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Chapter 1

It was night and Jump City was ablaze with thousands of glittering lights. Suddenly, there came a bright light that shown in the middle of the city. And an unknown light usually meant one thing: Doctor Light was back and at it again.

The Titans quickly arrived on the scene and found Doctor Light attacking a bank. He was laughing menacingly to himself as he shot lasers that had been built into the back of his suit at the glass bank doors. He then simply walked through it, never breaking the glass. In fact, he moved through it as if it wasn't even there.

He quickly turned and saw the five Titans arriving on the scene. He smiled wickedly and charged the lasers up.

"Hello, Titans," said Doctor Light. "How nice of you to shed some light on my genius."

"And I always thought Robin's one liners were corny," said Beast Boy.

"Alright, Doctor Light," said Robin, ignoring Beast Boy's comment. "Surrender now and we may go easy on you."

"Sorry, Titans," said Doctor Light, his lasers growing brighter. "I'm not going down this time." And with that he began to shoot at them.

Each Titans dove out of the way and then made sure to keep out of the lasers' line of fire. Starfire began shooting starbolts at him, but he simply shot his lasers at them and they seemed to turn harmless.

"Man, I am so sicka fightin this guy!" groaned Cyborg after her had tumbled out of the way of the laser and stood back up.

"You can say that again," said Raven, dryly. Suddenly the lasers were aimed at her and she quickly put up a shield with her powers.

While he was shooting about, Beast Boy snuck up behind him and attempted to restrain him in a bear hug. Doctor Light struggled for a moment, but then turned the lasers around and shot Beast Boy. He let out a small yell as he went flying backwards.

Doctor Light quickly turned and saw Starfire flying at him, so he shot her as well. She gave a shriek and then dropped to the ground. Doctor Light giggled to himself. He had never made this much progress before with the Titans.

"Starfire!" shouted Robin.

After seeing her being hit, Robin decided it was his turn to attack. Suddenly he dropped out of the sky from out of nowhere and stomped one of the lasers, causing it to fracture. He landed on his feet and quickly turned back to Doctor Light. Unfortunately, as he turned Doctor Light shot him with his still good lasers, sending him tumbling onto his back.

Cyborg ran at him and began thrusting his fists at the reoccurring villain. Now, Doctor Light had never been the best fighter, so this kept him occupied for a little bit. And while Cyborg kept Doctor Light's attention, Raven went over to Beast Boy, who was still on the ground. Robin had reached Starfire and the two were trying to get back to their feet.

"Dude, that hurt," groaned Beast Boy as Raven helped him to sit up.

"Are you okay?" asked Raven, looking him over and making sure he had no real damage.

"I think so," said Beast Boy, rubbing his sore back.

"Come on," she said and stood up, giving him a hand.

Doctor Light ducked out of one of Cyborg's punches and sprinted away from him. He turned and tried to shoot Cyborg, but missed since he continued to run backwards. Cyborg gave chase and Doctor Light decided to turn and run for all it was worth. He saw the other Titans he had already hit, plus one who was helping her teammate up. He decided he might as well take her out too, since he had a bad history with that particular Titan.

Raven had just gotten Beast Boy up when suddenly she felt a horrible burning flash consume her. She gave a yelp and fell to her knees, bringing Beast Boy down with her. He was just about recovered at this point, and so he quickly covered her so she wouldn't be attacked again.

Doctor Light saw that he had four down Titans and he knew if he hit them again, this time with a much greater blast, he would probably be rid of them for a long long while. He revved his lasers up and just as he was about to shoot, Cyborg punched him in the back of the head. Doctor Light was immediately knocked out and he dropped to the ground.

"Boo-yah," said Cyborg smugly to himself. He then saw his four teammates in distress and went to them. "Y'all okay?"

"I think so," said Robin as he stood up and helped Starfire up as well. "Are you okay?"

"I believe I am," said Starfire, looking over herself. She then jumped into his arms and gave him a large hug. "I am so happy we are undamaged!"

"Yeah, so am I," said Robin smiling widely as Starfire hugged him.

"Raven, do you think you can stand up?" asked Beast Boy, slowly stand up.

Raven gave a groan and said, "I'll be fine." She had been the last one to get hit, so the pain was still lingering within her. Beast Boy grabbed her hand and gently pulled her to her feet. As soon as she was up she yanked her hand back from him.

