Cornfields of Blue

Description: 1/x2 and more. How would you feel if you lost your parents, your home, and your way of living and had to start all over again in a world completely opposite then the one you're used to? With a silent romance and an abundance of corn.

Pairing's: 1+2/1x2, 3+4, 13+6+5/possibly 13x6x5, all Nc-17 material will be on my webpage at livejournal. But just to let you know, I don't go too graphic. I don't think sex scenes need to be crude.

Rating: AU, R/PG-13, seducing between two boys, little beating up of certain people which therefore causes blood and teen angst. So if you don't agree with man x man then I don't know why the hell you're here. Ok have fun for those who want to be.

Warning: If you don't know by now listen carefully: Men with Men…having sex or liking/loving the same sex! Don't like it……get out, and don't come here again. Plus Heero was also the victim of those dreaded Sodomy laws that, thank god, went out of business.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the character's or their personality's (all though I could play a good Duo (ahem……in my dreams)) except Dedra and Alana, any way, you've heard it all so I'll just fast forward. Bla…bla…bla, bla, bla, blabber, blue… Ok you all get it. NO suing, have no money. Not worth your time.

A/N: Sorry about spelling Quatre with an 'a' at the end, my fault, very sorry, I'll try to wean myself of the habit. So if I do it again just let me know so I don't think I'm getting better.

Chapter 1

The wind gushed by, blowing my russet brown bangs into my eyes, and bringing the most unpleasant of smells to my street sensitive nose. Looking out side of the small car I could see miles and miles of farm land……that means mostly corn. The corn was tall not yet ready to be picked it seemed, because if I were to walk through it, my 5'5 stature would just touch the tips of the great green stalks. It eerily reminded me of a Steven King novel, especially Children of the Corn, ironic I know. But I quickly erase that thought from my head. One doesn't need nightmares like that when they have their own equally horrifying ones to take care of.

I look over to my left to see my councilor……state issued, of course. She was a middle aged woman, probably in her mid thirties or early forties. Her wispy dishwater blonde hair was tightly pulled back into one of those excruciatingly taut buns you see those old biddies wear at funerals. Her pale almost pasty skin was pulled toward the bun, making her cheek bones stick out at a more prominent almost agonizing looking angle and as I looked more carefully at her stone cold face I could see barely, if no wrinkles (or as I like to say 'laugh lines') adjacent to her eyes, mouth and forehead.

If I looked any lower I could see the simple yet modest cream blouse ensemble with a wire altered skirt and over jacket. Her impeccably run free stockings encased her thin and spidery veined legs ending in a pair of very high heels and, most likely, expensive shoes of a butter cream color. For the life of me I can never understand how females can wear those things but they did……somehow.

I drew my attention to the steering wheel where the ladies long creepy yellowed fingers rested. Her chipped blood red finger nails were easily a few inches too long and they tapped incessantly along with the nameless tune inside her small head. She, most likely, was beautiful when she was young, but now all I could see that was remotely beautiful were the deep dove colored eyes.

Turning my fleeting attention back around, I stared out at the endless acres of farms and their harvests. Some people say my attention span is the size of an insect……but they never did tell me which one. I assumed they were thinking of something incredibly small like a lady bug or something. I never did find out, didn't really care all that much anyway. Soon the car slowed to a snail crawl and she turned off on a dirt side road, blowing up gravel and compacted dirt bits in her wake. The silver Sedan crawled up the road, passing the same acres of corn, just at a perpendicular view. Suddenly, to my right, the corn unexpectedly melted away, revealing a farm house and barn. At first I thought that was it, that, 'that' was my new home. But the car didn't slow down it kept going, giving me no promise or leverage of hope. The car passed by the long drive way, continuing on its journey to whatever hellhole that awaited me.

The severe appearing stalks were about to close us in again but before it could consume the only sign of civilization, I saw the most wondrous sight. A boy, almost a man by the look, was busy near the field. His shirt was off, sweat gathering from the midday's heat. His wild hair flopped haphazardly over his forehead, wet tips pretty much covering amazing blue eyes. He looked up then, eyes seeking mine, almost as if he could feel them on him. And then he was gone. The endless rows of corn swallowed the only good thing that came from the over heated land. A thought quickly entered my mind…he didn't look American…more Asian I think.

