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Chapter 1

The Thunder Rolls

Calleigh knew as soon as she and Ryan walked into that bank that something was about to go down.

She just had that feeling. The kind that gives you the chills.

The kind that has your conscience screaming for you to get out of there. But she went in anyway.

It was 8 in the morning and they were talking to the president of the First National Bank of Miami about a homicide they were investigating.

Just as they were wrapping it up four people in black ski masks walked in.

Ryan saw them immediately, threw his arm over Calleigh's shoulders and they both dropped down under the presidents desk.

Calleigh was still dazed when Ryan whispered, "give me your badge and your gun."

"Why?" She asked, "The one thing I learned in patrol was that they shoot the police officers first."

Calleigh just looked at him. Ryan rolled his eyes and in one swift movement grabbed her badge and her gun off her belt.

He then took his own badge and threw all three law enforcement items under the table.

They sat crouched under the desk listening to the black figures screaming orders.

Calleigh felt someone holding her hand, she looked up and realized the owner of the hand was Ryan.

His left hand was gripping his gun. He was shaking all over.

Calleigh knew he was about to do something drastic.

Ryan turned to Calleigh with a certain look in his eyes that Calleigh saw as a combination of fear and bravery.

He gave her hand one last squeeze and crawled out from under the desk.

The person behind the mask didn't even have time to look before Ryan had put a 9mm bullet in his chest.

The other three immediately turned around and started shooting.

The next thing that happened almost seem to happen in slow motion.

The tallest of the three took immediate aim and shot Ryan. He went down hard on the cold tile that was the bank floor.

Calleigh didn't even have time to think.

She grabbed her gun from under the table and crawled out from under the desk just as Ryan had not two minutes before.

She sprinted towards Ryan shooting every hooded figure she could see. She got one right in the chest and one in the shoulder.

She slid to the floor to where Ryan lay bleeding from his shoulder. She looked at him in panic.

All of a sudden she heard a click behind her.

She felt that cold steel on the back of her head and heard a cold voice say, "put down your gun, put your hands up, grab your

boyfriend, and don't try anything funny."

luckily Ryan was still conscious. He got up sluggishly and took hold of Calleigh's hand. His hand was cold and clammy.

She looked up at him. Through the pale face she saw his green eyes sparkle just a little bit almost to say, 'It's ok, I won't let anything happen to you.'

He managed a smile before they were both forcefully pushed into the darkness. The door slammed shut and there was silence.