Author's Commentary: Alright. I think I got a misunderstanding from last Chapter, but I'm not going to edit it. People are thinking Mitchel is being "hasty" with forcing the proposal upon Ann, but I would like to point out a few parts of that text, for example: "One fine day of an unspecified date…". For crying out loud, "UNSPECIFIED DATE" people! It could've been days, weeks, even SEASONS after the Chapter occurred, but people have been assuming; "Oh, "Unspecified Date." It's simply means "a few days later" in Chicken Yuki speech. No. And another thing is that Mitchel isn't forcing Cliff to take immediate action. He's just making the option more accessible to him: "You can go ahead and take your time"; and Just make sure to use it when the time is right.", not "Propose to Ann and take her to a damn honeymoon before I hire my good friend Nack and have him pump lead in your vital organs!". I just wanted to point that out since it seems to be a common notice by the few reviewers I get here… anyway, here's the final Chapter. I hope I don't disappoint…

Final Chapter

A full year passed, and the bonds of love grew strong. Despite the multiple injuries he encountered from what many believed was "bad karma", Rick managed to hang on and discover a love life with Karen.

Mary and Gray's relationship held out just fine, and remained unburdened by the peculiar gossip surrounding Mineral Town. The young blacksmith's apprentice even started joining Mary's family on their weekly hikes, which allowed him to relax a little more. He was even willing to join in on a few conversations between Mary and Mitchel, which let to some interesting moments.

Elli and Doctor Tim were also unhindered by the dregs of society. In fact, most of Mineral Town celebrated their budding relationship. As the medical pair becomes closer in intimacy with time, many speculated that a proposal is bound to come up between these two.

Ever since past Valentine's Day, Ann and Cliff have been going out regularly. They enjoyed a few days of the week hiking around town, but they always enjoyed each morning being with each other at the Inn, where Ann continues to top the breakfast she makes for her beloved. Unfortunately, the redhead still got the short end of the rumor stick, as some of the villagers look down upon her with scorn, believing that she threw away her true love life when she left Mitchel for Ann, but she didn't care. She hated the black-haired farmer in the first place, and she's already dating the man she always really loved.

Luckily for Mitchel, the news surrounding him in particular wasn't so bad. Some rumors stated that Popuri came to him during a time of need, saving him from depression from loosing Ann. Others finally caught on to Mary's friendship with the strange chicken farmer, and were even convinced that she was supporting Mitchel in his supposed "pursuit of Ann".

In truth, he actually enjoyed a similar schedule of fun with the pink-haired young lady, but the Valentine's Day confession took away some otherwise awkward tension between this pair, making them seem more carefree than usual. While they still enjoy talking about their favorite subject of chicken care, and having general childish fun, they've managed a few more excuses to play House with Stu and May, and they've even started showing subtle hints of affection towards each other during the course of their new relationship.

As for Kai? Well, he's still good friends with the citizens of Mineral Town, even though it's mostly women, Mayor Thomas, and Mitchel who talk to him, but he's still just fine hanging out during the Summer Season. However, when the Summer season ended yet again, the traveler with the purple bandana went off for another Summer-free adventure. It is said that for the moment, Kai has been searching the mines of Forget-Me-Not Valley for something, or someone special.

Some are convinced that Kai's personal adventure in Forget-Me-Not Valley may involve something to do with his former life before traveling. Stranger rumors state that Kai's been battling monsters in these mines. Whatever the true case may be, none have yet to confirm Kai's true whereabouts or activities, but most believe he is still at Forget-Me-Not Valley.

But another special day is coming. One week from the day after Valentine's Day, a fateful event happened. Doctor Tim Holiday finally proposed to an ecstatic Elli, finally ready to ensure their eternal bond. The entire town caught on, and became just as excited. With the friendship they had going with Mitchel, the eccentric chicken farmer was properly chosen to be the best man, while a certain meek librarian was chosen as the maid of honor.

After the acknowledged day of chocolate giving passed once again, the entire citizenry dressed formally the following day and headed towards the church, where a new Chapter in their lives was about to unfold…

In the morning of the wedding, little May in an adorable white dress got to walk about and toss flowers around.

By the altar, Mitchel, Popuri, and Ann were witnessing her antics, feeling overjoyed for the occasion.

"Awww… May looks really cute in that dress." Popuri said.

Mitchel nodded. "I'm not used to seeing that girl in formal attire like that, but I gotta admit… she looks really good in it."