Sighing, I turned back around, hand coming up to catch my warm cross, feeling the councilor's eyes on me. It was her job to watch for any strange behavior that might occur, so I wasn't all that annoyed……I was only annoyed a little, which is a big difference. People get confused by that and I don't know why. If you're annoyed, like really annoyed, you either let them know in the rudest possible manner or you glare, hoping that the recipitant of your hatred gets your unmistakable point.

Finally, the Sedan turned right onto another dirt road that went for about half a mile before it abruptly ended. The lady slowed the car down until it crawled into the opening in the corn. I was amazed to say the least. There was a circular drive where, when you pulled in you just kept going and you'd pop back out, there was a little garden and seat in the middle of the circular drive and a large Victorian took up most of the background. The lady pulled the keys from the ignition and motioned to me that we were there.

She unlocked the door and got out, while I was momentarily going through slow motion. I opened the door, still keeping my eyes on the large house before me and climbed out the rest of the way from the sticky leather seat. The lady slammed the trunk closed and appeared beside me with my suit case and bag. My life……I took them from her tight grasp, going through the motions as I trained my eyes on the front door, waiting for it to open and reveal to me my chosen path.

A small tinkling sound was coming from all sides of me and I noticed for the first time the many metal sculptures in the front lawn. Each was made lovingly; that much was for sure, for their intricacy would have caused most inpatient people in the world to quit half way through the process. Two, I could tell were made as windmills, for the many blades and turnstiles twisted with the wind, creating the small tinkle I had heard before. It was beautiful…more so then most abstract sculptures I've seen. And I've seen plenty.

The lady, I never did care to remember her name, nudged me forward, an unusually forced smile graced her less then happy features, and I moved on only to forget that unnatural smile, mind still on the creations behind us. Who made them? My new fosterers? The stairs creaked as we climbed. Their dirt covered steps moaned with each tread we took. Finally we arrived at the top and the lady went forward and rang the Victorians moldy doorbell, flakes coming off onto her hand, which she distastefully rubbed clean.

We only waited for a second before one the glass stained doors opened to reveal a seemingly hyperactive elderly woman who ran from the open door to greet us. For her outwardly fragile appearance the pleasantly plump woman was very strong. I looked over her shoulder, still struggling to breathe when I saw another old woman. She was skinner and stood taller, a secret smile playing on her thin lips. It was strange, in town, most of the old biddies I saw were small and hunched over, craggily old hags that wouldn't give you the time of day let alone give you a friendly smile or hug.

Their attire was also different from the two women before me. Their hair was long and braided, like my own, the one hugging me had grayish-brown hair and the other had black hair with only wisps of white and gray peppering here and there. Their clothes were colorful and inviting almost Wiccan or gypsy in appearance. Jewelry of all shapes, sizes, and orient, decorated them and I for one was now a little happier to be there. Instead of cooped up in the city…alone.

"Deary…it's been such a long time since we saw you. Hasn't it Alana?" The one hugging me to death chirped out to the other more with drawn one.

"Now, now sister, don't hug him until he can't breathe." Silently I applauded the old broad's words, while she extracted her sister from me. "Dedra, please. Can't you see the boy has it rough enough? Don't make it any worse." Alana snapped, coming to stand before me. I looked up, almost ready for the scold most old ladies kept in store for in coming youngsters. Not that I'm really a youngster. I'm going to be 18 in a few months, but that's beside the point.

Alana, I guess, frowned for several seconds, before that same secret smile she had on before came back, gracing her features once more. And then I saw it, her eyes. They were different from her sisters, whose eyes held a cat like glow to them, she, Alana, had my eyes. A rich purplish blue that matched the evening sky when the sun had set behind the hills.

"Now, now young man. It's not polite to stare at your aunty Alana is it?" I shook my head and glanced at the other sister who in a way reminded me of my mother, the way her eyes glittered, her smile radiated happiness and her long lovely chestnut locks… And Alana…she looked like…me.

