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When We Were Young

Chapter 1: To be shy, or to be mischievous? That is the question.


The Hyuuga heiress, Hinata, opened her pale eye lids to reveal even paler eyes. She stretched her five-year-old body and sighed. She had always detested getting up in the morning, but she would not complain. She was too shy for that.

The young girl rolled out of bed and started dressing herself for the day ahead.


"Brother, wake up! I'm bored!" Sasuke complained loudly.

Itachi rolled over to glare at his little brother, but only sighed in frustration. He loathed when Sasuke woke him. He was about to say something when his father walked into the room and stared at the pair of them.

"Itachi, get dressed. We are going to the Hyuuga estate today," Fugaku said. Before Itachi could object, the elder Uchiha exited the room.

The ten-year-old boy glared at his brother and pushed him out of his room so he could dress. He detested the Hyuuga's, but he would not complain. Complaining was not his way.


Hinata slowly, shyly walked through the gate encircling the estate behind her father. Dressed formally like her father and cousin, she bowed politely at the also formally attired Uchiha clans-men in front of her.

Hiashi pushed her on her back and she walked forward, shyly smiling at the three males in front of her. To the eldest, the one she heard her father address as Fugaku, she bowed politely.

He smiled at her and patted her head. She shyly returned the smile. She moved on to the boy at his left. He was small, about her age.

"Hinata, this is Fugaku's youngest son, Sasuke," Hiashi said as she forced a smile. 'What strange hair,' she thought.

"And this is my elder son Itachi," Fugaku said kindly.

The girl looked up for the first time at the boy and became uncertain about how to address him. There was something ominous about him.

Itachi just stared down at her, bored. She finally bowed, blushing from her obvious mistake, and mumbled an apology for staring. The Uchihas returned the respect, and Neji nodded respectfully to each in turn.

"Hinata, show these boys to the yard. Neji, go with Hinata," Hiashi said, motioning them all inside.

"U-um… This way," she mumbled, and they followed her to the place she most loved in her home.

Sasuke immediately went to explore the yard and Neji went back to sharpening his kunai.

Itachi caught the young girl staring at him again and sighed. 'Great, another annoying brat," he thought.

The girl looked away from him, and the two just stood their silently. Suddenly, on a whim she said, "Your brother has very strange hair."

Itachi just stared open mouthed at her. She flushed and hurriedly added, "I'm s-sorry to offend you, but it looks like he has a duck's…um…" she trailed off.

Itachi smirked and sat down beside her, so they would be eye-to-eye.

"A duck's what?" he asked smiling a little.

"A… a duck's butt…on his head," she said nervously.

Then the Uchiha did something very strange for the girl. He laughed, and not to mock her. He was amused. She smiled and laughed a little. Neji snorted disapprovingly from his place, making the two howl in laughter.

Sasuke, sensing a good joke, came to see what it was about. However, when he asked about it both heir and heiress pointed at him in unison and laughed until they were blue in the face. When they finally stopped, Sasuke asked about the joke.

"Nothing," Hinata gasped out. The boy turned to his brother, who was wiping tears from his eyes, and frowned.

"It's nothing Sasuke. Go help Neji. It is polite," Itachi said. The boy walked off with his head down, and Itachi turned to the girl.

"What was your name again?" He asked. He hadn't paid attention to the introductions.


"I'm Itachi, Hinata," he replied. This, he knew, was the start of an amusing friendship.

To be continued


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