These are a series of thirty Raven x Beast Boy drabbles I did a while back for a challenge on Live Journal in the titansdrabbles group. I had a great deal of fun doing it, and I figured it qualifies as fanfiction, so I'll go ahead and post them. I'm posting them three at a time, so there'll be thirty chapters when it's all said and done. This will be the first and only author's note, so I hope you enjoy them all.

I don't own Teen Titans or anything else that is clearly copyrighted and makes an appearance in my drabbles.



She'd done it. The earth trembled, jets of lava and great geysers of ozone-killing gas spewing into the heavens. With a satisfied smile, she stretched her red fingers out in front of her, popping the knuckles loudly. No minions attended her; she'd sent them throughout the universe, to conquer in her father's name.

A personal moment anyway.

She stood over the body. Kneeling gracefully, she reached out a hand to touch him. She knew not why she was compelled to touch him. The effect was garish; red and green clashing. Inside her heart tugged sharply.

Somewhere, she remembered loving him.


Trigon laughed knowingly, and the pain wracked through her body. Her back arched, the pain so intense it consumed her, stole the scream that would have meant relief. The smoke choked her, the flames of the prophecy licking her mind.

He awoke, having slept curled beside her as a green golden retriever, the force of her struggle with an unseen force startling him. Gently, but with an edge of panic, he woke her. Amethyst meeting emerald, momentary fear then weary relief. He knew who found her in her dreams.

"You hate him, don't you?"

She breathed, "He is my father."


He laughed, leaning closer to Terra as they walked the shores. Instantly Beast Boy had fallen for Terra, finding her easy-going and cheerful nature a refuge from Raven's constant sarcasm and insults. Maybe he'd liked her before Terra. Thoughts of the dark Titan haunted him occasionally, but he brushed them aside, noting she didn't seem effected by his relationship with Terra.

Later, alone, he entered his room and thought he saw a dark shadow quickly disappear, but reasoned it to be a bird's shadow flying by his window. Then he saw it: a single yellow rose on his desk.