Maria giggled. "She's simply adorable…"

After her part was done, a few moments passed by before the groom finally stepped out in a fancy white tuxedo.

Grins and looks of awe filled the church, as the doctor looked quite handsome for his occasion.

"Heh… spruce up Doctor Holiday a smidge and the guy becomes a stud. Dunno if the same can be done for me." Mitchel said.

"Oh no… I have to disagree. You look really good in your outfit!" Popuri grinned.

"Really? So can I be considered "handsome", now?" Mitchel teased.

Popuri scoffed with a slight blush on her face. "I told you, I'm sorry about that! It's just---"

"You're forgiven!" Mitchel abruptly interrupted.

Popuri gave her boyfriend a frustrated glare before going into a fit of laughter.

Mary looked pleased at how the pair have been acting lately. "It seems the two of you are even closer now. I assume Yesterday's Valentine's day went by rather well?"

The happy pair nodded in unison.

"All Popuri here had to do is whip up another tasty Chocolate cake, and we were good to go!" Mitchel exclaimed.

"I tried to top myself this year by adding some special icing and cherries. By the way Mitchel approved of the taste, I would have to say that it was a success!" Popuri cheered.

Mitchel then wore a silly grin on his face. "Yep. I would have to say she did a really good job this time. I'm just wondering why little Popuri here still has yet to enter one of her creations in a cooking contest. She's quite the sensational cook, so I'm sure she'd win it hands down."

Popuri blushed as she struggled to talk. "...Mi-Mitchel! I told you... I still don't think I'm quite ready for a competition! Everybody else had plenty of cooking, and I...I'm still trying to get some experience in..." she explained.

"Then obviously, you have a whole lot of natural talent to make up for your inexperience!" Mitchel argued. "I'm even considering entering one of your dishes as "anonyous" or under my name if you're not willing to receive the recognition you deserve!"

The aspiring cook lowered her head as the redness of her face increased. "Ah! No! Please! It would be too embarrassing for me... I'd.."

While Popuri was too distracted by her flustered state, Mitchel and Mary were able to converse in private.

"So... is your little plan still under way?" Mary asked curiously.

Mitchel nodded. "Of course. I know it's my good friends' special occasion today, but I just can't let them have ALL the fun." he grinned.

Mary giggled. "It's like you're making it out to be a competition." she remarked.

Mitchel laughed nervously. "Oh, come on... you make it sound dirty, or something..."

"Well... you're doing it right after their wedding and before the reception. I just think the timing for something like that is a bit.. off to me. Like you're intruding on their special day..." Mary explained.

After finally getting over her fits of bashfulness, Popuri noticed the black-haired duo becoming unusually chummy. "Hey... what are you two talking about? Can you tell me?"

Mitchel and Mary shook their heads at the same time.

"I"m sorry, but it's fairly private..." Mary said with regret.

Mitchel then walked forward and gently pat Popuri on the head. "Yeah... I hate to say this, but it's a secret..."

"A secret?" Popuri answered back uncomfortably. "What's so special about it to keep me in the dark?" she asked in concern.

"Oh, you won't be in the dark for long. I'm sure you'll catch on when it happens." Mitchel teased.

For as long as anyone knew her, Popuri would've huffed and pouted in a usual childlike matter, but some changes came over the pink-haired little girl since the last few seasons. Instead, she reacted with casual confusion.


While the best man was still busy with his shenanigans, Karen and Rick were sitting down as they waited for the big moment.

"So, uh… Rick? Do you think you're going to be okay? It's like the world's out to get you! Considering all the lightening strikes, wild animal attacks, and mysterious falling pianos, it's a miracle you're still alive! Popuri's new assertiveness must be pretty mild compared to your recent run of bad luck, huh?" Karen said with a chuckle.

Rick sighed. "If I was able to live through that… I should be fine. It's just, ever since Mitchel punched me in the nose last Summer; I've run into a long string of bad luck. It's like I've upset a supernatural force of some sort. Did I do something to upset the Harvest Goddess or something?"

Karen shrugged. "I don't know. I doubt a guy like you who usually means well would be able to do something THAT horrible. You're one of the most dedicated people I know."

Rick blushed slightly. "Er… thank you, Karen." He said bashfully. He then turned his head to see his little sister hanging out with Mitchel and Mary.

