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Operation: C.O.N.F.E.S.S



Not so negative





Chapter One

Fanny's POV:

So I admit it. Sometimes I let my emotions get in the way of things. Most of the time it's anger because of how stupid some people can truly be. Other times, I do get kinda lonely. Yes, the mean, bossy and arrogant girl gets lonely. I admit it! Go and laugh why don't ya!

Ok, so maybe if I weren't so mean and bossy, then I'd have more friends. I guess Kuki Sanban counts as one, but other than that I have no one. Well, why would I want idiots for friends?

Lately I've been thinking a lot, and losing track of what I'm doing because of it. Patton's noticed how "poor" my performance has been lately, and he honestly suggested the dumbest reason for it!

I feel a hand upon my own, and I come back to Earth. Oh right, we were having a meeting. I see Rachel had grabbed my hand to stop me form hitting my pen upon the desk repeatedly.

"Fanny, are you sure you're ok?" she asked quietly. I look at her sheepishly, and from the corner of my eye I see Nigel Uno smirking at me. I send him a narrowed glare while Rachel wasn't looking, then relaxed my face as she looked back at me.

"I told you, I'm fine." My words were sharp and to the point, just like the eleventy billion times I've answered her this week.

She nodded once, and turned back to the board members, whom consisted of her and myself, Nigel, Patton, 23-T, 10-T and other various Sector leaders of the newly formed TND. Yep, we've all grown up. Let me explain for you.

In Rachel's final reign of Supreme Leader for the KND, she announced the formation of the TND; or Teens Next Door. So as every child reached the age of thirteen and was decommissioned from the KND, they are commissioned in the Teens Next Door; who fight with our younger counterpart. The TND is not located on the Moon however, but somewhere I'm not going to say in case Adults are lurking about.

The KND are still going strong, and now has Rachel's younger brother Numbuh 363 as Supreme Leader. My brother Paddy took my place as Head of Decommissioning.

So, after our decommissioning two years ago, we became the members of the TND. Our old Numbuhs still stick, only now we add T to the end to avoid confusion with new KND recruits.

While Rachel stayed Supreme Leader, now of the TND, I was pushed to training with Patton. Which I despise greatly I might add.

"So, I've called this meeting to discuss 2x4 technology upgrades." Rachel stood up from her chair, her leather pants glistening as she walked slowly around the table. She came to the Scandinavian operative and 23-T and slammed some form of metallic object before them. Both of them jumped a little higher than most of them. I merely looked in pity.

"That is not 2x4 at all." She continued, placing her hands behind her back and thrusting her chest out as she continued around the table. The Chinese operative looked at the French, who shrugged and shook her head.

"SO tell me this; what in god's name is that?" She asked sternly, her finger threatenly pointing at it.

"A big hunk of junk?" 23-T suggested with a confused look.

Nigel lowered his sunglasses to carefully study it. "It seems like a M.U.S.K.E.T gun that's completely melted into itself."

"Precisely 1-T." Rachel replied, gesturing to me also. I pulled my clip file from my lap and awaited documentation.

"Make sure you get this down for the techs 86-T." She continued. "The KND have asked us to upgrade their weaponry to be as sturdy and as indestructible as our own. However, an urgent supply of material is need for both parties. I want Sector's C-T, S-T and F-T to gather as much as possible."

"May I ask why sir?" Enquired the French operative. "We've got enough weaponry to cover an army."

"Exactly 65-T. However, we have two armies to look out for now." Rachel cam back to her position at the head of the circular table and stretched her hands out upon the table. "The adults are slowly discovering our secrets, and are creating bigger and stronger machinery to conquer over us. I'm counting on the Sectors to go undercover and get us more equipment. I don't care where it comes from, just get it back here undetected. You're dismissed."

Everyone got up of their respected seats and left single file out the door. I was about to follow 10-T out, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I stopped and turned to face Nigel urging me to come back in. I pried my shoulder from him and faced Rachel, who gestured for the door to close.

"Sir?" I enquired, standing before her with my clipboard close to my chest.

"Nigel and I want to talk with you. Just a normal, civilized conversation." She started, playing unconsciously with a button on her plum skirt. "Everyone's noticed that you seem like your head's up in the clouds. It's affecting your work standards."

"I know sir, and I apologise. I'm trying hard to over come it."

"I suggest you do something to relax. Put yoga in your résumé or something. I can't have you slacking off anymore Fanny."

She got up, and dismissed herself from the room. There was just me and Nigel now, face each other intentively.

"You know, you can't hide your feelings forever." He stated. "You're in love and it's affecting you badly."

"I'm not in love with your dopey best friend." I replied a little too quickly.

"Who said I was talking about Hoagie?" He replied with a smirk. He gets me all the time with that. And at this point I really want to wipe that smug look off his face. I grabbed the collar of his jacket, and pushed him up against the door in fury.

"Don't toy with me baldy, you'll get the horns." And with that, I let him go, forced my way through him and strut to the tech's office without another word.