Jack's Origin Chapter 4
by Lesleyp

Season: SG-1 Season Nine
Summary: Final chapter. Jack goes off world to save SG1. A twist to the "Ancient" gene.

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Special thanks to Simon D. Yates for Betaing.


The blonde boy sat down in the middle of the room. Mitchell walked around him cautiously, while Teal'c took up watch against the wall opposite the doorway.

Samantha was exhausted and also sat on the floor, Daniel sticking with her. Not too close to this boy though. She'd not forgotten what the others had done, and wondered if this one would be turned on them as well.

"Well I guess I'll get the ball rolling," Mitchell began, now standing in front of and directing his comments at the boy. "Where are we?"

"You are here...on the planet. I think that's right. Forgive me. This is the first I've spoken your language. I have never seen a human before, though I have wanted to for millennia. This is marvellous!" the boy exclaimed happily.

"Uh huh," from Cameron. "Let's try this...who are you?"

"I am me."

"Do... you... have... a... name?" Mitchell pronounced slowly.

"Don't antagonize him," Daniel cautiously warned.

"No that's ok. I don't have a name. I have never needed one," Was the boys response.

"Then what should we call you?" Mitchell tried again, frustration creeping into his voice.

"Whatever you wish," the boy smiled, obviously delighted.

"This is going well," Mitchell retorted. "Let me be more specific..."

"Let me try," Daniel interjected. "What is your kind called? Species, race...anything...What is it called?"

"We have no name, although other beings, including humans, have given us many names."

"Ok...well, what do...or have...we humans called you?" Daniel tried again. This was more painful than getting fish out of Jack's pond, or his remembered conversations with Oma.

"I don't know. I have not been to earth. I'm sorry," and the boy really did look sorry.

"No, no, that's ok," Daniel reassured. "Let's try...where are you from?"


"Your planet, or Galaxy, you know, where you originate from."

The boy laughed with mirth. "Planet? No, no, Daniel. We are not from a planet."

"Well you have to come from somewhere in the Universe," Daniel remarked.

Understanding dawned on the boys face and he looked at Daniel kindly. "No, Daniel, we are not from anywhere, we are of."


"Yes, of."

"Of...what?" This really was like talking to Oma.

"The Universe, Daniel," the boy grinned, happy he understood the question put to him and could answer. "We are of the Universe."

"Oh for cryin out loud this is getting us no where!" exclaimed Mitchell.

"No...no...wait..." said Daniel, holding up his hand, trying to make sense of this. "So you're of ...the Universe?"

"Yes, we are eternal, just like the Universe. We are always. We have no beginning, no end, no planet. We are of...everywhere...the Universe." The boy seemed very pleased with his explanation.

"I see..." began Daniel, then throwing his hands up. "Who am I kidding, no I don't."

The boy appeared crestfallen.

Mitchell tagged in and gave it a shot. "So you guys have been around since the beginning of the Universe, is that what you're trying to tell us?"

The dark haired sentinel gave a derisive snort, as though he'd found what Mitchell had said very funny. The blonde sentinel just gave a slight shake of his head.

Finally the dark haired one spoke, but his comments were directed to the boy. "Why do you try? They are incapable of understanding."

"Because they ask," the boy appeared chastised casting his eyes downward.

"He is right." The blonde sentry gently spoke. "They cannot understand. But there is no harm in trying. Continue Agecher."

This encouragement brightened the boy and he began to speak again, as though teaching a class of students.

"There is no beginning to the Universe, nor is there an end. I have heard that many corporeal species cannot fully grasp this. Your kind tries I have also heard. You try to explain the infinite in the finite. Like the big bang theory. Sure, energy builds and there is a loud noise, usually when galaxies or solar systems are newly formed, but that is just a part. We have always been as has the Universe, and we will always be. Eternal."

"I think I understand," Sam finally broke her silence.

The boy looked gently at her and shook his head. "No, I can see that you try, but even now I see that your mind, as superior as it is, cannot grasp it. You still look for a starting point, and wonder where it ends. I see you grappling with thoughts of the Universe within Universes...or ...parallel?...Universes. No. These are wrong. There is only one and it is endless, with endless possibilities."