"Those two seem to be a lot closer since last Winter. I don't know how Mitchel puts up with her childishness. The guy must have a high tolerance level for that kind of thing." He grinned.

"Actually, those two are boyfriend and girlfriend, I believe. Mitchel told me so himself. I know the two of them don't act all lovey-dovey in public, but I think they really love each other." Karen pointed out.

Rick gave Karen a curious look before laughing out loud. "Oh, come on! I've already heard this joke a dozen times! I'm surprised Mary can tell me that with a straight face, too! I really don't know anyone in this town who could ever see her like that!"

Karen continued to stare at the spectacled young man in disbelief as he laughed himself into tears. After his sides finally ached, Rick found a reason to stop, only to make a bitter face.

"Of course, that dastardly Kai is another story, daring to take away my sister. I know he leaves at Summer's end, but I know he's plotting something! Him and his beach house food… I bet he's trying to kill people through bad cholesterol!" he proclaimed, only to be met with a bash to the head. "Karen?"

"For crying out loud, Rick! I know I never dated the guy, but quit being so paranoid! Kai is a decent person! It's just… the whole "heartbreak" thing was my fault alone. I should've realized he had feelings for Popuri sooner, and… well, whatever! You don't have to be a tool about it!"

Rick stared at Karen in bewilderment. "Am I really acting that bad?"

Karen nodded, but there was a remorseful look on her face. "It's just… you can be too overprotective some times. You really need to lighten up more. Maybe even let Popuri live her own life for a change…"

Rick slowly lowered his head to think about Karen's suggestion. "I see… but I don't know if she can actually take care of herself yet."

"Oh, come on! You really don't have to worry about that! I actually think she's acting a little more grown-up now! Besides, she has a few good friends like my buddy Mitchel to take care of her, so she really won't be off on her own." Karen argued.

Rick smiled. "Thanks… I guess… I could try to lay off her just a little…"

"And you should know that she really IS going out with Mitch. I wasn't joking." Karen stated seriously.

Unfortunately, that just aroused a funny look from Rick. "Oh, come on. That was funny the first time you said it, but it gets a little old the second time."

With her second failed attempt to inform Rick of the truth, Karen could only sigh.

Elsewhere, in the sacred Realm, the Harvest Goddess sighed along with Mineral Town's hottie.

"I don't get that guy. The new farmer's clearly going out with his sister, and despite how serious his friends are in mentioning it, the guy can't even catch a hint. I didn't know a guy who's supposedly intelligent could be THAT thick-headed."

She then watched over the various incidents that nearly claimed Rick's life and shook her head in disgust. "That guy must've developed a LOT of bad karma for him to face so much misfortune on his own. Well, he DID blatantly mock someone's feelings in his face, and also tried to kick a decent guy out of town repeatedly, so that might have something to do with it…"

Back at the Church, Cliff was wearing a nice-looking chocolate brown tux. Secretly in his hand was a blue feather, which he gazed at nervously.

"Why am I still holding this? I thought I already put it away when I was back at the Inn while getting ready for Elli and the Doctor's wedding, but here it is in my grasp! I guess… I was too nervous and thought Ann would find it, but now I'm in a worse situation! What am I supposed to do? I'm still not ready! And Mitchel warned me not to propose this Season, too! If only I had done this sooner, but no… it would've been too soon, and I certainly wasn't as ready as the Doctor was when he proposed. Heck, the simple mention of a wedding seemed to make Ann nervous, so she just might think I'm coming on too strong here, so… I have to hide this somehow! I have to keep it somewhere safe so I can't scare Ann off with it! GAAH!"

Cliff's last bit of thought came out in a cry as he felt a tapping on his shoulder. He turned around to see Ann, who, surprisingly, was in a puffy white bridesmaid's dress.

"What'cha doin' there? Weren't you holding something?" Ann asked curiously.

With the Blue feather held behind his back, Cliff smoothly slipped it into his sleeve and showed his girlfriend his empty hands.

"Ah, n-nothing! I was just… staring at the church walls with my hand out like that! D-doesn't it look nice?" Cliff stammered.

Ann nodded slowly at first with a dubious look, but quickly returned to her chipper expression. "Say Cliff… maybe we should take our seats. The organ players' about ready to play the wedding march, and surprinsgly, it isn't Mary. But I guess that makes sense, since she was chosen as the Maid of Honor and everything…"

"Ah… right." Cliff simply answered.

