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Natsuki was sleeping. Not horribly extraordinary, really, but it's the way she was sleeping that made Shizuru smile. She wasn't snoring, but every so often she'd mumble incomprehensible phrases and roll over, further tangling the sheets. And for the first time in what felt like forever, she was smiling.

It was enough to make Shizuru want to lay there forever, but there were more pressing matters. Such as breakfast, tea, and something with as little mayonnaise as she could manage to convince Natsuki to add. It was a shame to wake her up, but…

Stupid sunlight, leave me alone. Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?

Evidentially not, as the warm rays insisted on disturbing her rest. She moaned and rolled over, borrowing deeper into her haven of sheets. She was all set for getting several more hours of sleep when the sun giggled.


As far as she knew, the sun was incapable of giggling. That left her sheets. Weighing the possibilities, she decided it must be the sheets. They were closer anyway. With a groan, she rolled over again.


Okay, so now her sheets were giggling and talking. Peachy. Annoyed at their persistence, the half-asleep girl growled at them. All was silent for a few moments, then the giggling started up again. Realizing she'd lost the battle, Natsuki rolled over yet again and opened her eyes a crack, only to find her vision was being obscured by chestnut.

Wait, but the sheets aren't…

"Ara, Natsuki is finally awake."

Oh, right.

"'Morning. Did you have to wake me up so early?"

Is she laughing again?

"Oi, what's so funny?"

"Natsuki, it's 10:30."

It was becoming very evident that Natsuki was not a morning person. More so when she growled again and tried to get back under the covers. She was stopped by the sitting of her (right now very annoying) companion on said covers.



"Move, now."

This was proving to be a very hassling morning. Was it too much to be able to sleep until past twelve on Saturday?

"Not until Natsuki says it."

Says? Did I miss something? Maybe I did something to make her mad… But she doesn't look upset, just...

"Says what?"

Red eyes narrowed in mock disappointment.

"That you love me."


"But, didn't I…you know I…"

Shizuru shook her head sadly.

"Natsuki did not declare her love for me even once."

The faintest hint of a blush was beginning to show on Natsuki's face.

"But I, you, you know the answer, so why do you need me to say it?"

This was ridiculous, really. And so early, too.

"Ah, but if Natsuki doesn't tell me I'll think she was lying." Her voice took on a playful tone. "Perhaps Natsuki is having an illicit affair with Nao-san?"


"Wha-no! Absolutely not!"

Oh yes, she was definitely blushing now. Teasing or not, surely Shizuru should know better than to shock her like that. It wasn't fair, really.

"Then… You do love me, don't you?"

"I, that…"

"Don't you?"

Natsuki was prepared to make some sarcastic remark when she caught something underneath the teasing. Something almost desperate.

Is she…does she really think…? But can you really blame her? Still, this…

Flustered, she mumbled an almost inaudible answer. Almost. Still, why take an inch when you can take a mile?

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear that. Could you please repeat it?"

Grumbling, the blue-haired girl complied, albeit grumpily.

"I love you."

Shizuru tilted her head and suppressed a smile.

"I must be hard of hearing this morning. One more time, please?"

For a moment, she wondered if she'd gone too far. After all, Natsuki was still uncomfortable about sharing her feelings. Maybe she shouldn't press…

All things considered, when the younger girl shot her a look that said she knew she was being toyed with, and wasn't happy about it at all, she wasn't expecting her to cave in. In that way, she was pleasantly surprised when the stubborn girl said, much more loudly,

"I. Love. You. Happy?"

A smile spread across her face. "Very." Before Natsuki had time to free herself from her bundle of sheets, Shizuru had grabbed one end of the pile and flung it over both of them, snuggling against her before she could protest.


"I'm tired, Natsuki. Let's sleep a little more, alright?"

Even though she couldn't see Natsuki's face, she could imagine the emotions playing across it. Embarrassment, confusion, realization, frustration, then finally resigned acceptance.

Her last thought before she drifted off again was that the morning had gone very well indeed. And even though it was far later than she usually woke up, she couldn't bear to leave the warmth of their bed. Their bed. How nice, to be able to think that. She allowed herself another smile before snuggling closer to Natsuki. Breakfast could wait.

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