"But we've seen parallel..." Sam started to explain.

"No," the boy cut her off. "You have simply seen and gone to other places within the same Universe that seem to match closely to where you are in the Universe. As I said, the possibilities are endless, but we are all in the same Universe. For there to be more than one, one would have to end, and it does not. There is one." He smiled broadly, feeling as though he had explained it simply enough to be understood.

"Oh..." said Sam, looking rather confused.

Mitchell was becoming increasingly agitated with the circular explanations and decided to cut to it. "Let me ask, why have we been brought to this place?" He waved indicating the hut they were now in.

"We brought you here to be safe and comfortable until it is decided who will have dominion over you."

"Who will have what! Oh, that's just great! Do we get a say?" now Mitchell was becoming angry.

"Sadly, it is beyond that," the boy answered morosely. "Their Arcenage has made claim," he pointed to the dark haired sentry as he revealed this. "They found you first. We wish we had, but we did not sense your presence. It has been along time since a corporeal being has come through the travel device. We were not vigilant."

"This is ridiculous!" Mitchell shouted at the boy, causing him to start.

Daniel looked at the sentries, but they had not moved.

It was Sam that spoke though, a strange protective instinct spurring her on "Ease up on him Cam, he's just a kid."

"I'm not a child Samantha," he smiled appreciatively at her. "I may appear as one though. It is how you perceive our energy. I'm actually an Agecher."

"An Agecher? What's that?" Sam probed.

"What I am."

"Oh here we go again!" Mitchell exclaimed with hostility. "Can we just drop this and give me some kind of idea how much longer this is going to take!"

Sam ignored Mitchell's outburst and softly asked the boy, "I thought you didn't have a name?"

"Oh," the boy exclaimed, again understanding dawning his features. "I thought you were referring to us, or to me, in specifics. I have no name, nor does my kind, but my station is Agecher."

"Station?" asked Mitchell feeling more calm. "Is that like a rank? You know, I'm a Colonel, she's a Colonel?"

The boy appeared confused as though he didn't understand.

Daniel tried to enlighten him. "What is his station?" he asked pointing to the blonde sentry.

"He is an Ageseraph."

"Now we're getting somewhere!" exclaimed Mitchell. "So who was the one with the Goldsword?"

"His station is Arcenage."

"Hallelujah...So you each have a rank, or station, whatever. What is your purpose?" Mitchell now felt they were getting somewhere at last. It appeared as though these beings had something similar to military rank, and that he understood.


Mitchell gave him a disgusted look, threw up his hands and walked over to the back where Teal'c was standing watch. "I give up."

Teal'c raised his eyebrow as he noticed the boy appeared to be about to burst into tears.

The blonde sentinel spoke to the boy using a soft ocean like sound. It lasted several moments.

"Ah," said the boy. "Thank you." Then looking at Mitchell he said, "We watch."

"Nope, not buying into it," said Mitchell. "You say we watch', then we say watch what?' then we start this circle all over again. Not doin it. Let's just drop it."

"I wish you would," snorted the dark haired sentry.

The boy just smiled patiently then continued, "We watch over the Universe. We are throughout. We keep the balance."

"The balance between good and evil?" Daniel attempted.

"There is good and evil in all living beings Daniel. Even in us. We enforce the balance to ensure evil does not take control. They have broken the code and no longer watch," he pointed to the dark sentry, "they involve. We are not permitted to involve any more. We try to stop them and...I'm sorry, I don't know how to explain."

And then from the dark haired sentry, "You protect the monkeys is what you do, and that will soon be over."

"They are the cherished!" the blonde sentry loudly rebutted.

"And you are lap dogs," sneered the dark haired one in response.

"Better to be the lap dog then the snake," smiled the blonde.

The team had watched this banter back and forth. Mitchell's face began to change to awe as he began to understand. Or so he thought.

Turning back to the boy, Daniel asked. "So earlier you said you didn't sense us, but wish you had. How did you know we were here? Not that I'm not relieved that you found us, because clearly I am. I'm just curious."