The two of them finally took their seats amongst the other attendants as the organ started up. Mitchel, Mary and Popuri stood by patiently as the Doctor waited by the altar. Soon, the familiar wedding tune filled the Church as the bride finally made her appearance.

Elli slowly approached the altair, adorned perfectly in her bridal gown of pure white as she carried a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Numerous bows covered the lower frills, with another by her chest, and a final one placed atop her head. Her usual brown hair wasn't fixed for this particular occasion, but her daily hairstyle didn't detract her beauty in any way. It was completely perfect.

Finally, the young Doctor witnessed his beautiful bride as she stepped up proudly by his side. Even Grandma Ellen was quite touched as she weapt with tears of joy. After the organ stopped, the ritual finally began with Carter saying the ceremonial words.

Although many were silent, others also found themselves crying during the commencement. A few women even wondered what their wedding day would be like, as they saw how gorgeous Elli looked in her great white gown. But for some reason, a certain black-haired farmer had a particularly amused look on his face.

After most of the formalities passed, and the couple exchanged rings, Carter prepared to recite the most well-known words of the ceremony.

"Tim Holiday, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife…?"

The Doctor nodded with a confident look on his face.

"I do."

Carter then faced Elli.

"Elli Browning, Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband…?"

Elli nodded with a peaceful expression.

"I do."

Carter nodded in acknowledgement before raising a hand in the air.

"Then…by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." He proclaimed.

And with that said, the newlyweds shared their first kiss as husband and wife. After about a minute or so of sharing carbon dioxide, their lips separated with redness on both of their faces.

The crowd roared and cheered upon the completion of this new union as Tim and Ellen smiled back. Slowly, the bride stepped away from the altar and raised her bouquet in the air. "Alright, ladies. You know what it's time for." She announced.

The four unmarried women rushed towards the center carpet. Elli then turned around and prepared for a back toss. "Are you all ready?" she asked the women behind her.

Three of the young women chattered among themselves while Karen folded her arms as she felt a tinge of discomfort in participating.

"Wait a minute… should I really be hoping for commitment?" she thought to herself.

Immediately, Elli proceeded to toss the bouquet into the air. Instead of vying violently for the treasured object, the four young ladies gazed curiously at its trajectory. It didn't take long for the bouquet to begin its decent, heading towards an unsuspecting Karen. Ann and Popuri attempted to intercept the incoming bouquet while Karen leapt in surprise, but somehow it sailed overhead, and straight into Mary's hands. The other three young ladies glared at bashful Mary while everybody around them applauded. Then they were once again forced to leave the center floor to allow the Doctor and Elli a proper departure.

While everybody else paid attention to the happy newlyweds, Mary rushed back to a thoroughly amused Mitchel and a disappointed Popuri.

"So… does this mean a wedding between you and Gray are in the works?" Mitchel teased heartily.

Mary blushed upon hearing this. She and Mitchel turned towards a shaky Gray before facing each other once again. "We've enjoyed seeing each other in silence, but I think neither of us are ready for that kind of commitment. I think fate's trying to play a joke on me…"

"Okay, then. It's time I take care of that little "secret", then…" Mitchel remarked.

Popuri's ears perked up when hearing this, and cheered her up immediately. "Really? You'll tell me now?"

Mitchel nodded. "Yup! It's pretty exciting, actually!" he exclaimed.

Popuri's red eyes lit up with excitement. "What is it?" she pleaded.

"Oh, well… you see… the thing is…" Mitchel uttered.

"Yes?" Popuri cried.

Mitchel then pointed out his right index finger.

"I'm considering becoming a Magician!"

Popuri looked puzzled by her boyfriend's proclamation.

"A… Magician?"

"Yes! Scarves, metal rings, hats and bunnies, the works!" Mitchel answered. "Of course, I've been working hard on my first trick, and it involves a bouquet of flowers, and I really wanted to show it you first."

Both pairs of eyes then spotted the bouquet in Mary's grasp.

"Oh, sure! You can go ahead and have it!" Mary said as she gave the bouquet up to the aspiring Magician.

"W-wait a minute! Are you going professional with this? What about the chickens? Are you just going to leave the farm?" Popuri cried in concern.

Mitchel laughed nervously. "N-no! Not at all! I just thought practicing magic tricks would be a fun hobby!" he explained. He then cleared is throat before he went on to his trick.

