Pairing: 1x2, 3+4, 13x6x5

Warning: AU, angst, humor, sap, fighting, blood, you know the whole shebang. I don't feel like telling you the entire list.

Summary: When the worlds have progressed beyond that of earth and the colonies, one ship, called the Phixieous, manned by one gifted engineer and pilot, make their way to the system that of Pars and find themselves in a bigger fix not even the Intergalactic Prefect Law Enforcers can fight, until one agent, codenamed Heero Yuy is sent to deal with it.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything relating to Gundam Wing and my inspiration for this story and the clothing, came from a picture someone else drew. I don't know who they are or I would gladly give the name, but sadly I don't. So don't sue or do anything drastic. I have no $! And I also have to admit that I used Andromeda for inspiration as well. I think I may use Harper's neck jack as a necessary part of the story.


The Phixieous' Crew

Duo Maxwell, engineer, and scientist-earthian kitsuna half-breed experiment, as well as a hidden weapon. Details explained later in story.

Trowa Barton, healer, and pilot-earthian culivateur half-breed experiment

Gizmo, the ship Phixieous' AI core

Intergalactic Prefect Law Enforcers Headquarters

Heero Yuy, special agent in charge of unlawful weaponry, and uses of ships-earthian wolf hybrid (specially engineered), Division 1

Wufei Chang, special agent in charge of unlawful weaponry, and uses of ships-earthian tiger hybrid (specially engineered), Division 1, defunct from team.

Treize Kushrenada, Intergalactic Prefect Law Enforcers General-Division 1 leader of unlawful weaponry and uses of ships (dead)

Founder of Winner Reposition Industries and Mayor of Sutcliff in sector x (senior Winner)

Quatre Rababa Winner, doctor and sole heir to the Winner Reposition Industries.

(Below are unfinished. I haven't figured out Relena and Quatre's roles yet)

Peacecraft (something)

Zechs Marquise (aka Milliardo Peacecraft), sole heir to the Peacecraft business, and also part of a team of transporters made up of Kushrenada (dead) and Wufei.

Relena Peacecraft, second heir apparent of Milliardo to

Chapter 1: Phixieous

"Alright Gizmo, all systems seem to be functioning. Just make sure to calibrate system 649. That take-off was just a little too shaky for my liking."

"Yes Duo. Shall I alert Trowa of the change?" a female voice spoke through the room, seeming to be cut and pasted, and distorted in places.

"Yes, please. And also tell him our next mission is taking place in the y sector. We should receive status later today."

"Of course." With that the voice beeped out and the room was left in silence.

The man, called Duo, smiled up at his baby…his creation, as he pulled the cord from the wet ring data port in his neck. It enabled him to visit and maintain Gizmo so she stayed at peak efficiency. It was also a way to further find ways to surpass even the systems basic technology on regulation ships.

The ships AI core, which powered the ship and gave it a personality like no other. Gizmo, the name he had given the ship, was inspired by one of his favorite old time movies that Trowa and he had stumbled upon on during one of their trips to Earth's decrepit universe. The AI core enabled the ship to have a personality that rivaled that of a human, or any other intelligent being. They could think, respond and control the entire ship without command if they saw fit. One may think this could be dangerous that a ship could not be trusted with that kind of power, but Duo had taken that into precaution. Gizmo was his friends, his only friend during those dark ages he called his youth. They protected each other, kept each other company during and after his home was destroyed and his family taken away from him because he was a genetic anomaly. He thought that that was how the system became too…human to him. He had created the system when he was only ten, when he was left alone on his home colony to fend for himself after a rather grueling undertaking that involved escaping a past he never knew he had to begin with and leaving behind a shattered present.

Maybe that was why it was constantly getting into tough scrapes. The ship, its AI core, and its crew were widely known…unfortunately.

Duo sighed, pulling on the high red turtle neck to his cut up shirt. It was his own creation; it only covered his throat and half of his chest. He liked to create his own clothing, give it his own seal of approval. Then he pulled on his red vest that had a high collar, almost like bat wings with a yellow lining on the inside. He then tightened his black sweater low over his waist and baggy black khakis that were practically cloth with multiple pockets. He liked lots of storage. On his arms were gloves, cut off at his biceps and ending low on his small wrists. It was his favorite outfit.

