Chapter Sixteen:

Caleb walked down the steps of Spencer Academy into the sunlight. He was greeted by the sight of his three best friends, and his little sister all sitting in the parking lot waiting for him.

"Here he is! Finally," Pogue said getting off his treasured bike upon Caleb's arrival.

"Yeah, yeah I know I was late. Sarah wanted to know where I was going," He explained.

"What did you tell her?" Reid asked him. Caleb looked over at Reid.

He was sitting on the hood of his prized Escalade, and sitting behind him with her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his shoulders was his little sister Victoria.

For the most part Caleb hated the fact that Victoria was seeing Reid but he realised that there were worse guys she could be seeing. And besides, even though he would never admit it, Reid really loved her but Caleb was pretty sure Victoria knew that already. After all he had quit using full time for her, something Caleb had been trying to get him to do since they were fifteen and Victoria had managed to get it through his head in a couple of months.

Everyone sort of thought of Victoria as Reid's angel, especially after she found him. It had shocked the other guys that Reid had used so much and none of them had noticed. The answer came in an old book in the ancient colony house's basement. It seemed that after ascending they were less conntected to each other. In the end it made sense, after all they never felt it when their fathers used. It seemed that after ascending your power became completely yours not a shared one like before...

"I told her it was guys night out." Reid and Tyler both groaned and Pogue snickered under his breath. "What?" Caleb asked.

"You couldn't come up with anything better?" Pogue asked.

"It was short notice." Caleb said a little offended.

"No it wasn't, you have had two weeks, and what if she sees me leaving with you guys?" Victoria asked looking over Reid's shoulder at her big brother.

Caleb shrugged, "I dunno I'll make something up when I see her again if she asks." He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. "Are we all getting ready at the same place?" Caleb asked.

"Yeah, Ty-Ty's place." Reid said in a snide voice.

"Oh my god! Stop calling me that!" Tyler said blushing.

"Why, your girlfriend calls you that." Reid said.

"Petra isn't my girlfriend!" Tyler said.

"God you wouldn't know that from her side of the dorm, it is plastered with pictures of you." Victoria said watching him with a smile on her face. "It is quite a nauseating sight in the early morning."

"Tell me about it," added Reid. Caleb looked at him after the statement. Reid just shrugged and smiled tauntingly at Caleb.

"What!" Tyler said going pale.

"Oh yeah, she has fallen for you hard." Victoria added nodding gravely.

"Oh well, this is fantastic," Tyler said leaning against his SUV.

"Isn't it just Ty-Ty?" Reid said smiling at Tyler.

"You won't be teasing me like that after tonight." Tyler said kicking a stone across the parking lot.

"Oh I am pretty sure I will be," Reid said sliding off the front of his truck. Victoria followed suit.

"Oh Tyler," She said in a simpering voice, "You are growing up so fast."

"Ah, shut up," He bite back, "I am older then you,"

"Barely," She said.

"Come on you guys, lets go," Pogue said getting antsy, "I hate watching people ascend it freaks me out, so lets get it over with kay?"

"Ya know we don't necessarily have to go." Reid said leaning on the hood of his truck. Tyler looked at him. Pogue looked interested, "I mean Caleb did it in a barn and I did it on the bluffs,"

"Shhh!" Caleb said looking around them to make sure no one could over hear their conversation.

"I don't think so," Tyler said looking worried.

"Oh come on Ty-Ty," Pogue probed. "We can go have some real fun."

Tyler looked a little pale. Pogue looked as eager as Reid and Victoria looked ready for anything.

"Caleb?" Tyler asked looking at Caleb for support.

"Don't look at me it's your ascension." Caleb said shrugging putting his hands in his pockets.

"I don't know why I let you guys talk me into this stuff." Tyler said looking at the ground.

"Great!" Reid said standing up.

"SO, where we gonna go?" Victoria said getting in the passenger door of Reid's truck.

"I dunno, the bluffs should be empty," Pogue offered before putting on his helmet and getting on his bike.

"Nah, we've done the bluffs, I know, follow me and try and keep up baby boy." Reid got in his truck and turned on the engine.

"I think I preferred Ty-Ty," Tyler said reluctantly getting into his SUV.

Caleb laughed getting into his mustang. It was cool that things were back to normal. Sure Kate and Pogue broke up but since they did, Pogue had relaxed a lot more. Reid and Victoria he had never seen so happy and some times it unsettled him, especially when they showed up late for class at the same time.

"Hey," Caleb yelled out his window, "Can I get Sarah?" He yelled at Reid.

"No, dude! She's not one of us."

Caleb shook his head but put his car in gear all the same. Reid screeched out of the parking lot closely followed by Pogue on his bike. Caleb pulled out next, reluctantly followed by Tyler.


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