"Anyway, my first ever magic trick will be able to call forth an object from a bouquet!" he proclaimed. "My lady, can you please check the flowers for anything suspicious?"

Popuri nodded before making a thorough search of the bouquet before returning them to Mitchel and gave thumbs up for approval.

"Okay, then! Watch and be amazed!" Mitchel cried

"Uh…. Mitchel? What exactly are you planning to take out from the flowers?" Popuri asked curiously.

"Hmm…. Well, let's just say that I have a strong feeling you'll like it." He assured her.

"Alright. If you say so…" Popuri replied.

Mitchel then waved a hand above the bouquet without chanting any magic words for some reason.

"The practice with the cauliflowers went well enough. Hopefully, I can pull it off with this, too…" he thought to himself.

After a few more seconds of hand waving, Mitchel dug his hand into the bouquet. After his hand reached deep inside, he slowly pulled it out with something else in its grasp. Gradually, the object revealed itself to the audience. It turned out to be something blue…

"A…A blue feather?" Popuri cried.

"Hmmm… it seems my magic conjured something interesting today." Mitchel grinned.

"Wait a minute, does this mean what I think this means?" Popuri asked.

Mary watched by silently with a pleasant smile on his face.

"That Mitchel… he tried so hard to get that trick just right at the library. He tried so many times, but I knew just how determined he was to to pull of this unique proposal…" she thought to herself.

Mitchel rubbed his head bashfully while holding the blue feather with his free hand. "Ah, yeah… I think we've managed to stay together for a really long time, and you've really impressed me with what you can do. I thoroughly enjoyed being your friend and comrade for the longest time, and this whole "dating" thing ended up being fun and educational. I found out that you're a mature, compassionate young lady who still has a carefree side to her. And I'm glad to know that you consider me one of the "handsome" men you like so much. But let me cut to the chase before I start to ramble on…."

He then got on one knee and held the Blue feather in front of him. "So… as Mineral Town's first ever Farmer/Magician… Popuri, will you marry me?"

The pink-haired young lady looked at the legendary object in awe as many pleasant memories passed through her mind. With a warm smile, she was just about to give her response when an unwelcome obstacle got into the way.


All eyes turned to a panicked Manna, who stared at the proposal that took place after the wedding.

"Mitchel! I can't believe you! After spending almost two years pining over loosing Ann, you suddenly just go up and propose to Popuri? Must you really give up your one true love so easily because of one set back? Don't cower out! Go to Ann and say something! I know all the time you were just using a friend to get Ann jealous, but enough is enough! It's not too late! Ann is doing the same thing to you with Cliff! You're both still technically single, and I'm sure you can resolve everything once and for all! Look past all that ugly tension and seek out your true feelings! I'm only saying this because I know it's what's best for---"

However, everyone left the church in the midst of Manna's last minute intervention to move on to the reception… or perhaps to avoid hearing her any further. Despite this, the poor woman continued on with her speech, mysteriously unaware of the Church's sudden absence.

Right outside, Cliff searched his suit desperately for the Blue feather he stored earlier.

"Oh no! I lost it! What am I going to do? That thing is expensive, and I doubt it's easy to get another one of those! What if it takes forever to get another one? What if somebody else finds mine? What if---"

"Cliff?" Ann asked in a soft voice.

Still, it again caused a frightened Cliff to leap up.

"Ann!" Cliff exclaimed. "What is it you want?"

Ann then took out something from her pocket. "I think… you dropped something.."

Upon seeing the object, Cliff sweat bullets while he shook like a leaf.

It was the Blue Feather he was missing.

"Ah! Ann! Where did you find this?" he demanded in a shaky tone as he took it back.

"Uh… it fell from your tux vest awhile back…" Ann said.

For awhile, an awkward silence took place between the two of them. They simply gave each other curious glances, but the serenity of silence would not last.

"Cliff… you're… thinking about proposing?" Ann asked gently.

Cliff's body shook uncontrollably. "Eh…ah… wha… n-n-n-no… it's just… that's.."

"Oh." Ann said with a hint of disappointment. "Then… what are you doing with a blue feather in the first place?"

Cliff's heart pounded. His mind went completely blank when he tried to come up with a reasonable explanation. He tried desperately to calm down and approach Ann rationally, but a mess of thoughts quickly rushed through his mind and forced him to act.

