safer in their ships, that's fine, but…"

"But we have a possible attacking force on its way." Adama finished.

"Have your people start doing thorough checks on all of your docked ships." Jack said. "It the worse happens, I want to make sure they have a chance to escape."

"I'll do that." He replied.

"Rodney," Jack called out, and the genius appeared. "I'd like you and Hailey to search through Macmillan's computers. See if there is anything there that we need to know."

"Like what?" Rodney asked.

"Like if he sabotaged this city." Jack suggested. "Or if he happens to know the enemy's plans. That sort of thing. Oh, and Rodney?"

"Yes, General?" McKay said.

"Work nicely with Hailey. And don't worry," he added, "I'll tell her the same for you."

"I'm on it!" McKay exclaimed, walking briskly down the halls towards the administration quarters.

"O'Neil," Thor said, and Jack looked behind and down to the tiny Asgard. "With your permission, I will have the Odyssey brought up to the Samantha Carter for repairs. They should only take a few hours."

"A few hours!" Emerson exclaimed. "My people were saying two weeks!"

"My apologies, Colonel. But I left orders not to assist Mr. Macmillan in any way until I returned."

Emerson bobbed his head apologetically. Jack smiled at his friend. "Then by all means, bring her up." He said. He looked around at the rest of the crews that were still milling about. "Everyone else, get checked out by the Docs! Janet, you help Keller, please." He added to his friend(?). Get some rest. The next few days are going to be busy. Carter," he called out, stopping her as everyone else started to move off.

"Yes, Sir?" she asked, all business.

He moved close to her. "I want you to go through the city's computers to check for sabotage." He told her softly. "Grab Pierce as soon as she's cleared. We need to know if Macmillan did any more tampering."

"Yes, Sir."

"Oh, one more thing…" Jack said. Carter looked at her curiously, and he smirked. "Try not to take too long this time."

Carter smirked in reply. "No promises."


A/N 4: Military jargon thanks to Tom Clancy.

REMF= Rear Echelon Mother Fucker.

Charlie-Foxtrot= clusterfuck.

Ramsey mentioned O'Neil using the trick of disguising his team as something else before there was an SGC. That of course refers to the movie Stargate, where Jack and his team dress up as Abbadonian workers to attack Ra.

Oh and those last three lines? Yeah, that was me going meta. I haven't written this story in so long, I actually have to go back and read through the whole thing to figure out where was going. I know what the last arc of this story will be, I just need to brush up on the minutia and remember what I was going to do. But I still have to transcribe Season 2 of Arrow, and that will take me a while. And then I have to write the sequel to Past is Prologue. And I'm still going to write Gods and Monsters.