Title: Questions and Answers.

Disclaimer: Do we look like we own Harry Potter?

Warnings: ImpliedJames/Sirius –SLASH, people!

Setting: The Marauder's Era.

A/N: Just a little drabble. Please review!

"Hey, James?"


"How do those little guys in Muggle-traffic-thingies always know when the lights are going to change?"

James stared at Sirius in shock and the snitch he'd been playing with flew out of his hand. "Huh?"

"Well, you know how they glow? They always know what colour to change to."

"Sirius, that's, well." James didn't seem to know what to say. "That's got to be the strangest question anyone's ever asked me."

"Well, what's the answer?"

"I used to think they had a whole heap of little guys shoved in there and when the lights changed, they'd just be moved around," James told him.

"Hmm... James, are those little guys in the traffic-light-thingies gay?" Sirius asked thoughtfully.

"Okay... I take it back. That's officially the strangest question anyone's ever asked me."

"Well, they must get pretty desperate. You know, crammed up in their with all the other guys all day."

"No, Sirius, that's just what I thought when I was a kid," James explained, exasperated.


They sat in silence for a few moments. James tugged on the grass at his feet, and Sirius watched him with an odd expression on his face.

"Where's Moony and Wormtail?" he asked after awhile.

"The kitchens. Wormtail's convinced the house elves are psychic, and Moony's trying to talk him out of spying on them."

"They're psychic? That is so cool!"

"No, Sirius. Wormtail just thinks they're psychic."


"The house elves are not psychic!"

"Sure, sure... you know, James, if I was a little traffic guy, I wouldn't mind being locked up in a traffic-light-thingy with you."

James blinked. "Uh... thanks?"

"No problem."

There was silence for a moment, only to promptly be broken by Sirius.

"James... are those little glowy guys psychic like the house elves?"