"I work all night for one more day that I can say I'm all alone


I just need time and I will say what I believe and I'll come home


Sara awoke slowly, fading from her dreams. She sat up and realized that she could remember one dream. How warm it felt. Sweet. Whole. Who was in it? I don't remember. No, it was someone familiar. Wait. I remember. It was him…Greg. No! No, I can't feel this way about Greg! He's my best friend. I…I don't know. That alone hurt Sara more than anything else.

A quick glance at her clock reminded her that she needed to get ready for work. She tried to convince herself that she hadn't had that dream. As she headed out to her silver Toyota Prius she closed her eyes and sighed. No emotions. Not now.

As she arrived at the lab she ran a shaking hand through her hair. Maybe he's not here tonight. Then I'll have time to collect myself. She climbed out of her car and craned her head to look around the parking lot. She cursed under her breath upon spotting the bright red Honda Civic parked next to Nick's black Ford truck. No avoiding it now. Maybe we won't be on the same case.

She entered the lab and headed to the break room where Grissom was preparing to hand out assignments. "Nick, Warrick, 419 in the desert; Brass is waiting for you outside. Catherine, you and I have a hit-and-run on East Washington Avenue at Freedom Park. Sara and Greg: B&E, shouldn't be too time consuming, on, let's see, Pinehurst Drive, on the Country Club," he said as he handed out the slips. Sara sighed, but inside she felt like part of her was cheering. "Hey, Sar, wanna get going?" Greg asked smiling. "Sure," she said smiling back. HE had dismantled her defenses yet again.

They processed the scene rather quickly. It appeared that this case would be a no-brainer. "I can't believe that anyone would be that stupid, 'What's goin' on?' wearing the stolen sunglasses and shoes!" Greg ranted as they headed back to the lab. "Well, personally, I think it's stupid to pay $200 or more for a pair of sunglasses when you can get basically the same pair at Wal-Mart for $20," Sara said focusing on driving instead of his infectious smile. "I love the way you think," he replied quietly. "What?" Sara asked. "Oh, nothing. Just thinking about how wonderful Wal-Squiggly-Mart is," Greg said in a joking tone. "Oh, yeah, where else can you buy a Christmas tree, soap, cereal, a shirt and a goldfish in the same store," she replied sarcastically. "Because so many people want a goldfish and Goldfish crackers at the same time," he choked out before dissolving into fits of hysterical laughter. "Wow, it's easy to make you laugh, huh?" she said, smiling. "Speak for yourself," Greg replied, coming to, "It didn't take much to make youlaugh when I was back in the DNA lab." Sara smiled big but deep inside she was squirming in discomfort. "You were cute," she said, blushing. "What do you mean, 'were'?" he teased. "Shut up, Sanders," she teased back as they arrived at the lab. "So you wanna go tell Griss about our slam dunk case?" Greg asked. "Yeah right, it's your turn, new guy," Sara teased.

Sara headed to the locker room and she'd be lying if she said she didn't half expect him to follow her. No. This is where it ends. We all go our separate ways. He probably goes home to his…girlfriend. And just like always, I go home alone. That's all you are to him. His friend at work. He probably goes home and tells his girlfriend about 'this on woman at work who's been flirting with me' and they would both laugh at how stupid I am. And I really am. I had a chance to be with Greg and I chose to chase Grissom instead. I'm such an idiot! By this time tears were running down Sara's face. Her only thoughts were to get out of here before Greg saw her like this…before anyone saw her like this. She walked past several people, her head hanging down, as she trod the memorized route from the locker room to the outside world.

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