"The Arcnephil. He came. We sensed his presence. He told us of you."

"Jack? Jack is here?" prompted Daniel.

"Yes, that is what you call him. He is with our Arcenage now."


Mick had begun to answer Jack's question.

"This will be hard for you to understand Jack. And try to keep from glazing over," he smiled. "To answer your question we are eternal. Just as the Universe has no beginning, nor an end, as are we. Our power is unmatched. We can not be killed, except by our own kind. We are not from the Universe, we are of it. A part of it. But we are not all seeing, nor all knowing."

"Huh?" asked Jack.

"Never mind. It doesn't really matter. What I really need to know Jack is how humans knew to come here?" Mick asked.

The dark haired figure began to stand upright again, a look of concern crossing his features.

Mick continued, "We cannot travel to a planet without taking corporeal form, those were the new rules imposed upon us after our war. So we kept the gate. Although, we have not used it in over 500 of your years. We learned that the balance can be disrupted sometimes just by our presence, even if it is in mortal form. Any corporeal travel, for any purpose, must be agreed to by the other side."

Jack looked at Mick, then to the other man who was shifting uncomfortably.

"Ask him," was Jack's response.

Mick looked over to his counterpart. "What do you mean Jack?" he asked softly.

Jack explained the visitor to the SGC that had prompted this mission, how the tall guy passed by all security, dialled the gate, and walked through. Jack also pointed out that the guy had dark hair.

Mick rose slowly from the chair and spoke in a hushed angry voice to the man by the entry way. "You forfeit your right to them. You interfered which is why they are here."

"Not so fast," came the other man's reply. "Ask him what they came here for?"

Slowly turning, Mick looked at Jack enquiringly.

"Well...actually...we were kinda hoping to find...weapons..." Jack was going to continue but the dark haired one jumped in.

"Ha! You see, it doesn't matter how they got here. Their purpose matters. My claim still stands."

Mick bowed his head looking a little defeated. Then he said to Jack. "This is going to take longer than I thought. You should see to your friend's."

"O..K...said Jack taking a deep breath. This didn't seem to be going well and he was eager to check on the gang...and Sam. "One more thing before I go?"

Mick looked up at him.

"If you're not supposed to come to Earth because it could interfere with this balance thing or...whatever...how have you been keeping tabs on...what did you call it...my progress?" Jack asked suspiciously.

"Deep space radar telemetry," Mick answered with a grin.


"Fine...if you don't want to tell me..." Jack stopped, he was in the middle of the desert talking to himself. "I hate when that happens!" he muttered.

Looking around he spotted the ruins. Probably where they're at, he thought, and headed off in that direction.

The blonde boy jumped up excitedly, youthful enthusiasm barely contained as he was slightly trembling "He's here, he's here! The Arcnephil!"

The boy looked at the blonde sentry who only smiled and nodded. The sentries backed away from each other leaving a small gap in the entryway.

"Hello campers...little late for curfew aren't we?" Jack said coming through the door, giving cautious glances to the two sentries. "Ya know, I'm getting a little old for this," he joked.

"General!" Mitchell snapped to attention.

"Hello Jack, I was wondering when you were gonna show up," said Daniel non plussed. "What took you so long?"

"Oh you know, got lost around the bend and being a typical male, hate asking for directions," Jack quipped.

Looking around he saw all were present and accounted for. Teal'c standing by a window off to the right gave him a slight smile and a nod. Sam was sitting toward the back, hugging her knees. She didn't look up. O..K. Jack ran his tongue over his molar.

"You guys all right? Mitchell?"

"Yes sir, we're fine, now. Was a little touch and go there for awhile."

"Uh huh...Teal'c?"

"I am much better now O'Neill, thank you."


"I'm fine Jack," Daniel answered giving a meaningful look in Sam's direction.


No answer.


Again no answer.

He started slowly toward her. "Not happy to see me?" he asked, concern all over his face.

Sam finally looked up but could not meet his eyes. How could she explain this to him? She jostled to her feet and directed her eyes to his chest.

