Netherworld Mermaid

Netherworld Mermaid

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Chapter Eleven

--August 11th--

Aqua orbs watched the redheaded captain perform the new cheer routine with disinterest. When she returned yesterday for class, Tara instantly clung to her, apologizing constantly, until she said she 'forgave her.' Casting a sidelong glance at the blonde, Bonnie noticed the other girls quickly averting their eyes.

There was lingering tension among the squad, and Bonnie was just about ready to just quit. It wasn't like it'll help with her shot reputation anyways. It was awkward changing into her uniform with the other girls yesterday and today, mostly because they all became silent when she entered the room. Frustrated, the brunette exploded and blamed a few of the other squad members for slander. Tara's part was never mentioned. In all irony, it was Kim that asked her to stay for practice yesterday. Mostly because they need her, or so the redhead said, for the upcoming Pep Rally this Friday. It was with smug satisfaction, that knowing the all mighty Kim Possible needed her, Bonnie had agreed to practice. So here she was, idly watching as Miss Perfect explained her idea for the new routine.

It wasn't bad, not that she'd ever admit that.


With practice over, Bonnie quickly exited the locker room and headed to the tanned double doors to exit the gym. Declining Tara's offer to hang out, the brunette walked to her parked car with determination. She had somewhere to be, was all she said to the blonde's pleading face, and she did. Starting the car, the cheerleader pulled out of the parking lot easily, and headed for the freeway. Taking that familiar route to Lowerton, Bonnie tried to quell the knot she felt in the pit of her stomach. She had to see Shego. Chewing her lower lip as the speedometer increased, teal eyes watched the road for an opening to enter the highway. She took it, and hurried on her way to that redbrick warehouse.

The music kept her company for the half hour drive to her sanctuary, but it wasn't the reason she had it on. As the bass reverberated through her body, the beat kept her thoughts free of doubt. If she caved in now, she may turn back, and never see the pale woman again. It was a sobering thought, one that kept her speeding to her destination. With resolved determination, Bonnie gripped the steering wheel as she made for the exit to the outskirts of Lowerton. Pushing all thoughts aside, the brunette concentrated on weaving her way through the maze of old Lowerton.

Finally spotting the warehouse, the cheerleader parked in front of the old building. Exhaling deeply, a tanned hand turned off the ignition, and fell gently to rest in her lap. As aqua-eyes stared longingly up at the third floor, her doubts and regrets threatened to engulf her.

The building was devoid of light. No one was home.

What the hell am I doing here?


Bright blue eyes watched the red Honda Civic intently, through a pair of binoculars from a vantage point. The car had been sitting in front of the redbrick converted warehouse, for over two hours now, and still the occupant had made no move to exit the vehicle. Exhaling a frustrated sigh, Pamila palmed her face. She was late returning from Europe and missed the pale target. Now she was watching the building in hopes of catching a glimpse of Shego. The hardest part of her job was the waiting, and she had been doing that for days now. So when the red car pulled up, she was hopeful, but as the minutes ticked by, she couldn't help the growing impatience. Just where was Shego?! The pale woman never stayed away from her building this long before.

Taking a deep breath, Pamila tried to calm herself. Okay, so it's been two weeks. Still it is a little odd that Shego hasn't returned yet.

Glaring at the red car as the engine started, the English woman narrowed blue eyes as she watched the vehicle pulled away. It was becoming darker, but she knew the driver was the girl that had stayed with her target. What was her name, she wondered idly, as she set the binocular down. If only she hadn't gone to that meeting in Japan two weeks ago, she never would have lost her target. Packing up, the photographer carefully set up a live feed of the building, before she exited the deserted building opposite the target's lifeless warehouse.

If Shego wasn't home, then she'll be with the blue guy, Pamila reasoned. Loading the equipment into the back of a jeep, the English woman started the vehicle. Finding Dr. Drakken wasn't the easiest thing to do on her own. However she knew of someone that would eventually go to foil the mad scientist's plot, and lead her right to that delectable target as well. As a feral grin spread across her face, the brunette headed towards the freeway. She needed to get to Middleton, and quickly.

--August 12th--

It was a few hours before the big Peep Rally at Middleton High, but the whole Second Year student body was gathered in the gym for an important announcement.

