Jack's Origin
by Lesleyp

Summary: Another one of my own imagined episodes with a twist to the Ancient gene. SG characters don't belong to me, the original ones in this story do. What can I say? I can't stand Jack being out of action so I have to keep throwing him right back in. Hope you enjoy.

Author Notes: Special thanks to Simon D. Yates for betaing this story!


The tall handsome stranger strode purposefully toward the gate room. He was about 6'6, dressed in white and grey fatigues. His hair military short and black. Jet black, with matching black eyes. The Special Forces security personnel saw him coming but could not react. They could only stare and watch as he passed right by them. Powerless, they were all powerless.

The gate room door opened and the man stood at the bottom of the ramp. He held no device, pressed nothing on his uniform, just stared at the gate. And the gate began to dial.

It was Sgt. Walter Harriman, sitting in his usual position at the control computer one level up, looking down at the gate room, who reacted and sounded the intruder alarm.

Landry appeared behind him. "What's going on?"

"We have an intruder sir, and somehow he's dialling the gate." informed Harriman.

Walter looked at the computer controls to confirm, and sure enough... "Chevron 5 encoded, sir"

"Well shut it down", ordered Landry, then barking into the microphone "Intruder in the gate room!"

Walter typed a few commands on the keyboard. Nothing.

"It won't stop sir. Chevron 7 encoded," said Walter.

Nothing happened in the gate room, and still no S.Fs had shown up to apprehend the intruder.

Landry yelled again into the microphone "I repeat, Intruder in the gate room, S.F. personnel respond. Use of deadly force is authorized."

"Uh... Sir" Walter stammered. When Landry looked at him, Walter could only point to the computer monitor. It showed the system was waiting for the 8th code.

"There's not enough power to..." Landry whispered somewhat confused.

On the 8th spin, the chevron locked sharply into place.

"Chevron 8 encoded sir," Walter said with shock evident in his voice.

Landry gave a start as the gate whooshed to life, then looked back at the monitor which confirmed, indeed, they were looking at a 6 +1+1 coded address.

"Energy output?" asked Landry.

Walter tore his eyes away from the computer and looked up at Landry with stunned surprise.

"No more than usual, sir," came his barely audible reply. Walter couldn't believe what he was seeing. How was this possible?

"Try shutting it down again," Landry yelled.

The intruder walked slowly up the ramp, turned and looked up at Walter and Landry scrambling in the control, and smiled...a beautiful smile. Then he turned back and stepped through the event horizon.

This time the gate responded to the computer message Walter typed in and the gate deactivated.

Landry stared at the computer, then looked back up to the gate.

"What the hell just happened?" he asked aloud to himself. "Get SG1 in the briefing room."

"They're on leave sir...well Teal'c and Dr. Jackson are still on base, but ..."

"I don't care. Call them and get them in. Now."


"I'm hungry," Jack complained

"Mmmmm, me too," Sam agreed, snuggling closer.

Their legs entwined, the sweat now cooling, her head resting on his chest and his arms wrapped around her. Finally!

Jack let out a chuckle. "Me thinks I've created a monster," he remarked.

"Mmmmmm, monster hungry," she drawled seductively as her hand began to move down his torso.

"Uh uh uh...gotta pee," he laughed as he quickly untangled himself and jumped out of bed.


"No whining Colonel. We're in enough trouble", he jokingly grumbled as he snatched his military issued boxers and headed for the bathroom.

"Yes, sir", she insincerely pouted, earning her a warning look from him as he continued on his way.

She watched as he padded out of the bedroom. Nice six. Very nice.

Finally. He was finally her's. Really her's, she thought, as she languishly stretched with a grin that would have put the Cheshire cat to shame. All these years of waiting and wondering and waiting some more. It was finally over and she had him. She was relishing the moment, one of the happiest in her life. Not in her wildest dreams did she imagine making love to him would feel this good, this right. For the first time in her life she felt confident. Fully confident. She looked over at the clock. 11:10. They'd been at it for hours!

