Sam's Diary

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural… what a pity? Why? Why?

Summary: Sam has a diary…

Note: Sam – 7, Dean – 11. AU story.


31 August

Dear diary,

I can't believe that I have you.

I told Dean, my big brother to buy it for me and he did, though I don't think that he knew what he bought.

My birthday was last week and Dean promised me that he would give me a gift, and he did it.

I will keep you safe from my dad…

Night, my diary… god I am so excited, hope no one would find you.

"Sammy, what are you doing?" Dean asked him, his eyes suspense something.

"Sleeping?" Sammy asked him back, as he tried to hear sleepy.

"Then why are you mumbling in your sleep?" Dean questioned him as curious hunted his mind.

"Did I?" Sam asked back, as he wondered if Dean heard him as he wrote in his diary.

Sam could hear a sigh left from his big brother, and then his brother spoke, "Never mind, Sammy, just get back to sleep, I will watch over you." Dean stared over his little brother with a slight worry, wished to know what is going on in his brother's mind.

My big brother was almost caught me.

It was way too close.

I will write more tomorrow, you can count on it.