Giraffe. Elephant. Llama. Emu. Anteater. Orangutan. Chicken. Fluffy kitten.

He sneezed, changing form every time. Unlike the others, when Beast Boy caught a cold, he had to stay in the Med Lab lest he destroy his bedroom. What if he sneezed a humpback whale or whale shark? Even an elephant would sufficiently destroy his sanctuary. He finished another sneezing fit, wiping his nose and groaning miserably.

Raven appeared in the door, steaming soup in her hands. She offered it to him silently.

"This is vegan, right?"

She rolled her eyes. "No, it's meaty chilli."

He grinned, recognizing sarcasm. "Thanks, Rae."


Perfect calm. No concerns, problems, emotions.

Raven floated in the lotus position, two delicate fingers together to maintain the constant flow and circle of energy. Her lilac locks hung in front of her closed eyes, shielding her face like a veil.

With a great slam, Beast Boy entered the room, falling down the stairs and yelling in surprise. Raven, in turn, was knocked out of her meditative state with a start. She hit the ground, and a light burst, showering her in glass. She glared at Beast Boy, who looked back meekly.

"You have to be bad for my health."


"I'm evil, Beast Boy. The blood that runs through me is demon, inherited from a monster whose terror is legendary on many worlds. I try to lead a good life hoping...for what? Salvation? I'm beyond salvation." She paused, biting her bottom lip. "Hoping to prove to myself that maybe not everything I do has to be evil. But soon I will destroy. It pulls me; I can feel it, more powerful than anything of this world. I don't know if I can fight it. Tell me, Gar, have I lead an honorable life?"

"Fight the good fight. That's honorable."


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