Title: X-men snippet, Suck

Author: Jukebox
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Rating: PG for a swear word or two
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Disclaimers: Doing this only for therapeutic value. Not making any money off it. All the familiar characters in this fic belong to other people/companies. I'm broke, so sueing me would be like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip.

Warnings: Dubious attempt at humor and sexual innuendo. Some of the characters in this fic may seem OOC. Not beta'd so all screw ups are mine.


"Suck harder, Logan" Remy commanded, eyes glancing around to make sure they weren't spotted. Doing this in the middle of the day in such a public area increased their chances in getting caught, but therein lay the thrill. "Faster" he hissed.

Logan didn't bother answering, simply hollowed his cheeks and sucked harder on the tip in his mouth. He still wasn't sure how the Cajun had talked him into this. What kind of example would it set for the kids? Briefly he wondered if the video surveillance was capturing the moment for posterity.

The younger man leaned his back against the car, continuing his subtle visual sweep of the garage as he listened to the slurping sounds the older man emitted in his work. It wouldn't be much longer now. He looked down at the feral and grinned. "Almost dere, chere. Don' stop now."

The feral redoubled his efforts, sucking and pulling for all he was worth. He heard the excitement in the boy's voice. Suddenly, his mouth was full and he quickly pulled it from his mouth, directing the tip down as he turned and spit out the contents. For a moment, he coughed and sputtered before reaching to grab the beer sitting beside him. He used a little of the brew to swish and spit out the bitter taste, before throwing his head back and taking several long gulps. A heavy breath followed as he used the back of the hand holding the bottle to wipe his mouth. Logan looked up at the grinning Cajun and glared. "Why the hell did I have to be the one to siphon off the gas from Scooter's car?"

Remy grinned even wider as he reached one hand down to pat the top of the feral's head. "Healing factor, remember? Won't kill y' if y' accidentally swallow some." He looked down at the nearly full bucket, then back at the older man kneeling before him. "Now, let's get dat over to de jeep so we can get going. Oh..." he looked up at the corner of the garage and waved. "…and smile for de camera, mon ami."