My New Life


A reviewer asked me what Q's reaction to Harry would be. So then, why don't we find out?

Chapter #2. And I thought Q was a letter of the alphabet?

It had been three days since Harry and Annika's, 'break down'. Three days since Harry's and Voyager's crew's lives were irrevocably changed due to the untimely appearance of the powerful young wizard. Due to there being another Harry on board, Harry opted to use his middle name so as to avoid confusion amongst the crew. Everyone had found out, much to Harry's amusement and their consternation, that the team up of himself and Tom Paris was both the best and worst thing that could happen on Voyager. Harry had been on the holodeck attempting to learn how to pilot the various shuttles and much to Annika's amusement, Voyager herself. Getting frustrated with all the computers, consoles and beeping and blinking, Harry asked the computer to provide him somewhere he could use his broom. Annika was slightly confused, 'Why would Harry need a place to practice sweeping?' Needless to say, when she saw Harry take out a highly polished length of wood with the name Firebolt emblazoned on the side and straddle it, she was curious. She was undeniably gobsmacked, when Harry just kicked off the ground and started performing stunts no sane person would dare to consider. For the first time in her young life, Annika Hansen felt fear and worry that this man would somehow manage to kill himself pulling these stunts. The holodeck doors opened behind her, and she turned only to see Tom Paris grinning.

"Wow! Would you look at that? I've just found me a co-pilot!" Tom Paris was amazed. Nobody had been able to handle his piloting stunts. Tuvok would of course hide his emotions but there was always a noticeable green tinge to the normally stoic Vulcan's complection after a trip with the young pilot.

"Hey you! Wanna learn how to pilot a real flying machine?" Tom shot off, sceptically eyeing Harry's broom.

"Only if you wanna pull some pranks." Harry shot right back, knowing the young man was just attempting to take a cheap shot, and failing most spectacularly.

"Pranks? What did you have in mind? Oh by the way, I'm Tom Paris, and I know who you are. I was briefed when B'Elanna and myself came back from shore leave." Harry liked the guy already. After shaking hands and then conspiring to prank the rest of the crew, save Annika and B'Elanna, thinks just snowballed from there. No crew member was safe when they had Paris'ss ideas and Harry's magic combine. While they could pull off dastardly deeds on their own, together, the pare were simply diabolical! Harry had learned after that how to pilot the Delta Flyer and various other shuttle craft Voyager had at it's disposal. With the coaching of Tom Paris, and the occasional bit of help from Annika and B'Elanna, Harry was as good a pilot as Tom was.

This morning however, things just got plane weird, and that was saying something as Harry was usually in the thick of all things weird.

While Harry and Tom were hashing out ideas for their next prank, which just happened to be on Harry Kim, Harry suddenly sensed a presence behind him.

"Tom, I'm sensing enormous amounts of power just behind me. If whoever it is doesn't let up, his aura will overwhelm me in a matter of minutes." Paris just looked confused until he glanced quickly over Harry's shoulder and his expression immediately darkened.

"Q! What are you doing here!?" Q just looked mildly amused at first then to Tom Paris's amazement, turned serious.

"I'm here Tommy, about your friend there. He's managed to cross space and time and somehow not leave a thing out of place while doing so. He's managed to end up here and from my perceptions it looks as if he's always existed here. What I want to know, is how did you do it boy?" At the mention of 'boy', and the tone of voice used, Harry froze. The blood rushed from his face and he curled up into a ball on the floor begging his uncle to not punish him. Q sensing this, knelt before the young man and began to furiously apologise. Seeing that it would not work, Tom went to summon Annika, but before he could press his finger to the com badge on his uniform, there was a loud, CRACK! And Annika was at Harry's side.

"What the!" Q jumped back from the furious looking female and put his hands up in surrender.

"I-I-I d-didn't d-d-d-do it! I swear!" Q shreaked. The entire mess began to laugh, never before had they seen the omnipotent being cringe in what was unmistakably fear, yet here he was, cowering from this meer mortal.