"Duo?" a deep voice announced itself through the ships intercom and Duo smiled to himself as he swung towards the second story walkway, flipping casually onto the metal surface. This was his personal jungle gym, his territory…no one could trump him in his domain.

"What's up Trow-bear?" Duo smirked at the grunt and could practically see the only visible eye of his partner, twitch.

"Stop playing with your appearance and get up here." It went dead then and Gizmo popped through.

"You know Duo, if you spent as much time on me as you do your clothing I could rival the Intergalactic Prefect Law Enforcers, Hyperspacial's war ship."

"Now there's a mouthful. Now Gizmo, if I made you that powerful, they'd have me shut you down. No one's allowed that amount of fire power unless you want them on your tail…and I don't." Duo placed his hand on the print reader, which allowed him access in and out of the AI core. No one but himself and Trowa could get in there…something else he accomplished on his free time. Not only did it read finger print, hand size, heat and electrical waves but also a heartbeat monitor. When the beat was erratic Gizmo did a mandatory body scan. If there were unknown bodies present the doors wouldn't open.

"Duo, just in case you haven't forgotten. Trowa wants you to know that after we exit slip stream we are meeting with the Pars southern border patrol. Before we enter their territory we need to register our ship."

"Alright…and let me guess, can't party all night and drink booze until the wee morning hours?" Duo smiled cheekily as he steeped onto the 'elevator beam'; well that's what he liked to call it. It was really called some fancy shamansy name that was really uncalled for and took to many syllables and slurs to maintain.

"That's right. And before you forget…also…there's still a little 'itch' in my outer hull that's been bugging me."

"No pun intended right?" Duo stepped off the platform heading straight towards a set of double doors that led to Trowa and the ships head command.

"Duo, I'll have you know that I don't like humor about 'bugs' in my system."

"Oh, yeah, of course. Forgot about that." Duo snickered as the automatic door slid open revealing the cockpit and one irate Trowa Barton. His friend was a unique one. For one thing, the first thing you noticed about him was his hair. It wasn't the color, it was the style. It looked like a tropical wind and whole load of gel was thrown into a blender to come up with a bang reaching antigravity hairdo status over his right eye, which, he might add were the richest forest green he had ever seen since planet side. "Well, my love, you look ravishing." And he was. The man wore leather pants like a second skin, plus a green button up shirt that he had gotten for him for his 21st birthday. Over that was a black vest that appeared to have just been thrown on last minute. On his head was a pair of pilot glasses, which were specially made for slip stream drivers.

It was really his own special design. After the debacle with interstellar special issue, he decided that Trowa's, his and Gizmo's well being was more important then their special issue. He had made the glass sheer unbreakable, a glass that he had used on the ships…Phixieous, the word meaning 'to put into flight', outer hull's windows. It also had the ships schematics so when Phixieous received any nasty blows from floating space crap, entering into a planets gravity field, or another jealous transport and distribution ship, he would have the low down. The endless possibilities…

"So Tro-bear how goes my lady luck today?"

"She's running fine Duo. The new mission from the y sector should come in shortly. The statements that we received a week ago are still unchangeable. We are to pick up and deliver a shipment of confidential packages from the Pars Southern Border. What's in these packages is not for us to know. Meaning you can keep your grubby kitty curiosity to a nil on this." Trowa climbed out of his seat and stretched languidly as Duo walked over to the control panel situated behind the slip stream chair.

"Well, I guess I can slate my curiosity if I must." Duo sighed dramatically as he punched into Gizmo's next scheduled stop for provisions and parts. "The AI core has only a tiny glitch that I need to fix when we get to the y sector. Gizmo says it's an itch." He shook his head grinning at the thought of a ship trying to itch itself.

"She knows best." Trowa walked over to his partner, resting his arm around the others shoulder and peering down at the monitor. "Do you think this time we'll be able to get better cuisine. I've been craving for a corn dog."

