Title: Anything Is Possible

Summary: Sequel to Let's Try. House and Michelle get stuck over Cuddy's house in a hurricane. During their living conditions, House and Cuddy get close. At a moment of weakness, Cuddy tells House a devastating secret. The events that they have to endure together will bring them closer to each other than they ever imagined. PS: This is after the Ketamine surgery.

Pairing: Huddy

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Chapter 1

House carefully walked down the stairs of the PPTH. He could hardly see through the rain and the murky fog that came from the evaporated water on the ground. His five year old daughter Michelle was soundly asleep in his arms. It was about 11:00pm. It had been one of those nights where he had to work late on a case. It was freezing cold outside. He fixed Michelle's coat when he felt her shiver.

Lightning lit the sky and thunder shook the ground. House made his way through the company parking lot. He stopped in front of his ca and opened the door careful not to drop Michelle. She stirred a little as he put her in the seatbelt, but didn't wake up. He kissed her on the forehead before closing the door. House entered behind the wheel and started the engine. He drove through the empty parking lot toward the exit.

The rain came down furiously. He drove carefully through the streets trying not to swerve in any directions. It soon became to hard to see where he was going. Thunder blasted through the sky. Suddenly House heard car alarms and horns going off. Then he saw headlights in front of him. He stopped the car instantly and stepped out.

He could see that an accident had just occurred. Two cars were sitting side by side to each other. The one on the left's rear was damaged. The car sitting next to it was damaged in the front. House could see the doors of both cars start to open. He didn't want to get involved with any of this mess. Since the accident was blocking his path on the road, he couldn't move his car. He looked up to see what street he was on.

"Oh great," he murmured to himself. He was about three blocks way from Cuddy's house. He looked back at the accident and then to his car. He fixed his jacket and pulled his hood over his head. He got Michelle out of the backseat and started his cold wet trip to his boss's house.

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Cuddy was in the middle of a peaceful sleep. She was the mos relaxed and calm she had ever been. She had a pretty normal day today. Disgruntled patients, loads of paperwork, and dealing with House's crap. Speaking of House, he would be the one to wake her up in the middle of the night. She awoke to the ringing if her doorbell followed by sharp knocks on the door. She groaned as she got up out of bed. She slowly walked down the steps to her door.

House stood there soak and wet holding Michelle. "Oh my goodness. House what are you doing here?" House ignored her question and stepped into her house. He went straight into the living room and laid Michelle down on the couch. "House," Cuddy repeated.

"There was an accident," House said bluntly.

"Oh my goodness. Are you alright," she said with a worried tone.

"Not us, somebody in front of us," he stated. Michelle shivered a little. He started taking the wet clothes off of her. She stirred a little and mumbled something incoherent. "Do you have a blanket," House asked. Cuddy nodded and walked to the linen closet. She appeared with a big tan blanket. After he took Michelle's pants off, he wrapped her up in the blanket.

He stood up and faced Cuddy. "Where's your car," she asked.

He shrugged off his jacket. "I left it about three blocks away from here. It won't be long until the police call and tell me to come get it from the repossession lot. That would be easier than going back into the storm and getting it.

Cuddy looked over at the clock that hung on the wall. It read 11:34pm. "Well you and Michelle can stay here until the storm lightens up." House looked at her questioningly. "I mean, you guys don't have anywhere to go right now."


"You and Michelle can sleep in the guest room." House nodded and picked Michelle up. Cuddy led him up the stairs and to the guest bedroom.

"Daddy, I'm cold," Michelle whispered sleepily. House sat her down on the bed. She yawned with her arms outstretched.

"Here. Give her this." Cuddy handed him a t-shirt.

"Thanks." He tugged the shirt down over her head. It fitted her like a dress. Michelle then crawled to the top of the bed and slid underneath the cover. Cuddy smiled as she quickly fell back into her slumber. House sat down on the edge of the bed and took off his shoes.

"If you need anything my room is down the hall."

"Why Cuddy, I didn't know you were that kind of girl," House teased. Cuddy rolled her eyes and stepped into the hallway. It took her awhile to go back to sleep knowing that House was just down the hall. After a couple of minutes thinking about their sleeping arrangements, Cuddy fell asleep.

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Michelle opened the door to Cuddy's room slowly. She could see her asleep with her back turned away from her. Michelle quickly ran to the other side of the bed and pulled on Cuddy's nose. She moved but didn't wake up. Michelle did it again and this time Cuddy blinked.

"Michelle, what are you doing up?"

"I can't sleep the thunder is scary."

"What's your daddy doing sweetheart?" Cuddy sat up in bed.

"He won't wake up." Suddenly lightning lit the room followed by a crash of thunder. Michelle squealed nervously and jumped into Cuddy's arms. Cuddy rocked the whimpering girl back and forth while rubbing her back. She whispered comforting words into her ear. Michelle gradually loosened her grip on Cuddy and soon fell asleep. Cuddy laid the little girl next to her.

"Goodnight Michelle," she whispered. She kissed her on the cheek and soon fell into a peaceful slumber.