Yo peeps...here is the sequel to Naruto and Hinata's Paradise

Me: Hey Ries how did you like the story?

Ries: It was pretty good Trey, but it ended in kind off a harsh tone.

Me:...Thanks...well readers...enjoy...Oh and one more thing When you see 'its thinking When you see ' its Trey and Ries talking telepathically

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Hinata walked down aisle while the organ was busy playing away. She saw Naruto was a little uncomfortable in his tux but happy none the less.

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Naruto's POV

'Wow! Hinata-chan looks H-O-T hot in that dress. I wonder how Ries and Trey are doing. I hope their tuxes fit' I thought. I glanced to the door and saw them peeking out with a huge grin plastered on their faces. Hinata reached the alter and I started to get nervous.

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Hinata's POV

'Naruto-kun...it's finally here...I'm so nervous but, happy oh am I soo happy!' I thought as I stepped onto the alter. I looked out to the crowd and saw only the few members that were in the Akuma-Kitsune. I also saw Trey and Ries poking their heads out waiting for their turn.

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Normal POV

"Mom and Dad are so happy" Trey said

"Yep" Ries agreed 'Come on...Get on the alter mom...' Ries and Trey thought. They figured out that they had a sort of "gift" that aloud them to communicate telepathically.

Trey saw that their mom had finally reached the alter 'Ready?' Trey thought 'as ready as I'll ever be' Ries thought back. They picked up the pillow that carried the two rings and proceeded to head down the long aisle. 'Yes, now I can get this nervousness out of the way' Naruto thought.

As soon as the twins got to Naruto and Hinata, Haruka started saying the typical "preacher at a wedding stuff". Naruto and Hinata said their vows and then said their "I do" s, Ries and Trey gave the rings to each of them. Naruto and Hinata were now a wedded couple. The whole crowd cheered and applauded as Naruto and Hinata kissed.

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After the applauding ended, everyone made their way to the reception area. They all were seated at a long table with Naruto and Hinata on the far side. Naruto stood up and got everyone's attention.

"Attention. Attention! SHUT THE FUCK UP SO I CAN SPEAK!" Naruto yelled and the whole group got quiet. Naruto said his "on-the-spot" speech. He wasn't ever good at speeches (unless he was fighting) so the whole time the crowd was laughing to themselves. Hinata spoke next and then let everyone eat. Naruto got the first servings and let the others follow behind him. When he was done getting his food he had four full plates. But not even one bowl of ramen.

"Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked

"Yes Naruto-kun?"

"Where did the ramen go? I know I ordered some" Naruto said confused. Hinata giggled and replied "cant you go one day without eating ramen?" He answered: "I did...and it almost killed me" Hinata giggled and pointed under the tables that held the food. Naruto looked under the tables to find massive ramen pots. "Oh my god!" Naruto said as he pulled the pots out. He got at least ten bowls of every kind of ramen there.

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After the reception everyone said goodbye and went to their rooms, leaving Naruto, Hinata, Trey and Ries in the giant room.

"That was fun!" Ries exclaimed

"Yeah!" Trey agreed

"I'm glad you two approve" Naruto said teasingly. Naruto picked up Trey and placed him on his shoulders. Hinata picked up Ries and held him like a baby. Ries got a really intense look on his face and Trey got the same look.

"What's wrong Ries?" Hinata asked

"Huh? Oh nothing mom" Ries said 'Trey? Does something seem out of place?' Ries asked 'Yeah...I think mom and dad are hiding something' Trey replied

"Yeah nothing" Trey also reassured.

"Trey? Ries? Your mom and I have something to tell you" Naruto began putting Trey down. Hinata placed Ries firmly on the ground also. "Well...how to put this...you do know why we live in a cave?" Naruto asked

"Sure we do! You guys and Akio-san and Ume-san and everyone else live here. So me and Ries figured that we are different and you are protecting us" Trey said

"Also we think that you are the leaders of another hidden village" Ries piped in

"Who told you about the other villages?" Hinata asked

"Akio-san and Ume-san" Trey answered hoping he hadn't gotten then in trouble.

"Well...Hinata-chan...I guess our cover is blown" Naruto said

"Yeah...we have some smart children" Hinata agreed 'What's going on Trey?' 'I don't know...but I think we are about to become genin' 'Yeah right' "Trey, Ries... You were born into the Uzimaki clan...Our clan has a special ability...the Kami-Kitsune" Hinata stated "Also...Everyone around you is part of an organization called the Akuma-Kitsune...The organization, and everyone in it are residents of The Village Hidden by Illusions. That is a village that your father made three years ago when you were only one year old. So naturally you are this village's genin" Hinata finished 'Told you' 'Shut up'

"Soon there is going to be a test called the Chunin Exams. It is held in one of the other villages and this year it is in the village hidden in the leaves. You two along with another person will take part in these exams to see if you will become chunin. If you do you will make this village proud. If you don't become chunin, big deal you can take it again. So...Do you wish to take these exams?" Naruto finished. Trey and Ries had to take a second to absorb all of this information. Trey was about to answer but Ries spoke first.

"Mom, Dad..."

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