"God, you're just as bad as ever. You can't get over that circus thing can you?" Duo turned around leaning on the council.

"It was fun." Trowa in turn crossed his arms over his chest, muscles hinted through the wiry arms. "I know what you're going to be doing…"

"Oh, what's that, know it all."

"You're going to be hitting on anything with two legs and a humanoid gene at that Intergalactic Prefect Law Enforcers compound." Trowa smirked.

"Oh, nice. You know me so well Mr. my dicks been cut off to preserve my intelligence."

"Um, excuse me boys, as much fun as it is listening to your ever witty banter, the Pars Southern border is calling." Gizmo took over the view screen, eliminating the scene of endless space to a conference call waiting panel. "Whenever you're ready."

"Give it the go ahead Giz." Duo folded his arms over his chest, relaxing into a defensive stance. He never really liked the y sector. It was filled to the brim with lower then low life scum. The kind of scum that you scrapped of the bottom of docked ships after a hyperspacial time storm. Real nasty suckers. Like earth hurricanes but ones that create black holes if you're not careful to avoid being caught in the middle. But he'd never agree to a deal with known scum. No, he had morals. Every one of their shipments was golden and checked out with flying colors.

"Ah, Duo Maxwell, still as breathtaking as ever."

"Save the sweet talk Demavont, give us what we want. What's the skinny on this confidential shipment? You know we don't do anything illegal, and if Gizmo finds anything amiss with it…we won't take it."

"You hurt me Duo." The man on the monitor was one of their most well known customers in the y sector. So far, he had done nothing wrong to warrant the 3rd degree, but a confidentiality shipment was one thing they did not do. But Demavont so far had only shipped docile things such as mining equipment, special software's and certain minerals no one else could find. Pars Southern border was a little place on Pars where one mineral existed that everyone wanted to have…if they could afford it. Gundanium alloy. It was the hardest known substance in the y and even the x and z sectors. One reason why all the low lives in the universe flocked to the y sector, more weapons were made there then anywhere else in the galaxy. Another reason why the Intergalactic Prefect Law Enforcers headquarters was stationed there as well.

One good perk of being a valued client, they were sometimes paid in Gundanium alloy, so Duo's ship had just another reason to be the envy of the flock. Nothing could dent the surface unless they received equal damage from the same alloy and usually that was all they shipped, Gundanium alloy. It was a tough job and typically after the delivery, Gizmo went on a week hiatus and a neighboring colony in the x sector for some R and R and repairs.

"What's in it?"

"Confidential means what Duo? You're supposed to be one of the galaxy's greatest geniuses. I'm sure you can figure it out." The man was tall, even through the monitor you could tell. His hair was red, roguish, and pulled back into a hasty ponytail at the back of his neck to end at mid back. Bangs fringed two sets of misty gray eyes in a tan humanoid face. He was at least seven years older then the Phixieous crew members and part interstellar space giant. Meaning the man was basically a wall of out standing muscle…didn't take away from his looks though that was for sure.

"Yeah, great Demavont, but we still need to know. You know how we work…or you should by now. You can at least tell us the basics and we'll let you know if there's more you should be telling us." Demavont paused, hand going towards his chin as if deep in thought.

"Alright, I'll give you the bare minimal. Only because you're my favorite transporter Duo. The shipment is going to a little place called Lajendra. It is on the outskirts of the y sector so you don't even have to go that far. With your dilly dally schedule it should only take you about three days at the least."

"Our dilly dally schedule is only caused by troublemakers who decide that my ship is better pickings then their own." Duo walked around the front of the council to plop into the slip stream chair. Ever since Trowa had been complaining about a sore back, Duo had decided to give his friend a present. When Duo had purchased the ship it was cheap and built to boring old custom regulation, but it was all he could afford, unless he wanted to sell certain body parts…something he didn't even want to consider. The chair, a rather hard and wiry device was never an issue until Trowa and he had to slip stream straight for two days in order to get those certain troublemakers of their tail. So now, they had a bran spaken new model built from fire proof fibers and stuffed with a special cushion, also fire proof, which cost a pretty dollar. Or a pretty Antarian dollar, since that was the only currency they'd accepted.

