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Chapter 19

Little Aland'r was a beautiful baby. He did have dark hair and his skin was tinted orange. He was a very plump baby and slept in his mothers arms most of the time. Starfire was always feeding him or singing a Tamaranean lullaby. She and Robin had been very relieved to come home after spending six months away from home.

"I think he's got your nose, Robin," said Cyborg laughing.

"How can you tell?" asked Robin. "He's barely four days old."

"Eh, I can just tell," said Cyborg.

"Wow, three babies and they all look completely different," said Beast Boy. "Well, one thing's for sure. We'll never mistake one for another."

"Raven, may I see your little bumgorfs now?" asked Starfire as she cradled the sleeping baby Aland'r.

"I think they're still sleeping," said Raven, closing her eyes. She concentrated and was soon able to see her two babies, whom were just starting to wake up. "I'll go get them, Beast Boy come help me." Her powers had just been starting to come back and if she wasn't taking care of her babies, then she was meditating and getting back into her groove. Beast Boy quickly jumped up and followed her out of the room.

"Wait until you see them, they're so cute!" said Cyborg.

"Cuter than mine?" asked Robin, his competitive side showing through.

"I am sure they are all equally adorable," said Starfire.

"Yeah, but they've got little ears like BB," said Cyborg.

"Any fangs?" asked Robin, smirking.

"They don't have teeth yet, you know that," said Cyborg. "Anyway, I'll bet Delilah will. She seems to take after him the most."

"Oh, I have been waiting for so long to see Raven and Beast Boy's bumgorfs," said Starfire as she rocked Aland'r back and forth. "I just know that they shall all be best friends. Isn't that right my little bumgorf?" She nuzzled her little boy and giggled.

Raven and Beast Boy returned, each with a baby in a baby carrier. Raven had Joaquin and Beast Boy had Delilah. They sat down next to Starfire and then took them out of their little seats.

"Oh! They are most beautiful," said Starfire, squealing.

"Wow, they… look just like you," said Robin.

"I know, isn't it great?" said Beast Boy with a smile.

"Awe, I'm the only one who doesn't have one," pouted Cyborg.

"Well if you had given me a hug after the battle then maybe you would," said Raven.

"Well I'll hug you from now, how about that?" said Cyborg.

"Oh no, she's mine," said Beast Boy, protectively. "And she's not going out on any more missions."

"She's not?" asked Cyborg.

"Nope, I'm not letting her," said Beast Boy.

"He wants me to stay home and take care of the babies," said Raven. "Oh my god, I've become a housewife! And I'm not even married."

"Oh! That has reminded me," said Starfire. "Robin and I have married!" As soon as she said it she slapped her hand over her face and gasped. "Oops, I was not supposed to say that."

The other three Titans looked at her and then Robin in shock. "What?" they all asked together.

"Well, according to Tamaranean law, for Starfire to have all of the traditional care we had to get married," said Robin.

"And you didn't think to tell us?" asked Cyborg angrily. "Or even invite us to your weddin?"

"Hey, the day after we arrived Starfire told me, and then we had to get married by sunset or it would be too late," said Robin. "We didn't have any time to tell or invite anyone."

"And you couldn't tell us afterwards because…" asked Raven.

"I am afraid that that was my fault, friends," said Starfire. "I knew that you would all be upset, so I proposed that we simply have another ceremony when we got home so you would not know. I must have forgotten when I told you that we got married. I am sorry."

"Don't worry, Star, it's better that they know anyway," said Robin. "Now we don't have to have another ceremony."

"Are you kiddin?" laughed Cyborg. "You're not gettin off that easy."

"Yes, Robin, why do you not want to marry me again?" asked Starfire.

"It's not that I don't want to marry you again, Star," said Robin. "It's just that… we just got married…"

"Six months ago," Beast Boy added in, making Robin give him an evil stare.

"…and I think we should wait until Alan is older so he'll remember it," said Robin. "You know, it'll be a big special event. Doesn't that sound better than having some quick ceremony now?"

"I suppose it does," said Starfire with a smile after some thought.

Robin gave a relieved sigh, one that Starfire couldn't see, and knew he was off the hook. Cyborg leaned in and said, "Nice save."

Suddenly the Titans screen fizzled and turned on, revealing the Titans East. "Alright, where are they?" asked Bumble Bee. None of the Titans babies had been seen outside of the tower yet and most of the other Titans, especially Titans East, were eager to see what they looked like. "Sparky, move your big butt out of the way!"

"Hey! My butt is just fine," said Cyborg, steaming.

"Move!" screamed the Titans East.

"¡Fuera de la manera!" yelled Mas e Manos.

"Alright, alright, sheesh," said Cyborg moving out of the way so they could see Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven on the couch, each with a baby in their arms.

