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They all have surnames.

Even if Shino may be creepy in a cool sort of way, he is still an Aburame. The bugs obey him.

Chouji may be fat and unpopular, but he has Akimichi before his name. And don't forget that he likes chips and chips love him.

Sakura is the best medic-nin (and currently the only one) in their crowd, and no matter how loud is she, she has a surname too: Haruno.

Hinata. Shy and easily embarrassed. A Hyuuga – that's her surname.

Akamaru is a dog. He doesn't need any surnames. Kiba, however, has prepared one if one day Akamaru wants a surname. Together they will make the Inuzuka clan the strongest in the wild.

Shikamaru is a chuunin and everyone says he is a genius. How come someone as clever as him also has a surname? A cool one, in this case? Hey, Nara isn't too bad. At least you have a surname.

Lee may be a bit insane, but apart from the fact that his goal is within reach, he also has a stony surname. Rock Lee, the green beast of Konoha.

Sasuke is a bastard, everyone knows that. He betrayed Konoha and came back bringing no benefits for the village, but he has a surname too! Remember Uchiha?

The kyuubi boy, Naruto, may be loud and noisy, as he may be crazy and irrational too, so what is that Uzumaki doing leading the ninja's name?

Ino is quite a bossy woman. Maybe she bossed Yamanaka around to be her surname.

Hey, even Neji has a surname! It does not bother people that he is vengeful, dark, nasty, cold, dangerous, stoic, rational, cool, and a genius, calm, composed… Okay, there are too many words that could describe him and she could go on and on, but the main point is, even The Neji has a surname!

Apparently, Tenten is the only one in the group who doesn't have a surname.

Life is unfair.

She is a strong-willed, kind, rational, sweet, cute, smart, and creative and a loveable kunoichi – a weapon mistress, moreover! – So how come she has no surname? Whatever happens to the laws of life?

Life is unfair.

She never asks for anything (Oh, maybe she does ask for this and that here and there, but she isn't going to fill in the details. Yet) except a surname. That's all.

Life is unfair.

No matter how she loves one of the hottest gentlemen in Konoha (hint: he is a Hyuuga and his name spells N-E-J-I), and no matter how much he loves her back, she will not have a surname. At least, not without help.

Life is unfair.

So what is surname-less Tenten doing right here, walking down the aisle with the man she loves?

Marrying? No, it's not as simple as that.

She is obtaining a surname, of course. She deserves it.

And most of all, she deserves him.

Him. The Hyuuga Neji.

And remember, from this moment on, her name is Hyuuga Tenten.

Wife of Hyuuga Neji.




Oh, isn't that pointless? (laughs) I was kinda pondering over Tenten's thoughts of not having a surname, and this pointless drabble is what I came up with. A bit OOCness is in the side, but please just bear with me, kay? Drabbles are not my thing, but I have problems writing chapters... So forgive me.

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