"I… I love you so much Ann, but I only bought this because someone told me to keep it until the time is right! I can't go through with a proposal! I'm not ready yet! I'm sorry if you think I doubt our love and relationship, but I still want to wait it out! Besides, I don't think the time is right for us!" he blurted out.

To his surprise, Ann smiled and nodded to him understandingly.

"It's okay. Even watching Elli looking happy like that, the thought of marriage is making me a little wacky, too. I want to wait, too." She said.

With those encouraging words, Cliff found himself calming down. "I… I… thank you." He answered.

"But…. If you ever consider proposing to me… I… I would like to get married in the Fall." She suggested.

Cliff blinked in surprise. "The Fall? But isn't that--"

"Yes, it is." Ann said as she cut off the introverted vagabond. "I thought… Fall was usually an occasion that usually brought sorrow, but I thought it should stop. I know Mom would want me to happy, even when it's around the time of her death, and I thought it would be a good idea to have a good occasion around that time for me to look forward to…" she explained.

Cliff felt touched by Ann's insightful idea. Slowly, a warm smile formed on his face. "Okay… if we get married, I'll consider it." He promised.

Unexpectedly, Cliff is immediately rewarded with a bear hug from Ann.

"Just don't keep another secret like this from me again, got it?" Ann playfully threatened.

"…Got it!" Cliff cried while wincing from her grip.

Meanwhile, the Inn was quickly filling for the reception. Mitchel was just about ready to head inside, looking forward to a scrumptious peace of wedding cake, until…

"Mitchel, wait a minute!" Popuri cried.

Mitchel swiftly turned to see the pink-haired girl calling to him from behind.

"Yeah, what do you want?" he asked innocent.

Popuri then pulled the best man aside and held out the blue feather he proposed with in front of his face. "You never got my answer to your question!" she reminded him.

"Oh, right… of course, how silly of me! I planned this somewhat elaborate proposal for awhile now, and I just go and forget about it because of cake and endless rambling!" Mitchel said with an anxious laugh. "So, uh…. What do you say?"

Popuri expressed the same warm smile from over year ago from when Mitchel declared that he loved her.

"Yes, Honey. I would love to…"

Author's Notes: Yep. That's the end. Nope, there's no following Wedding Chapters for Mitch/Popuri or Ann/Cliff after this. I figured additional wedding scenes would get either bland or repetitive, so I'll stop here. And yeah… I seemed to torture Rick quite a bit towards the end. I don't really have anything against him, it just that he was being a jerk for a bit, so "bad karma" had to come in for him… which, unfortunately, ruined a chunk of the realism in this story, but whatever.

I actually wrote this story because I've seen all these "love/hate" relationship crap come up. People have been going, "OH! THESE GUYS ARE QUARRELING! MAYBE THEY SHOULD HOOK UP!" for a while, and I think it has been done to death thanks to many Anime and overzealous pairing fans. I never really understood the intrigue behind this dysfunctional "tension". It feels more like a story between two hopeless idiots in love more than a "suspenseful romance". Besides, I ended up making girl mortal enemies left and right, and I NEVER felt feelings towards them. (They were either bad people, or unbearably annoying…) There was especially this one girl who enjoyed teasing me that reminded me of Ann… we never really "fought", but she had the demented idea that I had a crush on her, and the rest is history…

Anyway, I wanted to break away from the "Quarreling lovers" formula and finally make a Male/Female antagonizing pair that will NEVER hook up, despite the assumptions of a kooky populace, so Ann and OC Mitchel provided plenty of no-love conflict.

Also because I noticed little to none Farmer X Popuri fiction out there, I decided to go through with it, since that's how my FoMT ended up going, and I wanted to bring a more mature potrayl of the pink-haired chicken lover to the table. So, I say sorry to Mary for being the sacrifical guinea pig to preserve this odd couple, but at least she gets Gray. Besides, Gray X Mary rule.

So, this story has finally come to an end. However, if you're looking for one last dose of this particular HM Universe, Mitchel is going to return once more in an upcoming one-shot co-staring with Mary, where she's going to be holding a Book Burning! Why is that? Isn't she a librarian? Well, that's an astute observation, but… well, there's an interesting (although remarkably far fetched) reason behind it. Please look forward to "Mary's Book Bonfire"and have a good day. Oh, and… thanks for coming aboard, Rhianwen. I hope this one-shot is a worthy enough write to be inspired by the most random citation of one of your fics….