"I'm finding my own words

My own little stage

My own epic drama

My own scripted page

I'll send you the rough draft

I'll seal it with tears

Maybe you'll read it and I'll reappear

From the start it was shaky and the characters rash

A nice setting for heartache

Where emotions come last

All I have deep inside

To overcome this desire

Of friendly intentions and fair-weather smiles."

It was always so bright in Las Vegas. As Sara Sidle looked out her apartment window she noted how it was like two suns rising. The pseudo-sun of the infinite neon on The Strip and the glowing star slowly rising above the eastern horizon.

She stood in the room and looked around. It was like nobody lived here. Completely void of personal items, signs of life. Empty. But what would she have done, put pictures of her past, of her destroyed family, up? To remind her of how awful they had made her life? How each and every minute was now a living hell, courtesy of them? The closest thing she had ever had to a family was here. Stalking the dark underbelly of Sin City. The unsung heroes. With big brother Nicky watching her every move.

She sighed as she fell onto her couch. She felt strange, but it was an old strange. The same way she had felt ever since she could remember. Empty. She was so tired, but she just couldn't make herself sleep tonight.

---Sorry it's so short but I'm just testing the water with this style of writing. Please tell me if you like it. Review. Say anything.---