"If you ever,,, use that tone of voice around harry again, I will not hesitate to painfully remove your genitalia, and feed it to you. Do I make myself clear?" Annika spoke in a calm deadly voice which the voyager crew were scared of and rightly so. For they knew, if anyone were to cross her now, they'd end up in a world of hurt.

"Y-Y-Y-Yes ma'am!" Q squeaked, eliciting another round of laughter. With that done, Annika lifted harry into her arms and with another crack, disappeared from sight.

"Where'd she go? I've never seen her do that before!" Tom Paris exclaimed, his eyes wide.

"That, Tommy was accidental magic. It would seem young Potter has awoken Miss Hansen's magical abilities." Q said seriously. At that point, Captain Janeway wandered into the mess, with Fawkes on her shoulder.

"Ah! Cathy! And, what's this? A phoenix? Well Well Well! Now I see how young potter got here. Was it your magic that brought the lad here fawkes?" Janeway stopped to watch as Q spoke to the bird as if it had human inteligents, and to her surprise, she heard a voice in her head, and if the startled gasps were anything to go by, so did the rest of her crew.

"Indeed I did ancient one. The fledgling had lost all his other friends and his mate, so, I brought him here where he could heal and live out the remainder of his life." The voice said, sounding as if he did things like this all the time.

"But, how did you manage to make it look as if he's always lived here?" Q asked somewhat perplexed.

"Magic." Was the curt reply. And with that, Fawkes flashed away in a brilliant burst of flame.

Mean while, in Harry's quarters, the young former borg drone was wondering what she'd done when Harry seemed to come to himself. Emerald green eyes looked up into her own, and she could see the raw pain in them. She naturally did what anyone in her situation would do. She enfolded the young man into a hug that was able to convey what words could not. Harry after a minute, looked into her eyes and saw the myriad emotions swimming in them.

"What's wrong?" He asked, not giving a thought for his own predicament.

"Your magic awoke didn't it?" He asked gently. At this, Annika paled.

"How,,," She managed to squeak out.

"You somehow sensed I was in distress and came to assist me." Harry did his best to sound as flat as a borg drone. He knew that doing so would calm Annika down so she could think rationally.

"Yes, I did." She said softly.

"well then, now your magic has manifest itself, I'll have to teach you how to control it." Harry said with his eyes twinkling, not unlike his former mentor.

"I'm going to need Q's help though." Harry mused as he pondered on how to assist Annika in obtaining a wand. As if his thoughts were being listened in on, Q appeared at that moment.

"Why would you need a rediculus focus to harness your power? It's all about intent. Will it to happen and it will happen. It's as simple as that. Believe in yourself and the fact you can make it happen and it will. There's no need for complicated theory." Q spoke before either could regain their composure.

"You could knock next time." Harry grumbled.

"Where's the fun in that?" Q sulked. At that moment, Fawkes flashed in.

"(Ah. The ancient one and my two favourite fledglings. Just the beings I was looking for.)"

"You can speak?" Annika asked nervously.

"(Of course I can fledgling. I'm a powerful magical being after all.)" Fawkes said a little too smugly for Harry's liking.

"Play nice you over grown chicken or I'll ship you off to kernel sanders. And there'll be no more sherbert lemons!" Harry said, with a mock glare on his face. With that, Fawkes seemed to shrink in stature as he looked in to Harry's avada kedavra Green eyes with his own beady black ones.

"(Please! Not the kernel! I don't want to be basted in those eleven hurbs and spices! Anything but that!)" Fawkes pleaded. This however, became too much for the young wizard and Q, and both of them burst into raucous laughter.

"Kernel Sanders?" Anniks questioned,

"Twentieth century thing my dear." Q said still trying to contain his laughter.

"Now, let's get on with these magic control lessons of yours hmmm? And Harry, you might want to sit in. you might pick up a few more tricks." Q said, for the first time seriously. And with that, the 4 new friends set out on a path of discovery that would forever change their lives.


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