Mr. Barkin walked into the middle of the gym and hollered for everyone to be quite. Casting board teal eyes to regard the over zealot teacher, Bonnie leaned back as she sat with the rest of the cheer squad, their caption sitting behind them a row up.

Tuning the annoying voice out, Bonnie stared listlessly at the man. Her thoughts too occupied with a certain obsidian haired woman to be concerned about some non-sense of sister-schools. The tanned teen waited outside Shego's building for hours yesterday, and couldn't find the courage to go up. She had a key, but being able to get it wasn't keeping her rooted in her car. How would she face her? What would she say? What would Shego say? Exhaling deeply, the dancer bowed her head in depression.

Tara sitting to the right of her best friend noticed Bonnie exhale deeply. She knew that Bonnie wasn't mad at her—well at least not as mad at her as before—because the rumor died down yesterday. Thankfully Kim was able to help with that. The blonde girl smiled a little at the memory. Two days ago after Bonnie left her in the parking lot Tara didn't know what to do, so she went to her team caption for advice.

Kim was actually surprised to find out that it was Tara that started the rumor about Bonnie's "supposed" out of the closet make-out date, or whatever the rumors had evolved into. It was all a simple mistake, and one that could easily be fixed, or so the redhead claimed. "No big."

Later that day Kim approached Bonnie and basically told her that it doesn't matter what the rumors said about her. It was just that: rumors. So if the Rockwaller was serious about cheerleading, then she better show it, and attend practice. They only had two days to get ready for the Pep Rally, and honestly it was too much trouble to find a stand in for Bonnie at the last minute was what the redhead had said.

The talk worked, Bonnie had stayed for practice, and eventually the other girls on the squad were back to normal that same day.

Smiling ruefully Tara patted her friend on the back. Kim really can do anything.

"You okay?"

Casting a side long glance to her friend, Bonnie thought about the simple question asked of her. She wanted to say "no" but shrugged in response.

Just then the gym doors flung open and a lime green motorcycle screeched in, kicking up dust in its wake. A young man took off his read helmet and tossed a gum stick in the air and caught it in his open mouth.

Covering up her surprise Bonnie sighed along with the other girls around her. He was handsome. He was perfect. He would do. He would be the means by which she would regain the top of the social hierarchy at Middleton High. The false rumor still fresh in the back of her mind, she would prove to the school that she was not queer. What better way to do it than to go out with the hottest new transfer student.

What was his name again? Hirotaka? A small smile spread out on fine tanned features. If I can't be with the one I want, I'll pass my time with this one until then.

--August 23rd--

Tokyo, Japan. Goroda Labs Main Office.

Sitting on the black leather couch in her office, Sumire quietly sipped her tea as she listens to her two most trusted friends. Kiyomi sat beside Harada and gracefully passed him a tea cup, he took the offered cup, lightly bushing his fingers along Kiyomi's. Pouring herself a cup of tea last, the young woman took a light sip before she began her report.

"It seems that Izawa has had no sightings of Lady Shiina and Bonnie together for some time now." Locking eyes with her employer and long time friend Kiyomi continued, "The last set of pictures that came in were of the young Rockwaller sitting in her car in front of Lady Shiina's building. It appears that Lady Shiina has yet to return to her building for the past few weeks now."

"Actually Lady Shiina has been residing in Drakken's lair for the past few weeks now." Seeing he has the attention of both women, the young man lowered his cup and exhaled deeply. "Honestly I'm not sure why, but our men has been even more jumper than usual because Lady Shiina has started living there too now. She doesn't leave the lair unless Dr. Drakken sends her on a mission. Our men reported that she spends most of her time locked up in her room."

Taking a sip of her tea, Sumire digested the information given to her about her granddaughters latest habits with slight concern. "Where is Izawa-san now?"

"Currently Ms. Pamila Izawa is in Middleton." Kiyomi answered as she read a report taken from a folder on the coffee table. "The photographer is becoming restless watching the girl sitting in front of the building every day, and has switched targets to Ms. Kimberly Ann Possible. So far she has not contacted either Ms. Possible or Ms. Rockwaller--both are oblivious to her presence it seems. Nevertheless Izawa is becoming bolded every day. It is feared that she will be caught and her loyalties compromised. Requesting further instructions." Setting down the report back onto the coffee table, dark eyes gazed into hazel orbs for instruction.

