Apparently, there have been a couple of exaggerations in some well known stories. Of course, without these exaggerations, I would doubt that they would have became famous fairy tales. Still, some clarification is neccessary to establish the truth.

Two such cases are Cinderalla and Little Red Riding Hood.

First of all, the poor, abused young lady did not have three ugly step-sisters, but one cute stepsister, and two unwelcome guests.

Secondly, the one stepsister was actually a tender soul who looked after the young lady abused by the unwelcome, yet notoriously beautiful house guests.

Thirdly, the "fairy godmother" was not a benevolent being of omnipotent power, but a talented seamstress with a "magical" touch. She happened to live out in the woods, away from the castle, and civilization in general.

Fourthly, the royal family had not only a handsome son, but a beautiful daughter who's existance was sadly neglected by her kingdom.

Fithly, the wolf of "Little Red Riding Hood" was not a "real" wolf, but rather, an infamous stalker that was considered a figurative wolf, whose last name was litterally "W-U-L-F-E".

Sixthly, the stepsister mentioned earlier was also the little girl who carried the basket of goodies her grandmother, who happens to be the famous seamstress with the magical touch.

Finally, the two talels of Cinderalla and Little Red Riding Hood happen to be two parts of the same epic.

Now with all of these revelations brought to light, the citizens of Flower Bud Village would like to re-enact the "TRUE" story of these two famous tales. I would hope that any interested parties will attend this rather unique production.


"Cinder Gina" Cast:

Gina ... "Cinder Gina"

Dia ... Stepsister/ Little Red Riding Hood

Alex ... Prince Charming

Maria ... Princess Honey

Mayor Theodore ... King Theodore Roswell VIII

Marhta ... "Fairy" Grandmother

Dan ... Mr. Wulfe

Kurt... The Woodsman

Katie ... "House Guest #1"

Gwen ... "House Guest #2"

Jack ... The Royal Messenger


Thank you for viewing this invitation. I hope to see you soon...