"I'm so glad you're okay," said Beast Boy wrapping his arms around her affectionately. He always seemed to do this after they had avoided disaster, and he knew it drove her nuts. He even went so far as to press his cheek against hers.

"Beast Boy, get off of me before I make you look worse than Doctor Light," she growled and her eyes turned red.

"Okay," he chuckled and let her go.

"Haven't you grown up, yet?" Raven asked, brushing her cloak of the dust from the fight.

"Nope, and I never will," he said proudly.

"What was the purpose of those lasers?" asked Starfire.

"Not sure," said Robin. "But I think we're all okay, though."

"Great, then let's head home," said Beast Boy, rubbing his still sore back.

"Who wants to take Doctor Light to prison?" asked Cyborg.

"I shall do it," said Starfire, grabbing Doctor Light.

"Okay, I'll see you back at the tower," said Robin sweetly to her. She smiled and flew off. The two had been very close lately and had even started hanging out alone, otherwise known as dating.

Of course, they were all grown now and dating wasn't exactly something to blush about now. But Robin was still awkward about being in any sort of relationship, so Starfire didn't mind if they kept it on the low.

All five were around the age of nineteen, give or take. They had each grown in their own way, both physically and emotionally. But some things never seemed to change, no matter how many years passed and no matter how many inches they grew.

"Dude! Quit taking my tofu out of the fridge!" Beast Boy yelled at Cyborg.

"Hey, it was takin up too much room," said Cyborg defensively.

"It was not!" Beast Boy yelled at him.

"Oh would you two cut it out," Raven sighed as she made herself a cup of tea.

"He's the one who won't accept that I'm a vegetarian," said Beast Boy pointing at Cyborg.

"And he's the one who won't accept that our teeth are for tearing and chewing meat," said Cyborg. "Not for vegetables alone!"

"Friends, I have returned!" Starfire announced as she entered the common room. "And the Doctor Light is in prison once more."

"Nice work, team," said Robin.

"More like nice work Cyborg," said Raven dryly as she sipped her tea.

"Raven is correct," said Starfire. "If it was not for Cyborg we might not have been victorious."

"Finally, some proper recognition," said Cyborg with a proud grin.

"Yeah yeah, all hail the magnificent Cyborg," Beast Boy said sarcastically as he took a seat on the couch and stretched his, now, long legs out and rested them on their little coffee table. "Anyone up for a movie night?"

"Sure, I'm game," said Cyborg sitting down next to Beast Boy, which ultimately catapulted Beast Boy right off the couch.

He grumbled a few profanities and climbed back on. "What about you, Raven?" asked Beast Boy with a smile.

"No thank you," said Raven simply and she sipped her tea.

"We can watch something you'll like," he said, trying to talk her into it.

"No thank you, I said," Raven repeated. "I'm going to finish my tea and then I'm going to bed."

"But it's only nine!" said Beast Boy.

"And I feel very tired," said Raven. And with that she headed for her room.

"Awe, forget her," said Cyborg. "Rob, Star, ya in?"

"I am," said Robin. "You?"

"Actually, I am feeling the tired as well," said Starfire. "I believe I shall go to bed."

"Uh, okay," said Robin. "Good night." Starfire smiled and headed for her own room.

"Well, since we're girl free," said Beast Boy with a devious grin. "Let's watch something good. Something full of action and blood and carnage!"

"Ya know, you scare me when you get like that," said Cyborg, looking at Beast Boy queerly. "And how come you don't mind watchin masses of people die in movies but you can't stand the thought of a dyin cow?"

"Dude, don't start again," Beast Boy warned.

"Alright, you two," said Robin. "Let's just find something to watch."

Starfire floated to her room and quickly climbed into her bed. She felt very tired for some strange reason and a littleā€¦ odd. She decided that it must have been how she was feeling about Robin. She always felt giddy when he was near her. She couldn't wait until he was comfortable enough to have their relationship out in public.

Raven sat on her bed and finished her tea. She quickly put the cup on her bedside table and before she could help herself, her head fell back onto her pillow. She felt like all of her strength to stay awake was being taken and being put to use in some other way. She had wanted to meditate to get rid of this odd feeling, but there was no time. Her eyelids slid shut and she fell deep into sleep.