After a few minutes the CEO of Goroda pharmaceuticals placed her empty tea up on the top of the low table. "Shiina cannot know of our involvement." Looking into her friends eyes, she hoped to convey her unvoiced message. "Ms. Pamila Izawa once worked for a magazine that did a special article on Shiina. Should she say that she is following Shego to get another interview or pictures for the magazine, then it is fine." Golden eyes steeling as her voice grew cold. "However…should she reveal us or ties to us, in any way…then she is no longer considered useful to us."

Both occupants nodded in silent understanding.



Pamila crouched behind a few bushes in the yard of a house across the street from the Middleton High football field. With a trained eye the photographer zoomed in on the group of cheerleaders practicing on the field. Silently photos were taken of an energetic red head as the young women leaped into the air and did a few spins before landing in the choreographed splits. Smiling slightly, the shutter frame snapped several times in utter joy at the display of graceful flexibility. Adjusting her weight a little, the English woman refocused the zoom on her camera to her secondary target: Bonnie Rockwaller.

The young Rockwalelr seemed to make it a habit to go to Shego's building every day Pamila noted. Of course the teen did nothing but sit in her car in front of the redbrick building for few hours before heading back home. It was so boring in the young photographer's opinion. There was nothing exciting in watching the chocolate haired teen for the past 10 day, if anything it proved to be an utter waste of her time in following the girl around.

Now the red head…she was another story.

Blue eyes danced the first time she saw the teen hero go toe to toe with the evil sidekick over a year ago. Pamila literally took hundreds of photos that night. Kim Possible. Teen hero. Arch nemeses to the dangerous Shego. One she fights on almost a weekly basis. A low chuckle escaped the British woman's delicate lips as thoughts of capturing the pale vixen digitally flashed through her mind again. She just needed to follow the pretty little red head to get to her real target, since shadowing the Rockwaller proved useless. The powerful women didn't even try to contact the younger girl. Maybe they had a sort of fall out, the photographer reasoned, but she was quickly pulled out of her musings as the girls on the football field started to go inside.


In side the gym, Kim lingered as the rest of the girls headed down to the locker room. Pulling out her Kimmunicator, a direct link to Wade was opened up.

"Hey Kim, what's up?" The young genius greeted as he took a sip from his drink.

"Hey Wade, I got a stich." Green eyes looked back to the closed gymnasium doors before turning back to the boy on screen. "I think someone is following me. I keep getting this feeling like I'm being watch. It's been bugging me all day now."

Dark eyes went wide at the admission, before Wade started typing quickly on his key board. "Okay Kim, I've just tapped into Middleton High's security cameras…I'll see what I can find."

"Thanks Wade." The red head smiled and closed communications with the young computer genius. Heading into the locker room, Kim quickly and discreetly checked out the room before she changed out of her uniform and hit the showers.

By the time Kim walked out of the locker room, Ron was there to meet her. With his usual goofy grin, the blonde boy called out to his best friend. Greetings were exchanged and as they started to head out the Kimmunicator began to beep.

"Go Wade."

"Hey Wade!" The blonde sidekick greeted the boy on screen.

"Hi Ron. Well Kim I can't find anything suspicious on any of the cameras…" seeing his friend's downcast eyes, Wade quickly continued. "However satellite pictures have confirmed irregular movements across the street from the football field."

"Wait, what? Irregular movements?" Ron asked as he pocked his face around Kim's shoulder to get a better view of Wade. "What are you talking about?"

Ignoring Ron behind her, Kim continued her conversation with Wade. "Alright so, what can you tell me about this? Who's been following me?"

Also ignoring the blonde boy's outburst at the current stich, the boy genius continued. "Well it seems that this person just moved from across the field to the parking lot in the last 5 minutes. From what I can gather, this person is currently waiting in the east side of the school's parking lot. The school's camera's confirmed the move too, but all it picked up was a blur. You can get the jump on this guy if you go around. The roof would be my best bet it's only a few yards from where the target is hiding, it should prove the best vantage point on the guy."

Returning the grin, "You rock Wade." Kim pocked the blue devise after she thanked her friend, and headed into the school to get to the roof. Ron following behind was filled in on the little stich at hand.