Next Generation Rule Breakers

By NefariousImp

Disclaimer: None of the stuff about Harry Potter or Hogwarts or any of it is mine except for the people that aren't in the actual Harry Potter Books. Story line is mine though. But Don't Sue, it's all JK's and whoever elses. Even Draco. Pout .

AN: This is the sequel to How To Correctly Break Rules. I have decided to make it less about Snape and Hermione's Prank War, since I have no imagination when it comes to thinking up pranks to pull on people, and more about their children's lives. There will be pranks, but they will have to just come to me as i'm typing. Also, don't expect alot of sex scenes or anything. Romance? Absolutly, but probably no sex for a long time. The main characters are only eleven for now. Yes, they will grow up, but...well you'll see.


Two months after Graduation, there was a double wedding featuring Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, and Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger.

Draco had asked Hermione to marry him the day of their Graduation and Harry, not to be outdone, had asked Ginny the very next day. And of course, girls being girls had started planning their weddings and had demanded a double wedding. Which of course, guys being guys just wanted the wedding over with so they could get to the wedding night.

After Graduation they had Snape accompany them to take Marie's home. And they spent a week there showing Snape the Redneck world. Which he wasn't too fond of. Hermione had said she had a surprise for him and wanted him deaf and blind for it. He refused at first until she threatened to turn him into a blast-ended skrewt to match his personality.

After the rollercoaster ride from hell, and the consequential puking, he had stated that he'd rather be turned into a skrewt.

At the wedding, Ron was Harry's best man and Snape was Draco's best man. Ginny had Luna as her maid of honor and Hermione had Lavender.

The following school year, Hermione was going to be the new Spells and Charms teacher and Harry was going to be the new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher. Professor McGonagal had retired but was still around. Ron went to work at the Ministry of Magic with his father. Ron eloped with Lavender Brown a few weeks after their wedding.

Teachers had their own living quarters at Hogwarts, and since two new teachers had spouses, their spouses were allowed to live there at Hogwarts with them.

Draco, being Draco, had stated that he was rich and since he didn't have to work he wouldn't until he got bored.

Ginny found out she was pregnant a few weeks after the wedding and two weeks after Ginny, Hermione found out she was pregnant, as Draco had taken off his non-concieving curse that was on himself.

Harry and Draco were ecstatic about their future children. Both had horrible loveless childhoods and were determined to make sure their children got what they hadn't. Parents who loved them and that were proud of them no matter how badly they failed.

Both women were due towards the end of May. Which suited the best friends just fine as they would have the summer off to spend with their babies.

They found out that Lavender was to have a baby a few days after they found out. Her baby was due in June.

Marie had fallen for Snape, somehow, and had managed to convince him that he was in love with her as well. They weren't ready to get married, seeing as how they had just met. But Snape was always in a good mood, now although it might have had something to do with Marie moving into Hogwarts with him. That and he no longer had to keep up the Death Eater image. He even started to wash and cut his hair and due to Marie's outdoor picnics had even lost his deathly palour.

Snape was determined to pay Hermione back for the rollercoaster incident. However, he no longer had authority over her, so he couldn't MAKE her do anything.

But that just meant that more pranks were allowed since she was no longer a student.

So, their pranks were elaborate and well thought out, but never dangerous.

The biggest shock of all came when on the first day of their first year of teaching school, Marie came to both of them and annouced that she was pregnant.

Snape fainted as Hermione hugged her Aunt congratulating her.

Harry and Draco were trying to revive Snape so that he could go to his first Potions class and teach.

At the end of the school term, it was a shock when Hermione and Ginny came face to face in the infirmiry with equal looks of panic and pain on their faces.

Within minutes Madam Pomfrey had them in beds next to each other so they could hold hands as they brought their children into the world, with their husbands, who had flown through the doors so fast they had knocked each other over, at their side.

Both girls had opted not to know anything about their children, so, they were pleasantly surprised when Ginny had her's first. She, having them run in the family, had twins. A boy, which they named James Sirius Potter, and a girl, which they named Lily Elizabeth Potter.

Hermione was trying to push and congratulate Ginny and Harry at the same time. She had a boy, which they named Alexander Marcus Malfoy.

It was only minutes before her contractions started again and out came the surpise, in the form of a twin sister for Alex. They named the little girl Emily Nicole Malfoy.

Draco teased Hermione about her never being outdone by anybody and just having to have twins too and she smacked at him weakly as each parent held a child.

A little over a month later,Ron and Lavender had a red-headed baby boy with blue eyes, which they named Aaron Michael Weasley.

One month later, they were all gathered around as Marie had her baby.

Snape had married Marie in December, over Christmas break, he said that it was so he knew he would always be off for their Anniversary.

They named the baby girl Selena Michelle Snape.

Both parents agreeing that the first name had to have an S just to sound right with the last name 'Snape'.

During the school years, Draco, Ginny, and Marie watched the five children like a mini-daycare. The children grew up together and celebrated every holiday and birthday with each other, becoming the best of friends. Ron and Lavender's son, Aaron visited often during the summer's

Draco and Hermione's daughter, Emily, had her mothers brown curly hair but had her father's silver eyes. Their son, Alex, had his father's strait white-blonde hair, but his mother's warm carmel eyes, but they seemed to have silver streaks in them.

Harry and Ginny's daughter, Lily, had her mother's red hair, but it was a shade or two darker than Ginny's. Harry thought it was because his mother had dark red hair. Lily had Harry's emerald eyes, however. Their son, James, whom everyone called Jimmy, had his father's black hair, but his mother's striking blue eyes.

Serverus and Marie's daughter, Selena, had Black hair and but her mother's crystal blue eyes.

It was often mistaken that Selena and Jimmy were the twins

Emily and Alex's personalities were very much like both of their parents, very smart and bookish, but quickwitted, sassy, sarcastic, and all around Draco and Hermione. The twins fought more than Draco and Hermione ever did, but being siblings they knew they loved each other at the end of the day.

Lily had Ginny's fiery personality with quick-witted common sense and her sneaky pranksterness.

Jimmy had Harry's disposition complete with 'hero complex' included. He was always calming the arguments and keeping the closeknit group close.

Selena had Serverus's sarcastic sense of humor and his love of potions and his smarts and cunning, but had her mother's bubbly personality.

Living in Hogwarts for their whole lives, each of the five children knew the school like the back of their hand, the secret passages and they had found three doors that were deep under the school that they could not seem to open, much like the Chamber of Secrets, that they now used as their hide out, seeing as how there were no monsters lurking about in it anymore. And both Jimmy and Lily both spoke Parsel-tongue like their father.

So, it was their first day of school as official students at Hogwarts, after they all turned eleven. They didn't have to ride the train with the other students, but they did anyways so their children could get the whole experience.

Their parents apparated all five of them to Kings Cross Station without their trunks, since there was no reason to lug them around. All of their things were already at Hogwarts. They had gotten all of their items from Diagon alley. They all chose owls and Draco bought them all the newest and fastest model of brooms as presents for their first year. They all got their wands last and were grinning like mad at each other at all the jinxes and spells they had learned from their access to the library all those years. They definitly had a head start on a lot of the students.

Dumbledore gave Draco, Ginny, and Marie special positions in the faculty as Counselors so they could be a part of the school and not just the spouses stuck in their rooms.

So, begins the tale of the Children of The Five Who Defeated Voldemort...okay, six including Snape.