She was stunning.

Her radiant hair was not just 'strawberry blonde'; it was a silk curtain of sparkling smooth sheets with a natural mixture of platinum streaks and raspberry tinted stripes, all melding into a perfect head of inhuman hair. It tied uniquely together at her shoulder in a blood red ribbon, in casual disarray. Not a strand out of place. It was a look that would only be achieved by a supermodel under heavy photoshopping (difficulty, even so). I tried to spot a fly-away, and failed.

Her smile hit me hardest; She utterly glowed. Her dimples decorated the corners of her mouth and she betrayed a guiltless display of perfectly proportioned white teeth, glimmering under The Cullens' fluorescent lights. I frowned.

Her eyes were like the rest of them but with a difference: her irises sparkled so intensely that it reminded me wearily of what would happen if she stepped into the sunlight. They were a honey-brown warm colour, wide-eyed and innocent. Her lashes were rays of sunshine protruding outwards, an ebony black. When she blinked, her feminity was even more evident as they cascaded down her cheeks...Well, maybe that was a slight exaggeration. But they were hot.

Her figure was also another upsetting aspect. Her figure was not only breathtaking from a human's perspective, but Tanya held a physique that would put Rosalie to shame. Her hour glass shape was sculpted from granite and to have all of this evident from her wearing a casual outfit was heart-shattering. She wore a more hip style than I'd ever seen the rest of the Cullens' attempt: her legs ran for miles, sleek and delicate under her short, purposefully torn denim mini and elongated her already stunning frame.

The most tragic of tragedies was the shirt she was wearing.

It was a beautiful, silk, V-neck type contraption that held her long neck elegantly, and framed her chest classically. In an exact shade of blue that Edward had said he loved on me.

She leaned down and her beauty entranced me, despite myself. Her plump lips came down to my neck and her razor sharp teeth sunk into my pale flesh, and raspberry beads of bloods trickled down my throat with a darkly beautiful grace. I writhed in agony but didn't utter a single sound.

She stepped back to reveal an equally stunning male vampire with red beach coloured hair and a wicked grin on his face. He wound his arm around her undeniably amazing waist and kissed her cheek purposefully. I screamed.

I was sitting upright in bed, not completely aware that I was awake, and my screams continued, one after the other. I could feel frantic hands trying to soothe me helplessly but I could still see her face. Everywhere. That chair in the corner of the room appeared a lot more like a silhouette of an attractive vampire than I thought.

Scream, scream, scream.

A hand clasped over my mouth, muffling my shrieks until they died down and I recognized the coolness of it. Tears leaked from my eyes.

"Bella, bella, calm down...Shhh..." Edward murmured softly into my hair and I gasped for air as my tears continued to roll slowly down my flushed cheeks. I sobbed.

"It was just a dream," He repeated this over and over until I lay back down. The moon shone glaringly into my open window. He lay down next to me, concern etched into his fine features. He stroked the long of my cheek, eyebrows furrowed at my drying tears.

I choked again, looking at the roof. My pulse slowed.

"Love, love, what were you dreaming?" He puzzled and I could hear his fear as he grazed my jawline with the tip of his nose.

I bit my tongue, not wanting to repeat the horrors of my subconscious.

"I..." I choked out, scraping my throat.

What if he told me it wasn't a dream? What if he told me he was leaving right now? Again? What if he didn't realize he loved me until I reminded him? I couldn't tell him. I wouldn't.

"I don't remember." I whispered, and shut my eyes quickly, burying my head into his chest, willing a sleep that would never come.


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