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When Draco Malfoy's cousin moves to London from the US, she attends Hogwarts for her last two years of school. When there she befriends the Golden Trio, Fred and George, Ginny, and an OC.

But what happens when Voldemort is trying harder then ever to break into Hogwarts because of a rumor that a royal attends Hogwarts school of Witch craft and Wizardry?

Will his attemps prove successful? Will he successfully kidnap and kill the next air to the throne? Or will Harry and the rest of the heir's friends thwart his attempts?

Well, just read and find out.

Background info:(Bellatrix Malfoy)

Bellatrix Malfoy is Draco's half sister. She hates her first name because her mother is Bellatrix Lestrange. The same Bellatrix Lestrange who killed Sirius Black in the fifth book. Trixie's (Bellatrix's) father is Lucius Malfoy, Draco's father.

What is most confusing is that Lucius then divorced Bellatrix for her sister, Narcissa, thus making Draco Trixie's half-brother/cousin.

The whole reason that Trixie hates her name is the fact that her mother killed her favorite uncle, Sirius Black.

Background info:(Kynthia Korina Phelps)

She lives--or used to live--in France with her adopted parents. She and her parents moved to London because her parents have family there and they thought it would be good for her to get out of France. They, personally, didn't want her turning out like a prep or a girly-girl.

She likes to be called Kori because she thinks Kynthia is too out of fashion for her liking.

Background info:(General)

Nobody knows what happened to the Royals. Some say they left the wizarding world and changed their surnames so nobody could find them. Others say that the Royal blood-line died out centuries ago. What ever the reason, the second one sure makes a lot of sense because the royals haven't been mentioned in almost five centuries. So what happenes when a royal ends up at Hogwarts. Will this mean the end of Hogwarts as we know it? Or will Dumbledore be aware of this as he lets the long-lost Princess in the school?

And what is up with Voldemort? Has he turned his sights from The-Boy-Who-Lived to this Long-Lost-Heir-to-the-Throne?

Or will this just be double trouble for Harry and the unsuspecting heir to the throne?

Now for the story set-up:

Draco has been at Hogwarts for three years and starting his fourth, putting the setting in the Goblet of Fire, but things are different. For one, Trixie, Kori and the Weasley twins are in the Sixth Year, Tonks is the DADA teacher this year. The previous DADA teachers were: Quirrel, Lupin, and Lockhart.

The previous events are as follows:

Everything in The Sorcerer's Stone happened like it is told, everything that happened in The Prisoner of Azkaban happened in the Second Year, everything that happened in The Chamber of Secrets happened in the Third Year and left a month long gap before the end of the year, and the end of The Order of the Phoenix. (Everything at the Ministry of Magic) happened one night during that last week of school at Hogwarts. (Dumbledore left Hogwarts for two weeks leaving Snape in charge.)


Thought I might put this up so you know what's happening. If you didn't read this, you might get so confused on what happened.