A wave of, "Awe!" came from the Titans East as the gushed over the babies.

"They look so cute!" said Bumble Bee.

"Wow, Star, what're you feeding him?" asked Speedy, looking at the chubby little infant.

"The milk that comes from my…" started Starfire.

"He was being sarcastic, Star," said Robin quickly, before she could go on.

"So who's who?" asked Aqualad.

"Our's is Aland'r," said Robin.

"Aland'r?" asked the whole team of Titans East.

"Yes, is it not perfect?" asked Starfire, gushing.

"Suena extraño a mí," said Manos.

"Si," agreed Mas.

"And what about you two?" asked Bumble Bee.

"This is my little girl, Delilah," said Beast Boy proudly and he began to kiss her little cheeks.

"And this is Joaquin," said Raven with a smile.

"They're like little clones of you!" said Speedy. "Only, you know, different genders."

"Awe, look at their little elf ears," said Bumble Bee.

Delilah let out a long yawn, making everyone go, "Awe!" She then cuddled into her father, who had a beaming look on his face. She began to fuss, but he placed a pacifier in her mouth and she quickly calmed down.

"Too bad we can't do that to you to make you be quiet," laughed Cyborg.

"Shut up," said Beast Boy.

After a few more minutes of catching up the Titans East signed off and it was time to feed and put all three babies down. Starfire simply exposed herself right there and began to feed her son, causing Cyborg and Beast Boy to look away. Raven went to her room to feed her children. Beast Boy quickly followed her, carrying both baby carriers.

The room was quiet, but it was also very happy. Raven relaxed with her eyes closed as her son fed. Both of her babies were growing every day and it truly was amazing. She never wanted to be away from them again. They were proof that everything she had ever thought really was wrong. She had always thought that she would never be a mother; could never be a mother.

While Raven fed Joaquin Beast Boy sat in his own rocking chair and rocked Delilah. She had woken up again, from her empty stomach most likely, and was now looking around at the large world around her. But whenever she locked eyes with her father she would let out a sigh and seemed to become lost in him. She would smile softly and then move on to whatever else was around her.

"You know, when I first found out you were pregnant I was really unsure of what to do," said Beast Boy. "I mean, I never thought I'd be able to handle being a father. Not at nineteen, anyway."

"But you're twenty now," said Raven.

"Yeah, but still," said Beast Boy. "The thought of having kids any time in the next decade never really crossed my mind. I thought I was gonna be fooling around and playing like a kid until I was, you know, old. But I think this is so much better than anything else in the world. I would rather sit here with you and the babies for hours than go out and party and stuff."

"Come on, that's not true," said Raven half laughing.

"No, I'm serious!" said Beast Boy. "I've never been so happy in my entire life. Just holding them is so… I don't know. It makes me feel like I'm whole or something. And being with you makes me feel all giddy and warm inside. Really, this is so much better than playing videogames or something stupid like that."

Raven stopped mid-rock and stared at Beast Boy in shock. "What did you just say?" she asked.

"Huh?" asked Beast Boy, who had been admiring the jade baby girl in his arms.

"Did you just say that videogames were… stupid?" asked Raven.

"Oh, well, you know, they kinda are," said Beast Boy. "Don't get me wrong, I love them, it's just that I've find something much more gratifying."

"Well I'll be," said Raven with a small smile.

"What?" asked Beast Boy.

"Garfield Logan, you've finally grown up," said Raven, her smile broadening.

"I have?" he asked, slightly confused.

"Yes, you have," said Raven. "And I was right here to witness it." Joaquin was done so Raven quickly put him against her and began to burp him.

"Wow, so this is what it feels like to be grown up," said Beast Boy. "Huh, it doesn't really feel all that different from being… not grown up."

"Trust me, you're different," said Raven with a smile. "Even if you don't feel it, you've changed. And trust me, it was for the better."

"Well, you've changed too, ya know," said Beast Boy smiling back.

"Is that so?" asked Raven with a smirk.

"Definitely," said Beast Boy. "And, trust me, it was for the better."

"So we've both changed for the better," said Raven. Joaquin burped and then his parents swapped him and his sister. Raven began to feed Delilah and it grew quiet once more. Then Raven began to chuckle and giggle to herself.

"What's so funny?" asked Beast Boy has he rocked his son to sleep.

"I was just thinking," said Raven with a smile. "I never thought I'd be thankful to Dr. Light."

"What?" asked Beast Boy.

"Well, if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be where we are today," said Raven. "We owe him a lot."

"You know, you're right," said Beast Boy, smiling. "We'll have to send him a card or a fruit basket or something."

Raven let out a chuckle again and then sighed as Delilah drained her. She smoothed back her daughter's soft, green hair back and looked lovingly at her. "Who knew a villain could actually do good?"

The End

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