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By: 24

She crept into the house to wait for him to come home. She already had some sweepers around the house in hiding and they were waiting for her command. She can't believe that she had found his lair in such short time. She smiled at the thought that she was finally going to bring the pretender home before her dimwit of a brother and leave the Centre.

She watched outside far away from the window to not be seen to see if he was here yet. Finally she saw the car he had rented pull into the drive and stop. She watched him get out of the car and walk up the driveway to the house. She hid behind a couch and waited for him to come in and then they would pounce.

He drove up to the house not yet done with his pretend to leave yet. He was working at a law firm to help another innocent man. He still had some work to do and it would take him a while to do so. He needed time on the computer for a while. He stepped out of the car and made his way up the driveway to the house that he was renting. He had no idea tat there was Miss Parker and the sweepers were inside his house waiting for him.

He unlocked the door, stepped inside, put the keys on the table along with his bag and then turned to the kitchen to fix himself something to eat, but he never made it. The lights came on and Miss Parker stood there with her gun trained on him along with two sweepers. He turned to escape out of the front door, but there were more sweepers there. They advanced on him and handcuffed him. Some sweepers grabbed his stuff and they led him to the car.

The cars drove up from where they were hiding to make sure that Jarod wouldn't be able to see them. Some of the sweepers went in one of the cars and some went with Miss Parker and Jarod.

She watched as they drove up to the Centre and she could feel Jarod's nervousness about being so close to the Centre. She turned to the window to watch the scenery go by. She couldn't look at his pain filled eyes anymore. She remembered what she said to the boy about not looking away anymore and here she was doing it now.

They brought Jarod out to bring him up the stairs, but before they went to bring him to Mr. Raines's office she turned to him.

"I know this is not the different ending you were talking about." She turned and walked up the stairs as they brought Jarod with them.

When they were inside Mr. Raines's office she had asked to leave the Centre like her father had told her that she could once she brought Jarod back. He had honored her father's promise.