Coming back into the room Jack saw her looking at the clock.

"Guess we were making up for lost time."

"Ya think?" she smirked.

Jack sat on the side of the bed and looked down at her. Illuminated only by the light he'd left on in the hall way, he thought how much like an angel she looked. Beautiful blues twinkling in the dim light, blond dishevelled hair, sheet pulled up just enough to hide...ok...maybe angel wasn't the right word. He couldn't help but smile at her.

"Well...?" he asked.

"Well what?" she asked with a smile.

"I'm hungry. You know... for food. Got any?"

Sam laughed.

"Sure...how are scrambled eggs? I know I have eggs"

"Eggs are good. Toast too would be nice. Coffee. Sausage"

"Now you're pushing it," she glared at him.

Together they prepared a late night breakfast. Jack took charge of the eggs, no sausage doh, while Sam covered the toast and coffee.

"We always did work well together" she remarked as the food was ready and they took their seats at the breakfast nook.

"We did...and do," he responded pointedly, shovelling in a mouthful of toast piled with scrambled egg.

"This shouldn't change anything, should it?" she asked, feeling just a little of her old insecurities return.

"Shouldn't," he answered, taking a sip of coffee and not taking his eyes off the food on his plate.

Jack was having a hard time keeping his face straight because he knew her well enough to know that despite getting what she wanted, she was going to have this irresistible need to talk about it. A need he didn't share. So ya, he was gonna have fun with this if she was going to make him go through it.

"What made you change your mind?" she asked a little shyly.

"Bout what?" answering with his mouth filled with food.

"About us."

"Never chawged by mwind", he tried to get out between chews.

Sam looked confused. "What?"

Now food free, he responded "I never changed my mind. What are you talking about?"

"You didn't? What about last night?"

"No mind change. Always was in the game plan." He teased.

Sam threw a triangle of toast at him which he promptly caught before it hit the floor and stuffed it in his mouth. His smile was getting harder to hide.

"You're teasing me aren't you?"

"Not as much as I will be when I'm done eating" he threatened with a mock sneer and a wink.

Just then Sam's phone began to ring.

"Don't answer" he said, taking another drink from his coffee cup.

"What if it's the base?"

"So... I won't fire you. That's that preferential treatment you get when you're sleeping with a..."

"Don't you dare finish that," she warned, and meant it.

Jack just looked at her and smiled innocently while she glared at him.

The phone rang again.

"Don't," he warned again.

But Sam got up and headed for the phone on the counter. Jack got up to try and intercept, but was stopped when his own AF cell phone began to ring in Sam's bedroom. Crap! Now that wasn't a phone he could ignore.


"What I really want to know is how the guy got in the mountain, came all the way down to level 28, breezed right by S.F. personnel, into the gate room, then dialled the gate with no DHD or any other device", Mitchell said looking rather bemused.

"I'd like to know that too", responded Landry. "So far initial investigation shows he had some kind of euphoric effect on personnel as he passed by them. They all had a feeling he wasn't a threat and just let him on his merry way. Believe me people, I am not amused and we will be getting to the bottom of it."

Landry continued. "What I need you to focus on is how 1) he dialled the gate, 2) how he managed to pull up a 7+1 using no more energy than normal and 3) where the hell does this address go."

"Do we still have the address?" asked Sam

"It erased from the computer the moment the gate shut down, but Walter was able to remember and drew the symbols", Landry replied, handing them each a photocopy of the symbols. "Anyone recognize these?"

Everyone shook their heads. Teal'c responded, "I do not".

"Well this is impossible" Sam responded after reviewing the symbols. "We know from the Atlantis mission that to sustain a wormhole outside of our galaxy requires the power of a ZPM. There is no evidence that one was used and there's no way the energy output could remain normal. It's just not possible. Sir, request permission to run a full diagnostic". She began to rise from her chair.

