Naruto May Cry

Chapter 8: A "Warm" Reunion

That night Dante and Naruto amazed the rest of the group with the sheer amount of pizza they consumed and beer they guzzled down.

'My god… They're worse then me when I'm blood crazy.' Anko thought as Dante and Naruto finished their fifteenth pizza, 'and just were the hell did they get all this pizza from?!'

Fifteen minutes later…

"My god…" Tazuna whispered as he looked at the mountain pizza boxes and beer cans. Just as Dante finished the last pizza he let out an enormous burp.

"Damn that felt good!" He said with a giant smile.

"Now I think I know where Naruto gets his mannerisms from." Ino whispered to Hinata who wasn't exactly paying attention as she stared at the two men and their well sculpted abs and rippling muscles. She couldn't help but feel herself gravitating towards them. It may have been because of their confidence rolling off of them in waves. Anko could see this as she watched her charges thinking of ways to torture… I mean help them in any way possible.

"So why are you here Dante-Shishou?" Naruto asked as he tossed the boxes into the fire as fuel.

"Well, I WAS coming to celebrate your graduation from the academy," Naruto sweated a little under the stare from his teacher, "But I got hold of some info saying there was a 'person' that wanted to meet me for a 'party'. The guy was a messenger and he left several of his 'friends' so I thought I would join the 'party' to… you know… heat things up a bit."


"Now where the hell do you think you're going?" Dante asked putting the safety off and caulked the gun with an audible click. We pan over to Naruto who was slowly trying to sneak away before he got caught.

"Ummm… I just needed to go?" Naruto said hoping his shishou would buy it.

"Yeah, and I need to take an extra large shit." Dante said sarcastically.

Naruto visibly sweated, "ummm… How long?"


"Only five?!"


"Shit" Naruto hightailed it out of the campsite while Dante sat there slowly aiming his gun at Naruto's head.

"Three" By this time Naruto was gone and out of a normal person's sight range.

"Shouldn't you be going after him?" Ino asked while Anko watched in twisted fascination.

"Not really, one" Dante pulled the trigger. Three seconds later you could hear Naruto yell of pain. Naruto slowly came back couple hours later with his lower right cheek covered with a bandage. He came over and sat down in between Anko and Hinata and slowly took a breath.

"I'll be good."

"Better." Dante said smirking as he chugged down another beer.

"Damn! You have to teach me that! I've been trying to get him to behave for a while now." Anko said as she pinched Naruto's cheek. Naruto just silently set his head on to Anko's shoulder causing her to blush a little. Dante smirked as he saw this ignoring the fact that Anko was now staring daggers at him that stated, "Tell this to anyone and I'll make you enjoy womanhood."

The night slowly passed as Anko and Dante talked about the most sadistic way of teaching children. The others went to their tents as Dante threatened them with a giant rocket launcher.

The very next day…

After a very hectic morning that includes shouting from Anko, complaints from Ino, Dante's guns, and… you get the idea. It ain't pretty. After matters settled down, Dante announced he would tag along as he wanted to see how much Naruto grew in skill. So the group headed down the path to the country of Wave.

4 hours later

The group was now on the boat that one of Tazuna's friends owned who was cooperating covertly.

"So can you tell us who is behind this situation?" Anko asked as she sharpened a kunai.

"The man that's after my life is Gato." He replied pulling the brim of his hat down.

"Gato! As in the president of the Gato corporation?!" Anko shouted.

"Shhhh! be quiet! Why do you think I'm rowing the boat instead of using the motor!?" the boats man whispered making Anko cover her mouth.

"He took over this place and blocked off all sea routes for trade constricting us and making our economy do a dive bomb." Tazuna explained, "And now, the only way for us to get back to being prosperous is to complete this bridge."

"But recently, there has been a rumor that Gato hired a demon to fight for him." The boatman said as he continued rowing.

"A demon huh." Dante smirked, "I think I got an idea of who you're talking about."

"Dante-shishou, you don't mean…"

"Yup. Most likely." Dante cut Naruto off. The others were confused on what they were talking about.

Over in Hut that's located in a dark forested area near the Country of Wave…

"Your demon army failed to stop and kill them." A man with bandages covering his mouth said to what seemed to be shadows, "Why didn't you just go out and fight them yourself?"

A figure walked forwards from the shadow only to stop where the shadow barely covered his face.

"I was testing the skills of the shinobi Zabuza. Quite frankly, they're no match for even for those low level demons." the figure said, "plus, it would seem an old 'acquaintance' has shown his face at an inopportune moment."

"Ho, who would this 'acquaintance' be?" the man named Zabuza asked.

"That information is none of your concern." The figure said in a low threatening voice.

"You telling me what I can ask and can't huh?" Zabuza said gripping the hilt of his sword.

"Your not paid to ask questions or think for yourself." The figure said as he held a katana by the scabbard to his side, "You're only supposed to listen to orders and fulfill them to the employer's specifications."

Zabuza then thrust forward with his sword going in a wide curve but stopped in half a second as the figure was now under him with his katana unsheated and pointing at Zabuza's chin.

"You really should choose your words and actions wisely," the figure said as he jumped back into the shadows followed by an audible click, "especially against your superior."

"Fuck off!" Zabuza shouted he pointed his sword right at the figure. The figure stood still although the swords tip was only a half an inch away from his face. Zabuza humphed as he rested the sword on his back and walked to the door.

"Where do you think you're going?" the figure asked.

"I'm going to greet your so called acquaintance." Zabuza replied, "You can come and watch if you want. Just don't get in my way."

With that said the two disappeared.

Back with our crew

They have reached the mainland are now walking towards Tazuna's house with Naruto in the lead and Dante just causally strolling from behind. Just then Naruto and Dante pulled out their pistols and fired to their left and right making everyone in between them.

"What the hell was that for!" Ino shouted as she tried to get up when a giant blade flew above her barely missing her.

"So they sent three kunoichi, a snot nose brat, and a familiar looking mug." A voice said from around them.

"Stop fooling around dipshit before I start firing holes into you." Dante shouted as his guns pointed towards the sword now stuck in a tree ahead of them. Then a figure dropped down and landed on the sword and Dante felt cold steel touch the side of his neck.

"So you came." Dante said with a smirk, "I had a hunch those demons were sent by you."

"I didn't know you had any thought processes going through that empty cave you call a head." The man holding the sword to Dante's neck said as he pushed it closer to the neck. Dante reacted in an instant as he moved with the flow of the blade and preformed a spin kick to the man behind him who jumped back dodging the kick.

"I thought I told you I don't need your help!" Zabuza yelled, "you had your chance and you failed!"

"Not this one," the figure said, "This one is mine. Don't you agree dear brother."

"Heh. Naruto can handle that wimp over there hands down," Dante said as he smirked, "But you on the other hand, I'll have to take you down personally, Vergil."

To be continued…..