"I'm fine sir, really. It's good to see you. Though you probably shouldn't have come," she finally let out quietly.

She didn't see him wince as he noticed the large bruise on her cheek, nor saw his face redden as he noted her jacket tattered and the shirt underneath ripped. What the hell! The boys looked pretty beat up, but for some reason he was shocked to see that she'd been roughed up too. Taking his jacket off, he finally reached her and placed it around her shoulders. What the hell had happened, and who the hell was he going to have to kill for this?

"Thank you sir," she whispered.

"Carter, look at me," he said softly.

"I can't. They know sir, I'm sorry, I couldn't help it," she said.

"Know what?" Jack asked looking confused.

It was Daniel that answered "About the two of you. She didn't have a choice Jack. One of those black haired guys was threatening to kill us. They knew Jack. Apparently they could smell you on her."

"What?" asked Jack somewhat confused.

"They did indeed sniff her O'Neill. That is how they knew that you and Colonel Carter were lovers," tried Teal'c, feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

"Ya, they did. Sniff her that is. Two of em, after one of the kids kissed her and freaked out," added Mitchell. " Don't worry about me sir...zip ...zip ...zip." Mitchell offered, dragging his fingers by his mouth.

"Kissed her? Sniffed her?" then turning to Sam he lifted her chin "What, didn't you take a shower?" he joked. He heard Mitchell try to suppress a nervous laugh.

Sam started to tremble and he saw she was about to cry. Damn, he hated when she did that.

"C'mere," he said and pulled her into his arms. "Don't worry, it's gonna be ok. We've been through stuff like this before."

"But they know Jack," she whispered into his ear.

"Ya, so...we knew it could happen...we'll cross that bridge when we get home. Just let's worry about getting home...ok?" he pulled away slightly so he could look into her eyes.

"Ok," she finally gave him a small smile in return. "I am happy to see you, you know."

"I know," Jack responded, pulling her closer again, his lips brushing her forehead.

"Hey kid, you guys got anything to eat around here, my people are starving," Jack asked the golden haired boy.

"Food? Oh yes, I'm so sorry. I never even thought...I'd never met a human before...I'm sorry...I'll see to it," the boy said, seeming a little upset with himself. He promptly left, exiting between the two sentries.

A short time later the boy returned pulling a blanket laden with fruits and breads, as well as jugs of water. Not exactly a feast, but when you're hungry you can't complain. Sam and Daniel took the haul from the boy and set the food neatly on the blanket in the center of the room.

The five then sat on the ground in a circle and began to eat. Sam beside Jack, then Daniel, then Mitchell, then Teal'c. SG1 dug in feverishly. No one could remember the last time they ate. Jack munched on an apple and watched the team begin to devour the food. Nice. Kidnap, beat, and starve em. He was going to have to have a word with management.

While they ate the blonde headed boy explained that because Jack was of them, they could sense him, but not the humans. He told them that human brain chemistry was altered by a hormone when a human was in love. As the female was in love with the Arcnephil, and the Arcnephil was in love with her, the females brain chemistry was enhanced and imprinted with him. That is what the others had sensed. Because she was human, they had to be in close proximity to sense the chemical attachment to the Arcnephil (Jack was really beginning to hate that term, but no amount of call me Jack' was changing the kid's vocabulary).

When they'd all seemed to have their fill the boy packed the remainder and headed out the door.

Jack looked around at SG1, then he started the conversation.

"Ok...who wants to bring me up to speed. Mitchell?"

When Daniel tried to speak, Jack held up a hand "I'm really hoping to get the Cliff's notes version here Danny boy, if that's ok." Jack smiled, and Daniel gave him a mock disgusted look.

"Yes, sir," Mitchell responded and proceeded to bring Jack up to speed from the time they exited the gate, to what had transpired in the white room, to then finding themselves on the planet surface. He stopped after telling the general about the boy healing their wounds.

Jack had a dark look on his face, which only darkened when being told about the beatings and the subsequent treatment of and threats to Sam. He placed his arm protectively around her shoulders and pulled himself closer to her.

"What I don't get, is how they could sense you, and why it disturbed them so much," said Daniel.

