Title: X-men snippet, Push

Author: Jukebox
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Rating: PG for a swear word or two
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Warnings: Dubious attempt at humor and sexual innuendo. Some of the characters in this fic may seem OOC. Not beta'd so all screw ups are mine.


"Push, mon ami" Remy panted, sweat dripping from his temples as his back arched and the cords in his neck stood out.

Logan groaned. "I'm…unnh…pushing. I don't wanna hurt ya."

"Too tight." The younger man gasped. "It ain't gonna fit, chere." His eyes were closed tight against the strain, and all he could hear from his partner was labored breathing.

Logan gave a few short thrusts, grunting with the effort. "It'll fit. Just…just relax."

A snorted laugh came from the Cajun's direction. "Yeh right, relax say de man who got de easy part." Remy's muscles tensed; legs and arms bunching as he used them to pull with the attempt to force the issue. "It too big, Logan!" He barked through gritted teeth. Ruby eyes opened wide to stare at the ceiling above him as he held his breath against the pressure. After a few moments, he relaxed minutely, releasing the air in his lungs. It was a sure bet he was going to be feeling the protest from his body in the morning.

The feral didn't answer in words. His harsh breath whistled between clenched teeth as he continued to push in earnest. He was determined to make it all the way inside.

"Wait..wait, chere. Not so hard." Remy puffed. "It feel like…somet'in's…rippin' apart." He moaned.

"Almost there. Just a little bit more." The older man growled. "Hang on Cajun." With one mighty shove, Logan roared as the barrier gave and he was all the way inside. The sudden release surprised him, and he slumped forward in relief and exhaustion. Remy was a boneless heap against the wall at his back, muscles slowly relaxing after such an exertion.

The Cajun's eyes closed as he leaned his head back. "Don' know how you talk me into doing dis. Was all ready to pay for it, homme."

"We're men, we ain't paying for somethin' we can do for free." Came the indignant reply.

Ruby eyes slowly opened, taking in the scene before piercing fierce blue orbs across from him. "Dere's some deep scratches, mon ami."

Logan snorted. "Like you really care about that. Hell, you'll probably be the first to point 'em out to everyone."

Remy looked over at the massive, solid wood dresser that he and Logan had finally managed to fit through the too small entry way, and then looked at the damage left behind on the doorframe. He thought about how angry Scott was going to be at the cost to repair it, more so since the team leader had expressly told them to hire professional movers with insurance against such issues, and a slow grin appeared on his face.

"Yeh, dat true chere. In fact, I t'ink I'll go get Scottie right now."