Suddenly, I didn't feel alone anymore. I was back with my family, a family that wouldn't desert me if I called out for help. A family I didn't know on the conversational plane, but more genetically. That was all I needed for now.

I watched in a dream like state as the councilor talked quickly to the sisters before her. Disgust obvious in her beautiful eyes.

"Alright then deary. We're going to have lots of fun, um… Deary by the moons and stars I can't remember your name?" I couldn't help but smirk in reply. This was definitely going to be an interesting stay. Never had my mom told me how kooky her older sisters were.

"It's Duo."

"Oh, that's right. She named you after your brother…oh, um…well never mind that, come inside and let's get you settled. I'm sure you starving. Look how skinny this boy is Alana. Just skin and bones he is. Don't you child welfare people feed these children?"

The councilor jerked back, dove eyes going wide before the lady looked over at me. Her eyes took in my appearance as if for the first time seeing my weight before speaking. "When he arrived in our care he was always this size. He has been…'fed' so there is no worry. His physical was also solid. He is in perfect health."

"Dedra please. They wouldn't starve children. Come now Duo. I'm sure we'll be seeing you later Mrs. Applegate?" Mrs. Applegate huh…well Mrs. Applegate nodded her head and headed down the steps to her dirty car. I watched in slow motion as the Sedan rumbled back to where it came from before its tail end was no longer visible. Good bye past. No longer do I have to see you again.

"Duo?" The soft voice of Alana called me back to the present, soft and comforting. Everything I could have wished for.


"Let's go inside." I let her pull me in, Dedra buzzing around us, chatting how they had cleaned out a wonderful room suited for a teenager. Not that teenagers were odd or anything but that they were different and deserved originality and so on. I sort of lost track of everything that she spoke of…only because the entire situation was too surreal. If you mixed these two ladies in a blender took out three x chromosomes and added a y it would be me. In case you're not a science person, it takes two x chromosomes to be labeled female, so if you put two in a blender you get four…but getting way of track.

"Now Duo please let us know if there is nothing to your liking in your room and we'll go to town and pick up a few things ok?" I nodded, smiling in return as soft spoken Alana pulled the still bouncing Dedra too the kitchen. "When you're done come back down stairs so you can eat something. Your room is up the stairs to the very top and to your right. You shouldn't miss it."

I followed her directions marveling at the rich furnishings and woods the house was made of. Plus, as an added bonus it smelled nothing like what older peoples homes usually smelled like. You know…musk, dust and chili…or something with tomatoes. No, this house smelled of fresh summer breezes and a soft aroma of sandalwood…must be incense or something. But it was soothing…wonderful even. And under that was the smell of cooking chicken and cherries. Everything in this house was nothing like I expected it to be…not even the smells.

Finally I reached the final landing, having passed at least three. On my right was a short hallway, not two steps from the landing and a door painted a light blue was cracked open just slightly. Peeking through, I noticed a set of white stairs…so my room was in the attic. A house full of rooms and I'm being put in the attic. Well…I guess I'm not surprised or I shouldn't be. The stairs were silent until I reached the top and the last step let out a horrendous wail. At least I would know when someone would be in my room. That last step could wake the dead.

What lay atop those stairs was something I had yet to see in all my life. Especially since I'm so used to sharing a room with my brother, Solo, back in the city where the entire room was a white wash, closed in box with only one window, on my brother's side. The stairs ended at a simple wall with one window facing the road, but when I turned around I saw a dream. The room was painted violet, nothing too dark but nothing too feminine either. As most attics the roof was slanted downward but it only made it more unique. The hard wood floors were a polished chestnut so rich it hurt to walk on them, particularly knowing I would scuff the wood badly. On my left was what appeared to be a sitting area. A simple love seat was pushed against the wall sitting between two bookshelves littered with books both old and new. It overlooked the bed which was on the opposite side of the room, a gigantic thing of perfect proportions.

You remember when you were a little kid and ran into your parent's bedroom and jumped up and down on their bed. Only because theirs was so big and fluffy…that even if you fell on accident or on purpose you'd practically land on a cloud? Well if you don't remember or never had one of those beds then you're just going to have to take my word for it. It was a chestnut four-poster, black and violet, the same color as the room's walls, cloth, almost like gossamer silk hung down creating a haven for the sleeper.