Jack took a deep breath and looked over at Sam. "We'll get to that in a minute. So...since getting back here...have you learned anything? Daniel? Now it's your turn. This is probably where things get really weird, out of the normal weird, and that's usually your area...so..."

"Gee, thanks Jack."

"Welcome...well...come on...let's have it."

Daniel proceeded to try and briefly explain what they had learned from the boy, although it was rather confusing, and they still hadn't learned very much. When he was done he noticed Jack had that glazed look.

"Did you hear any of that?" he asked.


"Jack, for crying out loud!" Daniel exclaimed.

"Relax...just kidding. Ya, I heard you. Pretty consistent with my experience," and Jack proceeded to fill them in on his encounter. When he was done, Mitchell stood and went to the window on the right wall and looked out. He became lost in his thoughts. The others barely noticed.

"So that's how they knew you were here but not us, if your genetic code is theirs and they can sense each others presence. But if it's not the Ancient gene how was it that you could activate Ancient technology, and how did they know about you and me?" asked Sam.

"The fact that you and Jack became lovers...well, like the kid, Agecher? said, maybe something of him got left...marked you...oh never mind," Daniel gave up, as he was becoming increasingly embarrassed.

"Shut up Daniel," Jack's face had reddened now too.

Teal'c smiled and tilted his head. This was indeed amusing.

Daniel then tried to change the subject and answer Sam's other question, "Since these beings...whatever they are...are obviously on a higher plain then even the Ascended...and according to them have always been so...Ancient technology would be...well...like child's play to them. It would be easy for Jack...or someone with the gene...to work the technology...I guess." Daniel hesitated, looking a little confused, then walked over to Mitchell to join him in starring out the window.

He was starting to get a headache from trying to make sense of it. At least Daniel knew now why he'd been so scared after arriving here. It was probably a forgotten memory from when he'd been ascended. That part of him was aware of these beings and knew they should be avoided. At least the dark haired ones.

What seemed like hours had passed. Teal'c was leaning against the far wall, arms crossed over his chest, keeping an eye on the sentries. Mitchell had finally come to sit below the window, legs crossed, head resting back against the wall with his eyes closed.

Daniel had lain on the floor and had fallen asleep, as were Jack and Sam. Those two had curled close together by the left wall. Sam on the inside, Jack protectively on the outside.

The five were brought to attention when the blonde boy came running in.

"The Arcenage are here!" he announced happily.

Mitchell came quickly to his feet, a guarded look on his face, while Teal'c remained in his position. Daniel, Sam and Jack slowly rose to their feet. Jack dusted off his clothes.

The sentries parted and the two men with Goldswords strode into the abode. Sam's mouth flew open as she saw the blonde one for the first time. His face! He had Jack's face. The other members of SG1 realized the same thing just after her and had equally startled looks. Jack had forgotten to tell them about that. Daniel shot Jack a look, who in turn just gave a little shrug.

"We are at an impasse," said Mick as he looked over at Jack.

"Maybe you should ask why we need weapons, Mick," Jack stated matter of factly. "I woulda told you but..."Jack left the rest unsaid.

"You're right Jack," Mick smiled at him, then looked at Sam, his smile brightening. Sam looked from the blonde to the dark haired one. The latter leering at her with a nasty grin. Sam stepped instinctively behind Jack.

Jack noticed her move and directed his glance at the black haired man. "You ever touch her again..." he growled threateningly, as he began to advance.

Sam hated feeling defenseless and hoped no one had noticed her instinctive move. Here she was, a Colonel in the United States Air Force, as good a fighter as any man, and she was stepping behind one for protection. She never noticed that the male members of her team had also shifted themselves a little to be closer to where Jack was.

Mick held up his hand indicating for Jack to stop, but not before Daniel noticed Goldsword take a small step in retreat. Now that is surprising, he thought.

"Don't feel bad Samantha," Mick directed to her. "Your subconscious is only acknowledging that he is the only mortal here that could possibly defend you," and he smiled the kindest smile at her.

"I know what you are," Mitchell quietly directed at the two figures.

