My New Life


Due to writer's block, I'm having trouble thinking of how to go about my other fics so thought I'd put my mind to something else. This is a Harry Potter Star trek Voyager Crossover. It's set after the final episode.

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The war is over. Harry has defeated Lord Voldemort. However, Harry's friends are no longer around for him to enjoy the victory with. Harry is transported to the 24th century, and directly to the astrometricks lab on Voyager.



It was three years after the return of Voyager to the Alpha Quadrant. Three years since the short Relationship between Seven of Nine and First Officer Chakotay. Both parties had moved on, and were still the best of friends. Both still shared a coffee in the mess from time to time, and joined in the odd game of poker every now and then with the rest of the crew. Tonight however, one of them was restless. Seven, or Annika Hansen, as she now liked to be called, was monitoring the goings on in the Astrometricks lab when she detected a disturbance in subspace. After contacting Captain Janeway, and Chakotay, she was just about to contact Tuvok when there was a small pop of displaced air and a young man appeared in front of her on the floor. Borg instincts kicking in, she was just about to stun him with her phaser when for reasons she couldn't quite fathom, she looked upon the young man, only to see tears streaming down the youth's handsome face, and dull emerald eyes filled with so much emotion, she could not tare herself away from them. She knelt down beside the man and placed a gentle arm around his shoulders.

"It's all right friend, I will not harm you. Come, I must get you to sick bay, you appear to be damaged. I will assist you." Her tone suggested she would brook no argument; however, it was lost on the boy, for he had passed out from his apparently cathartic experience. Pressing her com badge, she requested a site to site transport directly to sick bay.

Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay were about to enter astrometricks when Annika's voice came over their com badges informing them of her change in location. Both of them shared a look, had she hurt herself? Did the subspace disturbance have anything to do with her relocation to sickbay? Little did they know, it had everything to do with it, but not for the reasons that currently occupied their minds. Making their way to the infirmary, they were surprised, and Chakotay was more than amused to see Annika fussing over the youth occupying one of the biobeds.

"Well now, it seems like you've found yourself a keeper there Hansen." Chakotay chuckled as he made his way over to the pare.

"Piss off Chuckles." Annika growled, using the nick name Q dubbed him with years ago. Captain Janeway just raised her eyebrow, knowing that if Annika was anything like her, she couldn't pull an all nighter without an obseenly strong cup of coffee.

"Come on Annika, come tell me about this boy while we have ourselves a strong cup of coffee." Janeway coaxed. Both women headed for the nearest replicator and requested a cup each. Sitting down at a nearby table, the elder brunett took Annika's hand in both hers and gently prodded until she got an explanation as to how their mystery guest came to be here, and the reason for the site to site transport to sickbay.

Meanwhile, in sickbay, Harry was just remembering all the events that lead to his being transported to wherever he now was.


"Ssso. Potter. At lassst it'sss jussst the two of usss. No parentsss to sssave you now. No friendsss or mentorsss to die for you either. It'sss jussst usss and our familiarsss. Ssso, what'sss left to do now but finisssh you off ass I had planned all thossse yearsss ago." Voldemort taunted. Almost slipping into Parseltongue.

"It's over tom, I've destroyed all of your horcruxes, save Nagini. I dealt with the loss of my family and friends three years ago when you had them murdered at the burrow. I now have the dubious honor of being your downfall. Prophecy demands it be so." And with that, both wizards launched into a furious volley of all kinds of magics, both light and dark. The battle raged on for hours, neither man willing to surrender to the other. It was a mailstrum of transfigurations, charms, hexes, jinkses and everything else either man could think of. A stray killing curse from Voldemort's wand had hit his own familiar and Nagini lay dead, the final horcrux having been destroyed as a result. Harry's faithful owl, Hedwig lay dead beside her, due to a bite she received from Nagini. Harry looked down at the body of his long time friends and let one tear escape.

"It ends now tom. You are mortal once more and I'm damn well tired of all this. In fact, I'd venture a guess and say we are both tired of all this. I'm sorry Tom Marvolo Riddle, I hope you find the peace in death you could not find in life. May you find the love you never knew. The love of a mother, love for friends and family, and most important of all, the love you should have had for yourself. It's a shame you will never know these things in life. My only hope is you find them upon the next great adventure." And with that, Harry cleanly beheaded the once Dark Lord and with a flick of his hand, Voldemort and his wand were reduced to ash and scattered on the four winds. It was at this point, Harry heard a familiar song and looked up to see Fawkes swooping down on him. And no sooner had the magnificent avian perched himself atop Harry's shoulder, than they both were engulfed in a burst of flame and sent to Harry's current location. The last thing Harry remembered was crying for all his family and friends before a pare of beautiful blue eyes and the young blonde haired woman they belonged to had knelt down to attempt to comfort him. Before he woke up here.


"Hello friend, I was wondering when you would wake." Said a warm male voice from Harry's left. Harry squinted to try and attempt to get a clearer picture of the man but failed without his glasses.

"Ah. It would appear you are indeed in need of some medical attention. Please do not move, now this will not hurt a bit." And with that, the Doctor ran a dermal regenerator over Harry's eyes, correcting his vision.

"Who are you? And, where am I? More to the point, when am I?" Harry asked, wondering if this was an elaborate illusion setup by a rogue death eater.

"I believe we may be able to answer that." Said another male voice.


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