He also added his own to the chair, giving it metal casings on the arms where Trowa could control certain functions of the ship that, if Gizmo couldn't, he'd be able to get at easily. It was a commander's chair and one Duo gladly gave to his friend. He better served in making deals and fixing his baby. Plus, Tro-bear could keep him in line like no other, and for that he deserved the power Duo willingly gave him. But it was a partnership and they were both equal in each others eyes. No one was better then the other. Trowa could slip stream faster and Duo could create masterpieces faster. Trowa had once said that Duo had one up on him, that being the gift for the gab, but in return Duo said his many talents weren't as esteemed in the Intergalactic Prefect Law Enforcers minds, more of a nuisance really. Plus, it also gave the cloy that he wasn't in charge…so he flew under the radar most of the time…okay, bare minimal, but it worked out in the end.

"Whatever Duo. If you must know, then I guess I can give you a hint, but you have to figure it out on your own. You know Lajendra's social structure at the moment don't you?" Duo and Trowa nodded in sync. "Well let's just say that without this shipment of confidential…things…they will fall into a sort of despair." Demavont picked up a glass sitting on his desk and took a drink, bringing up one generously proportioned leg onto the desk…waiting.

Duo turned to Trowa, knowing for a fact that Trowa was the go to guy on boring topics of interplanetary social structures. "All I can remember of Lajendra was that their XO secretary of colony was in a fix over a treaty with Pars. Does that have anything do with this shipment?" Trowa directed the question towards the relaxing man on screen.

"Good Trowa." He smiled, one of those sickly sweet ones that made you feel like you had a cavity. "If you want I can send up a copy of the Intergalactic Prefect GO notice on this shipment?"

Duo sat up straight in his chair, hands gripping the metallic sides until his fingers turned white. "What? You had one this entire time and you couldn't have told us in the beginning?"

Demavont slowly took his feet off his desk, setting the glass off to the sides and then rifling through stacks of papers built at least shoulder high on the left side of the desk. He made a deep grunting noise as he tried to pull a manila file from between two of those stacks and triumphantly held it close to him as the two stacks settled their rocking motions. Sometimes the man can just be too cute…which is scary all on his own, Duo thought bitterly as he watched the man reread the file in his hand.

"Yep. I asked for it about a week ago, but I only received it yesterday boys. So no fault is on me. The Intergalactic Prefect GO notice office was sort of…shall we say…busy. Now do you want it sent over to the Intergalactic Prefect Law Enforcers ship docking registration so when you get there all you'll have to do is ask for it, or do you want to wait and receive it personally from my 'hands'?" The man leaned forward, eyes lecherously taking in Duo's currently showing midriff.

"I think we'll pick it up at the ship docking registration thank you. Just make sure I can get it on time or I won't be heading any further into the y sector. You have my word on that. Out Giz." The screen went blank and Duo turned to face his silent companion. "What do you think Mr. Silence?"

"It's a job Duo and if he has the papers, it makes it that much easier to ship." Trowa smirked down at his pint size friend, laying a hand on the chestnut head. He had always thought about that hair. His companion had told him it was the only thing linking him to his mother and he let it go. It went at least down to mid thigh and was always tightly braided. He had only seen it down a couple of times when Duo had taken a shower or the rubber band had snapped while he had been working down in the engine room. That only happened once though. After that he went out and bought the galaxies best to offer in rubber bands, guaranteed to never break or your money back as well as a free tooth brush and paste. Tooth brushes and tooth paste were hard to come by since they had been in such a popular demand when earth had made contact with the other systems. The invention was deemed genius and from there it just went down hill. A new line of tooth brushes and tooth paste were made to last for at least three to four years with the unique design placed upon them. Anyway, off of that subject.

