Author's Notes Special:

A camera flickers on, revealing a room that had most likely been designed to seem cozy. The wall was lined with shelves filled books, a cheery fire blazed in the fireplace, and in the center of the room, the author, dressed in a t-shirt and sweatpants, sat in a comfortable looking chair; his feet, clad in fuzzy pink slippers, rested on an ottoman. A small table next to the chair held a plate of junk food and a glass of orange soda. Unfortunately, the effect was ruined as the camera zoomed out, revealing it to be a cheaply produced set. The author looked off-screen, a worried look on his face.

"Hey, are we rolling yet?" Unseen, someone answered in affirmation.

The author nodded, took a deep breath, then turned to the camera. He wore an extremely cheesy smile. "Oh, hello. I didn't see you there. Welcome to the first ever, and may I add, UNSCRIPTED, author notes special."

With a flourish, he reached for his glass of soda, accidentally knocking it over, it contents splashing onto the floor dramatically. Several stage technicians rushed on-screen armed with mops and paper towels, but the author waved them all away. With a scowl, he pushed his glasses back up. "Ahem. Normally, I do not personally appear in my own stories. I prefer to go through an intermediary, like the Pegasus Hunter here." A fedora-and-trench-coat clad figure holding a shotgun walked on stage and touched the rim of his hat. "Nice to meet you, D. E. Machina, (certified) Pegasus Hunter, at your service." He then stepped back off-screen.

The author continued, "Last chapter, on the other hand, I did make an appearance. Honestly? It doesn't really mean anything. After this, I really don't plan on doing it again. But that brings me to my next point, where exactly is this story headed? What is the future of my attempts at fan-fiction. You, the fans, probably want to know."

The camera moved to focus on the audience. Roughly six people were sitting in the stands. One person coughed uncomfortably, and another got up to leave complaining "This isn't the set of the Report!" The camera moved back to the author who was sweating and wearing a very forced smile.

"W-Well, you might have guessed that, from the previous pairings in the story, the original plan was for Setsuna and Minako to end up together. Unfortunately, I haven't really found a way to add it into the main story. I am definitely going to continue the story, and I will certainly attempt to keep the key and final pairing Setsuna/Minako, but I confess I still haven't decided on how it will happen." The author sighed and relaxed. "Still, I do have some interesting ideas on what to do with the story, and I hope you enjoy how it turns out, however that may be."

"My biggest concern is that I want the finale, in which Minako and Setsuna (potentially) get together to be fairly nice, and not the ham-fisted rush job of last chapter, which I plan on going back one day and rewriting. Regardless, I will certainly try my best to keep you entertained, to make you laugh and go 'squee!'." The author gave a wide smile, and off-screen someone yelled "Cut!"

The author relaxed and stood up. "Good job everybody." He turned to someone with a clipboard. "Do we have the crossover characters lined up for the next few chapters?" The man nodded, before gesturing to two figures standing near the door. "Yeah, it's all set up for the most part. Those two wanted to talk to you about their recurring role, though. Also, Miss Kino submitted another complaint about the next chapter, and Miss Aino said she had some advice on her characterization." The author nodded, and turned to walk towards the two women that man had pointed out. One was a dusky-skinned woman with violet hair put up into a ponytail. Her companion was shorter and looked younger, her black hair pulled back into two long braids. She wore a black kimono and a sword at her side.

"Hello, and welcome to the team. I know that I haven't written a story set in your universe yet, but that might change soon."