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Chapter One:

Reid had never thought his life could ever get this boring, and yet again he was proved wrong. After everything they had been through earlier that year... everything had gone back to boredom. It was worse then ever; he was going crazy, even using didn't have its same appeal.

He rubbed his hands over his face, not listening to Tyler's exceedingly boring story. They were standing in the hall hanging around; they had gone to lunch and now were waiting for the locker rooms to open so they could go swim.

He grabbed the toque off his head and ran a hand through his hair before switching his weight from one foot to the other. He saw Caleb watching him. Reid gave Caleb an unconvincing smile and yet Caleb still went back to Tyler's story.

It bothered Reid that Caleb always had his eye on him.

'I mean it isn't as if I am as bad as Chase turned out to be,' He thought, looking up and down the hallway, it was empty except for the four of them. He was getting antsy; Reid wished Aaron would show his face so he could beat him up. Reid slid down the wall until he was sitting down with his legs folded in front of him.

"What's wrong with you?" Pogue asked not really all that interested in the answer.

"I am so freaking bored!" Reid moaned, throwing his head back and banging it against the wall.

"We swim in five minutes, you can't be that bored." Caleb said reasonably.

Reid glared at him. The pool had never held as much interest to Reid as it did to Caleb and Pogue, even though he was the backstroke state champion. "Whoop-de-freaking-do!" He said sarcastically. Caleb rolled his eyes. Reid glanced at Tyler.

Usually by this point the poor kid would be straining his brain trying to come up with something interesting for the four of them to do, but now he looked annoyed that his story had been cut short.

Reid shook his head and heard footsteps. He shoved himself up into the standing position in time to see Sarah running down the hallway at them, blonde hair flying. Reid had liked her when she first arrived but now getting to know her as Caleb's girlfriend made her much less interesting.

"Caleb!" She yelled, halfway down the hall. Reid looked around them and still they were the only people in the hall, he wondered whom they thought she meant. "Caleb," She said coming to a stop at Caleb's side, panting.

"Easy there," Caleb said putting a hand on her back. Reid noticed how Caleb looked at Sarah like the sun rose and set with her, made Reid wanna be sick.

Sarah smiled up at him, all doe-eyed, "There is someone out front for you, says it's important."

"Really? Is it a student?"

"No, doesn't look like. Besides if it was a student, they could have gotten you themselves, silly." Reid rolled his eyes at her smile and then again at Caleb's smile. Disgusting. the way they acted. At that point in time Reid made a pact with himself that no mater how much he liked a girl he would never ever act the way Caleb did whenever Sarah was around. Not that he planned on liking anyone like that for at least like fifteen years.

"OK, come on." Caleb took off down the hall at a run; Pogue and Tyler were soon following him. Reid was left standing there.

"Are we really all needed for this?" Reid yelled down the hall. Tyler stopped and looked back.

"Come on, beats standing here."

Reid shrugged, well, he couldn't argue, and took off after them.

They all went out of the front doors into mild March weather, it was brisk but bright. It shocked Reid's eyes after being in the relatively dark hallway. The group descended the stairs onto the driveway. That was when Reid noticed her.

She was sitting on the half wall with a leather backpack at her feet. She was wearing jeans with tears in them and scribbles from pens all over them including some thick stitching up the sides, a black and white striped halter-top. A thick leather jacket was discarded beside her. Her hair was black and out in a thick curtain, it went half way down her back, her bangs went to at least her eyes. She was wearing aviators and looked pale. She turned when she heard them and saw the group approaching. Reid hesitated, something seemed familiar about her...

She jumped off the wall and smiled, Reid saw she stood at around 5'7"-5'8", "Caleb!" She yelled looking happy and very relieved. Reid glanced at Caleb hoping for some hint as to who this was, Caleb looked surprised and not in a good way. Pogue looked like he had just been punched in the stomach and Tyler just looked as confused as Reid felt.

Reid eyes fell back on the girl who ran over and gave Caleb a hug. Caleb after a stunned few seconds hugged her back. Reid looked at Sarah who looked like she was going to burst a blood vessel, glaring at the girl in her boyfriend's arms.

"Victoria, what are you doing here?" Reid's head swivelled around back to Caleb and the girl at Caleb's words.

Reid found himself talking, without really intending to. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, I am supposed to believe this is Victoria?" Reid said aloud, and found everyone looking at him. His eyes fell on the girl, she took off her glasses and smiled even more, her bright blue eyes sparkling in the sun.

"One and only," She said staring at only Reid.

"Wait, wait, wait, I am supposed to believe you just up and left school and came here?"

"Well, that was what happened, Caleb."

Caleb took his eyes off the road to glare at her. Caleb, shortly after seeing her, had grabbed Victoria by the upper arm and dragged her over to his mustang, depositing her in it (amidst her complaints) and told the others to go back to class and that he was taking her home.

"Oh, by the way Caleb, I can't believe you did that. I mean you were treating me like I was seven in front of everyone." She said sitting back heavily. She could still see the looks on all their faces, Tyler's confusion, Pogue's shock, and Reid's…well, she wasn't exactly sure what Reid was, sarcasm? Intrigued? Who knew with him.

"Oh, come on Victoria, don't tell me you still like Pogue." He said staring at her again.

"No! As a matter of fact I don't. For your information, I haven't liked him since I was, like, ten." 'Lies! All Lies,' She thought, sure she didn't like him as much as she did, but she still thought he was the hottest guy at Spencer. 'Mind you Reid is looking pretty good now too... Less gangly.'

"Sure Tori, whatever you say." Caleb shook his head with a condescending look on his face, "He's still with Kate, ya know," Victoria glared at him and smacked his arm. "Hey, a big brother has to look after his little sister."

She looked at him, "Caleb, first off, don't call me that. My name is Victoria. Secondly, I am seventeen, I am not seven."

"Yeah, well," They pulled up in front of their enormous house, "That doesn't matter, I am always gonna be looking out for you."

"Oh, you gonna tie my shoes for me too?"

"You know what I mean," Victoria rolled her eyes and looked out her window, not paying much attention to Caleb anymore. She looked at the house not moving from the car, she had forgotten how foreboding it looked. Victoria had also forgotten the panicky feeling she got whenever she lied to her mother face to face that was. "Come on," Caleb said quietly heading up the steps.

Victoria saw her mother staring down from her bedroom window and terror clutched her heart. It didn't matter if she thought Reid was better looking then Pogue, she was never going to see either of them ever again after her mother was done with her.