Setsuna glared at the two of them. "No, absolutely not. I'm not letting you set me up on a blind date."

"But it's just one date! Besides you know her, and when have we ever led you astray?" Haruka and Michiru grinned nervously as Setsuna's eye twitched. "Besides, you've been moping ever since the decision to downgrade Pluto from…"

"Stop right there! First of all, I'm just feeling a little insulted from that, it's not like it affects my Senshi powers or anything. Second, I don't see why you're forcing me to go on a date anyway. Finally, you distinctly said "her." Did you just automatically assume that I'm a lesbian?"

The two Senshi of Wind and Water shrugged. "Well, are you?"

Setsuna looked away, her face reddening slightly from a blush. "Well, yes, but you still shouldn't have assumed I was!" She sighed before looking back at the two of them. "Fine, I'll go. Who is it anyway? You said that I know her."

Setsuna immediately didn't like the way that the two of them smiled at her.

The Senshi of Time nervously sipped a glass of water. She was sitting in a cozy little restaurant in the middle of town. Her date still hadn't shown up yet, though, in her defence, Setsuna was a little early. Looking at the entrance, she noticed someone walking inside, her face red in embarrassment. Setsuna's eye twitched as the woman's blush intensified when she noticed her. "Hello Ami."

The bluette smiled nervously at her. "Um… h-hello Setsuna." She sat down and started looking at through the menu in front of her. Setsuna could already feel the awkward silence settling in.

"So, did Haruka and Michiru talk you into this too? Or are they plotting with someone else as well?" Ami looked up in surprise.

"What? Haruka and Michiru both told me that you had been wanting to go out with me… they said a few other things, but I'm starting to think that…"

"…They were lying, yes." Setsuna sighed and smiled at the other girl. "I'm sorry about this, those two have had far too much time on their hands lately. They also have a nasty habit of assuming anything vaguely female is gay."

Ami blushed and looked down. "Um… I-I am. Gay, I mean."

The greenette continued smiling, but her eye twitched. "Oh. I see."

"Actually, there is someone I'm interested in, but I don't know what she would say if I told her. Maybe you could help me?"

Setsuna sighed in relief. Dating was difficult, but helping others with their problems was familiar territory to her. "I'd be glad to. So, who is the lucky-"

Suddenly, the front of the restaurant exploded in a flash of light, and static electricity had started to wreak havoc with the hair of everyone in the area. Sailor Jupiter stormed through the hole she'd made, and stomped up to Setsuna and Ami's table. She briefly glared in Setsuna's direction before turning to Ami, her gaze softening noticeably.

"Ami… I… I've been so afraid to tell you how I feel for so long, but when I heard about you and Setsuna, I-I knew I couldn't just keep this bottled up inside anymore! Ami Mizuno, I love you!"

Ami's eyes widened, then filled with tears as she wrapped her arms around the brunette, crying: "Oh Mako-chan! You don't know how long I've waited to hear that!"

At this moment, it should be duly noted that the rest of the restaurant's customers were staring mesmerized in their seats. This and reality television only further proves how much people love a good distraction. Had they been smart about it, they would have run during the earlier explosion. Because they didn't however, their fates were assured, and, consequently, the tabloids did not have anything new to add to their weekly "Magical Girl News" column.

The attention of the two women was drawn by light clapping from a certain nearby Senshi of Time. Setsuna smiled at the two of them before saying, "I'm glad for the two of you, you really make a cute couple."

Makoto, still as Sailor Jupiter, of course (no, she really decided that de-transforming in front of a room full of people was a good idea), looked at the greenette in confusion. "Wait, Haruka and Michiru said that-"

Both Ami and Setsuna responded at the same time. "They were lying."

"Oh. Well, that's good then, because I was seriously ready to start kicking some ass…" Makoto blushed, and scratched the back of her head nervously. "Erm, so anyway, if it's alright with you, Ami, maybe you and I could go somewhere for supper?"

Ami's face lit up as she smiled at the other girl. "I'd love to."

Setsuna sighed wistfully as the two left the building through the door (which happened to be right next to the hole Makoto made in the wall earlier) holding hands. "Ah, young love." She eventually noticed the other people in the restaurant that were still staring. Calmly, she grabbed her purse off the floor, pulled out her cell phone, and punched in some numbers.

"Hello, MIB: Japan Branch? This is Pluto. I need to call in a favor."

Setsuna shut the door behind her, and sat down on a nearby couch. Beside her, Hotaru was still up, and watching something on television.

The little Senshi of Death looked up at her. "Did your date with Ami go well, Setsuna-mama?"

"Well, it was certainly interesting. Makoto showed up in her senshi form, ready to fight me for Ami. The two of them are a couple now, so the night wasn't a complete waste… although, I had to spend an hour with a bunch of people wearing black suits wiping the memories of innocent bystanders."

"Ami and Makoto. I think that they'd make a cute couple."

Setsuna grinned a little. "I thought the exact same thing." Her smile dropped as a thought occurred to her. "Isn't it a little past your bedtime?"

The black haired girl shrugged, and grabbed a nearby bag of potato chips. "They said that I should stay downstairs for a few hours-" A slight thumping sound could be heard in the background, as well as the sound of creaking springs. There are only two actions throughout the multiverse that cause that particular combination of noises, and only one involves hitting people with pillows and wearing pajamas. "-and that it would be better if I were down here when you got back. Want some?" She offered the greenette the bag of chips.

Setsuna's eye twitch was back with a vengeance. "No, thank you, Hotaru-chan." She stood up, and materialized her Garnet Rod from wherever it is that thing stays and headed for the stairs. "Now, I'm going to go interrupt something, so just stay there for a bit. Hopefully, this will deter them from trying to set me up on another date."

Hotaru's co-mother smiled at her. Hotaru found that it was a smile that she would be glad to never have directed at her again, for it promised a great deal of pain to the subject of it's wearer's ire.

Thankfully, no one had to be sent to the emergency room. However, Haruka and Michiru both decided to wait until later to tell her that they'd already planned another blind date for her. Eventually, they also decided to do so from a bomb shelter three thousand miles away, with an automatic defense system, and with the national guard nearby. A short time after that, they also decided that it should have a very large bed and a jacuzzi.

After all, they'd want to do something worthwhile in the time they had before Setsuna would ultimately get to them.