Another feature that was considerably striking in his eyes about his friend 'was' his eyes. Never before had he seen such violet-blue eyes in all his time dealing with earthians, for Duo was a half breed. From what he could gather his family was one of a few that were tampered with on a genetic level. His mother was a human from earth living on the colonies when she had dealings with an in vitro clinic. They specialized in helping couples consummate. But what they didn't know was that it was a place designed to hamper rather then help. It wasn't illegal in those times to test human experience if given the right degree and the right amount of money. Embryology was the science of the future where your children could achieve genetic marvel status.

They played around with Duo's genes, manipulating them to their will giving him superior hearing, sight, genius, as well as splicing it with the genes of a feline and to his astonishment a parrot. He never mentioned his discovery to Duo, not knowing how the other would react about being spliced with two animals instead of one, but splicing a human with two different genomes would indefinitely hinder the brain. It would deteriorate before it ever reached puberty. That's why he was so confused by Duo. Not only was he healthy but he would continue to be healthy for an extremely long time. By splicing a feline and a bird together with a human, Duo would not only have the grace and cunning of a cat but the lifespan and intelligence of a bird.

Thereby creating what the doctors called a kitsuna hybrid. So Duo was part earthian and part kitsuna, so it was an understatement that when new and exciting things were presented to him he couldn't keep his kitty curiosity down or his bird intelligence, unless Trowa distracted him with something else. One function that Trowa never knew about the half-breeds of earthians and kistuna's was that they could hide their tails and ears if they so choose.

His friend was a conundrum one that he felt the need to protect like he was his own flesh and blood and sometimes he was the one being protected by the half-breed. Not only were Kistuna's easy on the eyes, slight of hand, and manipulative, but they were also fierce competitors with the knowledge of great things as well as the will to learn more and protect their family.

"What ya thinken' about Tro-bear?" Duo looked up through the chestnut fringe covering his eyes. Trowa looked up at the now visible star system, hand scratching casually behind Duo's ear until he heard the small intake of breath from his friend and a deep shaky groan. It was one of his favorite pastimes. Making his friend purr. Not many Kitsuna's ever did it and when one was given a chance you had to take it.

"Nothing special…just that we should get some rest. I'll take first shift, get as far as I can through slip stream and then you can take over. How does that sound?"

"Oh…um…brilliant, yep I…I like that plan." Trowa's hand moved from the others hair and an obviously petulant growl erupted from the now rather irate boy in his chair. "If you're going to do that at least give me about ten minutes or more?" Duo leaped deftly from the chair and grumbled to himself about unthankful culivateur's with knowledge they shouldn't posses. Culivateur's were a special breed of humanoid's that specialized in the growth of anything organic. They thrived in life both microscopic, to human.

Trowa shook his head and sat down lovingly in his chair, pulling the goggles from his head to rest over his eyes. He was a victim of such genetic mutations such as Duo, but unlike his friend he showed no outward signs to prove of his manipulations. He had learned early on that he could grow things with just a touch; soon all he had to do was think. He also picked up the neat trick of healing. It helped immensely when Duo got himself caught in nasty scrapes.

"Gizmo set our course for the y sector. Make sure all compartments are pressurized and please have Duo strap himself in this time. I don't feel like having to stop midway so we can scrap him off the ceiling again."

"Yes Trowa."

"Ok, in two minutes we shall have the go." Trowa pulled a harness from behind his head and buckled himself into place. He then pulled another one around his waist and slipped his feet into two slots at the bottom of the chair, effectively sealing himself in. Slip stream could be rough sometimes and precaution was his middle name.

"He's fine Trowa and all compartments have been pressurized accordingly and all hatches have been sealed. I have found a thread at coordinates 5-0-2. It's a C class stream, it shouldn't be too bumpy of a ride, but I do detect a disturbance further through. Maybe more then one ship is using it. We'll just have to be careful."

"Of course. Setting off in 5-4…" Trowa's fingers were literally a blur across the ships control panels, eyes taking in everything the goggles were showing him. "3…" How could his people not understand the beauty of both organic and inorganic, "2…" nothing made sense when he was laden down with only one, "1…" maybe I never did belong with my people, he thought bitterly, "0."