Landry held up his hand to indicate she should wait

"That's what I love about this place", chimed in Mitchell. "The impossible becomes the possible, and sometimes the normal. You gotta love that."

Sam threw him a dry, get serious look.

"Actually, this is pretty exciting," piped up Daniel

"How so?" enquired Teal'c

"Well think of it. We know this is one is outside our galaxy right. It could...or maybe not...be in the Pegasus galaxy?" Daniel hesitated.

"So...?" asked Landry.

"Well what if there's a way to contact or get to Atlantis using the gate with only normal output requirements. Or even if it goes to another galaxy, maybe we can find someone or something there that can help us fight the Ori. Look I know it's a long shot, but we know the Ori are coming here, not just for us, but to destroy the Ancients. They can maybe... and we don't know this for sure...but maybe hold their own. But we can't...And you've already said the S.F.s didn't feel like the guy that waltzed through was a threat, and they treat everything like a threat. He didn't hurt anybody, did he?"

Landry shook his head.

"And maybe if it goes somewhere else, maybe there are weapons that we can use on our plain of existence that can help us fight the Ori off" Mitchell said, taking Daniel's stance.

"Exactly" Daniel nodded.

Sam watched the banter back and forth but was still caught up in trying to figure out how the gate could activate an 8th symbol with no more output than the normal spectrum. Thoughts of Jack and their first time together last night invaded her thoughts. She wondered what he would've done in this conversation a year ago. Nix that, she knew. His eyes would've glazed over until the word weapons had been mentioned. Then he would've been perked.

Teal'c having listened to Dr. Jackson and Colonel Mitchell become increasingly excited at the prospect of a mission to these new coordinates finally interjected with his cautious wisdom.

"Has it occurred to anyone that these coordinates may actually lead to the Ori home galaxy? Perhaps even their home world? In which case a foray into their domain may prove to be unwise at the present time."

"Actually, that was brought to my attention before briefing you," admitted Landry. "I took the liberty of informing General O'Neill of the developments considering the breach of security. He's worried about the same thing."

"And what did he suggest...?" asked Sam, although she already knew having overheard him while watching him get dressed.

"He said that too little of the history between the Ancient's and the Ori is known. We know they were part of the same group at one time and split up over, shall we say, a difference of opinion. And so far we have nothing to link this intruder to either. This may be an entirely new threat. Although, as Dr. Jackson has pointed out, no one was injured in this encounter. He recommends further recon by way of a M.A.L.P and a U.A.V before we even think about a possible mission. He wants no one going through the gate until we know what's out there...and exactly where out there is. And I agree with him."

"Jack said that", asked Daniel. "Jack...our Jack? He wasn't salivating at the thought of weapons?"

Landry threw Daniel a quizzical look but it was Sam that answered.

"General O'Neill is a deeper thinker than most people give him credit for Daniel. You should know that by now, although we all underestimated him for years..."

"I did not," broke in Teal'c with a solemn nod.

"Right. Well I know I did, and so did Daniel. The point is, we..." and indicated by pointing she was referring to Daniel and herself, "underestimated him and we were his team, not to mention his friends. He may not get all the science around this"...and she waved her hand in the air..." but that wasn't his area...it was ours. He was and is a tactics expert. Working with him all those years, I learned that...and learned from him." Sam hesitated before going on wondering if her defence of him would give her away somehow.

"My point is, General O'Neill wouldn't throw away a chance at a defence against the Ori, unless he felt the cost could likely outweigh the benefit. If he's recommending we err on the side of caution, we should listen. Not like we have a choice", she gave a deprecating grin in the direction of Landry. "I'm just saying..."

"You're absolutely right Colonel," Landry interjected. "Jack has a bad feeling about this. We've, or rather I, have been ordered to use extra caution. We'll proceed...but slowly. Sam, now you can go and review the computer diagnostics. Explain to me how this was even possible. Mitchell, you make the arrangements for the recon. Teal'c and Daniel, I want you to stand by in the control room just in case we get any useful images. Dismissed."


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