Title: Invisible
Written by:
WraithR249 & Yue Guang Kuroneko
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By WraithR249
(and co-written by Yue Guang Kuroneko)


Impatient and irritated, Haruhi sat by the window sipping her coffee slowly. She gazed at the bright blue sky and the soft white clouds, but the beautiful and calming sight did not soothe her burning temper. She watched people below walking by, looking like little ants, marching idly on the ground with no true destination. But then again, Haruhi thought to herself, taking another sip, little ants never had little tufts of brown and black hair on their heads.

Her thoughts were interrupted by an outburst from the club's king, proclaiming that this brand of instant coffee was definitely the best commoner coffee that he had ever tasted. Haruhi willed her anger not to explode in front of those six handsome boys who had, literally, turned her life upside-down. Instead, she opted to bite her lip and allowed her irritation to simmer down to a low boil.

It was the rich spoiled brats of the host club that had been poking and prodding at her mood ever since this morning. Before, she would have chosen to tolerate it, but recently the Host Club had become more and more ignorant towards the simple things in Haruhi's everyday life—the things that Haruhi treasured.

It annoyed her that Tamaki made such a big deal about coffee. It annoyed her that the twins were intrigued by the grocery store. It annoyed her that the entire host club treated every aspect of her life like a different exhibit in a strange, alien zoo.

"You know, as a commoner, it is obvious that you do not have very much money. Therefore, would it not be more practical for you to be working to pay off your debt instead of daydreaming?"

The person that pushed her over the edge wasn't whom she expected. When she heard him say such an inconsiderate thing, she felt angry, and irritated to the fullest extent, but deep down inside, she was surprised that she felt slightly hurt.

She felt the pain and frustration well up within her, and before she exploded on him, she wondered to herself: Why? Why do I feel a pain in my chest?

Haruhi whipped around to face him, eyes ablaze.

"Is that all that matters to you, Kyouya-senpai? The money that I owe?" She snapped at him. "Sometimes I am forced to believe that you only consort with me because I have a large debt with this club. That's true, isn't it? Yes, you are smart, you are clever, and you are respected. But are you satisfied with that without important values?"

Kyouya blinked, making her feel stupid for bursting out in rambles. She figured that he probably did it on purpose for effect, since Hunny and Mori-senpai had taken notice of their heated conversation, but had politely decided not to interfere.

"I have many values, Fujioka Haruhi. I have principles that I choose to honor that I do not believe that you would understand," he expressed in an even tone. "Do not assume that I do not have principles simply because I do not fully understand yours."

Haruhi could see that she had insulted him as well, which was probably not the smartest thing to do in her current state. With his dead-set onyx eyes staring into hers, she could feel the white hot flame of his anger licking at her skin.

His silent anger made her feel faintly anxious.

"Senpai, there are some things in this world that are more important than anything else, and they can't be seen or touched." Her eyes were pleading with his now. Secretly she was disappointed that she couldn't drive her point home angrily.

"Yes, that is true. Power, for instance," he offered with a serious face.

Haruhi's expression turned sour.

"I mean things like a person's trust, not just power."

Kyouya shrugged indifferently, "It is necessary to have others' trust in order to make good of their services. It is how connections are made and sustained."

An impatient sigh left her lips, "No, I mean a person's trust just to have it. Not to use it for something else."

He returned her statement with a blank stare. "Why would anyone benefit from something so useless?"

She shot him an offended glare, "It is not useless. It's called friendship. You trust the others in the Host Club to a certain degree, I know. That is why you are all friends."

Kyouya paused and Haruhi seized it as her chance to attack. "You and I share some of the same invisible values, believe it or not. I know we do, because some of the values that we keep are intrinsic to human beings."

"Yes, that's true," Kyouya agreed. "I'm certain that we both share the drive to succeed… and the desire to please our family."

Haruhi laughed at the thought of her father, but felt the truth of that statement nonetheless. "And I'm sure as a member of the honorable Ootori family, you value respect and honor."

His posture straightened and he said coolly, "That is true. However, it is not necessarily true that you need to be from a prestigious family to want honor and respect. Your family deserves the same."

Haruhi thought about this and smiled at him warmly.

"I…apologize that I upset you, Haruhi."

Haruhi felt a little surprised. Did the Shadow King just apologize to her?

"Oh, it's fine, senpai. I'm sorry I got angry with you."

As soon as those words left her lips, she felt a strange sensation in her chest. It was warm and fuzzy, like being embraced by a warm blanket. She only hoped she wasn't blushing as much as she felt she was.

At least he wasn't really looking.

"What about pursuit of intellectual enlightenment?" he tapped his chin thoughtfully.

"What about love?" She offered.

He responded to her warm smiling face with his own confused blank one.

"And…what about faith? That's pretty important to commoners…isn't it?" Kyouya offered lamely.

Haruhi laughed softly and offered him one of her smiles. He wasn't at all what everyone thought he was. He was a kind person, hidden underneath layers and layers of walls that would take centuries to break down. However, somehow, she knew that those layers would one day fall away by themselves and the inner him that made her heart stop lightly would appear, offering her one true smile and her hand.

"What. Are. You. DOING!" Her brain screamed at her as she stared down cluelessly at her outstretched hand.

Actually, it was Tamaki.

"I was going to read Kyouya-senpai's palm," Haruhi responded quickly. "It's an old gypsy trick that I know. I can read your future by looking at the palm of your hand."

Tamaki squealed with delight, "I wish to know of my destiny! Begin this commoner trick immediately!"

Haruhi's smile wavered. "I, uh…hm,"

She glanced around for support or for help of any sort, but Kyouya was now standing behind Tamaki taking notes.

"This could end up with the club generating twelve percent more profit…" Kyouya muttered thoughtfully and scribbled down a few more lines.

Haruhi groaned inwardly as she began telling Tamaki about his false future.

She was nearing the forecast of his future wife when she nearly missed Kyouya slipping her one of his soft smiles and a subtle wink. But of course, Fujioka Haruhi caught it and returned his gesture with one of her own smiles before returning her attention to the excited Host Club King.

There were some things that were invisible, after all…


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