That caught their attention and both looked at him. Goldsword grinning broadly, while Mick made a wince, with a look of "here we go..."

"What are we Monkey?"

"Genesis 6, tell me if I'm even close," came Mitchell's cautious reply.

Goldsword let out a laugh, while Mick only looked at him, his expression belying nothing.

"What the hell is a Genesis 6?" asked Jack looking from Mitchell to the two imposing figures, then back again. Confusion clear on his features.

"Oh, do tell them," uttered Goldsword, amusement evident in his voice.

"Cameron..." started Mick patiently, as though talking to a child.

"Oh come on...don't spoil all my fun," Goldsword said to Mick, then to Mitchell, "Come on, go ahead, this'll be good."

Mitchell began quietly "And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives. When the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."

Then turning to Jack, Mitchell said "Southern Baptist Grandma", in way of explanation.

Daniel appeared a little startled and started quickly darting his glance back and forth between Mitchell and the two tall men.

"So let me get this straight...what are you saying?...are you saying you think these people...or beings...whatever they are...are...Angels?" Daniel asked with confusion.

Mick rolled his eyes while Goldsword let out a little laugh. Turning to Mick he remarked snidely, "and you really like these Monkeys!"

"Think about it," said Mitchell, now watching Goldsword, his eyes narrowed. "They say they're eternal, no beginning, no end, they've been to earth, obviously...and had relations'. I haven't seen any female of their kind, so I'm bettin they're all male. Contrary to popular belief, mythology has it that all angels were male. Maybe they're not even male or female but we perceive them as male...and then there's their names," Mitchell hesitated.

"Arcenage?" said Daniel in a subdued tone, "Arc Angel?"

"Ageseraph, Seraphim..."continued Mitchell "Agecher, Cherbrum."

"What a crock of..." Jack broke the hushed atmosphere that was now evolving. "How do you explain me then...I apparently have his genetic code...if I believe that..." he pointed to Mick, "and I am absolutely no Angel."

"Nephilim sir," they call you a Arcnephil. Nephilim is what the offspring of the fallen angel/human female were called. If you're the prodigy of an Arc angel, then it would make sense they'd call you an Arcnephil. Except he'd have to be fallen...which I don't think he is." Mitchell said pointing to Mick.

Jack looked doubtfully at Mitchell. "Are you nuts? Have you completely lost it!"

"Cameron, please..." Mick began again only to be stopped by Daniel.

"Mick?" asked Daniel, bringing Mick's attention to him.

"Mick." Daniel said again. "A derivative of Michael."

Mick looked at Jack with a pained expression and opened his mouth to try again.

Jack shrugged "Ah hell, let em finish, they're on a roll."

"The Arc Angel, Michael," whispered Mitchell. "Which makes you..." he pointed at Goldsword.

Goldsword bellowed. "Now you're talking...! Here let me help! That would make me the Arc Angel Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, King of..."

"Oh would you get over yourself!" yelled Mick. "What do you do, stand in front of your Ageseraph and practice that! You're embarrassing!"

"Ya, but you love me anyways," Goldsword smiled sweetly.

"Yes, I do, but I'd still wipe you out of existence if you gave me a good reason," retorted Mick.

"Oooooo, I'm scared."

Mick turned on Goldsword with a fierce look.

"No seriously," said Goldsword, holding up his hands, "Getting a little nervous here."

Mick shook his head, then turning to Mitchell he said "Please, don't encourage him. I have enough problems keeping him in check. I will admit Cameron that earth's mythology on Angels is loosely, and I do mean loosely, based on us."

"However," he continued, "as I'm sure you already know from your experience with other human mythology, the Angel mythology is filled with...errors. The likes of which to point out to you would take up your entire life time...Be that as it may, yes, there was a time we took human form...we had children with human females...most of which had to be...extinguished...for various reasons."

"Extinguished?" asked Sam a little horrified.

"Yes, extinguished...wiped from existence," Mick answered sadly. "They had our abilities, our knowledge, but the...I'm sorry to offend...the immaturity of a human. They were power hungry and...evil...for lack of a better term. Allowing the line to continue would've disrupted the natural progression of your evolution. We could not allow it."

