Netherworld Mermaid

Disclaimer: The various characters from the Kim Possible series are all owned by Disney.

Summary: Bonnie is the youngest daughter of a successful medical researcher and a fretting mother. The only problem is, her mother's attention is always on the two older sisters, and her father forgets her name. At the company's Christmas Party, Bonnie meets her father's CEO's grand-daughter by chance.

AN: This takes place prior to season one, and ends at season three, StD.

Chapter One

Two miles away from the elegant five-star beach resort, a tanned young girl of fourteen was hiking deeper into the jungle. Swatting away the various flying insects and crushing the under bush with each step, she charged onward with no destination in mind. She was filled with a blinding rage. Vegetation and creature alike stood no chance as she rampaged through the humid forest. It had been over two hours since her humiliating defeat by those nefarious creatures next to the resort swimming pool, and she was still pissed. Walking helped. Walking always helped. Just being away from those two belittling monsters eased her nerves.

Finally after two and a half hours of walking, nowhere but away from the plague and pestilence of her life, aqua eyes took in the clearing she stepped into. Following the sound of running water the entire trek, she was pleased to see the wonder she happened upon. Lush vegetation, and plants littered the small outcrop, a waterfall at one end of the lake creating a peaceful ambiance. The fresh water flowed back the way she came in a clean streaming river. The pebbles and sediment were washed under the flowing liquid as the river snaked around trees and bushes. The lake was filled with clear water, and lilies dances across the glass surface of the huge pond. The surface was only disturbed as the waterfall at one end, splashed into the calm liquid. It was magnificent, and unmarred by civilization. Finally, a shelter from the harsh storms of her life.

Reverently approaching the silent beauty of the lake, chestnut hair shimmered in the sunlight. She stood at the edge of the lake, aqua eyes gazing into the calm waters. All the anger, frustration, and rage slowly melted away as a floating lily caught her eye. A dragonfly landed on the white flower, resting a moment, before it took to the sky as large ripples rocked the fragrant plant. Casting sharp eyes towards the source of the disturbance, the young woman held her breath as she watched a figure emerge from the middle of the lake, causing the ripples.

The sun light glimmered on pale flesh as droplets rolled down the toned figure. Obsidian hair glistened as it was flung back, sending a spray of clear water into the air. Mermaid, was the wild thought that entered the brunette's mind, before she scoffed at herself. There was no such thing as mermaids, especially in a lake. As if the supposed mermaid heard the tanned girl's thoughts, she turned. Dark forest green orbs stared into aqua eyes for a long moment. Neither saying a word, as if spellbound. A bird called out from a distance, and the dragonfly landed back on the lily. Aqua orbs turned away first as a blush assaulted her tanned cheeks, causing a smirk to curl on dark lips. The enchanting woman was about to speak, when a loud voice shattered the atmosphere.

"I've found her!" one of the male voices called, drawing the attention of the tanned teen. More shouts were heard as the voices came closer. Turning back to the lake, the raven haired woman was no where in sight. The expanding ripples the only trace she was ever there. However she didn't have time to wonder where the pale woman could have gone, as the group of men rushed to her.

"There you are Ms. Rockwaller!"

"We've been searching for hours for you, your parents are incredibly worried."

"Why are you even out this far? It'll be dark soon, it's a miracle we've found you before then. Who knows what's in this jungle."

As the men continued to babble and herd her back the way they came, Bonnie could have sworn she heard someone chuckle.

Back at the beach resort, Bonnie was contemplating the ceiling. The multiple swirled texture seemed so fascinating to her, as her father droned on about her disappearance. What did it matter, it wasn't like this was the first time she's walked off, Bonnie thought. Vaguely listening to her father talk, all he was saying was how upset he was that she wasn't present when his CEO came around. Something about introducing her or some such. But that was to be expected of the man. After all, he only cared about his job. Working seventy plus hours a week at Goroda Labs, the head of Research and Development, he was almost never home. Not that it mattered to the teen. Even when her so called father was home, he tended to forget her name and confuse her with one of the two older offspring. As if he completely forgot he had a third daughter.

Bonnie's mother was no better. At first her mother was relieved to see her back, and hugged her tightly. The gesture made the aqua eyed girl happy, but the emotion was crushed when the woman that birthed her, found it more important to wait on the first and second daughters. Leaving the youngest with the graying haired man, and headed off with the other two to the company banquet. Bonnie shouldn't have been surprised. That woman was as fickle as the wind when it came to Bonnie. However she had a big heart. The only problem was, the spectacle bound woman didn't have enough room for all her daughters. Only when one or both of the older girls were out of sight, did her mother even acknowledged and remember her. In those rare occasions the woman was overly affectionate, and clingy. It was embarrassing at times, but Bonnie silently looked forward to each brief moment.

"Bonnie! Are you even listening to me!" the aqua eyed man demanded. His youngest daughter was staring at the ceiling, and hadn't said a word.

When aqua orbs stared at him defiantly, he sighed. Only Bonnie had inherited his striking eye color, and he was proud of that, but why couldn't she be more like her sisters, he wondered. Connie is very obedient. Attending Upperton University, she's at the top of her class in medical science. Lonnie was a model for Club Banana, and currently being scouted by fashion designers from Paris. Just entering Upperton U, she already has a full ride scholarship. Bonnie on the other hand...he honestly didn't know what to do with her. The youngest was to start at Middleton High, and unfortunately was mediocre in his opinion. Racking a hand through graying dark brown hair, he exhaled deeply. His wife always left him the hard jobs.