Being as it was summer, there were only black cotton sheets tucked gently under the mattress and darker purple and black pillows dotted the headboard. All in all I could never think of something so wonderful…and I bet it was bliss to sleep in too. To the right of the bed, closest to where I was standing, was an old dark mahogany wardrobe, most likely a family heirloom. A desk was to the right of the bed also mahogany and old enough to cost a pretty penny in an antique auction. But what really caught my attention was the balcony, on the opposite side of the room, covered with the same black and violet colored drapes.

I know your thinking this room sounds girly and not manly enough but too me…it just felt right. Who ever thought that purple was just a girl color should get their head checked in order to get rid of useless information. Of course it held no artifacts that would give away that a person actually lived up here, but that could be changed. Maybe a clock on the desk, a few of my books on the shelf, the blanket my mother had made me when I was younger and the teddy bear that my brother Solo won for me when we were younger and had gone to a city fair? Yes, then it would look like mine…my room… I liked that. I set about right away, pulling out those items from my back pack and placing them strategically until I was satisfied that at least now it looked lived in.

Then I went to the wardrobe and hung up the few shirts and pants that I had brought with me. Noting sadly the many bare compartments where shoes would go, belts, socks, undergarments and what appeared to be hats. I only had two pairs of socks, so the one lone bundle in the sock drawer was sort of distasteful, same going with the undergarments. I had one hat and I was currently wearing it, a ratty navy colored, nondescript hat that my father had given me. He said that it made me look 'great.' So what if that's not a hallmark moment to you, it was a 'great' moment for me, because my dad was a workaholic and shopping with his kids was down on his I have to do this sometime in order for them not to forget me, list. Along with the little clothes I did own, I was wearing my favorite outfit of them all. A simple pair of black jeans, with holes in the knees, and a button up black shirt. Nothing fancy, but I liked it.

"Guess it's time to find out what's wrong with this place. Nothing can be this perfect without a catch. Although…school will be starting soon according to the councilor…Mrs. Applegate. Maybe that's what's wrong with this place." I like to talk to myself or in this case the small shabby teddy bear with one button missing on his overalls, and an eye that I had to have my mom sew back on. The creation after words was a hick teddy with one eye lower then the other…but it was still my teddy bear. "I'll see you later then. Enjoy your new home."

Downstairs my two aunts were hustling about the kitchen smiling and joking over a radio playing a snatch of an 80's tune I could have sworn came from the Breakfast Club. The entire kitchen was something I would have expected out of a colonial magazine. The walls were brick and the stove was and old black cast-iron thing that no one could ever lift. There were strands of what appeared to be fresh spices hanging down from the cabinets in strands. A floating table sat in the middle surrounded by five stools with plush backings. Dedra looked up from the stove a smile radiant enough to need sunglasses was aimed up at me.

"Did you like it? We weren't sure what color you liked better but we remembered that sis said you liked both. So…?"

"Oh calm down Dedra or your going to spill that sauce. Now stop jabbering and deal it out." Alana held a plate out to her sister, her lips pursed but her eyes still sparkling in humor. "I hope you like this. It's kind of our specialty. But we won't be offended if you don't like it."

"No, I'm sure it's great. And the room was…was…too much." I didn't know what too say. It was obvious that they had spent a great deal of time on that room. What if I said something to offend them and they would take it back and rent it out to a more deserving person. They had enough rooms for a hotel practically.

"I knew it! He doesn't like the door. You know Alana, that blue door; it matches nothing in this household! We're sorry Duo but we didn't have time and then there's the fact that it was such a pretty color… We'll get it removed not to worry." Dedra poured a generous amount of a red colored sauce over a plate of chicken, tutting at her sister for not serving faster and that the boy was withering away right before them.

"Oh, no, I don't mind the blue door at all. I think it's also a very…um…pretty, color and looks great in the hall. If you painted it another color then it wouldn't match the hall and I don't want it to stick out like a sour thumb. Please you did everything and more then I thought you would do." I smiled as I took the plate Alana held out for me, thanking again at all their help, and worry.