"Ya, but your's got to live," jibbed Goldsword angrily.

"Yes, mine did," Mick turned toward Jack. "I had one human wife, who I greatly adored. She bore me a daughter. All from the others were sons. In my daughter was all of our ability with all the best of human potential. Compassion, grace, love, strength. It is from her that my progeny are left on earth. And I adore each of you as I did her. You have all shown to be humans of great potential. You especially Jack. The balance was not disturbed by your continued existence, and so it was permitted."

"If you do not interfere how do you know about the offspring?" asked Teal'c, finally bringing himself into the conversation.

"Deep space radar telemetry apparently," quipped Jack "Don't ask...I already tried going down that road."

Teal'c nodded.

"Is this what caused your war?" Teal'c asked Mick.

"No...yes. It was part of it. There were many issues. It had already started, but the Nepilim fanned the flames...so to speak." Mick answered.

"Ok...well as fun as this is...can we get on with it? I'd like to be home in time for the Simpsons," Jack urged, feeling more than just a little uncomfortable.

"Good...let's. So, why did you come here looking for weapons?" Mick asked to any who cared to answer.

Mitchell answered for the group. "We've come across a very powerful enemy who wants to wipe us out of existence if we don't bow to them...they're called the Ori...ever heard of em?"

Mick's face twisted in dark anger. Turning to face Goldsword he answered, "We have. The question is, how are you aware of them? Or more aptly, how are they aware of you?" His eyes narrowed menacingly as he watched his counterpart's reaction.

Goldsword tried to hold Mick's stare, but then looked down.

"Well, actually..." stated Daniel "I think that was my fault...or partially my fault." Daniel looked somewhat embarrassed. "The point is..."

"Ha!" exclaimed Goldsword. "See, it's not always me! They admit it. My claim stands."

"Your claim my ass...! These are my people...!" Jack yelled, only to be held back again by Mick's raised hand.

Mick turned to look at Daniel and quietly asked "How so?"

Daniel explained how they had found the Ancient, or Alteran, long range communicator and how when used with the Ancient telepathic stones, one of which was discovered at a garage sale by a man named Joe Spencer, he and Vala Mal Doran had been transported to a world where humans worshiped the Ori. He explained in brief, well brief for Daniel, his experience with the Prior, and how Vala had been brought back from a crispy death. He further went into what had occurred when he had been brought to meet with a Doci of the Ori.

Mitchell took over after that giving in pertinent details of their experience with the Ori up to the recent Plague.

"So let's see if I have this straight?" began Mick thoughtfully, "an Alteran stone was located at a...what?...garage sale?...on earth?"

"Yes...that's right...I think I have that right..." stammered Daniel.

Jack nodded.

"Indeed." responded Teal'c

"Hmmm," Mick became thoughtful, then again turned to look at Goldsword.

"And exactly how did it end up back on earth?"

Goldsword shifted his weight from leg to leg, looking somewhat nervous. Finally he answered.

"Fine. I relinquish my claim. Except..." Goldsword darted a glance at Sam, "Come on, let me keep the female. It's a good trade, the three guys for a woman...I'll give her back...when I'm done," he smiled maliciously.

"That's it!" and Jack made it to Goldsword this time, hauling back to take a punch. His arm stopped in mid swing by Mick.

"No Jack. Don't start something that would take eons to finish. You have no idea of the repercussions," then speaking to Goldsword he said.

"Let's see...if she's his mate...that would make her...my great, great, etcetera, etcetera, grand daughter...in law...sort of...wouldn't it?" Mick gave a broad smile toward Sam. "So technically she's...mine...it's a family thing...you know?" he directed at Goldsword.

"Too bad," Goldsword winked at Sam and was gone in a flash, as was the dark haired sentry.

The team began their trek back toward the gate. Sam noticed that the two Suns' were now no longer side by side, the second sun no longer visible. It must have returned to it's previous orbit.

Teal'c, Mitchell and Daniel had walked ahead. Her and Jack were walking side by side with Mick.