"Bonnie. Where did you go today?" he repeated himself. When no answer was forthcoming, he closed his tired eyes, and exhaled deeply. Sounding like a dragon, his nostrils flaring, he was at his end. He was frustrated he couldn't get through to his daughter that looked so much like him. Everything he's said didn't even phase her, the only acknowledgement he received was a cold glare. "Fine, Bonnie. If you don't want to talk, then stay in the room. If you don't want to be around us, your family, then stay in here all night." he ordered her sternly.

He wasted enough of his time. Turning on his heel, he left the condo with out a backwards glance. If he hurried, he wouldn't miss too much of the company banquet. Perhaps he could still impress Mrs. Sumire Goroda. After all, he still had two daughters.

After a refreshing shower, Bonnie flopped onto the hotel bed. It sank under her weight and embraced her like no other. It had been over an hour since she was left alone, and she was perfectly fine with that. Not moving for a few moments, she thought about the pristine clearing she found. The clear waters, and the perfume of the lilies beckoned her. It was the clam that she had been searching for, and she longed to reach it again. However the impression that stood out the most was that woman's eyes. Those clear emerald eyes pulled at her. Demanding her attention. On the way back from the clearing, during her father's lecture, and even under the message of the shower, all Bonnie could think about were those eyes. She had seen them before, or at least a shade lighter than those vivid orbs. Somewhere, someone, it was on the tip of her brain, but she just couldn't remember. Everything was so clam, vivid, and surreal about the encounter, it must have been her imagination, she insisted. After all, mermaid don't exist.

She was about to drift off until her stomach chose that time to make it's self known. Groaning she lifted herself from the bed. Standing was a bad idea as she was hit by a wave of nausea. Doubling over, she remembered the last thing she ate was a slice of toast for breakfast. As the wave passed, she steadily dressed in the semi formal outfit she picked out last night, and made her way to the door. Just knowing that the only place she could find food was at the company banquet made her feel sick. The tanned girl could just picture her sisters contempt looks, and the stern glare from her father when she would enter. But that didn't matter. If she didn't get something to eat, and soon, Bonnie knew she would faint.

Black heels taped on polished garnet as the tanned girl exited the elevator and headed for the dinning hall. The gray silk dress she wore hovered just above slim ankles as she paused mid way to her destination. The lobby was partially empty, save for the door man, the receptionist, a few bell hops, and the obsidian haired woman from the lake. She was resting on the padded cushions that lined the rim of the indoor water fountain. The fountain was huge, ten feet in diameter with several ledges, for the water to flow from. The stone structure stood in the middle of the spacious lobby, flanked by two large carpeted stair cases on either side. Bonnie had a vantage point from the top of the stairs as she gazed down at the pale woman talking on her cell phone.

The young woman was dressed in a simple black turtle neck and black slacks. A silky leaf-green scarf was the only color to grace the pale woman's lean form. As she ended the call, and moved to put the phone away, the light from the lobby reflected on obsidian hair, and gave it an unworldly light green tint. Perhaps she really was a mermaid, Bonnie contemplated.

Feeling eyes on her, she turned and once again locked gazes with the brunette from before. She was surprised to see the girl again, but it didn't show. When aqua orbs turned away, she smirked. It was like a repeat of they're earlier encounter, right down to that cute blush. Wait, cute? Okay, so perhaps she really did have one too many glasses of wine. Air; yes, she needed air. Then her head would clear, she reasoned. Standing up she headed, as best she could, to the large glass double doors. Just as she was about to exit, the girl called out to her, asking her to wait. It was strange, she didn't know the kid, so why should she wait. She waited nonetheless as the chestnut haired girl approached her.

Now standing within three feet of the enchanting woman, Bonnie lost her nerves. Just what was she thinking calling out to the pale woman like that, she wondered. She just knew that she was leaving, and had to do something. But being this close, having those intense forest-green orbs on her, she didn't know what she was doing. What was she supposed to say? Are you really a mermaid? Right. That will go well. However she did notice that up close, the raven-haired woman was lightly tinted green. Not the sick, or odd looking green, it was barely noticeable. Yet the discovery only hardened the impression that the woman before her was indeed a mystical creature.

Annoyed that the girl in front of her was saying nothing, and only staring at her, she snapped. "Look, Kitten, if you have nothing to say, then get lost." dismissing the younger girl with a wave, the pale woman exited the hotel. This was why she hated spending the holidays with her grandmother. There were always stupid people that attended the company Christmas party, and those idiots always stared at her. If she wanted retards to gawk at her, she never would have left her moronic brothers and their team.

The cool air brushed against her cheek, and wiped long ebony hair back with the wind. It wasn't so bad to spend time with her grandmother, at least they always went somewhere different for the company parties. For as long as she could remember, she spent all major holidays with the elder woman. Back before her mother died, the three of them would always travel when they could. This was the first time her grandmother ever brought the company to a previous family vacation spot. It was nostalgic, and all day she was re-visiting the spots her mother took her to. The clearing was one of them. Going for a leisurely swim, she was a bit stunned that the brunette intruded on her secret spot. That the girl even found the lake was impressive, but when the search crew arrived, she knew it was a fluke. Just chance they've met in the forest. Just coincidence they're staying at the same hotel. They were on an island after all. Not much places to go, besides, she was probably one of the company's guest. So she dismissed the young girl from her thoughts as she removed her shoes and began to stroll along the sandy beach. It wasn't as if they'll ever meet again.