"Now Duo lets see, your counselor said that your 17…so you should be enrolled into high school yes?" I nodded before taking a bite of the chicken glistening with the red sauce. Surprisingly it tasted tender, with subtle undertones of garlic and wine. Surprisingly the rich red sauce tasted like cherries. It was amazing.

"This is great. How did you do this?"

"We have our secrets to little Duo." Alana went back to her meal smiling above the hovering fork. "So, that means you're going to need notebooks, pens, pencils, calculator and school clothes. How many were you allowed to bring?"

I paused, glancing briefly back up to my room and the wardrobe harboring moths. "I have three shirts and two pairs of pants. These are my best…" I pointed at what I was wearing and took in the astonishing looks of these glamour dressed twisted sisters.

"Well, we can't have that at all. In this house we dress to our best." Dedra complained giving me a glass of milk in return. "I can't believe they couldn't give you more clothes…or more colors."

I paused, setting down my fork and picking up the glass of milk, thoughts going a mile a minute. Did they not know?

"Black is for mourning." I listened carefully as forks clinked delicately against the plates, silence then reigning utmost in the quaint kitchen. Maybe they did know.

"Duo, we are not trying to barge our way into your life…or your ways. We just think its healthier to move on. After the accident we couldn't even think of wearing anything but black and gray. It felt right to let the dead know that we cared. But it's been 6 months. I think it's time to let go…if not a little. Helen would have wanted it that way. She always did detest black…but humored you when that was all you wanted to wear." Alana and Dedra went back to eating, letting the information seep in. It had been 6 months since the accident, and yet it still felt like last week. I wasn't ready yet for a colorful world. By moving out here at least I would have room to breath…to grow in the way my mother had always wanted us to.

We had moved to the city because of my father and she never really liked it there. She always thought that children should grow up in a small community first before going out into the real world. Plunging them head first into the violence of a big city was never a way to raise two little boys. She had told dad a few months before the accident that she wanted to move back to her old town. This town…

"This milk is different right?" I needed to break the tension. I needed to back and run away from it all again. And what better way to do that then to divert the conversation.

"That's because it's fresh. None of that processed and processed stuff that comes from the store. 100 cows milk. We get it from the farm down the road." Dedra laughed heartily as she took another mouthful of said milk. "That poor old man…it's such a good thing that that boy came to live with him."

"Boy…" the blue eyed stranger the cornfield had swallowed up.

"Yes, he's about your age. I'm sure you'll see him in school. But Duo, just as a fore-warning there are few things you need to know about him."

So I would see him again in school? Then I guess this place is definitely the best place to grow up…mom you got something right.

"Heero Yuy, well him and his father moved here about five years ago I believe. Heero was a cute boy…so eager to please. He came over to the house every weekend to chop wood for us old crones. Still does, so I'm betting you'll be seeing him tomorrow." Ok, I'll admit, my heart skipped a beat. So soon would I see the cornfield god…called Heero. I thought he had looked Japanese. "Anyway, his father was an odd sort of man; he was a city boy that's for sure. He knew nothing about living out here in the wild but Heero adapted quite well. He was quiet but sweet."

"You've said that already Alana. Sheesh. Now if you want the hardcore truth, we all knew the man was abusive. Heero would show up at our door step with bruises he wouldn't tell us about except that it was an accident. He didn't go to school because he was 'home schooled' much good that did. He was a bright boy to begin with so I guess he really didn't need to go to school, but every child needs a learning atmosphere with other children. It's the best way they learn. Now ever since we could remember our wonderful mayors had enacted Sodomy laws. Their um, how do I explain…"

"I know what Sodomy laws are. Gays can't have sex anywhere including in the privacy of their homes." Of course I knew what sodomy laws were and now at least I knew what was wrong with this place. It was kind of sad knowing something like that. I guess I won't be staying here after my 18th birthday.

"Of course you city kids know what that means. I think they teach too much to you kids there. Makes us feel stupid." Dedra complained taking another bite of the chicken.