"So you can't help us?" asked Jack.

"We cannot interfere Jack?" Mick responded patiently.

"Well I'm sorry," interjected Sam, "but it seems to me that they've already interfered. Wouldn't your help just put things back the way they were?"

"It's not as simple as that Samantha, trust me, I wish it were," Mick stopped and looked at her gently. "The bottom line in this, is that you can beat them," he said in earnest. "If for one moment I doubted that I would start the war all over again. You will meet other races on your journey. Some will be enemies, but some will be able to assist. And even without them, you can win this. Especially with that brain of your's." Mick reached out and stroked Sam's face as a parent would to calm and reassure a frightened child.

"Now let me have a moment with Jack," he requested.

Sam walked ahead to where the rest of SG1 now waited by the DHD.

"We're not gonna remember any of this, are we?" Jack asked suspiciously.

"Nope. It would upset the..."

"Ya...I know...the balance...whatever...how the hell am I supposed to explain all this?" Jack asked waving toward the dishevelled team.

"You'll think of something, Jack...you always do."

"I think you have me mixed up with Carter..."

"Do I?" Mick gave Jack a meaningful look. "I don't think so. And speaking of Samantha..."

"Don't push me gramps.." Jack laughed.

"I'm just saying..."Mick laughed back. Mick looked down at Jack for a moment then reached out and to Jack's surprise, grabbed him in a hug.

"Hey...not in front of the troops," Jack blurted out thoroughly embarrassed.

"Jack, I am so proud of you!" Mick hugged him. "I promise to keep a closer watch over him. And don't worry. I will be watching. If I think humankind for one second is...in peril...I will..." he left it unsaid but gave Jack a slight nod. Jack knew what it meant.

"You'll be watching huh...that deep space radar telemetry thing?"

"Something like that."

"You know...you really need to work on your cover story...it sucks," Jack said before joining the others.

"I'll take that under advisement," Mick promised with a grin.

The four members of SG1 broke through the event horizon and stepped onto the ramp, followed by Lt. Gen. Jack O'Neill. Landry watched as they came down the ramp.

SG1 looked like they'd been through one hell of a fight. None had escaped bruising, their clothes were dirty and torn right through. Vests, jackets, and shirts. He could see skin. Except for Sam, who he noticed was wearing Jack's field jacket to cover herself. None carried the weapons they had left with.

Jack on the other hand looked slightly dusty, but other than that not a mark on him. Landry watched in awe as the rag tag team finally stopped in front of him.

"What the hell happened to you?" he asked in stunned surprise.

"Don't know, sir. Don't remember much. We walked through, headed toward the ruins, Daniel got a bad feeling and went running back...and that's it," replied Mitchell. Glancing behind, Mitchell noticed O'Neill coming up on their 6 and snapped to attention. "General O'Neill? Sir, what are you doing here?" he asked.

At that , Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c glanced behind as well, all surprised to see Jack standing there in fatigues.

"O'Neill!" exclaimed Teal'c.

"Jack...?" Daniel was confused and his face showed it.

Sam on the other hand opted to remain silent, but had the feeling he had somehow saved her, and them, again. She looked down and saw his jacket draped around her and threw him a speculative look. Jack shrugged in response.

"He went through to retrieve your asses, is what he's doing here," replied Landry. "Jack?"

"I got nuthin," Jack said thoughtfully, looking back at the now inactive gate. "Last thing I remember is walking through and finding myself in a desert. I started toward the ruins and that's it. Don't remember a thing after that until walking back through now. How long have I been gone?"

"It's only been 30 minutes since you left Jack. Frankly I was surprised when we got your IDC so soon," Hank answered.

"Seems...longer.." Jack stated, then, "Lock the co ordinates out of the dialling computer. I don't know why, but I'm thinkin we shouldn't go back there...although...I have a feeling we couldn't even if we wanted to," he speculated aloud. "On the upside...I think we might have found someone...or something...that'll be watching out for us."

"Indeed," added Teal'c tilting his head thoughtfully, and looking back at the gate.

"All of you, to the infirmary," ordered Landry.


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