Sacrificed During a Violet Moon

Description: Duo's POV, except for beginning part. Duo, ever since he was a little baby, never knew his family. He was left to an orphanage in the city without anything but the clothes he wore and the necklace around his neck, something that speaks of his mysterious and painful past. Yet, when after almost 18 years of his life he has to return back home, he never expected it to be a repetition of things he never remembered in the first place of when he was just a baby, chosen as the sacrifice of the violet moon and a past come back to haunt him.

Pairing's: 1+2/1x2 (if you haven't noticed I abhor 2x1 and you will never see me with anything relating to it, sorry to all those fans who do, my best friend for example), 3+4/possibly 3x4 (I most likely won't, since I believe that their relationship works best if subtle hints are dropped from the sky), 13+6+5/possibly 13x6x5 in future, 13x5 mention in past but 6x5 in past (this has become my most favorite paring next to 1x2). As I am on Fanfiction all MA material will be on my website in livejournal.

Rating: AU, Yaoi, in the beginning it is rated pg13, rated R later, servitude, seducing of the obscured devil and a sacrifice for power. So if you don't agree with these terms then I don't know why the hell you're here. Ok have fun.

Warning: If you don't know by now listen carefully: Men with Men…having sex or liking/loving the same sex!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the character's or their personality's (all though I could play a good Duo) any way, you've heard it all so I'll just fast forward. Bla…bla…bla, bla, bla, blabber, blue…beluga. Ok you all get it. NO suing, have no money, saving every penny for the anime convention and birthday's. Not worth your time.

A/N!: Ok, this story started out the way it did because I had watched a movie where this guy had been summoned by a cult to kill this witch. So that's how the story started. Then I watched Hill House, that's where I got the idea for it being in a castle. Finally, I had a dream which shaped the story into what I have now. The red wing, being this mysterious place where Heero was sacrificed yada yada. Can't give a way too much. Just thought I'd mention that things do come from dreams ya know.

Chap 1: Sworn Child

"In the red house sinking down into ground rot, a lamp at one window, the smarled ashes letting a single flame go free, a shoe of dreaming iron nailed to the wall, two mismatched halfnesses lying side by side in the darkness, I can feel with my hand the foetus rouse himself with a huge, fishy thrash, and resettle in his darkness."

"Our lord Lucifer, come to us and grant your powers upon us. May our wishes be fulfilled and that the world trembles before your allegiances of followers. We present to you our gift, your sacrifice. Blood of a pure light……a witch not of seven violet moons. He will give you your dominance over this pitiful world……so may it be." Fingers as pallid as death crept beneath fabric of the darkest pitch and pulled forth a dagger, its length dominating most of the covered forearm. The cloaked figure pulled the dagger over its head, words of praise and agreement floating all around him, creating a whirlwind of noise.

"I give you your chosen one! Let the power and strength promised by this child of seven violet moons be shined upon us! We invoke you! Come before us gracious one and take him!" his voice, deep and resounding echoed off red stone walls creating a barrier of untouched sound, bringing forth a Prussian wisp of intense light that settled around the small child lying asleep on a slab of flattened rock.

"Gracious one…...lord Lucifer take what is rightfully yours by birth!" the dagger hesitating for only a fraction of a second before it started to plunge down toward the slumbering child's heart. But before it could even fall half the way a deafening shout echoed throughout the cavern.

"Don't touch that child! I swear you will regret ever opening your eyes this morn." A young female voice, enraged and full of hatred, spoke firmly. Turning about the black robed followers all mumbled words of outrage and blasphemy, but stalled when the daggered hand lifted.

"Why are you still living wench? I thought I disposed of you already." malice dripped from the greasy voice, the followers whispering among themselves as their leader and the stranger faced off. None of them noticing the cobalt mist multiplying and deepening to a darker shade of anger, which surrounded the awakening infant.

"Well, it seems you underestimated a witch, especially one very pissed off witch. You have my son, and I will destroy any who stand in my way in the return of him." Her voice tense with anxiety started a chant, Latin words melting together in a sea of idioms filling the air with a booming forthcoming of calamity. The followers fell back, eyes gone wide beneath darkened hoods, mouths hanging open as they watched the Wicca and their leader.

"You will not deny our lord his reign, white light. He will triumph and take the child that's rightfully his."

The woman slowed her chant, cobalt eyes opening, fury clearly written there. "My child……is mine own, no one else's. I do not care if his birth falls on your malicious lords awakening. His fate is to destroy your kind and I will stop at nothing to make sure his destiny is fulfilled!"

"No! Lucifer will take the child." Dagger raised once more he turned around to the mist covered baby who was giggling playfully as the blue haze circled and teased him and readied himself to thrust it down one more time for the final blow. But before he could so much as move a finger the witch's spell was set into place and he cried out in anguish as he was engulfed by a burning inferno.

As soon as the ashes hit the ground the woman sent the gathered followers away from the stone slab with a frantic sway of her hand, each hitting either wall or floor. Quickly she grabbed the child, giving the surrounding cloud of blue only a second thought before running from the lighted cave. Her footsteps reverberated against the walls, as she twisted through the many tunnels to the supposed exit. All she had to do was get far enough away, and save her only true hope.

Faint light emerged from ahead of her and she smiled weakly as she materialized from the underground. The harvest moon, purple light having bleed its way down the middle, was high in the sky lighting the trail from the entrance to the path, which led into the woods and straight to the town.

"Don't worry little one, you will be safe now. Even if it's not by my side." As the last syllable was spoken she vanished in blinding silver light, the baby not even making a sound.

One of the blacked robbed figures stood up from the ground a snarl on his face as he rounded the residue on the floor that was once his great leader. Glancing back up at the slab where once there sacrifice laid he picked up the dagger, its slim continence gleaming off of the abandoned vapor of their lord. He could feel its confusion, its anger over the missing sacrifice and most of all its hatred at being ignored.

"Don't worry m'lord. He will be yours. The next Violet moon will come in eighteen years. Then you will have your reign as you were meant to."