"Yes, yes, well, a few years ago, something happened in our town that I'm not particularly proud of. Since sodomy laws were in place this was a strictly Christian community. Prudes everywhere you looked. We knew better. Poor Heero came to us that day and told us something…he said he was confused. He said that someone told him what the consequences to violating the sodomy laws really meant. That you would go to jail. He told us that he thought he was gay, or bi, he wasn't even really sure at the time. We comforted him as much as we could especially since his father did nothing for him. The next day we learned that someone had broken the sodomy laws. We knew right away who it was but there was nothing we could do. Heero was put into Juve for about a year." Alana stopped, eyes loosing their sparkle and turning hard. "He used to smile…a little, nothing grand…when he was young and innocent."

"After a year past," Dedra laid a comforting hand on her sisters arm, "the mayors son professed to his father that he was gay and that if he did not get rid of the sodomy laws he would do…what was it…he'd run away or some rich boy fantasy. Anyway, it had its desired result. In a half of year's time the sodomy laws were banished from the town's laws. To think, one little rich boy accomplished something a somewhat large group of angry and concerned citizens couldn't."

Alana stood up, taking her empty plate to the sink where the first time I noticed the dishwasher just to the side…so they did have city appliances…I was growing worried. "Heero was then released with a clean slate. The government and anyone that ever did look at his records would never know what happened…but the town knew and that was enough. He came back but during that time his father had died…no one knew how. He was placed in an orphanage but only stayed there for a short time before Dr. Jacobs adopted him. Poor old fool was getting too old to use the corn harvesting machinery. Crippled he is now…so he adopted Heero to help him on the farm. The first time we saw him again was about a month before the…accident." Alan paused, hands shaking before she shook it off and continued. "He's not yet smiled…not that we have seen anyway. He's so cold; it hurts just to look at him."

I sat in silence, watching as my two crazy aunts buzzed around me, cleaning off the table and putting dishes and ingredients away. So the sodomy laws were no more…so my cornfield god was gay…'he's cold,' my mind supplied, 'he's so cold; it hurts just to look at him.' He was hurting…because a whole town betrayed him. Why would he befriend anyone…especially a stranger like me?

"So Duo, tomorrow we'll go to town in the morning and get you everything you need and we'll also see what we need to do in order to enroll you ok?" I nodded smiling and giving my thanks. I asked if they needed any help but they shook their heads and pushed me back upstairs saying that I was probably exhausted from the day…really, I was exhausted for the past 6 months. Sleep, my once favorite past time, was haunted.

Upstairs I took in my room again, noticing for the first time how dark it was. There were no lamps, but on the desk there was a hand held candelabra. "Guess I'll need to ask for at least one lamp then." In the desk there was a box of matches and I carefully lit two of the five candles. I stripped off my shoes, shirt and jeans, carefully laying them on the desks plush chair. I took off my cap and laid it lovingly next to the clock before heading towards the balcony.

The handle was bronze, carved like a twisting vine. I gave the door a gently nudge and it opened to the outside world. Right in front of the balcony was a tree…a willow if I remembered correctly. It's knarled trunk curving close to the house before veering away again. To my left I could see the road I had taken here with Mrs. Applegate and the farms roof peaking over the growing stalks of corn. Heero lived there. Stop Duo, I told myself, no one that was hurt that badly could ever love again so easily let alone with another guy. Being gay was what got him into trouble in the first place.

To my right was more corn, surprising, we were practically surrounded by it. But beyond that was a forest. It would be a long walk through the corn to reach it but it was there, looming silent and beautiful in the darkening sky. "What beauty doth lay before me…" I smiled, glad that things were slowly working out in their weird and mysterious way. I couldn't help but wonder what kind of kids lived here. Were they all mean, muscled bullies…all shy, closeted book worms or grease monkeys that never showered after leaving the farm to go to school? I guess I wouldn't know until school started…no, we're going to town tomorrow right? Guess I'll see tomorrow no matter what.

I went back inside closing the balcony behind me, blew out the candles and dove into bed. Before sleep could sinks its claws into me I noticed that there were rugs dotting the ground before my bed, near the book case and by the balcony in the middle of the room. They felt awesome when you stepped on them in bare feet.